Real Madrid and Dortmund are both tied and lost with only one point.

Moreover, Real Madrid, the Spanish super giant, is still at the bottom of this group.
Because there is no goal, the number of goals is less than that of Dortmund, and Real Madrid ranks fourth in the group, which is the last one …
It is said that Benitez has been given an ultimatum by Real Madrid after the draw with Nottingham Forest.
If he can’t win the Champions League group stage, he will have to leave class.
So this game against Dortmund will be his life-and-death battle.
Fortunately, he is playing at home, otherwise it will be more dangerous.
That’s why we should pay attention to this game.
The first two games proved that Nottingham Forest is definitely a tough team.
Because their defense is so good …
It’s really good for Real Madrid and Dortmund to keep a clean sheet.
Dortmund won’t talk about the first game against Nottingham Forest. Dortmund may still be a little proud and underestimating his enemy.
But Real Madrid is different. They lost to Lazio in the first group match, so they are eager to win. They will definitely attack in the second game.
This is also the case.
Real Madrid bombed away for 90 minutes without scoring …
After Lazio achieved great success by relying on offensive football, more and more teams also raised the banner of offensive football.
A temporary attack has become the mainstream trend in European football.
Defending the team was criticized by public opinion instead.
A team like Nottingham Forest looks very strange in today’s environment.
They scored two points by these two games and ranked second in the group.
There is already such a sound. Some media said that if such a team broke into the top 16 of the Champions League, it would definitely be an insult to the Champions League, the world’s highest-level football match …
The game against Nottingham Forest will also be very difficult for Lazio to attack.
Chang Sheng and the coaching staff have carefully studied the Nottingham Forest Games video and found that this is actually not a defensive team. They also have their own unique features in attack, but on the whole, their overall style is indeed defensive counterattack.
The word "solid defense and sharp counterattack" can well summarize the characteristics of this team.
At present, their coach Tony Twain leads Nottingham Forest to play a kind of football that is out of tune with this era. With this kind of football, they qualified for the Champions League. With this kind of football, they eliminated Lyon and entered the Champions League. With this kind of football, they are still unbeaten and ranked second in the group.
Dunn’s defensive tactics in the game were called "wall defense" by the English media, which means that their defense is like a wall.
People always stop a bus in front of the goal, and they just build a wall in the restricted area to completely seal the goal!
Many teams are at a loss in the face of their defense
Then, when attacking on a large scale, the defense line was unconsciously empty.
At this time, Nottingham Forest will make a fierce counterattack, which is very efficient. One counterattack can fix the game.
This is how Lyon died in the Champions League qualifier.
After losing a 3-0 away from Lyon, Lyon returned to home and planned to attack and deal with the opponent.
Not long after the game, they did score, which made the total score 13, so they were two goals short.
Lyon’s morale was greatly boosted, and he attacked harder and turned a blind eye to the defense behind him.
In this way, Lyon bombarded the forest team at home and lost four goals instead.
Nottingham Forest scored four goals by defensive counter-attack.
Soon Lyon found that they had made a mistake, but they had no better choice but to attack. If they attacked, of course, they would lose more goals, but if they defended, the score was enough for them to die.
In the end, Nottingham Forest scored four goals in one breath, completely locking in the number of places to advance to the race.
In the end, Nottingham Forest beat Lyon 41 away, with a total score of 71 and eliminated Lyon.
Such a secret defense as breaking Nottingham forest will be a problem for Lazio.
Chapter 34 People on whom Nottingham Forest depends
Nottingham Forest’s defensive stability mainly depends on three people. One is their main goalkeeper, Peter Johnson, who is only 21 years old this year.
This is now the main goalkeeper of the England national team.
He is two meters tall, but he is not clumsy and very flexible. His wingspan is particularly long, so that he can easily jump to many ordinary goalkeepers, and he has to be very reluctant to jump to the ball.
This is his advantage.
He rose from Nottingham Forest two seasons ago, and the supernova has been blown into casillas II by the English media-meaning that although he is tall, he is agile and good at dodging the ball, and the second most important thing is that he is almost equivalent to casillas’s defensive base in the most chaotic period of Real Madrid in England …
In fact, this nickname sounds more like the English media’s poor defense of the English national team …
However, he did play very well because of his rapid rise. At the age of thirty-four, Joe Hart, an English national, has retired from the main position of the national team to become a substitute for Peter Johnson.
The goalkeeper is the last line of defense for a team, but it is obviously impossible for a team to defend well and always expect the goalkeeper to play beyond his ability to save lives.
Nottingham Forest can’t be the best defensive team in England and keep a clean sheet in the Champions League group stage if it depends on the goalkeeper.
Their good defense is mainly due to their strong midfield.
At this time, there must be two other important people in this team.
Jian Chen
At the age of twenty-six, he was the main player of both China national team and Nottingham forest team. He was also a player who was sent abroad by the "Star Plan" company. First, he obtained Spain, which was still very young at that time, and then he gradually kicked out and became more and more famous.
He was selected for the China national team and played many games. Nottingham Forest valued him and dug him from the yellow submarine after he was promoted to the Premier League.
He is characterized by flexible body shape and defense, mainly relying on excellent card position consciousness and flexible and agile running, but his brain makes up for this disadvantage.
In China, it is enough for the national team to take charge of sweeping the midfield by himself. Other players in China can attack with confidence, which shows how excellent his defensive ability is.
In Nottingham forest team, he and george wood cooperated well.
Only last season did he win the best foreign aid award selected by the Premier League.
Moreover, Nottingham Forest has just successfully renewed his contract and given him a six-year contract. The annual salary and bonus have been greatly increased. Tony Twain directly told those teams that are interested in Chen Jian that Chen Jian is a valuable asset and will not sell it at the press conference.
George Wood
Nottingham forest captain is only 24 years old and is already a world-famous midfielder.

Thirty-three days away. The changes of Song Changgeng are watched by these saints. The Qing sage just smiled and ignored it. He knew he was taking care of it. This little guy is finished. And in the clear sky, the saints are frowned. It seems difficult to decide. In the Jade Palace, the primitive sage’s eyes twinkled. I don’t know what to think. Then I closed my eyes and went on doing something else.

The way women look at Song Changgeng in their own eyes changes. The color flow of unbearable
Is it the last time or not to look with a sigh? She made the clan out of her own. Just like your own child. Among them, outstanding people appeared. It’s as if she saw her child achieve something. Very happy. It’s a pity that these children are seldom lucky. This Song Changgeng seems to be the same.
Amitabha in Elysium closed his eyes with a sad face. The quasi-Taoist in the Samsung Cave in the slanting moon is a light smile at the corner of his mouth. Began to greet the disciples to start preaching. In the nether world in the infinite void. The continuous flow of water in the three-way river. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is running quietly. But a sigh also clearly spread to come out from the road.
Just when all saints thought that Song Chang had died. In addition to giving up. When other people have ignored him. I saw his ten-foot-high mixed body suddenly collapse and then suddenly began to split into two forces. And then began to spin automatically. During the operation, a force began to turn black. And the other is changed.
The power between the open constantly absorbed by it. At the same time, it is compressed into two forces of black and white. The rotating black-and-white power is like a Tai Chi diagram. Yin and Yang are paired and unified with each other. Yin is constantly absorbing the power of Yang. And turn them into yin power. The power of Yang also constantly transforms the power of Yin into the power of Yang. Yin and Yang transform into each other. Opposite. Unified with each other.
During the rotation, the big ball with a diameter of more than ten feet began to compress gradually. Smaller and smaller. Finally, it stops at a diameter of one foot and then it doesn’t shrink any more. Keep spinning. Absorbing the power of heaven. Tongtian, who has been observing, saw a look. He knew that others had stopped watching. And this little guy has already begun to realize. Once he is sober-minded, he will escape from the dreamland created by Taiqing. That’s your chance.
It’s inevitable that this guy will be sober now. His eyes moved. Mental rotation room. Yang around Song Chang began to be chaotic. This will temporarily make everything around him unpredictable. Heaven is a saint. Now its saint wants to come back and drive again. Because he messed up the secret of Yin and Yang. What others saw was that Song Changgeng was scattered in the sky.
Then I gave myself a swing. A Taoist like him suddenly appeared out of thin air. The Taoist reached for it in the air. He caught a green gourd in his hand. And then turned into a streamer. Across the barriers from all walks of life to the world. When flying to the bright side. A trick of god’s hand A purple hammer appeared in his hand.
The misty fairy in Ziyun Palace suddenly felt tight on her body. Then the purple electric hammer suddenly disappeared. Then I heard that there was a master in the sea: "I took the hammer. Hello, wait here. Protect Song Chang’s door. It is not good to be exploited by Buddhism. "
As soon as the ethereal fairy heard it, she knew that the teacher had done it by herself. He can’t help but face a change. This Song Chang is really so lucky, and now Song Changgeng himself doesn’t know this problem. Because he’s already getting confused. I don’t know where I am. Who you are. Physical changes are instinctive reactions to his memory. It is his perception of this experience.
The heavenly sage arrived near the bright spot in just a few breaths. The guardian array and various space screens here seem to have no obstacles to him. It’s like he walked from the door to the outside. Lift your legs and pass. Easily enter the light. Then instantly appeared on the jade peak that had been refined by the Taiqing sage. This jade peak is the same as the original heavenly mountain.
Now it has completely replaced the heavenly mountain. And it is still integrated with the light. The sage’s means are really extraordinary. Life in the bright world feels nothing. I’ve already been replaced by someone. The heavenly sage paused when he saw this jade peak. Then I swept my eyes. I knew the big brother didn’t do anything. Actually, I don’t care to touch anything.
He came to Song Chang-geng’s real one-foot ball. Sighed and said, "I’m afraid you have to work hard like this to gradually regain your consciousness." At that time, everything in the sky changed greatly. You’re still you. But your relatives and disciples are gone. Your sect is gone. My hopes are gone. So I have to help you once. I hope you won’t let me down. "
Say that finish with a wave of his hand. A clear light flashed. Into the sphere of yin and yang. See the force of Yin and Yang in the sphere suddenly. Then began to spin quickly. The sage smiled and said, "It’s really good. You can understand my "Tongtian Daoji" so quickly. It seems that I will accept you as an apprentice. So I’ll help you again. Give you two innate treasures to suppress yin and yang. "
As soon as the words fell, I saw him spinning fast. Print countless times in the void. Seal the surrounding area. However, the purple electric hammer and the green gourd were thrown into the ball of Song Chang Geng. I saw the ball shaking violently. And began to swell. The heavenly sage quickly hit a few clear lights to go in. The shaking of the ball became more intense.

Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master to proselytize
Blood in shushan Volume sixty-one Purple electricity crack empty Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master.
Song Changyi was not awake at that time. I don’t know who I am. One can exercise. When he realized what the Taiqing sage had specially prepared for him. The spirit subconsciously began to imitate. As a result, the mixed body was decomposed. It should have been gradually realized in the continuous operation before we could understand the truth of yin and yang. Finally regained consciousness.
However, because the heavenly sage penetrated into his understanding of Tao, "Tongtian Daoji". This process is shortened countless times. When the yin is about to fix its trajectory. Tong Shengren knocked in two Lingbao. Followed by Lingbao’s refining method Song Changgeng instinctively felt that this thing was not only useful to himself. And the benefits are great. So it was absorbed automatically.
Then I saw the black-and-white spinning ball, which was one foot big, suddenly expand. In a blink of an eye, it expanded to more than ten feet. The black part of the sphere represents yin, and a purple ball of light appears in the room. There is a purple hammer in the ball of light. The purple ball of light floats and sinks in the yin. Became the yin to the yang. And a blue ball of light appeared in the white representing Yang. There is a blue gourd in it.
Became the yang to the yin. With these two treasures, after the yin suppression. The trajectory of Yin and Yang is more wonderful and stable. Song’s consciousness also began to refine these two treasures according to the method of refining Lingbao from Tongtian saints. With his refining. The black-and-white Tai Chi ball with a diameter of about 10 meters began to shrink. And getting smaller and smaller. The farther back, the faster it shrinks.
Finally stopped. At what age did it stop? And Song Geng’s consciousness also recovered. He didn’t act, but thought about the past. I can’t help dying. If you keep sinking into the changes in the avenue. I guess it will melt away. Although I let the mixed body run because of instinctive imitation, it is estimated that it will take a long time to wake up.
If it weren’t for the help of an ignorant method of understanding the avenue. I don’t think I can wake up now. Later, I was awakened by two Guanghua schools that did not know where they came from, and then refined two treasures according to the subsequent refining method. When you succeed, instant time destroys the evolution of the avenue. Everything comes back to chaos.
Song Chang experienced the birth and death of heaven in this instant. Some feelings poured in unconsciously. At the same time, I also know that I have experienced a thrilling experience. I have learned a lot. It’s still in the middle. I don’t know who’s help is waiting for him to think about it. Just a induction was startled. One is that you have no body. Yuan Shen consciousness and mixed Yuan Zhen Hwa-Sung Do created a big black-and-white spinning bead.
Second, he feels that there are people around him, but there seems to be no one. It’s so ethereal, it’s so unreal. This feeling made him uncomfortable. But he also knows that the other side must be very powerful. Just when he didn’t know what to do, he heard a majestic voice saying, "Xuangong has been accomplished. Why don’t you go back to the unity of body and spirit? "
The voice seems to have an irresistible force. Song Chang Gung immediately flew Yuan Shen, who had turned into a bead, to the top of his head and then entered his mind along Baihui Tianmen. Instinctively put the power of beads into operation after going in. I saw a black and white and a brilliant spin. It’s getting bigger. Wrapped his body in a blink of an eye. And then in a blink of an eye. Everything is back to normal.
The heavenly sage looked at the "Tai Chi Pearl" without Song Chang-geng’s head. I can’t help but smile. Your own effort was not in vain. Then I saw Song Chang-geng’s body, which had stood still, suddenly sitting on the chair in a sitting posture with five hearts in the air. Fingers open and close like lotus flowers. Demonstrating the traces of the mysterious. Countless wonderful magic tricks turn.
With his fingers. He saw thick clear air coming from the air and sinking into the body from his head. I saw a dark cloud of polluted air gushing from the bottom. From his body into the body.
With the continuous influx of turbid gas. I feel that Yang Qing Yin Turbid Qi is constantly rotating and changing in Song Chang’s body. And in harmony with his own body. And Song Changgeng was also immersed in cultivation. Although I am a little anxious. I don’t know who is around me. But he knows better. Realm is something that can be met but not sought. If you miss it, it’s hard to find it.
He knows that he is in a wonderful world now. Although it is clear. But strike while the iron is hot. Now is the time to be solid. The man next to him just helped himself. It’s not bad to think about it. So he just decided. Put down a quiet practice. According to my own understanding of the avenue, it runs a clear and turbid road, two vitality in my body and runs in the meridians according to different routes.
The turbid qi flowing into the body is compressed into a clear, black and two-minute liquid truth element during the operation of meridians. Eventually it flowed into the abdomen. With the continuous influx of clear and turbid air. He felt that there were a lot of clear and turbid elements gathered in the abdomen. Beginning in the abdomen, the two truth elements began to contact each other. Then there was a violent outburst.
Two truth elements with different natures both want to assimilate each other. So he took his abdomen as a battlefield. There was a fight.
At that time, the "Tai Chi Zhu" in Song Chang’s mind started to move. The light of color swept. Clear and muddy Zhenyuan immediately began to become docile. And automatically operates and transforms. Soon a balance was formed. And the blood god Yuan Zhu in his abdomen was also broken down.
Yang returns to Yang. Yin returns to Yin. The clear and turbid gases are guided by each other’s eyes, forming a ball like a Taiji diagram. Running slowly in the body. Finally, after countless transformations, the turbid gas was transformed. Concise change has become a special pure force of yin and yang. It belongs to the "Tai Chi Pearl" in his mind. The heavenly sage is not happy to be around. Song Chang Gung also felt that he had completely integrated the newly condensed "Tai Chi Beads" with his body.
After feeling that there is no problem. He collected his work at once. After I opened my eyes and saw the sainthood not far ahead. He quickly stood up in confusion. Hand salute way: "I don’t know where friends come from? How did you get into my light? Just now I felt that someone was helping me. The breath is similar to that of Taoist friends. Is it a Taoist friend? Then I will thank you. "
Say that finish a deep ceremony. And the sage stood there with a strange smile: "guy. What did you call me? Daoyou hahaha. No one has dared to call me a Taoist friend for billions of years. You’re a funny little guy. But those who don’t know are not guilty. Not bad. I was helping you just now. As for how I got in. Ha ha. Simple. Because I am a saint. Is there anything that can stop me? "
"Saint? Who’s the senior? Are you the leader of Tongtian? Why help me? " Song Changyi was surprised to hear it. Even if the mentality is stable, his face can’t help but change at this moment. Although he knows that there are several holy disciples wrestling with him because of the celestial gods. But in the end, it has been determined that it will be too clear. He wants to be a saint, so he won’t pay attention to himself.
But now a saint has come. He understood it after a moment’s thought. This man must be the leader of Tongtian. Because it is said that Nu Wa and Hou Tu are both human beings. Although Zhunti is called a Taoist. But he is a Buddhist after all. So dressed up like neither fish nor fowl. Amitabha, however, is completely dressed as a Buddhist. Taisheng in Sanqing is like an old man. Primitive and tongtian are middle-aged
But the primitive will simply pay attention to themselves. Only Tongtian seems to have his own meaning. Looks like it’s him. When his words came out. The heavenly sage paused and smiled lightly: "You are really smart. I immediately thought it was me. Not bad. You tried to detect my master elder brother’s charm. My big brother put the seeds of the avenue to give you a feeling. People thought you couldn’t get away from it.
Because it takes thousands of years for this child to wake up. Under the true fairy, there is only the road that is scattered in it. I don’t want you to have this anomaly. You can get out. And improve their own strength.
Fortunately. I was the only one watching you. After seeing the change, it will disturb the secret around you. Then secretly send an avatar to help you. Not only did I pass on your "Tongtian Daoji", but I also gave you two innate spiritual treasures to suppress Yin and Yang. Teach you to refine the innate Lingbao and achieve Taiji beads. Without me, you … On your own terms. I’m afraid it will take ten thousand years to wake up.
Although at that time you also had the power of Luo Xian. But things have changed for thousands of years. Your wife, disciples and friends have long since dispersed. What do you mean by being alone then? And you are a variable in the sky now. You won’t be in ten thousand years. Your greatest advantage is gone. You will feel bound hands and feet when you do things in the future. And it’s not good for my plan. So I gave you a hand. "
Song Changgeng was speechless for a long time after. He just recalled that what Tongtian said was true. After thinking about it, he suddenly threw off his robe. Kneeling. After kneeling three times and worshiping nine times. Sink a track: "Every mortal has a saying that a word is a teacher. Because of your help, the time that freed me is bondage. Gave me a magic weapon to increase my strength. Teacher. Preach. Teach. A puzzle solver. You should be my teacher. Please accept my worship. "
Seeing him react so quickly. Can’t help but comfort. After accepting his visit frankly. To pull him up with his own hands. Then he smiled and said, "It’s easy to talk to smart people. Now that you understand. I won’t say anything. The so-called master led the door. Practice is in the individual. I’ll teach you all the "Shangqing Xianjing" later. It is up to you to practice on your own in the future. "
Say that finish a hand stretched out. A book appeared in his hand. Handed it over. Song Changgeng respectfully picked it up. Take a look at the spirit. I knew it was profound. We should study it slowly in the future. He respectfully put away the Qing Xian Jing. Then give a deep ceremony to thank the master for teaching. He has already figured out the serious relationship between things. Know that you are indebted to others. No, I can’t.
Just like taking sides in officialdom. To his position. To his identity. It’s impossible not to take sides. Buddha magic’s choice. After entering the Tao, there is a choice of Sanqing. If you don’t choose. So there are so many powerful giants that he looks up to. His little power and reality will turn to dust in an instant. So he decided to learn from his teacher and become a saint. Enter.
[End of Volume 61]

Chapter six hundred and eleven Two Saints Fighting for Acts

Compared with the previous time, General Feiyu and Black Cloud were not stingy. Together, they just exploded a gold earring. Sun Sheng didn’t want to create it in his ear, so this earring naturally fell into Napoleon’s pocket. Up to now, Sun Sheng accompanied Napoleon to kill six BOSS. He didn’t take a piece of equipment, but picked up some broken things, which is still very "generous".

After killing two monsters, Napoleon took a rest and led everyone to choose a hole to go deeper.
Sun Sheng’s experience in the mine most stops at General Feiyu’s place. In fact, he has only been here once, so he is as strange to the deeper place as anyone else. He opened his eyes and looked around. Fortunately, the environment was dark, and the cat demon and the orchid were also observing the surrounding environment. This didn’t notice Sun Sheng’s glance left and right, otherwise they might think of something.
After General Feiyu and the dark clouds, the mine is even more deserted. There are no ghosts at all, but the deep environment gives a strange look, which makes it possible to hear one’s own footsteps and breathing when walking in the mine. Everyone feels a little creepy, and Sun Sheng quietly comforts himself by saying, "This is a game company setting. It’s no big deal except to be quiet and have weird colors around."
When the first step appeared, Napoleon woke everyone up and said, "Watch out for the step."
In fact, if he doesn’t wake up, everyone has been careful about the road conditions. Who will make the road stumble? If you don’t pay attention, you may not know when you will come to the front, but it is a relief to say that it is coming soon.
Ever since the steps were set, the back channels in front of everyone’s eyes have gradually become light, and the green color has dyed everyone’s face to look like a fool. The original uneven walls have also leveled off, and people will know that this is an artificial building.
After walking for dozens of meters, people suddenly feel very depressed in front of them-anyone who walks in a tunnel more than ten centimeters higher than his head for ten minutes will not feel comfortable. Even if he knows that he is very safe, he is in front of a hall, which is much smaller than that when Sun Sheng saved the small flame, but it is better than leveling. If the tunnel is artificially chiseled, then everything in this hall can be said to be art.
The length, width and height of the hall are about 30 meters high, and the walls can be about 10 meters high. Even if you don’t watch Sun Sheng at close range, you can feel their magnificence. The spiral rising surface of the dome of the hall is not inlaid, but it makes the whole dome exude blurred brilliance, which makes the viewer unable to help but sink in. There are still nine stone pillars scattered in the hall, which are also carved with something. Sun Sheng looked at them and didn’t know any of them.
The most conspicuous thing is that there is a huge sarcophagus in the center of the hall. The shape of the sarcophagus is typical of China style. One end is big, the other end is small and the other end is straight. Compared with the beautiful murals around, the sarcophagus is simple, with neither lettering nor carving. The whole thing looks like it has just been polished.
"It must be something to be able to lie in such a big coffin after death." Sun Sheng concluded at first sight.
"Nonsense, just a generation like you don’t want to lie in it." You Lan naturally sarcastically criticized Sun Sheng after listening to him.
"That’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, now everyone advocates environmental protection. Who’s still lying in the coffin? They’re all lying in the urn." Sun Sheng smirked and played a trick of Tai Chi to make Youlan speechless.
"BOSS should be in the coffin for a while. Let’s hit the coffin. Everyone must be careful to run as soon as the coffin is hit." Napoleon said this and said one thing. He didn’t know that there was a BOSS in this coffin. It was just his inference, but no one said anything. No one has played many games. It is obvious that there are monsters in this coffin and there must be a lot of money. If not, it would be a ghost.
"Play? Just us? " Sun Sheng pointed to the coffin lid. "Can we move that thing?"
I don’t blame Sun Sheng for suspecting. In fact, Napoleon also regretted that there were fewer people. The informant told him that there was a big coffin in the hall, but he didn’t say that the coffin was so big. Can the coffin cover be made smaller? Only the thickness can be more than 20 centimeters, but it is a little difficult for these dozen people to move now. Even if they can move, it is impossible to leave immediately after moving the coffin lid.
"Try again!" Indeed, there is no other way now. You can try it.
Chapter one hundred and ten Handsome boy
Anyway, the monster is still in the coffin, and the lid of the coffin hasn’t been hit yet, so it’s no problem for a few people to be safe. The principle of "many hands make light work" means that a dozen people are surrounded by the coffin without pulling, listening to Napoleon’s password and working together to "one, two, three, hey, one, two, three, hey …"
Shouted hard enough, but the coffin lid seemed to be rooted and motionless.
Xiaoyu was also called out to help, but unfortunately it didn’t have both hands and it was not convenient. At most, it made her head arch, so Sun Sheng let it go aside after trying. In the gray Sun Sheng is also called it out, but looked at the gray sample Sun Sheng still gave up the idea of letting it help. Little arms and legs are up at most, so don’t count on it. It’s not as good as Xiaoyu.
However, inspired by Sun Sheng, many people have also called their pets out to help. Although these pets are of high rank, although they don’t have the strength, there are two cows and horns that just lift the coffin, which is much better than Xiaoyu’s. There is also a silver-backed gorilla who is a coolie, but these two guys are still a little reluctant. Anyway, the coffin is big enough. The remaining players and helpful pets at one end of each coffin are divided on both sides of the coffin to make another effort in the "123" password.
The appearance of two coolies significantly improved the situation. The second time, the coffin lid finally moved. The third time, the coffin lid moved a little towards the small end of the coffin. The fourth time, the coffin was finally exposed at the wide end.
This crazy one with a length of less than five centimeters and a width of less than one centimeter has appeared, and immediately a yellow-green smoke has been ejected from it, which surprised several people who were standing by. The nearest silverback gorilla has inhaled a lot of sneezes when breathing, and then it wobbled down in the middle of everyone’s gaze, which startled the gorilla owner and quickly recalled it to his pet and then watched it.
"It’s poison"
Everyone despises that this is nonsense, not poison, is it still fragrant?
"Can make people unconscious"
Or is it nonsense that finally one can’t help but wake up and say, "How long can the coma last?"
"When there is no limit, you are in a coma," said the man with some doubts.
Everybody take a breath of air conditioning. Shit! So sick? ! There is no time limit to coma. Isn’t that equivalent to a coma to death?
This is a surprise to all the people, who have retreated to the periphery of the stone pillar and the coffin has been pulled for some distance. For a while, the yellow-green smoke will not spread to all the people.
"You let your orangutan out and I’ll show it to you." A doctor spoke.
The orangutan appeared on the ground again. This guy is lying on his back. A big bubble in his nose contracts and expands with the ups and downs of his chest and abdomen. He snores like thunder!
The owner of the orangutan turned red.
As soon as the doctor waved his staff, the orangutan stopped snoring and opened his eyes, still imposing and fierce!
"Nothing can be removed from this coma with a simple treatment. We have three doctors who can handle it."
Everyone’s anxiety vanished with the doctor’s words.
At this moment, a dull thought pulled everyone’s nerves tight again, and this muffled sound came out of the coffin.
Everyone immediately turned their heads and stared nervously at the huge sarcophagus. Although there are many people on their own, the other party is, after all, a big BOSS who is qualified to lie in such a huge coffin. This is another family site. It is nonsense to say that you are not nervous.
After this muffled sound, there was a ten-second silence, but in these ten seconds, everyone felt that it was ten minutes long, and people could see that the coffin lid of the sarcophagus trembled with this muffled sound, although they could not see it, but everyone knew that the spray slit must have become a lot bigger, and the yellow-green smoke suddenly increased a lot.

Xing Xuan smiled and led Mo Chen to say, "It never occurred to Prince Mo Chen that your father’s illness may have started because of them. It was because they were afraid of your Dragon Palace to conquer them that they secretly killed you, leaving you too busy to conquer them?"

Mochen sighed, and said, "It’s also because my brothers are too shallow to help my father. Even if we have doubts about them, there is no evidence at that time. Moreover, because my father is sick and has no strength to make a conquest, we just want to wait until my father is well before making plans. Who knows that my father’s illness is getting worse and worse? If it weren’t for the arrival of the Dragon Patriarch and the Tang Fei brothers, we still didn’t know that my father was poisoned, not the immortal five.
When Xing Xuan saw the opportunity, he smiled and said, "Prince Mochen, what is the strength of my men?"
When Mochen’s eyes lit up, he looked at Xing Xuan in disbelief and asked, "Does the Dragon Patriarch mean that he can help us wipe out the East China Sea?"
"One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, and one sea cannot accommodate two dragons. Didn’t Prince Mochen ever think about sweeping the East China Sea? " Xing Xuan smiled and said.
Mochen didn’t speak, but his mind turned to electricity: This Long Xingxuan obviously came to the East China Sea to find the abode of fairies and immortals. After listening to the moth singing and the arrogant floating forces, he was determined to wipe out these two forces with the help of the name and power of his Dragon Palace. This is a win-win thing for them and the Dragon Palace. There is no reason to refuse it, so I don’t know what attitude people in the square foot of Lingtai have towards it. Thinking. Then Prince Mochen turned his eyes to Sun Boyi and Tang Fei.
Xing Xuan also looked at Tang Fei and said, "Brother Tang, it’s a waste of time to find out the cause of grandpa. If we try our best to conquer all the forces in the East China Sea, those who will release this kind of malice will certainly make moves. At that time, with my brother’s eyesight, he must have nothing to hide! "
Tang Fei listened. His eyes lit up and he said, "Exactly!" Say that finish, looked at the mo Chen, in Tang Fei’s heart, has always been suspicious of the Dragon Palace middleman’s success. At this time, after hearing what Xing Xuan said, I suddenly understood that when the two sides fight, when life and death are at stake, no one can leave a hand. At that time, whether it is the Dragon Palace middleman or other forces in the East China Sea, as long as the poisoned person is now, his grandfather’s illness can be cured.
When Mochen saw that Tang Fei also agreed to come down, he was overjoyed. He turned around and said to an Aquarium immortal general beside him, "Go and invite General Fenshui, we have something to ask him!"
"Go and invite Shen Gongbao?" Tang Fei always has some resistance to Shen Gongbao. Hearing this name, I frowned again.
"Ha ha, only Shen Gongbao knows the specific situation of moth singing and floating light forces!" Mochen smiled and said to Xing Xuan and Tang Fei.
Xing Xuan also nodded and said, "Prince Mochen has done the right thing. We should try our best to win over all neutral forces, or we will be miserable if they form an alliance and fight against us together!"
After hearing this, Mochen looked stunned, then immediately woke up and said to a dragon lady, "Go and invite the 19th sister, just say that my father misses her and let her go home!"
The dragon lady promised, flew into a flash of water, left the Dragon Palace and went to Geshang Palace in the south.
"Who does the prince want to deal with first?" Star xuan asked at this time.
That Mochen ha ha smiled and said, "Of course it’s the moth singing. Although the moth singing is tough, there are at least 50,000 sailors under his command. Besides, this man is simple-minded and impulsive. He is just a brave man. As long as one of us is better than the moth singing, he will be subdued by himself, and we will not worry that the moth singing palace will not be captured by us. Just now, I saw that the skill that the Dragon Patriarch just showed was profound, and he was sure to be able to resist the moth singing, and those sailors under his command just need to give it to me! "
Xing Xuan nodded. Now there are 16-bone spears, descendants’ bows and Kuafu’s staff. Just now, he drove the moral Buddha’s mount back. Xing Xuan was very confident in himself, but he didn’t believe that the moth sang worse than Qing Cheng.
"Report to the Prince, General Fenshui is coming!" At this time, the hag who just went out came back, got down on one knee and reported back to Prince Mochen.
"So soon?" Mochen was a little surprised.
"Back to the prince, I didn’t invite the water general in the water general’s house, but met him halfway. He was about to come to the Dragon Palace to pay his respects to the eldest king and his royal highness the prince!"
The hag answered.
"Ha ha, it’s rare that he has such filial piety! Invite him in! " Mochen ha ha smiled and told Hag to invite Shen Gongbao.
Soon, he saw a bead curtain outside the palace, and Shen Gongbao followed the hag closely to the Dragon Palace.
Star Xuan eyes couldn’t help red mans flashing, looking toward the Shen Gongbao, a look, I was taken aback, now this Shen Gongbao unexpectedly and the blood shadow Deng Fei uniting the achievement method is somewhat similar, the whole body is shrouded in a mass of lotus flower, only the mind and soul, but it is not invisible.
However, this Shen Gongbao’s kung fu is much better than the blood shadow Deng Fei’s. Under the star’s golden eyes, the whole body is transparent, shaped like running water, and there is no long shape, and more can’t see the location of the mind and soul. Obviously, this achievement method has been practiced to the point of perfection.
After watching it for a long time, Xing Xuan withdrew his golden eyes and looked at the external illusion that Shen Gongbao showed.
Wearing a blue-gray cap and a blue-gray cassock, his face is extremely simple, his face is focused, revealing piety and simplicity, but his neck is slightly twisted. I don’t know if it is caused by habit or what harm he has suffered, so that his invisible body can’t pose a correct shape at will.
Tang Fei saw Shen Gongbao coming, and his face showed a disgust.
When Sun Boyi saw Shen Gongbao, he laughed, put his arms around Shen Gongbao and shouted, "Brother, you missed me so much!"
Because there were so many people in the hall, Shen Gongbao didn’t see Sun Boyi just now. At this time, when he saw Sun Boyi coming forward, his face suddenly showed a little panic. Then he burst out laughing and put his backhand around Sun Boyi and cried, "Brother, you miss me too!"
"Show it to General Shen!" At this point, the prince Mochen said to the dragon lady around him at this time.
The dragon lady hurried out and brought a crystal chair, leading Shen Gongbao to sit down beside the hall.
After Shen Gongbao was seated, his face was still startled. He hugged Mochen and said, "I didn’t know there was a distinguished guest coming to the Dragon Palace. Please forgive me for interrupting Shen Gongbao!"
Mochen laughed and said, "It’s all right, it’s all right, General Shen, let me introduce you. This is the patriarch Long Xingxuan from the human world, and here is the purple pistil fairy from heaven. I don’t need to introduce him here. Master Sun Boyi and Tang Fei, the god’s eye!"
Shen Gongbao listened to Mochen’s introduction, and got up quickly. He told Long Xingxuan and others that he was fuels, repeatedly saying things like "I’ve heard a lot about him" and even didn’t believe himself.
Star Xuan ha ha a smile, also with the Shen Gongbao polite words, and then, to sit down.
"Shen Gongbao came here this time to pay his respects to the old dragon king. Why isn’t the old dragon king here?" The Shen Gongbao found a circle at this time, and there was no sign of Aoguang now, so I asked Mochen.
"Oh, my father is in poor health, and now he is resting in the back hall, so it is not convenient to come out. When my father wakes up in the future, I will naturally inform my father of General Shen’s kindness!" Mochen politely said to the Shen Gongbao.
"Alas, the old dragon king’s health has been getting worse and worse over the years. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him. It’s really worrying!" The Shen Gongbao face look of regret, said to Mochen.
"Ha ha, thank you for General Shen’s concern. I think my father’s stubborn illness will get better in a few days!" Mochen ha ha a smile and said to Shen Gongbao.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Shen Gongbao
"oh? Did Prince Mochen find the cause and know the way to eradicate it? " Shen Gongbao’s face suddenly showed joy.
"Ha ha, that’s right. The patriarch Long Xingxuan from the human world saw the cause and knew how to eradicate it. I think my father will recover in a few days!" Mochen said, a pair of eyes fixed on Shen Gongbao. It seems that his heart is suspicious of Shen Gongbao, who has many opportunities for his neighbors.
"Oh, it’s really gratifying. I didn’t expect the Dragon Patriarch to be a master of Xinglin. Shen Gongbao grovel, grovel!" Shen Gongbao suddenly reveal a surprised look, looking towards the star xuan.
Xing Xuan laughed and said, "It’s just a collision. It’s not a master of Xinglin. It’s just that Grandfather Sun has the same symptoms as the old dragon king. I have some experience in treating Grandfather Sun and used it on the old dragon king according to law!"

At this moment, in the middle of the month, solitary Chen lies at the top of this courtyard after practicing, quietly looking at the stars in the sky, while Xiaobai is listless beside Ye Guchen. This guy seems to be not very interested in things except for eating.

"Xiao Bai, how long do you think we will stay here?" Ye Guchen looked at the star and asked Xiao Bai unconsciously. At this time, he suddenly felt homesick and missed his father, but he didn’t go back because he knew that since he made up his mind to step into this mysterious realm of repairing the truth, everything was abandoned by himself. Now he can’t turn back and he won’t.
Everyone has a dream, and Ye Guchen is no exception. Maybe once his dream was very simple. In the next generation, he wanted to find a stable job with a lot of income, and then he wanted to find a gentle and virtuous wife who was not too beautiful, live a dull and happy life in this love, and spend a sweet time with his lover. It was already his greatest dream in life.
However, when he was born again, he had a new dream, that is, to kill Yuheng and become the first master in the Jianghu. Yuzryha’s family is no longer in doubt. Ye Guchen achieved this goal, but now his goal is to become the first master in the field of repair. Everything is no longer tied down and he becomes worried and can travel around the world. This is his greatest dream. Of course, if possible, it would be perfect to find the wonderful cloud girl who has let himself see each other tightly but has been dreaming for several years, and become a fairy couple with her all her life.
Everyone has a dream, but he can give up everything, and Ye Guchen is no exception. With the change of his status and strength, his dream changes again, but it remains the same. He is pursuing his dream, even if it is full of thorns and bumps.
"Boss, I don’t know how long you say this. Anyway, it’s good to follow the boss." Xiaobai responded listlessly to a home to return to. Besides, Xiaobai, the ambitious spirit beast, has a simple goal. Every day, he eats, drinks and sleeps in the sun with Ye Guchen. He is very satisfied with other Xiaobai, but he is not too happy. Although those memories in his mind tell him that he is definitely not simple and there are some unknown mysterious life experiences, who is that? At the very least, Xiao Bai doesn’t care. He thinks that life is already very good now. Of course, a good practice can help the boss. He is also willing, but his practice methods can be used to sleep without worrying.
"Ha ha is it? Well, my goal now is actually very simple, that is, to strengthen my study as soon as possible. Although it is good to stay here in the evil Sect, how can I grow up if I stay in others forever? What’s more, what’s the fun if you just live your life in peace? I think that since people are alive, they should live a wonderful life, not experience some other people’s experiences and things, and not browse through this magnificent world of repair. Didn’t I walk through it in vain? " Stroking Xiao Bai’s supple fur leaves, solitary Chen leaned against Xiao Bai’s body and then half-squinted and said
"whoosh ~ ~" Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in the sky, and a holy brother’s royal sword flew by, and directly crossed the cold peak of this day and went straight to the distant holy evil peak. I didn’t know that something had happened, but a brother’s royal sword flew. You know, this evil brother’s royal sword is strictly forbidden to fly, otherwise it will be severely punished unless there is an emergency.
"Hey ~ ~ Don’t have something happened to have a brother flying in this evil extremely royal sword? Well, but then again, the flying of the Royal Sword really looks very good. It’s a pity that even if you have a flying sword, you can’t refine your flying until then. I’m still far from it. At this rate, I estimate that it will take several years to reach the then period. Ah ~ ~ The road to fix the truth is slowly long. This sentence is really true. "Ye Guchen sat up straight and looked at the distance, and it was like a meteor rushing out. The holy brother said with a little envy.
The realm of "Royal Sword Flying Nine Wan Li Soaring Up to the Sky" really envies every man. Ye Guchen is no exception. Everyone has a dream of flying. Ye Guchen once fantasized about his life. He also had the impulse to become a pilot, but unfortunately, he still didn’t succeed due to physical and family reasons. But now this royal sword flying is obviously much more challenging than the pilot. Ye Guchen naturally wants to try.
"I’m so envious. I can fly when I pass the thunder robbery. How about I take you to fly, boss?" The little white eyelid glanced at the time when it flashed across the sky, yawned, and then said casually, as if flying in the sky is like being able to do something bigger, he didn’t care at all.
"Hey ~ you can fly? Well, why didn’t I know this before? " Ye Guchen asked in surprise because he really didn’t know Xiao Bai had this ability before. This guy seems to have never shown these things.
"Of course, I can, but something in my memory tells me that if I want to fly, I have to survive the nine-thunder robbery, but now I can’t, but it won’t be long before the nine-thunder robbery in four months." Xiaobai doesn’t need to hide two personal feelings for Ye Guchen, and no one else can compare with Ye Guchen. After all, Ye Guchen is the first person he has seen since he was born and his closest person
"Okay, but I still want to forge a flying sword, flying fairy, but I dream of flying by myself and flying by others. That’s two completely different concepts." Ye Guchen patted Xiao Bai’s forehead and said with some sighs.
"Then you can find someone to help you practice your sword. Real boss, how come your brain is not as good as mine when you stay here for a long time? I can’t fly now to get something out first. Then I think it’s like getting those barbecues before. I’ll fix them first and then I can eat the taste at any time when I want to eat. "Xiao Bai squinted and drooled and said something. Ye Guchen also felt that Xiao Bai was suddenly savvy and was about to praise him. When he heard it, he couldn’t help but have a row of black lines on his forehead and twitched a few times. He also ignored this lazy goods.
"You’re right. I’ll go to Bibi now and ask them what kind of material they want to refine the flying sword." Ye Guchen got up and jumped toward the surface. After a few minutes, he came to the Bibi outside their door.
"Can you tell me something?" Bide and others have already surpassed Ye Guchen’s practice. They don’t need to eat or rest. On weekdays, they meditate at midnight to cultivate their knowledge all over the courtyard. First, it is convenient for Ye Guchen. Second, it is also a guarantee for Ye Guchen’s safety. Although it is an evil place, outsiders dare not come here to make trouble even if they are bold, but it is always good to be prepared. Even if no one hurts Ye Guchen, even if there is a bump, it is their fault.
"No, I suddenly want to practice sword. I’m in the late stage of Xu Dan. Although it may take a long time to reach the stage of then, I want to forge a flying sword. I wonder if Sister Bidie can help me?" Ye guchen still speaks so politely. He never feels superior. At least in front of Bi Di and others, Ye guchen sometimes feels a little inferior. Although they are all their handmaids, they are all repairing themselves.
"Refining fly sword? Well, of course, but I’m not bad at refining flying swords in the cold weather, but it’s far from those other disciples. I’ve heard the master say that you can get in and out of the peaks by yourself. You can always consult several disciples and say that it’s better for me to see this refiner, or to go to Uncle Tian Lian, a refiner in Houshan Beiming Peak. He’s a famous refiner master in the field, but it’s definitely much better for you to refine a flying sword than for us to help you. Why don’t you try it? " After hearing this, Bi Di hesitated for a while and said, it’s not that she doesn’t want to help Ye Guchen, but that she knows very well that the northern ghost peak refining device is much higher than her own cold peak, and Ye Guchen has a special identity. If you find a real person to help you, you will definitely have a better flying sword, which is also of limited benefit to Ye Guchen in the future.
"Well, in that case, I’ll go to the real person who tried to practice heaven." Ye Guchen wanted to nod and said that he was convinced that the real person who tried to practice heaven would help him at the beginning, but even the fairy instrument "Star-studded dragon lock" was willing to give it to himself to help forge a small flying sword.
"When ~ ~" But at this moment, a melodious bell rang in the whole sacred territory. Although it was not deafening, it was thought-provoking, as if it stimulated people’s souls, and people were unconsciously stunned. Then they looked at the sacred peak of this clock.
"Swing soul clock? Did something happen? " Just now, I had a smile on my face, and my face was a little dignified. My eyebrows were unconsciously wrinkled together, and several other people, Liu Mei and Xiao Zhu Qingyin, also came out of the room with a dignified expression as if something important had happened.
The "soul-swinging clock" has a special significance in the cult of evil spirits. Generally, it doesn’t ring. It only rings when something important happens in the clan and everyone needs to be called to listen to the teachings. It was a hundred years ago that the soul-swinging clock rang.
Looking at several people’s expressions, Ye Guchen was just about to ask when something happened. Suddenly, the powerful and majestic voice of the evil people sounded in the whole range of the holy extreme Sect. "The three talents surprised the gods, but whoever is mentally determined by my holy extreme Sect, who intends to break through, will enter the three talents surprised the gods at noon."
The sound was repeated three times and resounded through the whole holy pole. It was only after everyone heard it that the sound was dumb. At this time, Ye Guchen realized that he had just broken through the sky and wanted to fly his sword. That’s why his brother was flying in Zongmen Royal Sword.
Unconsciously, Ye Guchen looked at several people behind him with some curiosity and then consciously asked, "Is the cave of three talents a thing?"
Four beautiful maidservants looked at each other and sighed with envy. "It’s a good blessing to be fair. The Sancai Jingshen Cave is my holy land. No one knows how the Sancai Jingshen Cave was born. Since the Sancai Jingshen Cave was located at this time, it has been in existence. The so-called Sancai Jingshen Cave is generally opened once every hundred years, but it is dangerous, but the aura is rich and it will be beneficial to practice. Besides, there are some special Dan medicine, Xiancao, and the predecessors have left weapons. The most important achievement method is in it. Surface cultivation is definitely ten times and a hundred times more than that outside. Of course, it is very dangerous inside. If you don’t have enough strength to enter it, you will die. The Sancai Jingshen Cave was discovered by my predecessors. It is said that when the Sanji Sect was founded, I was already here. Three talents from heaven and earth were able to enter the corresponding abode of fairies and immortals for three months. If you are lucky, you can gain a lot. Even if you can’t break through, you will make great progress. It seems that the public will find a day to practice martial arts and practice sword. I’ll wait for the public to prepare to pack up
"Are you? That’s a good feeling, hehe. In that case, I can put the matter of refining flying swords on hold for a while. Well, I didn’t expect this holy Sect to have such a good place. By the way, since these three talents are so good, can’t they be put on hold for a long time? " Leaf solitary Chen ha ha a smile and then said
"It’s not surprising that the cave is opened once every hundred years, and it’s not certain where it is located. My holy brother is stationed around the cave. Once it is opened, someone immediately reports to the head. Twenty years ago, we all got a lot of benefits. I didn’t expect that the cave will be opened again in less than two months. It’s really beyond our expectation that it can be said that it’s a blessing to stay in heaven." Bidie smiled and explained to Ye Guchen that she also knew that Ye Guchen didn’t know much about the matter of fixing the true world.
"Well, in that case, let’s tidy up and get ready to enter. You guys should also go in. We have all prepared for that guy Yu Xiaobai. I think I’d better leave it to the cold reality to take care of it." Ye Guchen nodded his head for the reason and said that Yu Xiaobai, a lazy guy, presumably didn’t want to enter the cave, which was even more dangerous. Ye Guchen heard that it was dangerous and didn’t want Xiao Bai to make a risk, so he decided to leave him to the cold reality anyway, and the cold reality wouldn’t mistreat this guy.
I broke out and asked for tickets ~)
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Three talents surprised god hole
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Three talents surprised god hole
It’s a great event for the whole cult of evil. The three classes of practitioners are the virtual elixir period, the elixir period and the infant period. Although the three stages of human cultivation are not very high, it is necessary to say that these three are the roots of a sect. It is not only the number of experts but also the resources that they have been given after their backbone are very important to see for a long time.
If the fighters in the academy belong to the foundation of evil extreme Sect, then the younger brother of the virtual Dan period, then the golden Dan period, the Yuan infant period is the future of evil extreme Sect. Therefore, those high-level officials pay special attention to this three-talent shock cave and the evil extreme Sect, especially when they enter the "three-talent shock cave" and there is a very special person, Ye Guchen!
"Well, this time, the little ancestor’s frontal lobe solitary Chen will also enter the cave of three talents. What do you think of this?" Sitting in the central position, the evil man in the hall of the holy evil peak looked at his side and whispered that his expression was particularly strange when he said this.
"This is naturally not a problem, but if something goes wrong, we can’t afford to eat it, brother. Do you think we should tell some brothers to protect Ye Guchen carefully?" The sky cracked and the reality whispered, when I said this, it was very thick, and my eyebrows were almost wrinkled together.
The crack of the sky silenced a few people around them. They knew very well that if Ye Guchen had an accident, they couldn’t afford it. If the ancestors made moves to the back hill, the elders would tear them alive.
"Why don’t we persuade him not to let him enter the cave of three talents?" The cold reality whispered that since Yuzryha lone Chen entered it, once there was an accident, they couldn’t afford to eat it, so it was better not to let him enter it. This method is conservative but the safest.
"Don’t let in? But our ancestors told us to take good care of it, but not too much. Otherwise, we would have told the ancestor that the bronze statue of us and our identity would not be covered up. After all, our ancestors also said that it is not a good thing for him to always be in a honey pot. But his old man’s heart is good enough to exercise him. If we do this, wouldn’t it disappoint our ancestors? " Tianjin reality said with a frown
"In that case, let’s just let him in. Although it’s dangerous, he can also go in the past. After all, it’s the ancestors who value people, and there is" The Star of Eternity "plus we can’t give treasures. It’s really no good to send a few younger brothers to follow. Although there are strict restrictions on the Sancai Jingshen Cave, no one can enter it, but we can send a few virtual Dan top brothers to follow and give magic weapons, right? A lot of words in the wrong novel network should be explained to them clearly, so stay away from them when the time comes and leave them alone if there is no danger to your life. " Sitting there, skyfire is the most irritable person. If you see this, it won’t work. Then you will be a little anxious and say it at the top of your voice.
"Well, now there is also such a way. I’ll leave this matter to you to do for Teacher Tian Mu. You will preside over the opening ceremony of Sancai Jingshen Cave." After hearing this, the evil people will not say much and directly reach the order. On this day, the evil people still have absolute power to speak.
At noon the next day, a valley in front of the North Ghost Peak in the back of the mountain was full of people, and there were many evil people. This imaginary Dan went out of the body for 10 thousand people. Although this valley is wide, it is also full of people at this moment. At this moment, they are divided into three camps, namely, the yuan baby period, the golden Dan period and the imaginary Dan period. It seems that it has been a rule for many years, and everyone consciously abides by it.
Yu Yu said that Ye Guchen is a little special. There are four beautiful women accompanying him in the middle of the three teams. It looks better than cool, but it has been hated by several people. Many people have to look at Ye Guchen. Obviously, everyone doesn’t know that Ye Guchen is an evil person. It seems that he has never heard of such a person. A virtual Dan younger brother actually waited on him with four little masters guarding him during his infancy. This scene makes everyone somewhat uncomfortable.
"Brother who is that guy? We still have this kind of person when we were in the holy Sect? Oh, my God, aren’t those sisters from Tianhanfeng? How can they wait on him there? A little empty Dan period that a few the teacher elder sister are yuan baby period. "A yuan baby period Gao Gao said to the companion next to her.
"I don’t know this, but maybe this guy is a cold teacher or uncle, or else how can you get this courtesy? Well, well, it’s true that when I was a human being, I knew how hard you worked in this world, so it’s not as good as thinking about it. This realm of fixing things must be different. It’s not bad to practice for 270 years. Now it seems that this man’s life is the most important. Look at people’s virtual Dan period, and there are several teachers and sisters who are waiting on him, and there is a limit to the future. Real people are more angry than people, "said a lanky-faced brother with a face of pain.
"Look at who the man is, how so down a peg or two? How many Yuan infants did Xu Dan bring to wait on him? "
"Ah ~ you don’t know that man is the head of the laity Sun. I told you that the head was in those days."
Sometimes people are always very fond of Ye Guchen, so it is easy to arouse others’ reverie here. This Ye Guchen has been here for a short time, and there have been several reverie about his identity. Among them, the identity of the cold real person and the evil person is the most acceptable.
All this Ye Guchen didn’t say much in his ears, but he didn’t turn his head for a moment. He stared at the distance in the middle of this valley, where there were three caves with strange brilliance. Outside this cave, there was a ten-foot gaoshibei stone tablet engraved with a line of big words to write this "three talents surprised the gods"
At the back of this stone tablet are the names of the three abode of fairies and immortals, each written by a vigorous and powerful Chinese character "Heaven and Earth Man", which marks the names of the three abode of fairies and immortals.
Ye Guchen didn’t mind that a few handmaids turned a little red here, but Tian Mu, a real person sitting at the entrance of this abode of fairies and immortals, couldn’t listen. These brothers are getting more and more lost. I really don’t know that it would be a virtue to let them talk again, so Tian Mu, a real person, couldn’t help coughing twice.
But don’t say that Tian Mu’s reality is still very prestigious. After coughing gently for two times, the scene around here was chaotic and instantly quiet. Ten thousand people held their breath and closed their mouths, waiting for Tian Mu’s real teachings.
Looking around, Tianmu reality slowly got up with his hands behind his back, and then Lang said, "Today, everyone, it’s time for me to start the day again. Twenty years ago, many of you got a lot of benefits, including making great progress and making breakthroughs. Of course, many people fell into the cave on the spot. Although there are many benefits, it is also dangerous. You are all my holy ancestors. The future is all my holy ancestors’ excellent brothers. I want to warn you here to be careful if you can’t make progress. At the very least, don’t lose your life. I won’t say
Say that finish the day after tomorrow, the wooden reality returned to his seat and quietly watched those younger brothers enter the three abode of fairies and immortals in an orderly manner. Of course, most of his eyes were on Ye Guchen, but he smiled and nodded at each other and followed the big troops and went in.
Among the more than 10,000 brothers, there are about 5,000 people who have entered the "human cave" at most, and a little less people have entered the "underground cave", but there are still about 4,000 people who have entered the "heaven cave" here, and less than 3,000 people.
To tell the truth, Ye Guchen doubts how big the Sancai Jingshen Cave is. Although the hole is sixty feet wide, it is not clear how big Ye Guchen is here. However, after thousands of people enter, Ye Guchen doubts that this abode of fairies and immortals will be like that.
However, when entering this abode of fairies and immortals, Ye Guchen knew that he had just guessed it, but he thought too much about it. After entering the cave, Ye Guchen found that after passing through the halo, he entered here. It was a different world. This hole is wider than it looks. The hole is like a huge square, let alone 4,000 people. Even if 40,000 people enter, they will not feel a little crowded.
And this abode of fairies and immortals has dozens of channels connected with dozens of small holes. I don’t know the way to the square, but when I entered this abode of fairies and immortals, Ye Guchen felt that it was like a real aura. Those aura were as thick as water droplets. It’s not hard to imagine that the aura condensed into a liquid, and how amazing the aura is here. The speed of repairing here will be twice the result with half the effort.
Of course, this is not the point. The point is that after entering here, Ye Guchen felt an unbearable heat in an instant. Those brothers around him have been a little shallow, and they dare not sit cross-legged and practice immediately.
Some of them are quite advanced, but they walk towards the depths. Ye Guchen, of course, can also be said to be advanced in this virtual Dan period. Nature is not afraid. Although it is hotter around here, it is still in the range that Ye Guchen can tolerate. Ye Guchen did not stay and walked straight ahead. Although it was getting hotter and hotter, Ye Guchen did not feel uncomfortable. Someone chose the small hole and entered the back. Ye Guchen also chose a abode of fairies and immortals, which is in the center.
When entering this small hole, Ye Guchen felt as if there was a fire burning around him, which was hard to resist. However, at this time, Ye Guchen’s mind moved, and the cold reality gave Ye Guchen an "ice-cold bead" and instantly jumped out, forming a protective cover around Ye Guchen, slowly wrapping this Ye Guchen in it, and felt a cool and refreshing breath and continued to walk towards the front.
And scattered Ye Guchen followed dozens of people with all kinds of magic weapons. When they came to the front, a big hole appeared in front of them again, and then several small holes were born. It was like a maze, and people didn’t know how to choose Ye Guchen. Dozens of them went their separate ways again and went deeper. Of course, several people could not bear to sit cross-legged and practice.

"I can’t believe it. I cry and cry."

"Haha, women’s big brothers, real women’s big brothers"
"After that, Mrs. baiwan, who has been completely destroyed by the pit owner baiwan, is so beautiful."
"It’s really good-looking. How do you dress up?"
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, Lord, I’m going to give you a monkey."
On-site magic dressing up and gorgeous transformation, although the explosion of the program effect made the audience ecstatic and even more explosive, it was not suluo’s women’s dressing up and flourishing beauty, nor suluo’s dancing with long sleeves, but some of his chorus was still laughing at the scene and in front of the TV. The audience was dumbfounded.
"Love and hate are in a flash"
"Raise a glass to the moon."
It’s love and hate. In an instant, the scalp pins and needles and the hair blows up. In an instant, all the audience at the scene and in front of the screen are shocked. It’s unbelievable that the eyes will pop out of the rhythm while covering their mouths.
This is impossible.
"Love and hate are two boundless"
"Love when you ask a gentleman"
Rice fragrance says good harvest.
Listen to "wow"
Chapter four hundred and ninety-three Looking back, laughing, shame and beauty
There is no way to guess the pit master’s playing routine.
You and he want a women’s show, and the whole world wants a women’s show. Weibo eats melons, and the masses are ready to brush a wave of "big hanging cute girls", but they see a cold mask
You, you’ve been cheated again. You’ve been miserable. You’re disappointed and desperate
I never thought that the most gorgeous way of his horse club would instantly show you the beauty show of the prosperous age.
You’ll kill him like this, and then your voice will get worse
Don’t you dare believe it
Everyone was stunned.
Stunned and unbelievable
"Ah ah ah"
"Oh, my God, it’s a woman."
"Is it true that he sings? It’s too scary."
"Beijing Opera, authentic Beijing Opera"
"That’s amazing. That’s a real girl. It’s like singing in a woman’s bones. His balls are meowing and he’s going to be shown off."
This song, this song is a pair of men and women, and both of them are performed by one person.
First, the pure man Li Longji recalled, then the pure woman died and became immortal. Yang Yuhuan missed Li Longji.
One day, one person, Yin and Yang are separated from each other, and their love will never change.
"Chrysanthemum Terrace Reflects the Moon"
"Who knows that my love is cold?"
"Drunk in the arms of kings"
"Dream back to love in Datang"
Being an immortal should have no cold feeling, but Yang Yuhuan still loves Li Longji, and she is still tied down by people’s true feelings before she feels the biting chill. Even in the celestial world, she will sit in the attic covered with chrysanthemums all day and watch the sunset and the moon alone.
Jiangshan beauty was forced to choose Jiangshan, and I knew it was my destiny.
Since it’s a robbery, if Du Jie wants to be buried in the loess, he will always be reborn if he doesn’t die
You have to wait until the time.
Only when you are drunk can you dream of love in Tang Dynasty.
There is no answer, and now I can express my gratitude to the king.
The beauty of the prosperous age tickles people’s hearts, and the singer is amazing to the people of China.
Even the reporters who have been satirizing Su Luo’s vulgar gimmicks like "big women’s clothes" and "big cute girls" to cater to fans were shocked.
In order to cater to fans, follow the trend and create gimmicks, when you see this scene, you have no nerve to say anything.
I don’t even wait for you to say "pa" and slap you directly in the face.
If you change clothes, sing and dance, many people will call you a pervert.
Changing women’s clothes, singing and dancing are definitely the pursuit of art.
No, I can’t
It’s not just as simple as changing women’s clothes. His voice was completely changed to a pure woman. After a voice, he was amazing. His scalp was numb and he was covered in goose bumps.
It is simply a perfect interpretation of the static and dynamic beauty of Yang Guifei’s charming and graceful style.
I’ve seen a lot of men dressed as women, but I’ve never seen such a thorough dress. If I don’t know if he is a man, I’m afraid so.

Jiang Xiaoyu’s mouth is not short of flowers for a day or two. He is sad that he was invited to be expelled from the Flower Palace, or because he didn’t kill Jiang Xiaoyu Guo. This fellow provoked him before. If it weren’t for the lack of flowers, Jiang Xiaoyu’s body would be cold by now.

However, Jiang Xiaoyu’s line "Heart Man" has pierced the secret that flowers are hidden deep in the heart and cannot be revealed in front of people.
I haven’t moved for a long time. After listening to this, I gave Jiang Xiaoyu a cold look. Jiang Xiaoyu smiled. "Brother Hua, don’t worry. What kind of beauty can’t escape my little fish routine? Why don’t I give you an idea?"
Jiang Xiaoyu was short of flowers, and his eyes were so full that he couldn’t see the secret. This is to kill people! How clever Jiang Xiaoyu is! He must not hurry to find a way out for himself.
"Brother Hua, I’m serious. Why don’t you tell me something? I’ll give you an idea and help you save that beautiful woman’s heart."
Jiang Xiaoyu has never seen an invitation to the moon, but just listening to the invitation to the moon and the river’s lake smell is enough to prove that the invitation to the moon is beautiful, but the age of the invitation to the moon can be a flower. Is there really no problem with this flower brother’s eyes?
However, Jiang Xiaoyu dares to talk about these words in his heart. You should know that flowers are short and usually have a good temper, but as soon as someone says that it is the owner of the Flower Palace, it is not this guy who has a good temper. It is unambiguous to start work.
Jiang Xiaoyu said nothing to himself there, but he didn’t worry, so he waited slowly. After all, it was the most unbearable to spend a long time with people like Hua deficiency, and Jiang Xiaoyu could wait patiently.
"Since I was a child, I have no parents who grew up in the Flower Palace. My two aunts are my closest relatives. My little aunt is gentle and kind to me. My big aunt is arrogant and strict with me, but I know that she is the most stubborn and soft-hearted. Every night, she secretly goes to see me, that is, I am punished and injured by her, and she quietly heals for me."
"I think that even if I don’t conform to the rules of the Flower Transplant Palace, my aunt will find me in the end. Although I always make my aunt angry, my aunt treats me as before, regardless of others, but in my heart, my aunt is the most beautiful and best person in this world."
"Before I left the palace, my aunt gave me an order to kill you, but you were the first friend I really met after I left the Flower Palace, and I was deeply moved by your kindness with Iron Girl. I never disobeyed my aunt’s words, but this time I not only didn’t listen to her, but my aunt moved!"
"My aunt gave me a short name, taught me martial arts poems, and gave me the best things in the world. I know that she will never go back on her word. This time she really doesn’t want me!"
This is the most time that Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Que have spoken to Hua Que since they met. Jiang Xiaoyu listened to the score. Although Hua Que went to the Flower Palace to invite the moon and pity the stars, he said that every sentence could not be separated from inviting the moon.
Jiang Xiaoyu was born smart, and he also had a deep understanding of the relationship between Tiexinlan and two of a kind.
Flowers are short of face and tears are still talking, and their eyes are tender and tender, full of affectionate words, and they are gentle and trembling, which is not like the old man-eating fireworks.
He is deeply attached to his big aunt, but he dare not say anything, dare not face his feelings, want to escape but are reluctant to part.
"Brother Hua, are you happy with your aunt?"
If Jiang Xiaoyu’s sentence "Heart Man" just now is a joke, then now this sentence "Heart Joy" is to completely pierce the window paper in Hua Que’s heart, so that he has to face up to his true feelings.
"I want to stay with my aunt forever, thinking that she is worried and happy every day, that’s all."
That’s all?
Jiang Xiaoyu stare big eyes watching the flowers lack flowers, Brother Hua. Thanks to my praise for your honesty in the past, you’re so slick that you don’t like my little fish!
Jiang Xiaoyu’s white flowers are missing one eye. Just say so.
"Brother Hua, you said that your aunt is the most stubborn and soft-hearted. It must be that she said an angry word. If you go back and beg her, she will not be angry with you again."
"You don’t know that your aunt never takes back what she says." Flower deficiency shook her head.
"Then I ask you, do you want a generation to accompany her? Flower shortage or did she raise her child, her apprentice? " Jiang Xiaoyu eyes turn with a smile.
"Is there a difference between the two?" I don’t know what it means for a moment.
"If the former, you should be honest with yourself and capture her heart. two of a kind never leaves; If it is the latter, you need to admit your mistake and ask her for forgiveness. A generation silently watches over her and looks up to her. Of course, you can have both. "
Jiang Xiaoyu saw that the flowers were short of silence and then added, "First, take the opportunity to stay with her in the name of the latter, and then slowly chart and tell your heart. This is the policy."
Jiang Xiaoyu knew that he had listened to what he said, and it was already dawn before he could ask him what he thought.
"I’ll leave immediately and go back to the Flower Palace."
Flower shortage finally made a decision. Jiang Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. The speed of this fake fairy’s action is also very comparable!
I have something to say.
I want to say that it is abuse that makes it sweet. La la la la, I need to go back to the Flower Palace to chase my wife!
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Hua Que took Jiang Xiaoyu back to Jiangfu Tiexinlan. Finally, it was Hua Que who had to pack his bags and go back to the Flower Palace immediately. Even his maid, Lotus Lotus Cream, didn’t understand its meaning, but Hua Que was very determined. Naturally, they had to obey orders.
Hua Que left Jiangfu early in the morning, and everyone except Jiang Xiaoyu didn’t spend it. When he left his descendants, Jiang Xiaoyu’s face was also closed.
Once upon a time, Jiang Xiaoyu knew that his biological parents couldn’t get away from moving the flower palace, but after he entered the Jianghu, he met the flower shortage and found that the style of moving the flower palace was not similar, so he was puzzled.
Even though he doesn’t want to admit that the lack of flowers is better than him, he still has to say that the lack of flowers deserves the lack of fame.
Jiang Xiaoyu, who met each other, even knew how Hua Que could teach Hua Que such a perfect person. He never felt that inviting the moon and pity stars should not be a heinous person.
Especially after the moon was invited to take him away, he looked at the score. She wanted to force the flowers to be short of shots, but she didn’t really want him to die. She knew everything by looking at the palm of her hand.

"Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t make things clear. Didn’t I go back to my grandmother to practice?"

"Well, then what?"
"Then I’m 6 now, because my former friends are all married, but I haven’t even had a boyfriend yet, and my grandmother started urging me to find a boyfriend."
"I’m all white from here, but there’s something wrong with you coming to see me, miss Herona. We’re nine years behind, although there are still many problems before that."
"That’s not what I mean. Let me finish first. Then you may not know that Daye has always been very enthusiastic about me, but I just can’t be interested in him. It’s better to say that he is not my favorite type or something. Then I also know that 6 words is really a troublesome age for women. I told my grandmother and parents that I wanted to concentrate on this world competition, but now it’s been a long time, but I still seem to be addicted to Poké mon against them. I can’t stand it, and what’s even worse is that they seem to be quite satisfied with Daye, because I told them Daye couldn’t do it, so they said,’ Then you can find one yourself.’ "
"Did you find me …" Let’s just know the ins and outs of the matter. "But according to your * * * attitude of Miss Herona, it’s not suitable for me to ask you to take your pre-marital boyfriend home."
"No, it’s not over yet, because I can’t answer and I can’t find the place. They just decided that I should hold a competition. If I win the championship, I will associate with him …" Miss Herona said in a rather weak tone. Aaron felt that if it was face-to-face communication, Miss Herona would almost cry.
"Now Daye is gearing up, and it seems that not only Daye but also Wusong and Aaron are going to participate in the competition. I have no feelings for them. Rather, I can’t imagine me walking hand in hand with them. Please, Aaron, come and take part in this competition. If you want to knock them down to the final winner, even grandma at your age, they will definitely not force me to associate with you." Miss Herona continued, this is a complete white reason for Aaron. At this age, I can’t disobey my elders any more, so I asked Aaron to stir up the water in this "contest to get married". If so, there would be no problem, and I promised Miss Herona to help her.
"That’s all. I’m going to go to Shenao about a week away from the museum, and I hope Mr. Qianli can help take care of a museum while I’m away." It’s not too late to learn that the game will start in half a month through Miss Hilona, and Aaron also went to Mr. Qianli first to ask Mr. Qianli to help see a museum.
"Aye, it’s really troublesome. Speaking of it, Herona is really at this age, but even pear flowers are not married. That Kona in the east is not married, right? They are all over 3, so it’s not too urgent. It’s not surprising that I got married around 30 years old, although I got married earlier." Mr. Qianli said after listening to this.
"Of course. Do you want me to wait until you are 3 years old?" It’s a surprise that Aunt Mizu is here. Oh, it seems to be to deliver lunch.
"Don’t say what Mr. Qianli just said in front of those two heavenly kings." Aaron just woke up. "Wait, but I don’t remember that it was Mr. Qianli. Please propose to Aunt Mizu first." Because it seems that Mr. Qianli wanted to drag it away and Aunt Mizu wouldn’t let him.
"Aye, even if I am stupid, Mizu was obviously putting pressure on me at that time, I also felt it." Mr. Qianli touched his head and smiled and was sighed by Aunt Mizu.
"Oh, yes, Aaron, this is for you from May." Then Aunt Mizu suddenly took out a red bag from her bag. It’s also lunch.
"Ah, thank you, Aunt Mizu, but why didn’t May come today?" Because it’s a little strange that May usually gives it to Aaron himself and then eats with Aaron.
"Ah, she seems to have been caught by Sunda today, and she can’t get away from it. I gave this to you."
"Caught by Sunda again. After all, I’ve always been surprised that May will run when he sees Sunda."
"Probably will be dug divination." The dream came out and put in a sentence. Aaron almost had a conditioned reflex and continued to answer.
"Well, I’ll go first," said Aunt Perfect Tianjin, and went out. Then Aaron and Mr. Qianli started a lunch alone, but let’s continue the topic just now.
"In managing the Dojo, this is a week’s business trip, so you don’t need any agent for Dojo trainers. What’s worse is not sudden. Just ask Miss Sato at the front desk to tell a challenger to put up a sign at the entrance of Dojo these days. Sometimes I take Mizu out to play with the roots when I’m in the Orange China Dojo, but things are fine to this extent." Mr. Qianli continued, Aaron also felt that maybe Mr. Qianli, a Dojo trainer, was more casual than he thought, but he was going to listen to Qianli. Mr. Li told May about the situation. Because the May national hand coordination trainer had a lot of things to do in the battle center, he couldn’t go together to make other preparations. After half a month, Aaron also set off for Shenao.
Aaron came to Shen Ao Shen Ao the day before the "contest to get married", and the first thing he did was to meet Miss Herona. Miss Herona seemed to have been waiting for Aaron for a long time, and she was moved to see him. It seems that this situation is really very bad.
"Aaron told you before that there were Wu Song and Aaron, but the actual situation is much more severe than these." After talking about some digressions, Miss Herona suddenly said, and then took out a piece of paper and wrote several names.
"Alder Lianwu Vaccinium these four kings and four kings champion exactly what’s going on! And even if others forget Alder, the bad old man will come! "
"Yes, and I had a good chat with my grandmother. My grandmother also told me that this old man is surprisingly good. What …" Miss Herona cried and said, Ah, it’s so cute. If Aaron didn’t have a firm position, he might really just can’t hold it.
"Who else can I see? These probably aren’t, because they won’t be too big a threat … poof!" Aaron almost choked on a drink.
"What the hell is that bastard Xiao Yi thinking!"
"I guess he should come to help me out."
"You can’t guess at this time, Miss Girona! Trouble is really trouble. It’s more meaningful than Mr. Alder. "Xiaoyong and Xiaoyi obviously expressed their admiration for Miss Herona when they traveled together, but Miss Herona seems to have treated them as children of the same age as Aaron and never cared about them. Among them, Xiaoyong said that Aaron felt that he didn’t really want to associate with Miss Herona. How about it? After all, it’s 7 years old, but Xiaoyi said that Aaron is not sure. After all, he is old and Aaron is 4 years old (physically rather than psychologically) and now he runs from the orange islands specially.
"By the way, Miss Herona, Xiaoyi should have arrived in Shenhe Town by now. Has he come to see you?" Aaron thought of a little and asked
"No, I’m surprised, too. Many people come to me and tell me what will happen if they win, but I haven’t seen his words yet," said Miss Girona, and Aaron is probably understood here
"But anyway, since Miss Shilona asked me to win the competition, I will definitely go all out." No matter what Xiao Yi’s motivation is, since she promised Miss Shilona, Aaron is going to do a good job, and regardless of Xiao Yi’s motivation, most of the contestants really like Miss Shilona. Even though several four kings have participated in the competition, Aaron feels that Miss Shilona is not unable to find a boyfriend, but because she is really too high and beautiful, so it is probably the same for Miss Pear Flower and Miss Kona.
"Great, Aaron, my future is in your hands!" Miss Herona holds Aron’s hand and says that it is really easy to misunderstand the dialogue. Plus, people who don’t know Aron’s height will never think that Aron is 17 years old. No matter how young she is, there must be contestants in this small restaurant. Seeing Miss Herona holding Aron’s hand like this, Aron feels that she will definitely be treated with "enthusiasm" in the day competition. Anyway, she can’t escape it, so she won’t care.
Then the next day, I carefully counted the contestants, and there were actually 186 people! And I heard that in fact, there was a lot of chaos in these days before the start of the game. Probably, a large number of people have been eliminated before … Sure enough, Miss Herona’s popularity is really not covered, and then looking at her chest with the serial number 177 is also Aaron’s turn to fight for a long time.
Two hundred and thirty-nine mentoring! Aaron vs Wusong!
Shenhe Town is not a big city. There is also a standard battle field behind Poké mon Center. Although Miss Herona seems to have a personal training ground in the nearby forest, it seems that there is no battle field there. A large number of contestants can naturally squeeze here. Then Miss Herona’s parents and grandmother are sitting not far away. Miss Herona is naturally there, and Miss Herona is no longer wearing that black dress today, but wearing a white dress. Looking back carefully, I didn’t see Miss Herona wearing a black coat for so long before traveling with Miss Herona. It seems that she was forced to change her body by her grandmother. Just look at it, Miss Herona is very charming.
Aaron hasn’t been able to find Xiao Yi Aaron’s national player here to participate in this competition. It seems that he has traveled all over this town in one day. Although this town is really small and obvious, Aaron feels a lot of murderous feelings. The speed of the competition has started. Mr. Daye’s chest is No.1. It seems that he is very enthusiastic. The opponent of this competition is simply No.1, No.3, No.4, and the number order is the registration order. Aaron’s opponent is No.178, but he hasn’t seen No.178 yet. Did Mr. Daye take the first one easily, and then the game continued for about 5 minutes. Under the circumstances, there was no break, and everyone was told not to damage the venue as much as possible. It was not particularly necessary to maintain the venue. The game started at 7: 00 a.m. and didn’t rest for an hour until 11: 00. However, it was already 51 games, and many games were less than 5 minutes. Then, because everyone was a rival in love, they didn’t talk nonsense with each other until the first game was finished, that is, there were already 5. One person was successfully lovelorn, but it seems that they are not going to leave. They are going to see who Miss Herona will associate with in the end. In fact, many people were destroyed by chaos before the start of the game, and then the afternoon game started at 1 o’clock, and then Xiao Yi appeared on the 14th!
"Hey, that’s the man, right? Gao Qiao Yi finished the 100-person chop before the start of the game."
"Yes, but the national player, compared with the four kings, Mr. Daye, I feel that this person has a bigger win. When I fought with him before, I really wanted to escape. It was really amazing." After Xiaoyi’s game, Aaron heard the conversation between two people next to him
"A hundred people cut off, that is, did he get rid of one person before the game? That’s amazing," Super Dream said.
"Now is not the time to praise. Look, this guy is really serious this time. When his companion is really a trustworthy enemy, it is even more horrible."
"But I’m very excited to see you."
"After all, it is also a world series to play."
Xiaoyi knocked down his opponent after three moves. Xiaoyi fought easily, and then the game continued for a long time. Finally, it was Aaron’s turn, but his opponent was not the kind that was particularly worthy of prevention. Aaron also took the game easily, and there were not many games behind him. So on the first day of the game, Aaron tried to find Xiaoyi, but he finally thought about it and gave up.
The next day, the game will start at 7: 00 pm, but today it is expected to finish the first round in one afternoon. After noon break, it will start the third round at noon. Just speaking from the fruit, Aaron cares that the strong ones have got promoted as they wish, but Aaron’s opponent is in trouble. It is better to say that he knew that Mr. Wusong was on the 18th yesterday, and Aaron knew that his opponent was Mr. Wusong today.
"Aaron didn’t expect you to be interested in Herona. Did you break up with May?" All the other contestants came here to fight nonsense, but Mr. Wusong said this to Aaron.
"No, there are complicated reasons, so I can’t explain to you here for the time being, master, but what surprises me is that you have always had a good impression on Miss Herona? To be honest, I haven’t found it. "
"Uh-huh, no"
"…" Aaron was silent. "So, can I ask what master will you take part in this competition?"
"There’s nothing I can’t help but want to knock Daye over and laugh at him because I’m so excited to see him-so I specially postponed the registration, hoping to clean him up in the final, but I do like or hate Herona, and I’m almost at the age of marriage. After all, I’m 7 years old. If Herona can be my girlfriend, I really don’t have any dissatisfaction." Mr. Wusong said that Ma heard the sound of Mr. Daye’s "Wusong you bastard" coming nearby, which Aaron didn’t expect from his master.
"Well, anyway, let’s get started. After all, today’s schedule is still quite tight, and I can’t wait to play against Master again."
"Well, then let me see if you got stronger when you left me!"
Aaron and Mr. Wusong were thrown out of Poké Ball at almost the same time. Aaron was top cat and Mr. Wusong was a bronze bell.
"The body scattered and retreated to a place meters away from the venue." Mr. Daye suddenly began to shout. It is also clear that this battle is extraordinary. Everyone knows that the main player of the national team and his own side have taken the initiative to retreat.
"Aaron, although it is a small gap, it is I who sent Poké mon first to attack first! Use illusion! "
"Then we will make high-speed stars!"
The bronze bell body emits blue light, and then followed by top cat. However, top cat seems to have grasped the bronze bell on the ground and couldn’t lift top cat. Then top cat hit a flashing star from the forehead gem, and the star became bigger and hit the bronze bell.
"Iron wall!"
Although it seems to be a very small attack, it is precisely because of the guidance of Aaron that Mr. Song knows that this skill is not as weak as it looks. The bronze bell body emits white light, and then the high-speed star hits and makes a metal collision. Because of the illusion, top cat is weakened, and the moving speed of the bronze bell is not excellent. There may be no way to avoid the top cat assault.
"Spiral ball!"
"One hundred thousand volts!"
See top cat menacing bronze bell began to spin quickly, top cat is immediately brake and then toward the rotating bronze bell with one hundred thousand volts! The flow wrapped the bronze bell, but the bronze bell didn’t stop moving because of it, but continued to rush forward.
"It is also expected to protect!"
The rotating bronze bell continued to approach, but it was blocked by an invisible shield when it was about to hit top cat! The shield seems to have a strong force to bounce off the bronze bell that slammed into it, and even the rotation was forced to stop
"It’s our turn, Shadow Claw!"
"That’s how it’s toxic!"
Top cat’s two front paws were wrapped in black air, and then top cat jumped up and there were two paws! Although the bronze bell has no expression, it is also very harmful to look at it! However, as planned, the huge bell mouth of the bronze bell suddenly faced top cat, and then some purple liquid was sprayed from the inside, spraying top cat all over.
"Aaron, do you think I will eat your skills casually?" Mr. Wusong laughed confidently, and Aaron was really careless about the highly toxic bronze bell.
"But it is still in melee combat! Shadow claw! "
"One more time, Iron Wall!"

The snowman said that the last game was a live drama, and they were free to move around the villa.

The original entrance to the building and various rooms was sealed, and they were able to walk around the hall for half a month.
But as the snowman disappeared, those entrances were opened.
The beautiful girl with long hair among them has been scared out of shape, and the man with low crying glasses is constantly comforting.
Xiao Yuetu whispered to his companions, "Have you ever played drama killing before?"
Taotao has no wind, no Nangong dust, and it is even more impossible.
Yuan Tian did play, but this is the first time to play without any clue.
Xiao Yuetu said, "There seems to be no drama and no rules in this scene. We need to find all the clues ourselves."
Taotao is probably white, not only the clue, but also the cause of the matter.
Yuan Tian looked at the four men and shouted at them, "Everyone has been living under the same roof for so many days. I’m afraid the next game is not as simple as the previous games. Let’s get to know each other first."
He took the lead in introducing himself, "Twenty-one-year-old college students from Yuan Universe came to visit Mount Zhang. This is my girlfriend."
He pointed to Xiao Yuetu and took advantage of it.
Xiao Yuetu understood that when he saw his hidden name, he changed his name to "Xiao Baitu’s twenty-two-year-old student".
Yuan Tian is right to hide his real name.
After all, the mountain spirits know that they are spiritual teachers and don’t know their names.
In case the dark side of Shanling has heard of their names, they will be passive in the future.
Taotao "I came here at the age of 19 to find my missing friend. I just came in and I don’t know anything."
Taotao turned to look at the nangongshan dust and wind, and neither of them answered the words.
Taotao repeatedly motioned them to talk.
Nangong Dust casually made up a name "Nangong Blowing Snow"
The wind looks cold. "The wind is whistling."
Nangong Chen turned to "Little Brother, why do you call me a couple’s name?"
The wind "…"
Yeah, just gregarious.
The four men sat back at the table and they looked at each other.
The well-dressed glasses man spoke first. "Ye Kang is 30 years old and works as a lawyer in a law firm. I’m visiting the mountain."
The beautiful girl with long hair said, "My name is Zheng Zhi. I’m 25 years old and I’m also a tourist in the financial company class."
Another girl who doesn’t look like much Mandarin said, "Liu Zier is a 29-year-old worker and a clerk. She came here on annual leave the other day to relax."
Finally, the short man with acne marks on his face said, "Lu Zongping came to soak in hot springs at the age of 31."
Taotao "What a coincidence that everyone is here to travel"
Feng, they didn’t get the complete information of the four people when they came in, but Taotao has it.
She compared the information in her memory to make sure that they were not lying.
Xiao Yuetu asked, "Did you four know each other before?"
Ye Kang, a lawyer with glasses, said, "Not familiar."
Yuan Tian: "You know each other and you are all involved in the Blizzard Villa. Is this your agreed trip?"
Ye Kang adjusted her glasses. "I happened to meet us here without consulting before."
Taotao glanced at him. "There are three days when Shanling gave it. If you don’t understand it quickly, I’m afraid you will die."
㈧○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ _ 0 _
Liu Zier asked, "How do you understand?"
Taotao pointed to the stairs and rooms that have been opened in the distance. "Search the heights and you should be able to find clues."
Four people looked at five people across the street.
The girl looks the youngest, but everyone else listens quietly when she speaks.
It seems that this girl is the one who really has words among them.
Ye Kang wanted to think, "Then let’s search separately."
Zheng Zhi said in fear, "There won’t be anything weird about this villa, will there?"
"Don’t be afraid," Ye Kang comforted her. "Shan Ling won’t let us play games if she wants us to die. It’s better for the four of us to have a care together."
Taotao and others haven’t spoken yet, and he divided the search team into two waves without saying a word.
The four men chose to search for clues in the villa and gave them the part where there was a snowstorm outside.
Such as their building Xiao Yuetu pie mouth scold a way "one by one fine like ghosts who don’t know it’s cold outside? Sister, do we really have to search outside? "
Taotao drew a few shelter symbols and gave them to Xiao Yuetu and Yuan Tian to "go and have a look"
Five people left the house and went outside.
The snowstorm howled and turned into a snowman without stopping for a moment.
Wealth is too cold to come out in a peach coat.
The snow is a little smaller in front of the shelter operator.
The manor is very big, and there are large areas of snow-covered land to search before and after the castle.
Taotao said naturally, "Nangong and I will search the front and you three will search the back."
No one moved after she said that.
The wind and Nangong dust are thinking.
Xiao Yuetu doesn’t want to move on exemptions’ side.
Yuan Tian, on the other hand, is afraid to make a move. He likes the Nangong dust and wind very much, and he has risked his life. Under such circumstances, it is easy to swing from side to side.
Taotao "… it’s just a search, not a farewell."
The nangongshan dust smiled "or I and little teacher younger brother a group"

"Hey Xiao Ye is really a rare visitor … Who is this little sister?"

"My niece gave her a set of evening gifts suitable for dinner, hrisian_dior."
"Niece …" Lifted a smile, and the female boss smiled quite shuffle when couples spend. "I’ve known you for ten years. When did you come out as a niece? I really didn’t see that you like old cows eating young grass … "
"Is Xing Xiaojiu still doing business?" Make a cold owl face jerked.
"ok, I’ll shut up. long live the customer!"
With a charming smile, Xing Xiaojiu pulled up her face and said, "Come with me, little sister"
Looking at her kind face, Bao Qi smiled brightly. "Thank you, Sister."
"You are welcome to thank your owl …" Xing Xiaojiu’s eyes are full of smiles.
"Hey hey!" In front of this well-meaning woman, Bao Qi smiled a little hard. "Sister, he is really my second uncle."
Section 1
Xing xiaojiu believes them.
With a woman’s intuition, she found out at the first glance that their unusual atmosphere was purely a mentality of watching good plays. She burned a fierce fire. "It’s Uncle … that’s better!"
Bao Qi didn’t understand the meaning of this sentence when she heard it behind her, just like Oriole’s valley girl.
"Brother Xiao, what a coincidence! You also choose clothes?"
Smile brilliantly and glance at the woman at the door.
A pair of red diamond-encrusted high-heeled shoes stretched her slender legs straight and beautiful. The skin outside the tube-top lace dress was delicate and white, and Chanel handbag and long curly hair in her hand swayed and smiled at the same time.
She doesn’t know this woman, but she’s not nervous.
Girls poke my collection hard!
At the same time, continue to watch another hey, follow the messy footsteps of a brocade to feel the beautiful and heavy love story of Xiao Ye Bao girl …
In addition, once again, I will not say anything if I really don’t understand …
☆, 16 meters smelly man! !
Brother Xiao?
Who is she? It’s so affectionate!
Seeing this, Xing Xiaojiu whispered in a Gherardini voice, "She is Min Jing."
-min Jing
Known for its generosity and elegance, Social circle is very active in Kyoto.
On that day, she also heard from Bao Ma that she has been the image ambassador of several charities and is the best marriage partner of Gao Qian brothers, the dream lover of men.
Of course, more importantly, she is the daughter-in-law that Master Leng likes.
Raise your eyebrows, Bao Qi, and poke fun at "Uncle, this aunt called you?"
Lengxiao took a sip of her lips and glanced at her face. The cold hard color seemed to have eased a lot.
"Miss Min, my niece likes to make jokes."
What is hostility in that little girl’s eyes?
Elegant smile Min Jing, where is the oil lamp? Everyone in the circle doesn’t know that although the man who is pursuing her is going to Xihuamen from the zoo, Miss Min likes the second young master of Lengjia.
Will posture into an elegant landscape Min Jing smiled and said, "Brother Xiao is a child who doesn’t understand things … in fact, she didn’t call it wrong."
On hearing this, Bao Qi almost bit his tongue.
Aunt? Uncle? Isn’t it cheaper for this woman to shout?
Mistake! Mistake!
Humming, she walked forward and took Lengxiao’s arm affectionately. "Uncle, can you choose clothes for me?"
Eyes slightly dark cold owl pulled her hand without a trace, but there was no objection.
The joy of victory made Baoqi particularly happy.
Wow! I didn’t expect that there are not only women’s clothes here, but also men’s wear of major first-line brands, especially Xi Yilu, who is so handsome that she can’t see her eyes.
Will he be as handsome as a military uniform if he wears western clothes?
"Uncle, this … must look good on you?"
O, deep sweep cold owl immediately alert.
She chose a black suit with zipper design, which is the same brand color as her own choice, and the attempt to match it is too obvious
Consciously, he coldly refused "I don’t like it!"
Secretly grinding his teeth, Bao Qi was whispering, and suddenly a light shadow appeared behind him. See Min Jing gracefully walk to the front of the men’s clothes rack next to him.
"Owl elder brother, in fact, you can try this latest gui retro suit which is popular this year. It must be very suitable for you …"