He has found himself in trouble and has been used as a gun.

Ji Yue interrupted him with a wave "You stay"
General Qi was in a state of confusion. He bowed deeply and apologized sincerely. "Princess, please forgive me if I have some misunderstandings and offended you."
Ji month pointed to the opposite chair "sit"
Her strong command rather than request is beyond doubt.
She looked up at the crowd outside. "Miss Qu San, please help us with the door."
She is too powerful, and her tone is firm and dignified. This is what a royal princess looks like.
The three brothers and sisters of the Qu family quickly left. "Okay, no problem."
Before he left, he took all the other people away, and there were three people left in the room.
Records of the old and dignified sound "speak"
"Yes," General Qi was not stupid. He immediately said the cause and course of the incident again.
He came all the way here only after receiving the hand of the emperor in the palace. Someone will contact him and ask him to follow suit.
And he never doubted that it was the palace guards sent by the emperor
After listening to his words, Ji Yueji can be sure that he is not lying. "Where is that person?"
The more General Qi thought about it, the more annoyed he became. "He left after giving me an order a few days ago."
"Are you still connected?" Ji Yue outlined the whole event in her mind.
General Qi is depressed. Why is he so stupid? Why don’t you think more?
What should I do if I can’t advance and retreat now?
I’m afraid the rise and fall of the family is in Anting Hou, and the thought of it makes him feel heavy.
Ji Yue’s crisp voice sounded "Can you draw?"
General qi was forced to "not"
Good. Why do you ask? He’s a little out of step.
Ji Yue looked at the records with a smile. "The poems and paintings of adults in that line of records are a must. I have the honor to see them today."
Records of a sigh gently "princess, you can’t be stupid? I’m under a lot of pressure like you. "
It’s the same father. Why is it so different?
Dragon born nine is different, but most of the essence of the royal family is gathered in the princess of Zhenguo, and all the other dragons and phoenixes can’t compare with her finger.
Huang, who is her opponent?
Ji Yue said with a smile, "Stress is a good thing. Stress can make people progress."
General Qi, look at this. Look at that. Suddenly he feels like an idiot.
For the first time in decades, I feel that my IQ is not enough.
No wonder everyone says that the court and the palace are all child prodigies.
Everyone is so clever that he feels that the world is so dangerous.
Chapter 122 I see soldiers
According to Mu Jiyue’s request, General Qi dictated the portrait and soon drew the portrait of that person.
General Qi looked at the highly similar portrait and was amazed. He is worthy of being a record of adults.
Ji Yue drew another portrait from the records, one of which was put away.
"Records of adults, what do you think of this?"

Wen Zhen said faintly, "It’s hard to say that there are many people who don’t take the palace seriously in this harem."

The three women knelt down in succession to show their loyalty. "Empress De Fei Hui Fei Fang Qi, Empress followed her lead."
Wen Zhen laughed. "What do sisters do when they have a heart and the palace will firmly remember that they are kneeling on the ground?" Get up! "
The three girls stayed in Fengqi Palace for a while, and when they saw the queen, they had some hard work, so they retired.
It’s really loyal to look at Zhong Yu from Fengqi Palace. Sometimes it’s not white that the Zhong family has always maintained a neutral literary family, which is like making Hui Feichen willing to be a dog leg.
Now the emperor is still in the early dynasty, and I don’t know whether the emperor will go to the summer. The situation is not yet clear.
As the saying goes, it’s time for the queen to fight with the virtuous princess, and when both sides lose, she can reap the benefits.
It is no secret that Zhong Yu saw Princess De just gave her a sharp look. She is the queen’s eyeliner.
In order to resolve the embarrassment, "Empress De Fei is not as early as going for a walk in the imperial garden."
Xiao Zhuyin would like to know whether the emperor promised Xianfei to go to the summer vacation. If the emperor agreed to the harem, it would be very interesting.
"Why don’t we go to Fengyi Palace?"
Mu Wan-shang knew that Princess De would come to Fengyi Palace to find out the news. Fei’s clothes were packed and she needed to wear palace clothes and jewelry for the summer.
In addition to meditation in the room and practicing martial arts, auditions occasionally come out for a walk. Auditions are dressed in black strength, and others know that she is not easy to provoke, so they usually avoid walking when they meet.
But today, Mu Wan Shang invited Auditions out and turned around in the courtyard waiting for someone to deliver the door.
Xiao Zhuyin came to Fengyi Palace with Zhong Yufang and happened to see Tianyin passing by the courtyard. I wonder if she suddenly appeared in Fengyi Palace dressed strangely.
See the jade glaze came over "seen princess DE empress! Hui Fang Fang! "
"Just walked over and the woman is wearing so weird! Is it quite a Hu woman? "
"Going back to the Empress Huang is afraid that the Empress will be bullied in the harem and invited outside the palace to protect the safety of the Empress. It is very cold. I heard that people in Fengyi Palace will make a detour when they see her."
Three people face some fear, but all think of more than a year ago, Mu Wanshang appeared around him in a red dress and killed people without batting an eye.
Some regret asking this question and rushing to divert the conversation. "What is the fairy princess doing now?"
"The emperor promised to take the empress to the summer vacation. Sister Fei Yi is packing."
De Fei’ s joy is somewhat unbearable. "Does the emperor have no scruples and the queen really promised to go to the summer?"
"Empress said that after seeing my master, you should go back and pack up and prepare to go with the emperor for the summer."
Sannvxin is still very happy, but she doesn’t show that she wants to leave immediately and thinks it’s not good. Since I’m here, I always want to see a good princess.
Jade glaze will mu wan petticoats command all said it again "ladies handmaiden this to the mission"
Mu Wanshang learned that the three men had come to deliberately take out the summer frivolity and jewelry in a few big boxes of Piandian, and put them everywhere, and there were still new things coming from Jiangnan.
As soon as the three girls entered the temple, they were attracted by the jewels in the temple. It’s hard to say how much the emperor loves the virtuous princess everywhere.
Xiao Zhuyin is even more jealous of her going back and forth, that is, more than a dozen sets of palace-mounted Fengyi Palace Gong Jinhua make people look at it, which is just summer palace-mounted.
Mu Wan-shang was choosing a palace outfit and saw three girls come in. "The three sisters should know that the emperor is going to take our sisters to the Summer Palace and is preparing to pack up and help the palace to see what clothes to bring to pick and choose."
Xiao Zhuyin said, "It’s very good for an empress to wear whatever she is born with."
"Sister De Fei is really good at talking. You are busy picking some styles in the palace. The palace jewelry in the nine cities has not been touched. It’s new. When the sisters leave, just pick up some and take them away."
Mu Wan Shang has always been generous, and Xiao Zhuyin did not refuse to choose a purple tulle palace dress. "This empress will definitely like it if she wears Yong Huamei Emperor."
Today, the three girls should be regarded as fruitful, and they have returned to the palace to pack up and prepare to go to the Louvre Palace for the summer with the emperor.
Many old ministers in Wenboyuan opposed the emperor’s going to the Louvre for the summer vacation, but the emperor went his own way and planned to throw away the queen who was about to give birth for the summer vacation.
Wenboyuan’s daughter is naturally aggrieved, and it is not a good omen for Wen Gu to find the emperor who just died.
I am afraid that my daughter will make a move when she knows what Mrs. Wen said. My daughter may not necessarily listen to and can’t control many rules of the harem. It is only when she personally warns her daughter that she will accept her heart.
Wen Zhen is also waiting for the news. I heard that my father came to a face of fierce sorrow and guessed that the emperor must have ordered to go to the summer.
Still asked, "Father Huang ordered to go to the summer!" "
"It was the emperor who insisted on going to the Louvre for the summer vacation, which simply ignored Wen Gu. If there was no Wen Gu, how could an concubined emperor win the throne so smoothly?"
Wen Zhen also regrets that "the emperor is going to kick down the ladder when Zuweng dies"

When landing at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Chang Sheng and Ji Leng brought their luggage out together, and I saw someone holding a banner to welcome them from afar.

However, this time, Chang Sheng has not seen the diaosi mentality of this scene for the first time, and he greeted him calmly and calmly.
The other party also greeted him, looking very excited and happy.
He was quickly surrounded by people, and as for the Jileng of his peers, he was already squeezed out.
Chang Sheng looked back at Ji Leng and waved to him through the crowd: "I will go to your house the night after tomorrow! Do a good job and wait for me! "
Say that finish, then walk away.
While those who are surrounded by the ever-victorious courtiers look at their colleague Ji Leng with envy.
At this time, many people remembered that Ji Leng and Chang Sheng stayed in Spain for a season, and their relationship must be extraordinary!
So the person who had pushed him out before turned around and greeted Ji Leng with a smile: "Hey, old Ji, hard work! Tired from the long flight? That what … Oh, please help me to win some autographs … You know I have several friends who are his fans … "
Season smile nodded, not for just being pushed out. "Well, I’ll help you find him!"
Chinese-style enthusiasm and reception are not unfamiliar at all, but in the previous life, he and the work leaders entertained others together, but now he has been received by others with high standards.
In the evening, in a five-star hotel, Changsheng attended an invitation-only banquet arranged for him by Today Morning Post, a resplendent private room, a table of exquisite food that Changsheng had never heard of before, only heard of high-grade white wine, red wine and foreign wine that he had never tasted, leaders in suits and potbellies, and waiters in fitted cheongsam, tall and outstanding in temperament …
Such an occasion has always won two lives, and it is the first time to enjoy it.
While cursing "corruption" in his mind, he ate and drank happily.
Anyway, both sides are happy.
Ji Leng is also attending such a reception for the first time because of his constant success.
However, after more than half a year’s experience in Spain, there is nothing nervous about the cold season. He sits in the diagonal position of constant victory, although he is low-key, but he responds calmly and appropriately.
Although the director of the social news department who felt sorry for him half a year ago was also present, Ji Leng was able to be supercilious when communicating with him. In fact, he has to thank this narrow-minded editor. If he hadn’t sent himself to Spain, how could he have had such an experience?
Ji Leng lamented the impermanence of life.
Don’t bully the young poor, and don’t bully the middle-aged poor …
And the editor-in-chief looked at the calm and cool season, and his heart was mixed.
His original sincerity made things difficult, but now it seems that he has helped people he hates.
This reality made him very unhappy.
But now the cold season is beyond his control …
He was also worried that Ji Leng would give himself a bad look when he came back. I didn’t expect people to ignore himself at all.
This made him even more uncomfortable.
He ate the most unhappy meal.
Of course, he is unhappy, and no one cares. He is always playing soy sauce, which has nothing to do with Chang Sheng’s coming here. It is already very good to invite him to eat and drink. Who cares if he is happy or not?
Chapter two hundred and twenty-nine Your son is talented
The business activities went smoothly. Chang Sheng visited the building of Today’s Morning Post and sat down with the reporters and editors of the Sports Department to chat.
Then he took a group photo with leading reporters and editors in front of the brand wall of the newspaper.
This photo will appear in the newspaper to show off their abilities.
The next night, Chang Sheng took gifts to visit Ji Leng’s home under Ji Leng’s leadership.
In an ordinary residential area, ordinary two rooms and one living room, a different family with two employees.
Changsheng saw Ji Leng’s family.
Ji Leng’s family is not sensitive to Chang Sheng’s identity. They only know the interviewees of Chang Sheng and Ji Leng’s work.
That’s all. An old mother, a woman and a two-year-old child don’t watch football, they don’t know football, and they don’t know the significance of Chang Sheng as a football coach to China football-this is the formulation of China media.
But with them, Changsheng feels relaxed and comfortable.
He noticed that Ji Leng’s son was running around the house with the football Ji Leng gave him.
"Children like it very much!" Changsheng sat on the sofa and looked at Ji Leng’s son.
Ji sneered: "It’s okay."
Finding adults talking about themselves, Ji Leng’s son leaned in and stood in front of Changsheng, holding a football and looking at Changsheng outside.
Changsheng saw that he was naive, so he reached out and touched the child’s head with short hair.
The child looked a little shy, turned around with a football and ran to find his busy mother in the kitchen.
Chang Sheng shouted behind him, "Brother, will you teach you how to play football?"
The child ran back in a circle and asked Changsheng, "Do you want to collect money, uncle?"
"Cough!" Ji Leng, who was drinking water, was choked.
Ji Leng’s wife, who came out of the kitchen, explained awkwardly: "There are interested classes in the nearby Children’s Palace, and they all charge money. He must have heard from somewhere … well, children learn things very fast …"
Changsheng laughed: "It’s so cute!"

Gong Gong was angry in his heart, but he also knew that somehow it was Li Suiyun’s kindness that nodded sadly, but he didn’t say much.

Li Suiyun didn’t say much, but he took out a fast jade dish carved with fine spells from his arms and gave it to Gong Gong, but ordered, "You can avoid this jade charm to ensure that you won’t be found. When I go to solve a case, I will come back to see you."
Gong Gong is not allowed to dive into the water and hide.
Chapter seventy Independent resistance group of holy bravery hao
It is said that these five sages could not help sighing when they saw the floods here and there. "Linggen Heaven has granted HarmonyOS the freedom to travel in the four seas and Qian Shan, because once a deer lost its head, it turned over the mountains and the flood was deep."
Tongtian hierarch shook his head and sighed, "Gonggong’s move is to create poverty and kill evil, even to poison Sun."
Nu Wa’s Empress hated, "Don’t sigh, everyone, that now the vast expanse of stars has lost ten times and the vast expanse of land has been flooded by this flood, and now people are dying and need to help."
Tongtian hierarch said with a cold face, "It’s difficult to make a hole in the sky, but it’s necessary to make up for it before it can relieve the danger of the sky. If it’s not so, God knows when it’s gone wrong again."
At this time, the road flyover would like to compete again. He looked at the people and said, "Is this day a clean air?"
Yuan nodded, "But if you want to mend the sky, you need to dry Kunding. This treasure can refine the universe, turn the stars into five-color stones, and clear the air for the sky. But if you want to dry Kunding, you need to find a Taoist who is empty."
The prospective Taoist priest has already said, "Yes, Gan Kun Ding Zheng is fighting with the other talents in the hands of that Taoist priest, but he wants to beat me with this treasure, which is poor in power."
Tongtian leader grinned and looked at the saints’ way "I will come out to mend this tattered world at will. See Tongtian, so I said it thoughtfully, glanced at Zhun, Fuxi and Nu Wa and nodded and smiled." It is precisely for this reason that the world is now fragmented and needs to be mended, otherwise the world will be ruined, and I will be saved if I make such a disaster. "
Say yuan also ignore the saints to leave but was stopped by Fuxi.
Yuan saw eyebrows slightly wrinkled displeasure way "you are meaning? Do you want to stop me from leaving me here? "
Tongtian has not yet gone far, and his eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, urging Kuiniu to turn around and look on coldly but see that the other party has plans.
Road flyover here must sneer at the posture slightly, but it’s a bystander’s mind.
Nu Wa Empress is the most nervous, but holding a golden gourd in her left hand and a hydrangea in her right hand is a great move, so she plans to make a move.
Fuxi’s face was calm and light. "Brother Dao has forgotten something?"
Yuan was startled and pondered. "You mean to punish the Gong Gong Zheng?"
Fuxi nodded and said, "That’s exactly what happened, but it was Gong Gong who caused this great disaster. If we are not busy making up for it, how can we show our magical powers if we don’t let the wild creatures know that Gong Gong and Wu Men are hateful?"
Several saints nodded at once. "That’s exactly the case. If you don’t work together, even the whole world will hate me."
Yuan also nodded his head, even though the tongtian leader lamented his mouth in his heart.
The prospective Taoist priest also accepted the dharma elephant and rushed to the crowd with Naluo’s right hand still holding the wonderful tree of seven treasures. "This gong gong is ruthless and disregards the day. If you let the ash be cheaper, you need to produce it to warn the world."
At this time, I suddenly heard the National People’s Congress (NPC) in the sky drink a way: "You are so shameless that I have to hang this charge on the head of Wumen."
Several saints were taken aback, but which monk dared to be so bold in this situation? Will directly come out and scold everyone?
I haven’t waited for the crowd to come over in vain, but I saw a figure falling from the sky, regardless of the willy-nilly.
Yuan and Tongtian were taken aback and took a beat to get out of the mount, and they picked out weapons in the distance, so they had to guard the door first and suffered.
Nu Wa and Fuxi quickly retreated to the middle. One by one, Nu Wa’s face was full of tension, and there was already speculation about the identity of the bearer. Except for Taoist Fa Tian Qing Xu, which monk dared to stand out at this time?
That man is Li Suiyun. He settled down in Gonggong, but then he killed him. He saw these great saints get together, but he didn’t want to be involved in the past. He was both high-powered and eccentric, and several saints didn’t even find him.
Li Suiyun wanted to take a peek at the opportunity to snatch the river map and Luo from the quasi-hands, but who thought that the other party was actually trying to push all the sins to Gonggong, which made him angry? He is no longer hesitate to immediately.
The prospective road flyover was shocked when he saw each other menacing, and he was anxious to make the seven treasures look a little better. With this little power, he floated out of the hundred miles away.
Li Suiyun, however, listened with a malicious hand, only to find a foothold, but a pit was unfathomable, and all the bones were turned to water.
I must have met Li Suiyun, but I was angry and shouted, "You are cruel to me, but I must meet you today."
Li Suiyun shot down, but he was not angry. He also ignored the prospective road flyover. At first, he glanced at the scene coldly. Several saints gave a warning look to Nu Wa, who was stirring, before he looked at the prospective.
He must have suffered such contempt and couldn’t help but get angry. He slammed the seven treasures in his hand and shouted, "Do you dare to prove it to me?"
Li Suiyun sneered, "I’ve seen your golden body, and it doesn’t necessarily have much magic like you. Any middle-earth brother who is new to the Taoist school can make it out. Will you take it out and make it look ugly?"
Hearing this, the road flyover-to-be didn’t sneer at Li Suiyun’s theory. "Do you dare to fight in our world?"
The cold light in Li Suiyun’s eyes passed quickly, and he sneered, "I’ve heard for a long time that western religions are famous for their kindness, and the best guide to goodness is called the golden lotus, but I want to learn this kung fu today, so please help me."
Hearing this, the prospective Taoist was surprised, and he secretly wondered that the Taoist Qing Xu seemed to have a prejudice against western teaching, and he was puzzled by himself and even his teachings everywhere.
Li Suiyun saw the Taoist priest thoughtfully and knew that he couldn’t figure out what he meant. He immediately said, "I don’t want you to get involved in my oriental affairs, but if I let you stay in Los Angeles, you are afraid and don’t want you and me to fight."
Road flyover prospective coldly glanced at Li Suiyun and nodded slightly. "It’s the same reason. If you want me to retreat today, you need a fight to settle the cause and effect."
Li Suiyunwei mused, "If I win a bet with you, I’m afraid you won’t. In this case, I won’t argue with you, so I’ll go to your world and bet on winning or losing."
The quasi-Taoist nodded slightly and said nothing. He stretched out his palm and took out a grain of dust, but he saw yellow light directly scattering Li Suiyun himself in the past and didn’t know where to go.
When Yuan saw it, he shook his head and sighed, "Although the road flyover is advanced, he underestimated the younger martial brother Qing Xu, even if he was going to suffer a big loss."
Tongtian smiled and looked at Nuwa and Fuxi, who were slightly embarrassed. They shook their heads and sighed, "That Gonggong’s head can’t touch Zhoushan, and it seems that he is going to die."
Nu Wa Niangniang sneered, "It’s really a big face when the wizard comes out." After that, I looked at Yuantong Tiandao and said, "You two want to abandon the righteous with the righteous."

Water is a pot of water, and there is not much fullness in one sip. How do you say that players have different drinking habits? Who knows how much you drink? It is still calculated according to the standard one pot and one pot.

"Not to say that there are 1175 people answered? Why didn’t anyone see it all in Chang ‘an? Kao "with the idea of robbing/robbing clean water food, Chi Tandan looked around to see if there were any people while following the map instructions, but after walking for half an hour or so, he was extremely depressed because he didn’t see a figure."
The hot sun continued to shine on Chitan Dan’s body in cold sweat, so that the hundred bags of short jackets were soaked, and the yellow sand and dust turned out to be white and the hundred bags of short jackets became yellow; If you belong to your own weapon, you should put it in the bag, either carry it on your back or carry it on your shoulder pole. Because it is iron and belongs to the ordinary order, it becomes very hot in the sunshine, which makes Chitan Dan have to switch between his left and right hands.
Finally, the pot of clear water was drunk ten minutes ago, but the map index is also very close to the end point. Chi Tan Dan took a look at his hunger and thirst degree of 6, but fortunately he could continue to insist; Hunger deduction is based on the player’s activities, such as fighting, handling, running, etc., in which fighting is the most consuming hunger. Be sure to pay attention to hunger so as not to be killed by an enemy player, but to be dizzy because the hunger drops.
A dark hole suddenly appeared in the long yellow sand, and the wind rolled sand and stones through the hole, but no sand or stone fell into the hole, as if the hole had strange power to exclude these things; Chitan Dan rushed to the front of the hole with a roll and then rolled directly into the hole. As soon as he shrank outside the hole, it became dark.
"trough sandstorm!"
Listening to the ghostly howling wind and watching all the storms whizzing through the cave, I wiped my forehead with sweat; The storm came and went quickly, and after about five minutes, the hole returned to bright light, and the sun shone again from the outside.
"When you successfully reach Chang ‘an, you can explore in the cave on your own. If you want to get a photo, you will start the sunset train."
"It’s been a long time, and it’s not a sunset in Nima!" Chitan Dan sitting on the ground Ganhao way
The fifth chapter sunset (3)
Food and clothing people can’t fatten up! New needs support, raise a fat hair! Your vote is the source of my code word update!
Walk along the trapped road for about five minutes. The sunlight method is transmitted in. Chitantan takes out the torch from a hundred bags of jackets and lights it. After burning, the torch "soars" and illuminates the place around Chitantan for three meters. Looking up, he finds that it is also made of bluestone. Chitantan suspects that this pothole channel should belong to Chang ‘an Waterway. Otherwise, how can there be arcs around it?
Compared with the hot arc tunnel outside, it is very cool, which slows down the thirst of Chitantan and makes the thirst slowly float on the basis of 35; There are still 9 meat buns in Chitantan. Although there is no water for the time being, meat buns are more important than water in this environment.
"Phoenix Pavilion, Guifei Pool, Huaqing Academy, Chenggan Hall, Xuanwu Gate …" Chitantan muttered 17 names and moved forward slowly; He read out all the loopholes so big that there are profitable loopholes in all these places. If a person walks too lonely, he will recite these place names to relieve loneliness.
Minutes later, Chitan Dan felt a loose body. The so-called loose body is actually a psychological one. He walked all the time in a tunnel that is not very wide, and suddenly he came to a very spacious square. When he felt it, he would feel a loose body.
Several torches lit up instantly when Chitantan walked out of the hole. The whole scene was spectacular and Chitantan was very shocked. In the light of the torch, you can see that several rockeries are scattered around, and the pavilions are hidden in the rockeries, and there are fish ponds and lotus ponds distributed in the pavilions like pins.
"Imperial Garden" Chitan Dan shouted excitedly, but soon he frowned and had too many impulses. He was afraid that he would make a mistake again and became cautious and knew how to think about the cause and effect.
"No, Reagan didn’t get it at sunset. I can’t possibly reach the imperial garden. Is this a fantasy? It’s not true. It’s not a Xian Xia game. How can there be such a powerful illusion? Is it a formation? " Chi Tandan thinks that the formation is more reliable. In martial arts, many strange formations can make people lose their way and give people the illusion of killing each other.
Chitan Dan is still wondering if the imperial garden suddenly stands upside down after 1 minute in formation, and then all the pictures turn into one frame and then move at a dazzling speed; When this mural is stable, it is a chaotic mural. You don’t need to show it all, and you know that if you want to pass it, you must restore the mural to its original appearance.
"Yeah pit dad! I don’t have a photographic memory. If I can restore it and copy it, there is an hourglass timer. "There is an hourglass in the right corner of the mural, and Chitan Dan exclaimed.
"boom! ! !” When I arrived at the whole mural, it suddenly broke and scattered to reveal a passage. Wall lamps were hung on both sides of the passage, and I was puzzled when I looked around. How can there be a passage without restoring the mural?
"If you restore murals, you can directly reach the underground Chang ‘an; If you are not a genius, you should be diligent and make up for it.
"I look down on ordinary people with IQ!"
It is very uncomfortable to whisper that the foot of Chitantan has just settled after stepping into the passage, and once again I heard the general statement, "If you step into the passage, you will give up on your behalf;" This passage is dangerous and confidential. Please be careful to prevent it. If you die in this test, you will quit the sunset, that is, this challenge failed and you will take this again. "
Chitan Dan looked at the ground and then looked at the walls on both sides. In film and television dramas, the floor often rolls and the wall shoots several crossbows or the left and right walls suddenly squeeze in. Therefore, Chitantan pole poked at the ground and then poked at the wall and found that there was no movement before taking a step forward.
"No, I don’t have enough meat and no water. If I don’t arrive in this way, I will be hungry and dizzy; Alas, impulse is the devil! "
"Hey, hey, hey, hey." Suddenly, the channel rang with a sly smile.
Catch the rooster who has been lying on his back, shake the meat bag at it and then shake the kettle; Chitantan watched the cock move several times in a row until the cock screamed and screamed. Chitantan cheered and waved his fist and jumped up.
So far, Chitantan is worried about the completion of the rooster-killing method, but now he can’t just sit around and wait for the rooster-killing method.
Thousands of players in a green state in the Gemuer desert shouted and fought with the sand thief. They tried their best to eliminate the sand thief riding a camel and finally broke into the green state. Victory is in sight. The players are killing harder and harder. With the calm command of the big brother’s "Don’t commit adultery today", the sand thief leader collapsed and the extermination of the sand thief was successfully completed.
The iron tower at the warehouse where the sand thief put food and clean water is staring at the players’ handling. Suddenly, the players are carrying, and they give an exclamation and then turn their faces and look at the iron tower. The tow swears that just one second ago, a bag of grain and a pot of wat basket were lying three meters away in front of him.
But just one second later, a bag of grain and a basket of water actually disappeared; If he has a person who may be blind, he can see that the player who is carrying it is also frightened. The tower knows that this is not an illusion. This is a weird incident in Nima!
A player who was sweeping the battlefield outside Lvzhou was puzzled. He looked at the sandbag in front of him and poked his partner next to him. He said, "What are you looking at? Turn it over quickly. Maybe you can find a leak."
"No, I just seemed to see a camel carrying food and clear water. The strangest thing is that the camel has a rooster on its back." The stunned player explained.
"Is there such a thing?" The companion straightened up and looked in the direction pointed by the player who found the cock. You can see that there are pieces of sandbags, no camels, let alone cocks
"What the hell!" Tower and the player who found the rooster lamented outside Lvzhou at the same time.
When Chitan Dan looks through the autumn water and becomes a "chicken-watching stone", it is like riding a white horse king. It has a basket of clear water in its mouth and a bag of food. Chitan Dan jumped out of the ground excitedly, hugged the rooster and kissed him mercilessly and shouted, "Yee Gong, you really are the biggest BUG, the most awesome BUG and the cutest BUG."
This process is a bit fantastic, and some people can’t believe it. Look at the chick staring at the ground/watching the world ruin the rooster, and then look at the bag of clear water and food. It’s still hard to believe that the rooster actually realized the "milk chicken" with a simple demonstration.
"You really want to go against the sky!" Chitan praised himself and then began to move forward step by step; It is said that it is not a genius to make up for the shortcomings, and there is no time limit. It took nearly three hours to walk through the test channel less than one kilometer, and one of them was consumed by the rooster.
The fifth chapter sunset (4)
"Cut cheated" looked at the rear channel Chitantan depressed muttered that there was no machine coming all the way, and nothing happened to harm him for a long time.
"The real test of epigenesis is here", an old and powerful voice rang in Chitantan’s ear.
Chitan Dan was startled. He had considerable fighting experience, and the sound he heard sounded behind him. Instead of turning his horse back, he made a false move from side to side, which allowed the enemy to dodge in both directions. But in fact, Chitantan returned immediately after the fake move and used the "wind pole method" to make the enemy approaching him directly swept three meters away.
"Do you feel sorry that the younger generation will die here at a young age?" A white-haired warrior of about fifty years old, wearing armor and holding a pike, walked out of the dark with steady steps. He said to Chitan Dan in the oil lamp that Chitan Dan didn’t answer, and he didn’t answer. This is someone else’s NPC playing lines, so he didn’t start a friendship.

Notice that Chu Yi can’t help exclaiming that it’s heaven and earth that rob thunder, even the strong in Tianzhu territory. If you are not careful, you may be nullified by these thunder, but Chu Yi is rushing to bathe and rob thunder, which will not shock everyone.

"The temple can’t!"
They exclaimed but want to stop ChuYi move is already can’t come.
Just see Chu Yi’s head, a huge dragon bigger than fate emerges, and the dragon of fate emerges and sings in an instant.
The dragon of fortune was wrapped in Chu Yi and crashed into the cauldron of the Sun, Moon and God.
There has been a great spirit, vitality, refinement and shelter. The tripod of thunder, sun and moon barely maintained its shape and did not collapse, but after a long time, the result was unpredictable.
Now I suddenly got the help of Chu Yi’s own destiny, the dragon, the moon and the sun, and the tripod’s foundation soared suddenly. When I was shocked, I saw that the huge tripod cover flew up with a light beam that ran through heaven and earth, and it was exploding for nine days.
In the tripod of the sun and the moon, the amount of Bao Guang bursts out unexpectedly, and that piece of robbery thunder is scattered like rain, and robbery thunder suddenly becomes root water and disappears in the blink of an eye.
Nine days, the clouds are gone, and the sun is shining in the big day, but the sun, the moon and the tripod are shining with dazzling treasure at the moment.
The mysterious yellow treasure light sets this big tripod off more solemnly.
When Wang Yang and others were amazed at the good looks of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding, they saw two figures slowly coming out of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding. Who was it not Zhu Houzhao Chu Yi?
See Chu Yi Zhu Houzhao two people out of Wang Yang and others Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief from the Sun, Moon and God Ding.
The Great God Dynasty is short of people, but it can’t be short of Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao. Otherwise, the Great God Dynasty will not be far from falling apart without one person.
Zhu Houzhao and Chu Yi’s face lit up to see the look of Wang Yang and others, and they could guess the merits and demerits of the Sun, Moon and God Ding.
Although the Sun, Moon and Divine Pot came from their hands, they didn’t know about the situation of the Sun, Moon and Divine Pot now, but it was Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao who really understood the situation.
A few people shouted at Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao before, and their eyes fell on the tripod of the sun, the moon and the gods like mountains behind them.
For everyone’s mind, Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao can see through them without guessing. They looked at each other and heard Chu Yi say with a smile, "The cauldron of the sun and the moon has become everyone and followed me into a view."
Chu Yi stepped into the cauldron of the Sun and Moon God first, while Wang Yang, Zhao Yun and Yu followed Chu Yi and jumped into the cauldron of the Sun and Moon God without hesitation.
The body, the sun, the moon and the cauldron are large enough, but people sacrifice the sun, the moon and the cauldron, which is a substitute for the emperor’s all-his-money, which is naturally larger than the majority.
As the saying goes, Na Sumi is in charge of this day, the moon and the gods are in the middle of the tripod, and the world is vast, which is much more vast than that of the emperor who used to cover a vast area.
However, nowadays, the world of this cave is a vast expanse, and there is nothing but richness and vitality.
South China reality, Zhang Daoling and others are sensing the situation of this land, and their faces are filled with satisfaction.
Wang Yang smoothed her beard and smiled. "With this day, the moon and the tripod, I am a big step towards the immortal god."
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-one The Tao is in harmony with the Buddha
A few people’s eyes are even more towards Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao. They have seen the past. Wang Yang’s great god’s theory of identity or status can be said. There are absolutely few people in the crowd who can match.
Just listen to Wang Yang blunt ChuYi and Zhu Houzhao a ritual way "temple, positions also ordered my people to move here to live".
There is a time when the sun, the moon and the gods don’t gather together to enter this world. It is conceivable that the vitality of the world will definitely become more and more strong, even if it is for a large number of people to practice, there is absolutely no problem.
Zhu Houzhao frowned slightly and looked at Wang Yangdao. "What your family said is that I am now a great god facing many people. Although the world of the moon god is vast, it is absolutely not enough for me to face several people."
Zhu Houzhao added, "Besides, I can’t just give up the vast area occupied by the Great God Dynasty."
Wang Yangwen couldn’t help laughing. "Pursuit is to send my ministers. It doesn’t mean to move all the people here. It’s just that some people are moving in here. As Pursuit said, it is impossible to give up the vast area occupied by our Great God at will. After all, it also means that our Great God is full of vitality."
At this moment, Chu Yi said, "This matter is not so difficult, but the Sun and Moon Divine Ding can be hung in the sky on weekdays, and the original imperial city ruins can be rebuilt as ideal city, and then the large array can be built and sent in and out. Once the enemy attacks, it can be closed. The Sun and Moon Divine Ding is naturally not worried about the emperor."
Listen to Chu Yi’s solution. All the people smell speech and nod their heads in a bright eye.
In just a few days, tens of millions of people have entered the Sun and Moon Divine Ding, and Chu Yi and others have spent a lot of time. The Sun and Moon Divine Ding is no different from the small world, and the vitality of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding is faster than that of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding.
Qingtian Emperor’s dynasty was created by Qing Di, and the emperor’s dynasty was built by Qing Di. Even if it is a rare sky column, the strong Qingtian Emperor’s dynasty is just guarding a duke.
On this day, hanging in front of the Qing Emperor Palace, the patrol Tianbao mirror suddenly shone brightly. At that time, the imperial city turned its eyes in the direction of the Qing Emperor Palace.
No less than dozens of earth breath passed. If Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao can detect these breath, they can certainly find that these dozens of earth breath are all strong breath of Tianzhu.
The Qing Emperor Palace has not been opened for nearly ten thousand years, and the emperor Qing Di has been closed for more than ten thousand years. For a secular dynasty, the emperors may have changed for hundreds of generations, but for such a behemoth as the Qing Emperor Dynasty, it is only a little longer.
Qing Di has been practicing for hundreds of millions of years, but he has reached the realm of heaven and heaven. Tianzhu is the realm of heaven and heaven. Anyone who practices this realm is to thoroughly master a law of heaven, and if it is consistent with the law of heaven, it will never die.
It can be said that the cultivation of the Buddha’s realm hardly falls, which may be called immortality.
If the strong in Tianzhu territory master a law of heaven, then Tianzun territory can play with a law of heaven at will, and the law is the same.
It’s a miracle that the law can really be consistent with the Tao, even if it’s a million years or ten million years in this world.

Xuanji gave a ha ha laugh. Go ahead. "

Li Feiyang said in fear, "I dare not sit."
"Nothing, sit down, you are my disciple, don’t be so formal."
Li Feiyang whispered: After that, he carefully found a chair and sat down.
"The world yogi conference is just around the corner. It’s not just that you young disciples want to compete with each other. It’s hard to avoid some contests between us old things. Flying, the face of our five elements can all fall on you. " Xuanji son sat down opposite Li Feiyang and walked over.
Li Feiyang’s heart came, but he still asked like a fool: "Master, the face of the five elements fell on me to be humble. How can it be so great?"
"Ha ha, you are not, but you have endless heart sutra. How about, can you recite the practice method of Infinite Heart Sutra to me in these days? While I still have a little time, I can also prove my cultivation from it, and then I will attend the yogi’s conference, which will also establish a reputation for our five elements. "
Li Feiyang’s embarrassed way: "This is not impossible, but Master, there are too many contents recorded in the Infinite Heart Sutra. I’m afraid I can’t recite it in just a few days."
"Never mind." Xuanji waved his hand and said, "You don’t have to recite it all, just tell me the part of practice."
Li Feiyang oh, "well, then, I’ll back to the owner now …"
"Li Feiyang …" Xuanji reached out a hand and tapped on the desktop: "You promised to be so happy, you didn’t mean to give me a fake, did you?"
Li Feiyang said that you are not a stupid old guy, but there was a look of fear on his face: "I dare not fly, I swear to heaven, and it is really impossible to be true to recite the law …"
"You don’t have to pretend for me either. I’ll be honest with you." Xuanji’s face sank: "I know your boy is not stupid. If you play something fake for me, I can’t tell the difference, but I can tell you that if I show you what tricks you are playing, you will be shocked by the current situation!"
Li Feiyang’s heart thumped, pretending to be in a panic: "Boss, you promised me that day that you would help me hide what happened to Elder Lei …"
"I promised you! But I didn’t let you move the ruby mirror! " Xuan Jizi said angrily, "Do you know how long it took me to understand the wonderful use of the ruby mirror? You actually took the mirror soul away … but speaking of it, the Infinite Heart Sutra is really amazing. It is such a wonderful way to get rid of the soul. " Speaking of this, Xuanzi looked at Li Feiyang with bright eyes: "Don’t try to play any tricks with me. If you dare to get me a fake heart sutra, I will kill you immediately!"
Li Feiyang hurriedly lowered his head: "I dare not fly."
"All right." Xuanzi’s tone slowed down. "As long as you treat me sincerely, I won’t treat you badly. I promised to help you refine Yuan Ying, who is amazing in thunder. Now is the right time. Let him out."
Li Feiyang immediately hesitated, but when he saw Xuanji staring at his eyes coldly, Li Feiyang suddenly realized that he had no choice, put his hand into his sleeve, and released the shocking Yuan baby from the cultivation ring.
A fuzzy humanoid light and shadow appeared in front of the two people, and Xuanji reached a finger, and a white light came out of her fingertips, which imprisoned the Yuan baby. Then his body shook, swish it up to the front of Li Feiyang, grabbed his arm.
Li Feiyang suddenly felt that a vigorous strength had invaded his meridians, and his whole body could not move. In horror, he quickly started the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu, and he was going to recruit the thunder Excalibur, and wanted to forcibly use it every day, but he heard Xuanji’s son groan and said in surprise: "Nothing? Where did you put this baby? "
Li Feiyang understood that Xuanji could not see the ring of cultivating immortals. His heart relaxed and he said calmly, "The master … imprisoned him in the body according to the method of infinite heart sutra …"
Ji Zi’s face was shocked again, but she was quickly relieved: "Sure enough, sure enough, well, I will help you refine him now."

Chapter 68 The insidious Xuan Ji Zi
Xuanji hit a few spells and spread them all over the four corners of the room. Then he bit his finger and squeezed a drop of blood as a guide. Boom, the whole room suddenly became an independent circle.
Then, Xuanji withdrew the imprisonment of Lei Jingtian, and the distorted human figure shook a few times and slowly became clear.
Eight _ zero _ power _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. _ c _ o _ m
Ray’s impressive expression looked a little confused. After a while, he seemed to wake up and suddenly flew out, but just together, he was immediately bounced back by the surrounding circle.
At this time, Lei Jingtian saw a gloomy face of Xuan Zi and Li Feiyang who was up to no good.
Impressive yuan baby broke a loud thunder, "Xuanji son, you collude with this little beast, what do you want? !”
Xuanjizi looked at Lei Jingtian faintly, raised his hand and reinforced the surrounding circle again: "Elder Lei, you accused Li Feiyang of being a traitor to our family and killed him without the permission of the head. Do you have anything else to say?"
Lei Jingtian snorted: "I want to see the elders of the Discipline Hall, and they will have a fair evaluation!" "
"Hehe …" Xuanzi smiled contemptuously: "You don’t have that chance."
Lei Jingtian felt the murder in Xuanji’s words and immediately looked at him in horror: What do you want to do? "
Xuanji reached out and folded several strange handprints on her chest, then took out the abandoned ruby mirror from her bosom, and a strange six-pointed star-shaped pattern emerged on the mirror.
"Six Yin seize the spirit array definitely … should this kind of evil spirit be heretical …" Lei TC horrified stare big eyes, Yuan Ying hurriedly stepped back, but before he could finish, Xuan Ji Zi had stretched out his hand and sacrificed the ruby mirror to his head, and a powerful suction came out of it, sucking his Yuan Ying in a blink of an eye.
As soon as Yuan Ying entered the ruby mirror, the whole mirror suddenly jumped violently, and a crackling explosion noise continued one after another. What made Li Feiyang feel more horrified was that a surging invisible coercion actually came out of the mirror and swept the whole room. A wave of anger, sadness and fear mixed with helplessness and deep unwillingness went straight to Li Feiyang’s mind. Li Feiyang only felt that there was a loud bang in his head, and the whole person’s mind was shaking and almost fainted.
"Steady mind, this is his yuan baby in the impact of your yuan god, at this time is very dangerous, pay attention! !” With a drink, Xuanji kept turning his hands up and down on his chest. White light rushed into the ruby mirror like a blade, and the ruby mirror beat more violently, even with a thunderous sound. Obviously, Lei Jingtian has struggled to the extreme.
Li Feiyang had no choice but to sit cross-legged at this time and stabilize his mind according to the practice of endless heart sutra. But Rao, the strong impact is still like the waves constantly stimulating Li Feiyang.
I don’t know how long it took. Just when Li Feiyang was about to lose support, the ruby mirror in Xuanji’s hand suddenly flashed and a green light rushed up. Although it was in the circle, the harsh light easily penetrated the circle and went straight to the sky.
Of course, the disciples and elders of the Five Elements Sect saw this vision, and suddenly they were surprised and rushed towards Lingyun Pavilion.
Li Feiyang also woke up from the meditation, and just saw Xuanji take a long breath. There was a color of exhaustion in his brow. Before Li Feiyang could say anything, Xuanji had thrown something in front of him.
Li Feiyang subconsciously reached out and caught it, but it was thrown to the ground again. "What is this thing, how is it thorny?" Randomly realized that it was wrong. Although there was a feeling of acupuncture from the fingertips, it was not the kind of hurt pain, but the touch of electric numbness.
Xuanji son didn’t good the spirit of the smile a drop of blood on it, with yuan god and its unity, become your unique multiplier, your boy is lucky, I also refined a lot of refining device, this is the best one, just, with your humble cultivation, to fully urge the utility of this multiplier is far from perfect. "
Li Feiyang let out a cry and looked grateful: "Thank you for your kindness." After that, he was really hesitant. I don’t know why, but he vaguely felt that Xuanji’s eyes were flashing.
Xuanzi shook his head: "That’s all, you just need to write the Infinite Heart Sutra for me as soon as possible. Well, you should drop your blood and collect it, and I’ll protect you."
Want to protect the law? "Li Fei Yang Yue hesitated. He felt that the favor of Xuanji was a little big, and the ruby mirror was so refined? And gave it to yourself so easily?
"hey!" Xuanzi’s body shook, and the brush rushed to Li Feiyang’s side, grabbed his arm, and the palm of his hand touched his fingertips gently. Li Feiyang only felt a pain in his fingertips, and a drop of blood flowed out. Before he could respond, Xuanzi had thrown it on the multiplier.
Li Feiyang was surprised in the heart, and subconsciously felt that he was going to suffer. As a result, he only felt a bang, and the whole person spent flowers at the moment, and there was a white dreamland.

"I don’t believe she has a heart of stone and can’t forgive you if you have these things delivered to her home for you every day!"

Silent month flow sound eyes light up slightly.
There was something of expectation in his eyes. "So she will forgive me?"
"If she still likes you in her heart, she will certainly forgive you."
"women are always duplicitous and say that they won’t forgive you. I don’t know if I have forgiven you in my heart."
I don’t want to forgive you so easily, so this requires you to act to show your sincerity. "
Silent month flowing lux eyes lit up bit by bit.
If a woman is full of duplicity, then she doesn’t really mean it when she says she doesn’t like herself.
At the thought of this, the sound of the silent moon feels that his heart is like a pool of stagnant water.
Think about it. Although she keeps saying that she doesn’t like herself today.
But every time he has a little intimacy with her, she looks at herself so obsessed.
If you really don’t like him, how can you show her that look?
Thought of here, his heart is more sure that Jiang Xue Bud still loves him.
"Big black dog, I’ve decided!"
Ji Yue Liu Yin clenched his fists with firm eyes.
Wolf Yan froze and frowned. "What have you decided?"
Smelly fox … Talk a surprised a at first glance.
The sound of the silent moon gave him a truly beautiful smile. I firmly said, "I will let people send her things every day according to your method. If she still refuses to forgive me, I will rob people on my wedding day."
Wolf Yan stunned and flashed a trace of consternation. "Are you going to rob someone?"
This ….. It’s really not like this fox’s style.
Silent month flow sound canthus curved laughed "yes, her heart must be like me >
I will be doubly kind to her if I rob her, and she will forgive me when I grow up. "
"Temple …"
Two people were talking when a woman’s voice sounded. Section 96: I don’t like going around in circles.
"Temple …"
Two people were talking when a woman’s voice rang out.
Silent month flow sound looked up and turned out to be Qing Lian came along.
"What can I do for you?"
Qinglian was somewhat guilty when she saw the sound of the silent moon [
She bowed her head and didn’t dare to look at his low voice. "The Second Hall … is waiting for you in the living room."
Silent moon streaming sound stunned expression way "second brother?"
Ji yue Liu Yan actually took the initiative to find him.
This makes the silent moon sound very unexpected.
At the beginning, he followed the little fox to their residence only to find that there was already one person there.
Fox couldn’t find anyone crying and saying that his father didn’t want him.
Later, the little fox said that he was going to find his father and left him.
Today … I don’t know whether he found them or not.
When I got to the living room, I really saw the traces of the lonely moon sitting there.
Silent month sound gently shouted a "b-brother …"
The wandering mark of the lonely moon immediately turned around and smiled when he saw him, and walked towards him.
"I don’t know if brother wants to see me for something?"
Because he always suspected that Jiang Xue Bud had been sucked out of Yin qi, he did it.
When I saw him, there was no good face in the silent moonlight.
Silent Moon Traces Silk doesn’t mind his indifference and unfamiliarity, and says with a smile, "Can’t my brother come to see you if he has nothing to do?"
The sound of the silent moon has a surprise. I raised my head and frowned lightly. "B-brother has something to say. I don’t like to beat around the bush."
"Hey, now you look at me like a stranger. Is my brother meaningless in your heart?"
The look of the lonely moon’s flow marks is a little lonely with a sigh [
He slowly walked aside and sat with a face of nai, saying, "We used to have the same feelings as our brothers, but now B-brother is also sad."
Silent Moon’s eyes turned around him for a while with some doubts. "Brother is afraid that you didn’t sigh with me today, did you? Section 963: Did you do it?
Ji Yue’s eyes wandered around him for a while with some doubts. "B-brother is afraid that you are not sighing with me today."
Silent moon, a moment, he raised an eyebrow and smiled. "You were not so unfamiliar with me before the sound flowed, but now you are doing this to me because of your desire."
After listening to the sound of Jiang Xue’s silent moonlight, I thought about it before I spoke. "Is it because your brother is here today?"
He drank two mouthfuls of tea with interest and turned to say "Exactly".
"I know that you suspect that I have been sucked up by Mu Wan" [
Ji Yue Liu Yin paused in a faint tone and said, "She went to Brother that day, and the last person she contacted was also Brother. Can I not doubt it?"
A faint smile hung from the corners of her mouth. "Do you doubt that I should be because that thing is really mine?"

Living in the spotlight may not be what the baby wants. If the baby still wants to return to this shining stage, Ye Feng will respect the baby’s choice.

Ye Feng doesn’t want to have a baby now.
He wants the baby to have an ordinary and happy childhood.
Unicorn Chan doesn’t have a social number and likes cubs. Fans have also paid attention to Ye Feng.
This time, the "competition for talents" between the nine-segment chess players and the Academy of Fine Arts also made the online ratings of Ye Feng live broadcast rise to another peak.
A few kids came out to look for materials as gifts together, but Zhou Zhou said that they should keep secrets and become more and more mysterious. No one would look for them in front of other groups.
Finally, the three adults took the delegation back to the courtyard to wait for dinner.
Several groups of hooks promised each other that no one was allowed to broadcast live at night.
You can’t let the audience spoil them. What are other people’s gifts?
The live barrage is another wail, promising that they will never spoil it.
But the regiments have been hanging on the hook for a hundred years. Don’t change it. Pull out the hook and never go back on your word.
Mom and dad also promised the group that they wouldn’t broadcast live secretly, so they could have a leisurely night.
Luo Yufei’s group should be independent. After all, Shuang Bao is not his own.
The audience who regularly watch this program has also increased a lot, and many new audiences don’t know him.
Luo Yufei decided to carry forward the 4-hour live broadcast style.
This group of temporary home is the most special and the largest bedroom for them, with four beds in it.
The room type is double sanitary design, giving consideration to privacy, and at the same time ensuring that the four of them will not queue up when cleaning.
Several other guests stopped broadcasting in the evening, and the live broadcast of Luo Yufei was still on.
Want to continue to watch the live broadcast of this program, the audience flocked to his live broadcast.
[I can’t believe Brother Xiao is actually studying? Assimilated by Qing Qing]
I always knew that we were not resident in this live broadcast. We were also writing a summer vacation last night.
[Is this just the summer vacation? Children like me will copy their studies the day before school starts.
[Wake up and see if somebody else’s children are doing summer jobs or Huanggang secret papers … I’m so conscious that it’s too big and I’m going to study.]
[Sunny sunny didn’t study. What a surprise]
[The little ear hairband is really sunny! I bought it from her.
Sunny sunny is making husky ear hairband for Luo Yufei.
She usually likes to do this kind of furry manual play. There are always material bags in the small backpack that can be taken out to play.
Luo Yufei’s mother went to the village square to dance.
Both children don’t worry about Luo Yufei. He is comfortably on the sofa playing mobile games and there is no live broadcast business.
Sunny sunny while sewing husky ears frequently out of the corner of his eye at chu que.
She felt that Chu Que had not moved for more than ten minutes. Did she fall asleep?
Sunny sunny let go of her small ears and softly rubbed against Chu Que and found that Chu Que was staring at a question without sleeping.
"Queque you won’t? I can tell you the topic. "Sunny asked softly.
"I will!" Chu Que’s cheeks are slightly red. He really won’t.
He also knows that Sunny is a three-year-old child prodigy who has been teaching himself high school courses.
But he can’t even solve junior high school problems, which will definitely make this sister look down upon it.
"This question is so difficult. I wonder if there is an auxiliary line here?" Fine fine little finger poked a roll of several patterns.
Then she went back to her little chair and went on sewing the dog’s ears.
Qing Qing sees that Chu Que seems to have a strong self-esteem and doesn’t want others to know that she is short-board, so she won’t be annoying.
Chu que didn’t speak. He looked at Qing Qing and just pointed to the position. It seems to be easier to add auxiliary lines here.
Chu que’s academic performance is not bad, and he has always been in the top of his class.
Grandpa always told him not to be complacent. There are people outside.
He is seen fine fine come and have a look and know how to solve the problem. It is difficult to maintain his self-esteem.
Should he be as shameless as the teacher said?
Chu que turned the volume forward and found the big problem that had been bothering him for a long time. He got up and walked beside Sunny.
"Can’t I help me look at this problem?"
Chu que regretted saying this when he said it. It’s still live. He feels a little embarrassed.
Sunny sunny let go of the fluffy little ears and took the roll in Chu Que’s hand and said smilingly, "How did Que Que know that I wanted to play class games? Ok, now I am a teacher and a student! "
Chu que’s face and heart are very moving.
No wonder those small groups like to play with sunny, and now he feels that he likes sunny more and more.
I wish Sunny was her own sister.
If his own sister is like Qing Qing instead of treating him as an enemy who robs his father and mother, he wouldn’t be so stiff with them.
Sunny sunny Chu Que in front of those big questions all spoke 1 time. Chu Que held a roll to digest herself, and she picked up her own hand and continued to sort it out for Luo Yufei.
"Ready so soon! It’s quite suitable for me. Hey hey "
Luo Yufei brought Husky Ear hairband.
He really likes this hairband and doesn’t even play games. He keeps taking selfies from different angles with his mobile phone on, ready to pick some photos and send them to Weibo for business.
When Luo’s mother came back, she just saw her son taking a selfie with her mobile phone.
"Silly, why don’t mom take it for you?"
"Qing Qing Luo’s father is so stupid?" Luo Yufei didn’t answer Luo Mama’s words, but turned to ask Qing Qing.
"Luo dad handsome! Hurry up, I’m going to wash my hands, and I’m going to sleep quickly, otherwise I won’t grow tall. "
Chuque! !
Curse him for not being tall!
He is of average height in his class!
I thought this sister was cute just now, but now she is not cute at all!
When Chu Que came back from dinner, he felt sweaty and sticky, so he took a cold shower.
Now he also saves washing and goes straight to bed and falls asleep.
"Come on, don’t shoot, go wash and sleep."
Luo’s mother pushed Luo Yufei into another sanitary room, and then the headlight button in that room left several bedside lamps.

The next day, the Premier League ushered in the final round. It can’t be said that there is no suspense. It can be said that there is a lack of suspense. Four teams have qualified for the Champions League in the top of the leaderboard. The only suspense is whether the fourth Arsenal can withstand Manchester United’s pressure in the final round to keep its three-point advantage and break its embarrassment of "fourth place" in recent years. At the bottom of the leaderboard, three relegated teams have also confirmed that two last relegation places will be born in Newcastle and Hull City, and the difference between the two teams is only two points.

After Manchester City lost the Manchester Derby, the pellegrini team played a five-game winning streak, which made Manchester City return to the second place, but this did not change the fate of the final round as pellegrini’s farewell match at Etihad Stadium.
The opponent is Southampton
Southampton, which lost a lot of blood last summer, was not optimistic about the outside world, but the "Saints" season proved itself. At one time, they ranked second in the league in resilience. Although they failed to withstand the pressure in the end, they still kept their hopes of qualifying for the European War. Compared with Manchester City, Southampton is obviously more motivated.
However, the team has no goal, but pellegrini doesn’t want to lose his last game in Manchester City.
So at Etihad Stadium, the two teams launched a soul-stirring battle against each other. tie
Two days after the game, Linsen got up again in the stands twice, and another head coach applauded.
For Manchester City fans, a mere league champion may still make pellegrini a success, but he is not a loser. He raised his hands and clapped around the Etihad Stadium. pellegrini said goodbye to Manchester City fans in this way. His departure has not been made public, but it is no secret.
Manchester City fans are not stingy with pellegrini’s actions in the stands.
"Can I change your decision? Lin "next to Tomlinson, staring at the stadium, Mubarak also applauded and suddenly asked 1.
"Believe me, Carl Manchester City doesn’t need me as much as you think," Lin Sen said faintly without turning his head.
Mubarak’s applause seemed to pause. First, it quickly returned to its original state, but Lin Sen seemed to hear a sigh.
It was May 24th at Etihad Stadium in Manchester.
In a prolonged palm, Manchester City bid farewell to two feats at the same time, one on the pitch and the other in the stands to be continued.
Chapter 55 Perfect choice
Lin Sen, who has bid farewell to Manchester City fans once, is destined to leave quietly this time with an announcement that quietly appeared in official website, Manchester City. This is the last trace Lin Sen left in Manchester City.
Although it was low-key, this unremarkable news of Ingra media, which had been waiting for the official news of Manchester City for a long time, soon became the focus of their speculation. After Manchester City completely withdrew from the league championship competition, almost every day, when Manchester City announced that pellegrini would leave them, after the scandal between Real Madrid and Linsen appeared, Ma immediately turned the focus to which one of Linsen and pellegrini would be the first to announce his departure.
"Lin in real Madrid? Countdown! "
After Manchester City announced Linsen’s departure, such topics quickly flooded most headlines in England. Obviously, in their view, Linsen’s departure has cleared all obstacles. In other words, Linsen’s entry into Real Madrid is a foregone conclusion, and it is not only the media but also one person who thinks so. This person just made a final effort in the stands, Mubarak.
From the emotional point of view, Mubarak also doesn’t want Linsen to go to Madrid. There is no need to go into details, but from a practical point of view, he really can’t find Linsen except for that fragile emotional factor. In the final analysis, there is no reason why coaches are different from players. Players’ clubs can stay hard, but if coaches want to go to clubs, it is better to stop them than to stop them. Because players are a player in the final analysis, but the head coach will affect a team. This is also why players can transfer to soap operas for several seasons, but the head coach rarely appears.
What’s worse, Lin Sen’s status in Manchester City is not the head coach at all.
After the Southampton game, Mubarak invited Linsen to his office for a "drink" in the name of seeing him off, but when he got to the office, he then asked Linsen what he was going to do. Mubarak asked this question in a subtle way
Linsen thought for a moment and didn’t deliberately hide it, but because Real Madrid didn’t have direct contact with him after all, he said the situation. Of course, this is enough for Mubarak to make a lot of judgments.
"So Real Madrid really intends to let you go to Madrid," Mubarak mused.
Lin Sensong shrugged his shoulders noncommittally.
"Friend Lin, can I ask you a question?" Mubarak thought for a moment and suddenly said
"Of course," Tomlinson nods
"What do you think of Ancelotti?"
As soon as Mubarak’s words came out, Linsenma understood what Mubarak wanted to do. It is not difficult to guess that Real Madrid is interested in Linsenma, and of course, Manchester City can also be interested in Ancelotti. Think carefully. This is a perfect choice for Manchester City, whether it is purely technical or emotional.
"He’s a master," Tomlinson laughed, but his tone was positive.
It’s not easy to lead a team, but it’s not easy to lead different teams, and it’s even more simple to create an era worthy of the name. Ancelotti deserves the word master.
"So do you think if he comes to coach the team?" Sure enough, Mubarak further said
"Perfect choice" Lin Sen answered without hesitation.
Real Madrid doesn’t cherish it, but it doesn’t mean that Ancelotti doesn’t cherish it. In memory, after Ancelotti left, Real Madrid didn’t achieve the effect that they wanted to change coaches. Once praised by Italian tactician Sacchi, Ancelotti, a tactical chameleon, was recognized as being good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, otherwise he wouldn’t have led Real Madrid to the top of Europe in his first season.
Is Ancelotti suitable for Manchester City?
Sure! And as Linsen said, perfect choice!
Mubarak "retaliated" and set his sights on Madrid, but he didn’t know it was just when he was talking to Linsen. There was also a conversation in Madrid, one was florentino, and the other was the elegant Frenchman who was no stranger to all Real Madrid fans.
After florentino returned to Real Madrid, Zida, who was once florentino’s personal consultant, always heard that he would enter the coaching staff when Mourinho was still in Real Madrid, and this news came true after Ancelotti went to Real Madrid. In the season, Zida’s role was Ancelotti’s assistant, and in the season, Zida officially became a head coach to coach Real Madrid B team in the second group of Spain and China.
After Zida took over as the coach of Real Madrid Team B, many Spanish media said that it was that Real Madrid was training a reserve coach for itself, and Zida himself made no secret that he hoped to become the dream of Real Madrid coach one day. florentino certainly knew Zida’s idea, otherwise Zida would not become the coach of Real Madrid Team B without coaching experience, even though he used to be the World Footballer of the Year.
It’s always good to have dreams or ambitions.
Although he and Barcelona are sworn enemies, florentino also hopes that one day, Real Madrid’s handsome position will be cultivated by himself as a sworn enemy.
But now, unless florentino is willing to take a very, very big risk, his hope is doomed to be postponed. In the past, Zida was elegant on the court and didn’t show the same talent on the sidelines. Real Madrid team B ranked fifth in the second group of Spain and Europe to upgrade to the play-offs.
What will florentino say to Zida today?
Let him pick up Ancelotti?
Neither Zida nor florentino recognized that this was the right time.
"I still hope you believe Mr. karlo." Zida frowned, but he still rarely insisted that florentino had made a decision.
"I know you and karlo are very close, Qi Zu" and florentino frowned. "But this is not what we should discuss today."
Qi da suddenly fell silent.
Florentino’s frown finally made him realize that there is not much room for things to change. As florentino said, he and Ancelotti are really good. They didn’t just work together in the season. At that time, he worked with Ancelotti in Juventus for two seasons. It can be said that both the player and the pig’s foot Ancelotti helped Zidane a lot.
Of course, Zida will put in a good word for Ancelotti not only because of this paragraph, but because he really believes that Real Madrid should not change coaches.
From players to staff to coaches, although Zida is not Spanish, not many people know everything about this club better than him. As the world knows, the position of Real Madrid coach is the most difficult position in the world. To exaggerate, it is even more difficult than being the Spanish prime minister. At least if he doesn’t die, he won’t die. At least, he doesn’t have to worry about being kicked out of Taiwan. However, Real Madrid coaches sometimes die whether you die or not.
This is indeed the richest club in the world, but it also has the meanest top management in the world. It does have the largest and best stadium in the world. But it also has the most demanding fans in the world. It does have the best stars in the world, but it also has the most difficult dressing room in the world.
Here you must not only win, but also win beauty, not only be full of personal charm, but also know how to be exquisite …
"I don’t think anyone can do better than Bical Luo, although the team’s season performance is really unsatisfactory," Zida said. "Even if that person is Lin."