Compared with the previous time, General Feiyu and Black Cloud were not stingy. Together, they just exploded a gold earring. Sun Sheng didn’t want to create it in his ear, so this earring naturally fell into Napoleon’s pocket. Up to now, Sun Sheng accompanied Napoleon to kill six BOSS. He didn’t take a piece of equipment, but picked up some broken things, which is still very "generous".

After killing two monsters, Napoleon took a rest and led everyone to choose a hole to go deeper.
Sun Sheng’s experience in the mine most stops at General Feiyu’s place. In fact, he has only been here once, so he is as strange to the deeper place as anyone else. He opened his eyes and looked around. Fortunately, the environment was dark, and the cat demon and the orchid were also observing the surrounding environment. This didn’t notice Sun Sheng’s glance left and right, otherwise they might think of something.
After General Feiyu and the dark clouds, the mine is even more deserted. There are no ghosts at all, but the deep environment gives a strange look, which makes it possible to hear one’s own footsteps and breathing when walking in the mine. Everyone feels a little creepy, and Sun Sheng quietly comforts himself by saying, "This is a game company setting. It’s no big deal except to be quiet and have weird colors around."
When the first step appeared, Napoleon woke everyone up and said, "Watch out for the step."
In fact, if he doesn’t wake up, everyone has been careful about the road conditions. Who will make the road stumble? If you don’t pay attention, you may not know when you will come to the front, but it is a relief to say that it is coming soon.
Ever since the steps were set, the back channels in front of everyone’s eyes have gradually become light, and the green color has dyed everyone’s face to look like a fool. The original uneven walls have also leveled off, and people will know that this is an artificial building.
After walking for dozens of meters, people suddenly feel very depressed in front of them-anyone who walks in a tunnel more than ten centimeters higher than his head for ten minutes will not feel comfortable. Even if he knows that he is very safe, he is in front of a hall, which is much smaller than that when Sun Sheng saved the small flame, but it is better than leveling. If the tunnel is artificially chiseled, then everything in this hall can be said to be art.
The length, width and height of the hall are about 30 meters high, and the walls can be about 10 meters high. Even if you don’t watch Sun Sheng at close range, you can feel their magnificence. The spiral rising surface of the dome of the hall is not inlaid, but it makes the whole dome exude blurred brilliance, which makes the viewer unable to help but sink in. There are still nine stone pillars scattered in the hall, which are also carved with something. Sun Sheng looked at them and didn’t know any of them.
The most conspicuous thing is that there is a huge sarcophagus in the center of the hall. The shape of the sarcophagus is typical of China style. One end is big, the other end is small and the other end is straight. Compared with the beautiful murals around, the sarcophagus is simple, with neither lettering nor carving. The whole thing looks like it has just been polished.
"It must be something to be able to lie in such a big coffin after death." Sun Sheng concluded at first sight.
"Nonsense, just a generation like you don’t want to lie in it." You Lan naturally sarcastically criticized Sun Sheng after listening to him.
"That’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, now everyone advocates environmental protection. Who’s still lying in the coffin? They’re all lying in the urn." Sun Sheng smirked and played a trick of Tai Chi to make Youlan speechless.
"BOSS should be in the coffin for a while. Let’s hit the coffin. Everyone must be careful to run as soon as the coffin is hit." Napoleon said this and said one thing. He didn’t know that there was a BOSS in this coffin. It was just his inference, but no one said anything. No one has played many games. It is obvious that there are monsters in this coffin and there must be a lot of money. If not, it would be a ghost.
"Play? Just us? " Sun Sheng pointed to the coffin lid. "Can we move that thing?"
I don’t blame Sun Sheng for suspecting. In fact, Napoleon also regretted that there were fewer people. The informant told him that there was a big coffin in the hall, but he didn’t say that the coffin was so big. Can the coffin cover be made smaller? Only the thickness can be more than 20 centimeters, but it is a little difficult for these dozen people to move now. Even if they can move, it is impossible to leave immediately after moving the coffin lid.
"Try again!" Indeed, there is no other way now. You can try it.
Chapter one hundred and ten Handsome boy
Anyway, the monster is still in the coffin, and the lid of the coffin hasn’t been hit yet, so it’s no problem for a few people to be safe. The principle of "many hands make light work" means that a dozen people are surrounded by the coffin without pulling, listening to Napoleon’s password and working together to "one, two, three, hey, one, two, three, hey …"
Shouted hard enough, but the coffin lid seemed to be rooted and motionless.
Xiaoyu was also called out to help, but unfortunately it didn’t have both hands and it was not convenient. At most, it made her head arch, so Sun Sheng let it go aside after trying. In the gray Sun Sheng is also called it out, but looked at the gray sample Sun Sheng still gave up the idea of letting it help. Little arms and legs are up at most, so don’t count on it. It’s not as good as Xiaoyu.
However, inspired by Sun Sheng, many people have also called their pets out to help. Although these pets are of high rank, although they don’t have the strength, there are two cows and horns that just lift the coffin, which is much better than Xiaoyu’s. There is also a silver-backed gorilla who is a coolie, but these two guys are still a little reluctant. Anyway, the coffin is big enough. The remaining players and helpful pets at one end of each coffin are divided on both sides of the coffin to make another effort in the "123" password.
The appearance of two coolies significantly improved the situation. The second time, the coffin lid finally moved. The third time, the coffin lid moved a little towards the small end of the coffin. The fourth time, the coffin was finally exposed at the wide end.
This crazy one with a length of less than five centimeters and a width of less than one centimeter has appeared, and immediately a yellow-green smoke has been ejected from it, which surprised several people who were standing by. The nearest silverback gorilla has inhaled a lot of sneezes when breathing, and then it wobbled down in the middle of everyone’s gaze, which startled the gorilla owner and quickly recalled it to his pet and then watched it.
"It’s poison"
Everyone despises that this is nonsense, not poison, is it still fragrant?
"Can make people unconscious"
Or is it nonsense that finally one can’t help but wake up and say, "How long can the coma last?"
"When there is no limit, you are in a coma," said the man with some doubts.
Everybody take a breath of air conditioning. Shit! So sick? ! There is no time limit to coma. Isn’t that equivalent to a coma to death?
This is a surprise to all the people, who have retreated to the periphery of the stone pillar and the coffin has been pulled for some distance. For a while, the yellow-green smoke will not spread to all the people.
"You let your orangutan out and I’ll show it to you." A doctor spoke.
The orangutan appeared on the ground again. This guy is lying on his back. A big bubble in his nose contracts and expands with the ups and downs of his chest and abdomen. He snores like thunder!
The owner of the orangutan turned red.
As soon as the doctor waved his staff, the orangutan stopped snoring and opened his eyes, still imposing and fierce!
"Nothing can be removed from this coma with a simple treatment. We have three doctors who can handle it."
Everyone’s anxiety vanished with the doctor’s words.
At this moment, a dull thought pulled everyone’s nerves tight again, and this muffled sound came out of the coffin.
Everyone immediately turned their heads and stared nervously at the huge sarcophagus. Although there are many people on their own, the other party is, after all, a big BOSS who is qualified to lie in such a huge coffin. This is another family site. It is nonsense to say that you are not nervous.
After this muffled sound, there was a ten-second silence, but in these ten seconds, everyone felt that it was ten minutes long, and people could see that the coffin lid of the sarcophagus trembled with this muffled sound, although they could not see it, but everyone knew that the spray slit must have become a lot bigger, and the yellow-green smoke suddenly increased a lot.