So he said directly, "Where did that sister come from?"

"Where did you and your wife come from?" The woman is rhetorical question
Essence Zheng was on the other side of the man is a group with her.
"You’ve been following us for so long. Do you know where we come from?" Essence sneer at asked not much to hide.
"Tracking?" The woman’s rhetorical question seems very different.
"Isn’t it? Follow me all the way from Guapeng to here, "said Essence.
The woman shook her head but said, "It’s just the same way. It’s the same way from here to Guapeng, and it’s a coincidence that it’s the same way from Guapeng."
You!’ Essence is finally angry and angry. This woman is obviously playing her.
"It’s not easy for a girl to get angry at this age." The woman smiled.
Essence raised his eyebrows and gave her a look. "Elder sister, you are not necessarily young."
This woman is at least as old as she is. She may be thirty at the age of seven.
"How can you be young when you are a grandmother? It won’t be difficult for me to return my granddaughter’s silver needle," the woman said lightly
"You are … grandma! ?” Essence frightened to think of the little girl just now, at least there are fifteen or sixteen!
The woman smiled and said nothing.
Essence said, "How can I go back to what I sent out? Your granddaughter is willing to give it to me."
She admitted that she liked the silver carver very much, but the material was 100% pure silver.
It is obviously too extravagant to take this thing as hidden weapons.
All possibilities. This thing wasn’t hidden weapons!
Take it back to Lin Ruo for snow. She will love it.
It’s best to give it to Jade Evil and let him give it to that girl as a gift to surprise her!
Otherwise, Yu Xie is stupid and doesn’t even know that he wants to spend this Tanabata.
"That girl didn’t say that she wanted to send you. You bullied Xiaoqiang and forced her." The woman said that she was vaguely dissatisfied in her eyes before everything he and her husband were watching from a distance.
"I didn’t touch her hair!" Essence hurriedly excuse.
"Girl, my granddaughter saw that it was difficult for your husband to help you kindly, but your husband and wife bullied them both. Is this cruel?" The woman asked as if she was going to settle accounts.
Essence that white sneer at a way "originally is to settle accounts I also I just got here who have sinned against! If you want to settle accounts with your granddaughter, what is her bravado? Your granddaughter won’t admit that my husband and wife bullied them. It’s just a joke. Is it so serious? "
"Don’t be serious, let you return the silver needle. Are you so serious?" The woman asked.
"Is it true?" Essence is stubborn. If it weren’t for her constant juggling on weekdays, I’m sorry tonight. I’m in a bad mood. I still want to fight and I can’t find my opponent!
"Try not to hurt somebody else’s girl by taking the silver needle." The woman said lightly and sat back.
Essence is wondering where her arrogance is. However, in this instant heart, she suddenly turned around and saw ten black shadow guards arranged behind her, and then a messy step came to see the front and rear sides. There will be an army coming here and holding bows and arrows!
Essence some puzzling think this woman make a mountain out of a molehill, she really is a joke with the two children don’t know whether ling si night anyway, she is!
Is this silver needle in her hand? !
That kid didn’t give anything at that time, although she did have some threats …
"Who are you?" Essence frowned and asked if he could dispatch an army. This man must be a court official.
"Give me back the silver needle!" The woman cold tone is still different essence more nonsense.
"Are you in? Soon it was a silver needle and an archer was dispatched! " Essence asked
"Palace once again give me back the silver needle!" The woman said coldly
"No!" Essence is so good humiliate?
"Come!" Woman’s cold order
"Lingsi Night!" Bai Suyin is bigger than her. "Say it, and it will rise high in the thousands of arrows."
Ling Si night is as painful as a long-lost opponent fighting with a man. He heard a scream from Essence, and this just slowed down and hurriedly chased him up and found something was wrong.
What’s wrong with this woman? How did she soon lead to an army! ?
The bow and arrow continued to shoot the essence, hiding and flashing, and I forgot to shoot at the moment, which was very embarrassing.
Ling Si hurried to protect her behind her at night. With a wave of his hand, Leng Xuanjian mercilessly swept away like a mountain. The archers on both sides were repelled, but no one was left.
And the rest of the street is not lucky that several stalls have disappeared.
Essence huanguo to god on ling si frowned behind the night and asked "the woman? Why is it gone? "
"In front," said Ling Si night lightly, raising his head.
Sure enough, the man who had just fought with him saved the woman, and the two of them were in front of them. It seems that the husband and wife are too old to grow up.
Even this man’s speed can drive him with a firm but gentle speed. Save him from the cold Xuanjian!

Whether Qin Dingfang really collaborates with the enemy or not, Qin Honghu is firm on Qin Dingfang’s side.

Because Qin Dingfang bought him off and gave him a lot of money and promised to give him another fortune in the future.
Qin Honghu then cried, "I believe that the magic of Kunlun, the king of Qin, is a bird who followed the king of Qin to get money for his brothers …"
Qin Honghu came with several hands.
Almost all infernos are people who seek money for profit. Qin Dingfang usually gives money and things. Many people also recognize Qin Dingfang and follow Qin Honghu.
There are still some inferno masters who haven’t moved yet.
This part of the devil cholera head
Cholera cried, "Don’t believe that the North Devil took everyone to meet Blood Ancestor and swore allegiance to Blood Ancestor. Now he has gone back on his word. Everyone wants to live forever and help Blood Ancestor!"
The Hunger knew that Qin Dingfang was selfish and asked Yu Beixue to buy cholera, so he could also send a team at this time.
So cholera led the remaining demons to Qin Honghu and they fought in a scuffle.
This is really lively and defeated the Wulin alliance inferno
Chapter two hundred and fifty-one The inferno (3)
There was a fierce battle between the two sides, and some people were killed and fell to the ground, and soon many demons came one after another. They were amazed to see one of their own fighting in one place.
Cholera greeted these later inferno experts to help The Hunger Qin Honghu, and then shouted for them to help Qin Dingfang. So later, they rushed to the inferno experts to help Qin Dingfang according to their preferences.
With the continuous participation of personnel, the fighting became more and more fierce, and the scene was a mess.
The Hunger and Yu Beixue also took the opportunity to evade the people in many places. It is more difficult for Qin Dingfang to tell who is who. Qin Dingfang not only killed several people who supported the blood magic, but also killed two people who helped others by mistake.
The demons also don’t understand Qin Dingfang covering his eyes.
The Hunger looked like a fly in the chaos. Qin Dingfang sighed in his heart. The Hunger raised his bleeding finger and put his mouth to suck his magic face. He also regained his mocking color.
The Hunger today is really miscalculated and almost destroyed Qin Dingfang’s hands.
The Hunger, even if Qin Dingfang turned against him, he could control the situation by controlling magic. As a result, Qin Dingfang had already made all preparations.
Fortunately, I finally survived the most dangerous time.
Now The Hunger is a shoo-in.
Because the static magic will decide the overall situation as soon as it arrives.
The static demon should have come long ago, but it hasn’t arrived yet, which makes The Hunger very angry
If Jing Mo had arrived earlier, he wouldn’t have been flustered and lost a finger.
Qin Dingfang killed two people with a sword again, and I don’t know who killed them. I saw people flashing everywhere around me and I couldn’t hear both sides fighting.
The Hunger looked at random killing Qin Dingfang seems to forget that he was almost killed by Qin Dingfang earlier. He sneered at Qin Dingfang, "I can’t even look at me and want to kill me. It’s so stupid! I can’t believe you can’t see or hear what big waves can be turned up. "
The Hunger echoed in sound stage, but Qin Dingfang couldn’t hear him, but Qin Dingfang was white, so it was hard for him to kill The Hunger.
He didn’t dare to take the veil.
The Hunger won’t miss the opportunity to perform "magic control".
Qin Dingfang also dare not take the plug easily.
There is no way to fight in such a chaotic scene.
Let’s go before the static demon gets there.
Qin Dingfang’s figure rose from the killing field, and now he can’t tell the direction. Qin Dingfang then went in one direction at random. At the same time, he shouted at the support of his own people, "Let this fool everyone and leave first today! I’ll settle accounts with him tomorrow … "
So Qin Honghu and those who supported Qin Dingfang quickly broke through and evacuated.
Although The Hunger also wants to take the opportunity to kill Qin Dingfang, the present root people can stop Qin Dingfang.
The Hunger can also watch Qin Dingfang go.
Qin Dingfang floated a few feet before picking blindfolded cloth.
Looking back, Qin Dingfang saw The Hunger standing a big stone and looking in his hiding direction.
The Hunger saw Qin Dingfang turn his head and raise his hand to draw a magic control figure. Qin Dingfang was so surprised that he quickly turned around and continued to fly forward. The Hunger gave a scorn and ridicule.
Qin Dingfang was so angry that he shouted, "Shame on me and I will never let you go!"

Then he left the castellan’s mansion with Jiang Yu openly.

Leave Hu Wenshu alone here.
After getting the news, Mo Nanfei sent someone to explore at the first time.
Hu Wenshu stopped at the door and stared at them coldly.
"If you say you can’t get in, you can’t get in. Are you trying to force me to do it?"
"You misunderstood. We just want to see what else you need. Since you won’t let us in, we won’t."
To explore people immediately report the situation to Mo Nanfei after returning.
Ink south fly sneer at.
"A diversion from the East to the West is really a good plan."
"It’s a pity that I can’t act too much."
He said, how can Jiang Yu risk leaving? It’s true!
Although he doesn’t know where they got a girl who looks so similar to Jiang Yu.
But that woman is by no means Jiang Yu!
Not only Mo Nanfei thinks so, but so do the watchers outside the castellan’s mansion.
There are too many people to deal with Jiang Yu.
Now the whole Pengcheng family base is ready.
As soon as the people behind him gave the order, they rushed into the duke’s house to get ginger.
But they dare not make a move before they get the order. After all, they are not so bold to fly with Mo Nan.
But just in case, they still sent the news.
Hu Wenshu had three waves of attacks that night.
Every time it gets fiercer.
Those people tried not to fight him, stuffy head tube rushed into the yard.
But they were all killed by Hu Wenshu in the array.
early morning
A hill just a hundred miles away from Pengcheng.
Jiang Yu yawned and rubbed his sleepy eyes at Ling Tian.
"Master, are those people still following us?"
"You left long ago, otherwise you could sleep so soundly?"
Ling day gave her a supercilious look.
Ginger slightly face hot embarrassed way
"My body is not good, you are not ignorant …"
"Now that we have had enough rest, let’s continue on our way. Let’s just leave the carriage here and we’ll walk."
"… walking?"
Jiang language face some movement.
It’s not that she is lazy, it’s that her body doesn’t allow it.
Ling day caught a glimpse of her way
"Don’t worry, it’s not far."
"It’s only a short walk."
Half a day is not far away?
Master, do you have any misunderstanding about this word?
Jiang Yu really wants to say whether she can not go, but she also knows that Ling Tian must be in such a hurry.
So I swallowed my words back.
After breakfast, they set off directly.
Half a day’s journey is nothing even for ordinary people.
But Jiang Yu’s body is so weak that he can’t hold on to it without a small part.

Liu Yantao’s movement was quickly detected by Cui Tingxun. He quickly ordered the army to prepare for the attack, but it took a while to know that this was a part of the Chu army, and the main force of the Chu army was still recovering inside and outside 1 O.

Cui Tingxun isn’t stupid, but it’s obvious that the Chu army can’t see a rabbit without spreading an eagle. They are waiting for their cavalry. If the Jin army is too weak, surely the Chu army wouldn’t be so calm. But do you really have a way to deal with my cavalry? Cui Tingxun smiled coldly at the corner of his mouth and ordered, "Pay attention to the main force of the Chu army!"
Not long after Liu Yantao left, Ma Yun led the remaining 3oooo troops to move slowly in the direction of Ni Kefu’s army. Just after walking for a mile, he heard the sound of the horseshoe coming from the east and turned his head to look at the dusty wasteland in the east. Ma Jun rushed over and waved the black Qidan banner and a huge "Cui" banner.
Ma Yun and Li Xiang couldn’t help but look at each other and have some respect for this Cui Tingxun. This man was not confused by the Chu army’s short radius attack plan, and insisted that Qingshan did not relax and directly handsome the army to pounce on the main force of Chu army.
Ma Yun waved his hand, "Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Shout, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock, Knock
As the distance approached the bow and arrow, the Khitan became a striker. The arrow was so skillful that it was extremely destructive to the Chu army. The central part of the Chu army slowly retreated backward. It was a square town. As the Chu army gradually retreated, its two legs gradually evolved into a crescent shape. After all, it was faster than four legs. The distance between the two armies was getting closer and closer. The Khitan soon rushed into the Chu army. After the Chu army came in, seven people did not panic. Two or three people combined together with shields to deal with the cavalry sprint and trample. Two people held horse-cutting knives and two people specially cut off the horse’s legs
Cui Tingxun looked at Chu army’s retreat, and he was so happy that he didn’t feel strange and uncomfortable until he rushed into Chu army. Chu army and Jin army were different. Jin army fought against Qidan people, many infantry, used cannon fodder to consume Qidan’s physical strength, and finally collected cavalry to charge on both sides. Cui Tingxun, who had no cavalry in Chu army, rushed in with confidence and interest.
However, it was only after rushing in that the Chu army collapsed in four words, which seemed to be scattered by the Khitan soldiers. However, this Chu army was composed of seven people, who were fighting with the Khitan military forces. At the most time, it was difficult for these people to take care of both sides. As the Khitan military forces rushed deeper and deeper, the seven people of the Chu army combined with the strange formation power and gradually waved out. The cavalry stopped the pike and couldn’t stop the horse leg, but it was cut back, but there was an extra hole.
Seeing that there are more and more injured Khitan soldiers, Cui Tingxun had to shout "Retreat quickly", but he regretted that he had seen too much about the military strength of Wei Sheng, our time, and he didn’t even ask Chu Jun for details. Now look at this formation of Chu Jun, which is ready.
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Chapter 14 Soldiers surround Nanyang
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In Xinye, Li Xiang’s attack plan didn’t confuse Cui Tingxun, but it gave Cui Tingxun the illusion that the Chu army was quite afraid of cavalry. ? ? ? ? This elite infantry can defeat the general infantry with less, but it is a completely different concept to let this elite infantry fight against the cavalry. Cui Tingxun has been a cavalry for a long time, and he knows how to maximize the cavalry advantage and completely defeat the infantry.
It is precisely because he has been through many battles that although the Chu army is elite, he did not take it to heart. Instead of attacking the Liu Yantao department, he attacked the main force of the Chu army.
Usually, as he makes a moment, ten thousand horses rush to raise bursts of yellow sand to cover half a day; Ma Dada is stirring back and forth in the wilderness, which not only shakes the four directions, but even the whole earth seems to tremble. I have never seen a large number of Ma Jun infantry. When I see this battle, I will be scared and shake my will.
Then there is the volley of ten thousand arrows. The Khitans are proficient in bowing and archery while keeping the horses running fast. Even if these arrows are released, the aim of the bow and arrow is reduced a lot, but in the case of secret casting, it is necessary to aim carefully. If someone is shot by an arrow and someone screams, the enemy’s battle will collapse
Then, fierce and fearless, he rushed into the enemy line and waved his whip and horse to trample on his opponent, relying on his high superiority and commanding pike to sprint back and forth to assassinate the enemy. The enemy completely lost the courage to fight cavalry, and he had to rush into the enemy line and kill it several times, so the elite infantry could not support it for long.
After all, he can’t find a war correspondent to interview the first-line officers and soldiers of the Chu army, but he knows from experience that the Chu army should be a little scared. By the time of the second volley, the Chu army had retreated. He thought it was the disintegration of the Chu army’s morale, and then he did not hesitate to command the army to rush into the Chu army formation. No wonder some Chu troops didn’t retreat when they first came in? Because it’s too thick to wear armor. Where are those people wearing armor except for the local body? It’s a bit scary to be alone after a group of three or five. This guy is not afraid of sprinting and riding. Cui Tingxun once personally knocked over a horse and stepped on it. As a result, looking back, the guy patted his ass and actually got up again. Is this a heavy infantry?
With these people going to the front, like a pier, the Khitan soldiers diverged along the pier. Only after Cui Tingxun really rushed to the Chu army did it become difficult to gather a team of 100 people. Although the cavalry came and went like the wind, the Chu army was no longer a tin man, but its superior forces were gone. It was either a long spear to stab the cavalry body or a short knife to cut the horse’s legs. The other strange array greatly waved the infantry forces and the advantages of the arms. The combination of long-weapon spearmen and short-weapon ju soldiers was so powerful.
Cui Tingxun is still experienced. Seeing that things are not right, he decided to "retreat".
It’s easy to come in and go out, but it’s difficult for Cui Tingxun to attack with people, just like the rising tide, screaming and patting the reef on the shore like a rainbow, stirring up thousands of waves, but when it’s time to retreat, it seems that the ebb tide can continue to move forward, and the trickle can pass through the cracks in the reef, and Cui Tingxun will fight to the death, and the call response will finally form a team of more than five or six thousand people rushing out of the Chu army formation.
Before he could catch his breath and calm down, a shower of arrows came from both sides. Cui Tingxun suddenly woke up. Just now, the retreat of the Chu army was not irresistible, but the Chinese army was deliberately recessed backwards. The two wings were highlighted in a crescent shape. When the Qidan army broke through, all the arrows made a final blow to the Qidan people. Cui Tingxun did not mean that he had the means to deal with it. At this time, the Qidan soldiers fled with one heart and one mind, and the fighting spirit was defeated. The situation has already formed his army. The ability to control has become extremely weak. When the troops fled to Dengzhou in a hurry, they met Cui Tingxun, who was preparing for the celebration banquet. They said a general situation, and it was a long time before he woke up and asked, "General Cui, is this so good?"
Cui Tingxun said uneasily, "The Weisheng Army and our main force are in Dengzhou, and we will stick to Dengzhou. If the Chu army once divides its troops and takes Nanyang, Xiangcheng, Township and other places, it will be a matter of course to hit me." Cui Tingxun wanted to say that beating the dog was temporarily changed to hitting me after playing for a long time.
I didn’t pay attention to him because I was nervous to death. This statement is asking, "Then let’s surrender to Nanyang."
Cui Tingxun had long thought so in his heart, but the Khitan military law severely lost its defensive position to cut him. He hesitated and said, "What about this one thousand positions?" I’m afraid we can’t afford to eat! "
Tuci shook his head and said, "This will not hinder us from staying in the Central Plains for a long time. When I was in Bianjing, we often missed the situation in the North. I heard that there are people rebelling in Xiangzhou and officials from Chengzhou (Chengxian County, Shaanxi Province), Fengzhou (Huixian County, Shaanxi Province), Qin Zhou (Baoji, Shaanxi Province) and Jizhou have taken refuge in Shu State again. We should not be interested in governing the Central Plains. Let’s surrender to Nanyang first. If we really return to the North, we have to follow suit. Moreover,
The two men were immediately surrendered to Nanyang with the money they had searched for. When they arrived in Nanyang, they learned that Gao Hanggui had been killed in Xinye, so they quickly reported the war in Dengzhou to Yelvdeguang.
The Xinye War captured more than 20,000 Jin soldiers, and Ni Kefu and Liu Yantao lost 2ooo men together, which can be described as a great victory. However, although Ma Yun’s main force competed with the Khitan army, although he captured more than 4,000 Khitan men, he actually lost nearly 6ooo men. This can’t help but make Ma Yun feel very sad. This formation was completed when Ma Yun was directly pregnant and guided by the staff department and was specifically planned and trained for half a year. I didn’t expect that the loss was still so heavy.
The only thing to be happy about is that the Khitan army was scared away to Nanyang by the Chu army. When Ma Yun led his troops to Dengzhou the next day, he sent troops to Xibeimen Township and called all the generals to discuss matters one step at a time. So far, this military operation has been too smooth. In the past, the plan was to take Xiangzhou, Suizhou, Fuzhou and Anzhou, but now he actually took most of Fangzhou, Junzhou, Xiangzhou and Dengzhou, and Qidan fled to the north with 20,000 troops of Zhu Yuan and Ding Sijin from Suizhou, Fuzhou and Anzhou.
Now the question before Ma Yun is whether to continue northward. Or just stop in Dengzhou
Liu Yantao is the oldest, and his actions in the past half a month have also made him most excited. He came out and said, "Your Majesty, the situation in the Northern Expedition is excellent. At this time, we can’t stop marching. We should March and then March into Bianjing to drive out the Qidan."
"Yes, yes, continue to invade." The generals in the handsome account said in succession.
I don’t know what’s going on in Liu Zhiyuan. If you want to take this opportunity to unify the north, it’s absolutely not enough. Ma Yun turned his attention to Li Xiang. Li Xiang laughed. "As the king says, how can you stop taking Nanyang when he is ill and wants his life?" However, your majesty, if our army moves to Nanyang, there will be a Shida army in the west with 5,000 troops guarding Junzhou, and there will be no Qidan army in Dengzhou on the west, but there will be Tangzhou on the east, and the commander of Tangzhou has just been convicted and reprimanded for the Horse Festival. This person is quite famous, and the Qidan people will lose their demeanor. Will Yelvdeguang send someone to recapture it? After all, Dengzhou is an important town in Shannan, and it has always been a battleground for military strategists. If reinforcements arrive, our army will fight in Nanyang City and the Tangzhou Horse Festival will suddenly copy our army’s posterior road, which will have to be prevented. "
Ma Yun looked at the map, and the situation showed that his troops were only 40,000. Even with the 20,000 surrendered Jin soldiers, it was only 60,000. If the Khitan really had reinforcements to contain his army in Nanyang, would Ma Jie send troops to attack Dengzhou and cut his own back?

Yurui pushed his glasses and shot his eyes more sharply from the thin lens. "I said I would repay Xiao’s revenge for you."

"It’s ChiMuHan really hate xiao pity son to harm my Xiao family destruction can you YuRui how much better than ChiMuHan? My dad sent me a message before jumping off the building. He said that he had been kind to you and asked me to take refuge in you.
I took the road to you, but you retaliated against me, robbed my boyfriend and domesticated me into you, Toy Boy. Look at Xu Xiangnan’s gay girly look.
You ruined his life and ruined my happiness. Yu Rui, is this how you repay the kindness? Do you feel guilty? "
"Conscience?" YuRui low smile eyeful irony "do you think people like me can have a conscience? I fought ChiMuHan with Xiao Ruhai’s kindness twenty years ago, but I took my head to make a bet. "
"You and I don’t know your disturbing things? If my dad hadn’t sent you to the hospital twenty years ago, you would have died at the hands of old man Xi. My dad saved your life and you turned it over so lightly? " Xiao Yinyin looked at Yurui with hatred and hatred in his eyes. "How can a dead pervert like you have a conscience? You can’t wait to turn all men in this world into perverts like you. "
Twenty years later, Yu Rui’s eyes suddenly became murderous.
He grabbed Xiao Yinyin’s throat with one hand and pulled her up.
☆ Chapter 324 Anyway, I don’t want to live for a long time.
Xiao Yinyin desperately reaches the ground without tiptoe, and the neck is forced to lean back and almost gasp, which can make a painful sound.
If he chokes his throat like this again, this man will cut it off.
She whined and scratched his face with her hand.
Sharp nails scratched his cheek and brought out a little blood, which also caused a little pain to make him return to normal reason.
A sharp force in his eyes threw the little woman to the ground.
"Xiao Yinyin remember that I am not you! I’ll kill you if I don’t think your father is kind to me for saving my life! "
Xiao Yinyin was hurt and collapsed, covering her neck with purple face and coughing.
She coughed for a while, raised her face and looked up at the cold-hearted man with tears in her eyes.
Who can spare her pain?
A family upheaval, her brother died tragically when his father jumped from a building in a bullet, and his mother couldn’t bear the blow, so she went with her father and left her alone in this world.
She pinned her only hope on Xu Xiangna, but Xu Xiangna saved Shen Mei Wu and became a pet of Yu Rui.
"Well, anyway, I don’t want to live for a long time. You kill me." Xiao Yinyin cried louder and louder. "Do you know how painful it is for me to turn myself into a woman I hate every day when I look in the mirror? But that’s how I won Xu Xiangnan’s heart. He was completely baiwan by you, a dead pervert. My happiness was ruined by you. "
"He is willing to Shen Mei Wu baiwan by me, so he is also willing to Shen Mei Wu straightening is that you have to be like Shen Mei Wu again, after all, it is not Shen Mei Wu! Xiao Yinyin, you can’t get a man’s heart. Do you hate others? "
You know, but she still hates and resents, scratching her heart, hating and jealous.
What, she loved two men so much that Shen Mei Wu took them away?
What’s so good about Shen Mei Wu?
She really can’t compare with Shen Mei Wu?
She clenched her fists and gnashed her teeth. "Since I can’t get it, no one can get it!"
Raise YuRui eyebrows a lock this woman expression this tone is just like Chi Zhongyao terrible and vicious.
He once asked Chi Zhongyao if he had a good impression on Shen Mei Wu, then what would kill her?
He replied with insidious smile, if you don’t get it, you will be destroyed.
"Did Chi Zhongyao send you?"
Xiao Yinyin recovered a little strength and got up from the ground. "Since you guessed, I won’t deceive you. Now I am on the same side as Zhong Yaoge."
"Then you should know more about Chi Zhongyao than I do. He even has to do it with his father and brother. His passion is beyond you and me! He just regard you as a chess game, and will abandon you at any time when your chess game is worthless. "
It is really good for me to have Zhong Yaoge in this world, even if I pay my life. "
Listen to her desperate tone YuRui really think Xiao Yinyin crazy.
The cold-blooded man like Chi Zhongyao will be miserable in the end.
He looked at her face again. The facial features were exquisite. Not only did he not see the slightest trace, but also the charm was very similar to that of Shen Mei Wu.
Suddenly an idea flashed through my mind.
"Since you insist on ChiZhongyao doing things, you can stay in Jiangcheng and make some moths so that he and Yuxi can’t get married."
"You are not going to argue with Zhong Yaoge? You didn’t think so before. "
Xiao Yinyin looked at each other doubtfully. What made him give up Yu Xi?
"What are you fighting for? I don’t care how he will deal with Chi Muhan, but if he dares to touch Yu Xi again, he will be my enemy! "
Section 2
He and Chi Zhongyao negotiated to bring down the Jinshan mountain in Chimuhan Pool’s home, and each of them was half.
But now Yu Xi, he would rather give up.
"Uncle Yu, you are really reasonable. Brother Zhong Yaoge will thank you."
"No need to thank him. I’ll just come with him for a moment’s benefit."
Listening to Yu Rui’s resolute tone, he has distanced himself from Zhong Yaoge.
However, this is also in line with Zhong Yaoge’s intention to come to Chi’s house, whose surname is Chi. Why should Yu Rui get a piece of the action?
"Uncle Hao, I will convey your words to Zhong Yaoge. If you find a door, you will bother to send the Buddha to the west. There is just one thing that you need to help me with."
"What is it?"
"God, Shen Guangyu and I are going to do dna identification. I need you to help me fake it."
Yurui laughed coldly. This Xiao Yinyin is fake enough. Do you want to fake it again?
"It’s just a fake report. I’ll help you fix it. You play it, but even if a fake report can fool the past, it can solve the urgent need. A long pool of Muhan will expose you."
Yurui said that of course she knew.
Shen Mei Wu, after all, lived with Chimuhan. When a woman grows up, she will definitely be exposed.
"Please rest assured that Uncle Yu will get rid of him as soon as possible."
The next day, Xiao Yinyin went to Yu Xi’s crew to find Yu Xi after finishing the dna test.
Yu Xi’s location shooting is a bit long, and Xiao Yinyin has been waiting quietly.
This woman still has some skills and aura in acting, and she can play Wu Zetian vividly.
Zhi Yuxi stopped her when she passed by after filming. "Miss Yu, I have something to talk to you. Is it convenient for you?"
Yu Xi glanced at her faintly. "Then I don’t know if Miss Shen is willing to wait?"
"I’ve been waiting for you here for two hours. What’s the harm in waiting a little longer?"
After listening to her, Yuxi smiled and went into makeup.

* * Glanced at him from the side. "Tell the temple a good news. The results of the secret examination of the palace province have come out!"

"Are you? What is the result? " The teenager asked with great heart, generally speaking, women are the most ideal candidates for imperial concubines through the examination of the palace province. Although there are still opportunities for others, I am afraid there will be great opposition.
"The ideal candidate is … a family and … a long-time family!"
The boy breathed a sigh of relief when * * said the last name.
I still don’t talk when I see a teenager * * deliberately said, "If I had to choose, I would choose the eldest daughter of the Prince of Kuninomiya, but from the very beginning, I hope that the temple will personally choose its own concubine. If you want to choose a family, I will never object!"
"No mother!" The teenager bowed his head. "I think you have a good eye!"
"All right, Hirohito!" * * Still maintained that faint, sad smile "Like is like nothing to be ashamed of!"
The boy looked up and his eyes flickered slightly.
Soon after, Hatano, the palace minister, conveyed the meaning of the Festival Queen to Jiuer Palace, and then the two families exchanged engagement tokens, and the engagement was settled.
However, this marriage didn’t go smoothly because of the approval of both sides. Because the good grandfather, Prince Asahiko, suppressed the side curtain of Changzhou Francisco in the curtain-falling movement, and the good mother was born in the Samo Francisco Shimadzu family, Changzhou Panfa was born in Tanaka and others were determined to stop this marriage (Yamagata Aritomo unfortunately died in a coup in 19o9, and according to the historical exhibition, Tanaka will become the new Changzhou Panfa collar).
According to the materials of the former president of the Red Cross Hospital, the first opponent published an article in a medical journal in Tokyo, tracing the process of color blindness of the Shimadzu family in the past dynasties from the perspective of inheritance. Because the good mother was born in the Shimadzu family, such as Hirohito and Yoshinori, she was brought into this bad legacy, and the future emperor may become color blind.
Then Tanaka and others encouraged Saionji Kinmochi and Matsuzawa Masayoshi, two elders, to maintain the "sanctity" of the royal lineage and demand the dissolution of the two marriages. Later, they also invited Prince Gong Bogong to lobby to persuade Kuninomiya to take the initiative to ask for the dissolution of the engagement.
It snowed early in Tokyo after winter came.
After hearing the news that the DPRK opposed his marriage, Hirohito spent hours in the snow-covered East Garden.
"It’s not good for the temple to catch cold outside in such a cold day!" Empress Jie hurried from her own residence when she heard the report. Although Hirohito was not her only son, she was the cleverest and most beloved husband, Hirohito’s father, and Emperor Taishō, the current ruler of Japan, who suffered from meningitis in her childhood. Although her health improved slightly as an adult, she often seemed a little delirious after she acceded to the throne and met with ministers and foreign envoys. Therefore,, the assistant to Empress Jie, often got along more with this virtuous mother.
Hirohito turned his head to the queen and leaned his face to look very dignified.
"Please rest assured that the mother wants to breathe fresh air!"
"I know the temple is worried about a good marriage! But please don’t worry about the royal family, and those people can’t interrupt! " The woman suddenly said in a very firm tone
"Mother …" Young eyes are not as determined as his expression.
"Temple you are sooner or later to the throne! Please remember that your will is everything in this country! " The woman leaned over and left with her attendants.
It’s snowing again in the sky. The teenager turned around and continued to stand in the snow.
After the winter, the temperature in Berlin is still low, and before Christmas, there will be one snow after another. Whenever Chen Tian looks up at the world wrapped in silver makeup outside the window, he can always keep a calm mind and think about everything.
Just after the heavy snow ended, there was still a cup of strong black coffee on his desk in the evening, and there was also a plate of exquisite snacks next to it. It was the first batch of butternut chocolates produced by Adamas Chocolate Shop, the king of Austria, which was nearly 10 years earlier than the Belgian in history. Of course, they will also bring a lot of income to the Austrian king.
It’s that snacks have been here for a long time, but Chen Tian didn’t enjoy them. For one thing, he is not very interested in chocolate, so they will be much more decorated than food
Knock, knock, knock.
The door was gently knocked.
"Come in!"
After the door was hit, the squire von Jonalette appeared at the door. The squire of the emperor, who had been recuperating for more than a year due to injury, finally returned from injury not long ago. Although his left hand was inevitably disabled, it did not prevent him from continuing his royal loyalty.
"The Bishop School is here!"
"Well, let him in!"
Then, with a slightly better body and balder head, Schift hurried into the room. According to his usual practice, he would not speak until the squire closed the door. This time, it was the same.
"This is the latest news that the Japanese have engaged in contradictions!"
Chen Tian took the Schiffert report and read it briefly. The situation is not as serious as he just said, but a group of people in Changzhou Francisco are color-blind on the pretext of opposing the marriage of the eldest daughter of Prince Hirohito of Kuninomiya.
"You Gong Liang for a long time …" Chen Tian gently read the name. He didn’t delve into Japanese history. Fortunately, he happened to have heard of the name and the famous color blindness incident.
"Let our ambassador to Tokyo go to the activities to let the Japanese, especially Jiuyou Miyagi and Samoyed, know that we are very happy to see Jiuyou Miyagi’s daughter and the royal family too combined!
But don’t forget that beating around the bush can make people think that we are deliberately interfering in their royal affairs! "
"I am white!" Shifter’s words are still so concise and fast.
Soon after, as predicted by Chen Tian, Changzhou School was quickly attacked by Jiuer Palace School, Samoan School and some political dignitaries, among which Prince Kuninomiya had the strongest attitude. His famous engagement was that the royal family had to be dissolved first, but if the royal family really dissolved Yuren Liang’s engagement, he would kill Liang first, and then he and his family would have a caesarean section because of humiliation. Shan Bingwei and others also firmly supported Prince Kuninomiya’s great teacher Sugura Chonggang, and China attacked Changzhou School, followed by the queen and queen.
Under the strong pressure of public opinion from all walks of life, Yoshiyoshi Tanaka resigned from the six-phase post, and Yujiro Nakamura, the minister of Changzhou, also resigned as his minister. At that time, the influence of Changzhou faction on the people in the ruling and opposition parties also rapidly weakened
In the end, a short but direct statement from Nishinomiya Province ended this storm. Despite all kinds of news in the world, it was decided and changed.
Although the attitude shown by the German government in this storm did not affect the final takeover, Prince Kuninomiya thanked the German ambassador to Tokyo, and the attitude of some officials who had been wary of Germany changed.
Tu Mei Chapter 44 The new President Day Fleet
November 7, 1917, the voting date of the US presidential election.
When Marshall walked into the meeting room, he saw his aides sitting in their seats with serious faces as if they had learned the news of losing the election.
"Hey guys, what’s wrong with you? Show some courage. Is Warren so terrible? " Marshall waved his fist, but the reaction was so cold that he was a little chilling.
The election has just begun, but Marshall, a Democratic candidate and former vice president, has already lost in the Republican candidate Warren Gamaliel Harding’s competition. In the minds of most Americans, there is not much suspense about who will become the new president.
Looking at the crowd, Marshall sat down in a chair and counted down his last day in the White House.
If Woodrow Wilson were still here, the Democratic Party would not have lost so badly in this year’s election, because his expansionist and idealistic political ideas were still accepted by many Americans. Even his legacy, the Washington Naval Treaty, is also known as the treaty of lasting peace brought by the United States. If this trend continues, the Republican Party will not take any advantage in an election. However, Wilson was unfortunately killed in the explosion that shocked the world. Marshall, his partner and successor, later took over the presidency. But compared with the former vice president, his luck was not so good. In Marshall, the US government witnessed Germany invading Austria-Hungary and ruling more than half of Europe, but Pershing led an expeditionary force into Mexico and was beaten to the ground. This is not the worst.
Shortly after the election in 1917, the Japanese and Germans sprinkled salt on Marshall’s wound. On June 6, the naval fortress in Tachi declared the completion of the huge project. From the end of 1914, the progress of the project was delayed for financial reasons. However, it was completed within three years and seven months after the signing of the Treaty of Polynesia between Japan and Germany. This military project cost 500,000 yen (US$ 2.5 million at that time), not only to expand the port where the French left the fort, but also to consider the distance from Tachi. Tuzu is the farthest naval base and port of the Japanese government overseas, which is more than 4ooo nautical miles. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, the Tahi naval fortress was required to be able to complete the knot and trek across the ocean to reinforce when the enemy’s powerful offensive lasted less than a month.
In this way; Tahi was designed as a steel fortress stronger than Lushun and Qingdao. The largest number for fortress guns is four 356 mm fortress guns jointly manufactured by Wu Haijun Factory and Japanese Steel Works. This giant gun with the maximum range for 25 kilometers; capable for shooting 6375 kilograms for armor-piercing bullets or 625 kilograms for high-explosive bullets at 135 degrees per minute; and hidden of concrete fortifications and armored turrets; is suspected of being the nightmare for incoming ships. The key to the fortress defense is 16 20 mm fortress guns purchased from Krupp factory in Germany. These single guns, which are protected by armored turrets, are equipped in seven batteries overlooking the sea to resist the attack of a powerful battleship. In addition to two kinds of large-caliber fortress guns, there are many 203 mm, 150 mm and 120 mm fortress guns, 105 mm, 40 mm artillery guns and hundreds of heavy machine guns in Tahi fortress.
The whole fortress, including the coastal defense fort, the six defense fort and the infantry fortress line, usually includes the total number of naval troops stationed on the ground reaching 9oo, which can last for 10,000 people for half a year. There are many berths with superior conditions in the grain and materials harbor, as well as three repair docks and a small shipyard built by French colonists. The Japanese army can maintain and repair various ships including battleships. In addition, the Japanese army has built a large airport and two hidden small airports behind the port, and there are more than 20 planes stationed at ordinary times, of which 12 torpedo planes are purchased from Germany.

"Go straight to the dock!" Logan has seen the dark blue not far away.

The whole port area was as quiet as a graveyard when the car was driving on the stone slab paving and bumping into the crack of the road rubber tire stone slab. Only when the corner was turned and the pier appeared in the realization did two middle-aged people with buckets appear in sight. They had gained something in the past night. Although the British government warned the fishermen in the east and south not to leave the port without permission, some people made a living and went fishing in the offshore area at night.
For these military vehicles, the two middle-aged people were at a loss, especially when they saw Logan wearing the military police system of the 6 th Army, and they left unhurriedly like soy sauce.
Looking at the whole dock area, there are four docks extending into the harbor, where many boats, fishing boats and yachts are docked, and some are small barges and motorboats masts. Although the forest scene is unique, Logan is more interested in being a dock where submarines can dock and are suitable for loading and unloading materials ―― it’s best to finish everything before dawn, otherwise the situation will become very complicated and troublesome when the residents in the harbor wake up and a German submarine is docked next to their dock!
Fortunately, the war not only had a great impact on the fishing industry, but also the rich people living in the south of England tried their best to move to safer places. If they had come to the Isle of Wight for a holiday at this time in previous years, most of the ports would have been full, but now Logan can’t find some places with much effort.
"Well, don’t go to the armored car at the front pier!" In order to ensure that the driver can hear the command clearly, Logan also deliberately got back into the car and shouted a voice.
In addition to the leading armored vehicle and the rear truck, both trucks are equipped with radar equipment from Calverton Point. The armored vehicle is in the first place. Private Leon holds the machine gun to be on alert. Little Scobie also takes two gunners to be on alert. Nim, a temporary traffic policeman, directs two trucks with equipment to drive to the dock. Patrick Albert, a technical officer, takes out the telephone line signal from his backpack. Although it can’t be used as a line, it is enough to summon Fiona Fang’s own ship for ten miles through special waves. Of course, the submarine receives the line wave in the water method-at least it has to be observed by periscope
"All right, girls, Bridgeport has arrived. Please get a car!"
When Logan called the soldiers to help the three British girls get to the dock where the car was located instead of entering the port, he asked them to come as soon as the car came. Logan didn’t want to delay it, and he didn’t think they would pose a threat to the operation. Moreover, in case of an accident, the three men could also serve as a cover.
When the ladies got out of the car with their suitcases, they could see that they were not used to the bumps all the way. Aunt Susan’s fat daughter was sitting in the trunk with a fluffy head and a gloomy face. Two worse faces, light or thick dresses, were turned into small faces by dust.
"Oh is the port! Great! "
"Daisy" (Daisy’s original intention) cried innocently, recalling her previous act of holding a skirt and showing off her calves. Logan thought it was a trick for adolescent women to attract the attention of the opposite sex. As far as figure is concerned, he likes to be slim, but his bones feel no curves, which is not one of them. As far as sound is concerned, he likes to be soft, but soft enough to make people feel weak, which is also excluded.
Unfortunately, this Miss Daisy was eliminated from the competition before she entered the qualifiers.
"Great! Maybe we can find a hotel to rest first and then pick us up when mom fixes the car!" The daughter of a famous "lady" (Tang Nayi) and "Aunt Susan" is really rich. If you like Wangfu’s daughter, you can consider it properly. However, Logan’s ambition in Wenger is no longer something that women can bring.
"Yes, sir, when will you help us find a repairman?"
Logan finally responded politely to Wenli’s beautiful little niece, saying, "Go to the hotel first and I’ll arrange it!"
"Oh!" Doreen beeped and said nothing.
Logan is definitely not an expert in guessing the psychology of the opposite sex, but he still sees a little embarrassment from Doreen’s brow and wants to solve this problem once and for all. He takes out a 5-pound bill from his pocket and puts it into Doreen’s hand. "Maybe you forgot your money in a hurry. Let’s talk about it when we meet again!"
The young English girl’s mouth slightly turned up and gave Logan a rather unforgettable playful smile. "Well, I will definitely pay you back when I meet you!"
Is there another time?
Brothers, hit the tickets violently at four o’clock!
Chapter 29 Best Supporting Actor Award
Dreaming of flirting with sexy beauty, Dick suddenly felt his shoulders shaken by manpower. At first, it was his wife who showed up. He was hiding something bad. He tried to open his eyes with trepidation but saw Mitchell’s chubby face.
"What’s the situation? Hmm? What’s wrong? "
"Hey Anna, it’s an emergency!" Mitchell put his face so close that Dick could smell that he ate smoked fish last night.
"Ahem, you damn fool want to scare me to death!" G a push him.
"But there is an emergency!" The chubby patrolman said with a look of bitterness, "An armored car and three trucks came in from the west. It looks like the Sixth Military Gendarmerie. They stopped at the dock. I asked Luqi to explore the situation, but he hasn’t come back yet!"
"hmm? When did the Sixth Military Police become interested in a port like Bridge? " G some wonder to wipe the face "emperor, you let LuJi to find out? He must be bragging to others again that he is close to the chef of the commander-in-chief of the 6 th Army! "
Mitchell still looks sad. "But everyone else is sleeping. Besides, I let him get close to explore the situation, but I didn’t let him chat!"
G scold a way "you know a fart! Get out of the way I don’t know what those gendarmes are doing here at this time. Are they here to inspect posts? No way! They don’t care about patrols in places like ours! It would be great if they came to take over the defense. If nothing happens, we can go back to sleep! "
"oh? Then I’ll tell everyone to get up and go back to sleep! " The foolish man was about to do this, but he was caught by his companion and got a bad look.
"You idiot, I’ll ask the situation first. Maybe we’ll help them with thugs! Oh, yes, where are they now? "
Mitchell scratched his head strangely. "At the Berlin pier!"
"Hey’ Berlin’ pier! Can they step on the German Chancellery there? " Dick shook his head and walked towards the docklands ―― compared with Newport on the same island or Portsmouth on the other side, the port here is simply not a rural place. Fortunately, the nearby beaches are beautiful, and the rich people occasionally come here to stay in the sea view apartment for a few days, but since the war broke out, especially since Germany attacked Norway two months ago, no one has the leisure to come here. The residents are all sad without income.
"I wish this damn war would end soon!" Dick muttered that as soon as the war was over, he immediately went to Meisha grocery store to buy some barrels of paint and repaint his old house, and then hung a "sea view room for rent" sign at the door to ensure that there was a market!
In a few minutes, the local patrol captain with a revolver across his waist came to the dock area. Now there are four docks in Bridgeport, which are all named by the top four European countries, namely London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. This is done for the sake of developing tourism-in fact, these docks are all pitifully small, and the longest one only extends to the sea for more than 20 meters, and only a few hundred tons of ships can dock.
Since the German army swept the western front of London, some curfews and blackouts have been imposed in the eastern and southern coastal areas, which has made Bridgeport dark all day long. Without entertainment programs, old men like Dick are in pain and are easily thrown into bed by his wife. Every time I think about it, Dick laments.
Fortunately, at this time, it was dawn, and Ke Hanyi recognized the four cars Mitchell said, including two trucks parked at the trestle, a truck and an armored car parked next to the dock.
"Who lives?" Dick was startled by the sudden sound from nearby. He looked intently and saw that it turned out to be a "British gendarme" with a rifle, but there were no large boxes of hidden things around here. Where did he come from?
Dick raised his hand half-way. "Hey, relax. I’m the commander of the Bridgeport patrol. I just heard that you are going to take over the port defense?"
"patrol commander?" The gendarme lowered his gun slightly. "Then come with me!"
Two people soon came to the code-named "Berlin" pier.
"Are you the patrol commander?"
A handsome gendarme officer came up to him and spoke a Scottish accent.
"Yes, sir. I asked Annak to patrol and guard. Can I help you?" Dick tries to sound kind and humble, although he is not like this at ordinary times.
The military police officer looked him over. "We are carrying out a very confidential task. Now we need to ask you and your patrol to help us ―― keep others as far away from the dock as possible!" "
"That’s no problem! Who will run out when it is still so early? " Dick said, "By the way, sir, I heard a muffled thunder coming from the sea and a gun coming from the south. It’s very complicated …"
"The sea muffled thunder? Er … don’t worry, there is a little situation tonight, but everything is back in our hands! " The handsome military police officer was a little surprised at first, but soon the egg settled.
"That’s good, that’s good! I’m going to set up the alert! " Dick was about to go back and call those lazy pigs to sleep when he heard a gendarme at the dock say
"Look at it!"
Curious, Chong Ke turned around to see what the so-called "it" was. It’s a good thing that he was just shouldered by the military police officer. "It’s better to come early and walk together!" I send you a huge surprise! "
"Surprise?" Ke Gang was still full of expectation that all his excitement was swept away when he realized that the ship slowly entering the port was actually a submarine ―― especially when the submarine was approaching the dock and the huge eagle emblem on the front of the control tower was clearly visible, he was even more alarmed to the point where it was a German submarine!
Because the original plan was to evacuate Logan at night, the navy was not required to remove the eagle emblem of the submarine. In the early morning dawn, this early IIa-class short-range submarine looked very different. A huge metal box was placed on the front and rear decks, which looked like a fish with deformed sarcoma. This is the fact that the navy cooperated with the sharp knife operation and specially installed it in the waterproof sealing box of the submarine, which can ensure the safety of the equipment even if the submarine dives into the deep water of 30 meters.
"We will have a wonderful sea trip to the French port on the other side of the Strait. Since you have the honor to witness it, Mr. Patrol Captain, I sincerely invite you to go with us!"
After listening to the words of the military police officer, Dick was so nervous that he wished he could lie quietly next to his wife and not get involved in this terrible thing. He hated Mitchell and hated the Germans.

"You said"

Xie Daoling sits on the throne of Wanhua, and hands hold the French-Indian phoenix eyebrow blown way
Peacock’s eyes shed tears and said softly, "The evil dumpling seized my beloved daughter and forced me to go to this muddy water, but in fact my heart was very reluctant."
"Now that I have seen the magic skill, I have the audacity to ask the fairy to help me save my daughter’s life. From now on, I will do whatever you want."
Xie Daoling just smiled in silence. "Sister is forced to act, so it is natural not to blame."
"Peacock! You don’t want your daughter to die! " Evil dumpling will be crushed as soon as it comes out.
"no!" Peacock flowers turn pale.
"Give me strength to attack that skeleton or I will kill your daughter!" Evil dumpling cold way
Peacock looked in the direction of Baihua Palace, and it was difficult to choose a short body, but slowly knelt down for half.
She begged, "Fairy, please."
The demon who sealed the sacred realm knelt down at a Terran saint tens of thousands of miles away and several demon saints did not move.
Xie Daoling sighed a spiritual force and urged his chest to emit a green light.
Listen to her whisper, "forget the Sichuan"
The inspiration rushed out of Baihua Palace and flew straight to the sky.
front line
The green light fell straight from the sky to the skeleton beauty.
The faint green fire in the skeleton beauty’s eyes suddenly filled the room and asked, "How many people are crossing this time?"
Baihua Fairy Road in Baihua Palace "All peacocks go to the black rope hell-the evil dumpling soul sends you to make a wick to burn him for 30 thousand years and then go to hell."
"Thank you for your wish."
With that, the skeleton beauty turned around and bowed down and said, "Please come aboard."
A series of human virtual shadows emerged from the heads of the demon saints and threw them at the boat of Forgotten River.
They struggled with fear and waved their hands.
However, apart from the body, all the practices and secrets are rooted in their display, and they can watch themselves leave the body and fly over the Forget River into the ferry boat.
A few dull rings, but their flesh fell from the sky to the ground and smashed a few big holes.
The skeleton beauty hummed a faint ghost song and shook the boat and left for the depths of the Forgotten River.
Chapter seventy-one Silver wire
Hundred Flowers Immortals perched high on the throne of thousands of flowers and slowly dispersed their magic formula.
Suddenly one strand of her hair turned silver.
Baihuaxian seems to have a little sleep, and her head is slightly tilted, and the silver silk is quietly lost in the black hair and can be seen from the outside.

Is this true? !

She retreated step by step and finally fled from here.
And Wu Nanyin watched the door flash and the shadow red lips gradually rose.
Royi, this is.
I’ll see how lofty you are after tonight!
"If you want to accompany me tonight, I will beat him." Nanyin took a deep breath on Yuyang’s shoulder.
She really likes this boy.
Royi was really shocked when she heard the news. She went back to her room and drank two glasses of water before she calmed down.
She may not have love for Yuyang now, but she doesn’t care at all.
After all, she left at the beginning, and he can live better.
Nanyin is not his lover.
But what can she do now that it’s done?
At that time, Royi’s forehead turned twice in situ.
Walking in front of me, Royi andao is not good. I just took out my mobile phone and didn’t come to broadcast the name in my mind, so my eyes blacked out …
"What happened?"
"Back to the big lady."
"Oh, send it. Don’t disturb mother."
☆、第四十五章 翎归来

It was a bright bracelet with iron engraved with runes. At this time, the runes of the fishing boat’s driving direction were flashing green.

This bracelet was given to Kakashi and his party by three generations of Huo Ying to perceive the forbidden scroll.
Now that the bracelet rune lights up, it is obvious that the position of the forbidden scroll is sensed.
Kakashi did not hesitate to order the sailors to aim the bow at the direction where the bracelet rune lights up.
A total of 36 bracelets are densely covered on the surface of the bracelet.
The light rune faded in a short time, and then a rune beside it lit up again when everyone was frightened and lost.
Obviously, the target tracked in front changed direction.
Kakashi looked up and looked in the direction indicated by the rune. At first glance, the water and sky were extremely vast, and the roots could not see the target.
Yamanaka Fu saw that his hands raised his palms and his two thumbs pointed outward at the seagulls flying in the sky
"Endure the heart turning!"
Spirit occupies the seagull’s body and flaps its wings instead of flying into the sky overlooking the ocean.
Look beyond the sea.
Yamanaka Fu accepted Ninjutsu and complained, "I can’t see anything. Maybe the target is too far away. If it’s so small, I might see something."
Kakashi is not in a hurry. He said slowly, "Keep sailing in the direction indicated by the bracelet. The target may be moving, but you can’t keep moving until you can catch it sooner or later."
Chu Yun left the forbidden scroll to several women before he left. How did it suddenly move in Clock Island?
Kakashi doesn’t know Chu Yun, even less.
At this time, Chu Yun was worried about another thing. In the morning, he summoned Xiao Jiu to ask about the situation of Clock Island and suddenly found that Xiao Jiu could not be sent back.
Reverse summoning requires special time coordinates.
In the past, Chu Yun built it on the back of a giant turtle and occupied Clock Island, and then Chu Yun built an array on the main island in case it was not needed.
Now the undead giant turtle is pulling a boat in the sea. Chu Yun wants to send Xiao Jiu back, but it can use the magic circle, but it suddenly fails.
Is it because Swift accidentally broke the circle when they were practicing?
If that’s the case, it’s fine. If it’s not …
Chu Yun was impatient and wanted to go back and see what was going on.
I went to Kadong to say goodbye and decided to go first.
Kadong heard that Chu Yun had to leave first and didn’t stop him.
Kadong, "If there is something urgent, you should do your own thing first. I have agents in pirate territory. Those Konoha ninjas will definitely not escape in the chaotic waters."
Chu Yun knew it when he heard it.
Being able to chase people in the sea without some means will definitely not be so big.
Kadong has the means to dare to spend so much time in this sea.
Caton said hello to Chu Yun is ready to leave.
However, before leaving, Kadong introduced a card to Chu Yun, saying, "This card is made by my housekeeper’s special ninja combined with ninja. It can sense people’s whereabouts. You take it with you. If you tear it up when you meet Kakashi, I can find you then, so that I can have a care."
Chu Yun still knows that the other party is mostly trying to increase the probability of finding Kakashi
After all, Kakashi is here to hunt him down. It is really appropriate to put the probability on Chu Yun.
Chu Yun didn’t refuse to accept the card from Kadong.
Then switch the wings behind the undead armor, a bell, and the two of them go up into the sky at the same time
Several breaths disappeared in Kadong’s sight.
And Chu Yun once took the passenger ship and continued to be pulled by the giant turtle to sail to Clock Island at a slow speed.
The three prisoners of the passenger ship have been collected, and Chu Yun has definitely not given up.
Why not give up the passenger ship and let the three people leave quickly by submarine giant turtle?
The main reason is that the crew of the passenger ship are all Chu Yun undead skeletons. Now the reverse summoning magic can’t be used, and Chu Yun can’t be thrown into the sea anywhere, so it can be done.
Day Chu Yun incited Xiao Jiu bone wing speed.
In the hand is the undead bone bow.
Bow and arrow, bow into a full moon, and then shoot it out.
Then in a flying Raytheon, there appeared galloping arrows.
Once again, the arrow is repeated, and the speed of Chu Yun is already fast to the extreme
Bells have been far behind.
However, the speed of the bell is not weak. Although it is dropped, it is not too far. Every time Chuyun stops to rest, he can make track for it soon.
Chu Yun, looking solemn, said to the bell who came from behind, "I always feel that something bad has happened."