Wan Su just arrived at the door and met this Wan Lingyun. He was also very painful to this ordinary man. When he saw him, he immediately took him to the door.

"Dad, what are you going to do?"
"Of course, I’m going to find Wan Lingyao. Why can she give us so many shops to this week?"
Wan Lingyun grabbed him with a backhand: "Dad, you don’t know the situation at that time. I was there at that time. How aggressive the king of Yong County was, and then his status as a veteran of the Three Dynasties meant that the whole family would lose so much if it weren’t for the eloquence of the first sister and Master Guo."
"A few? ! There are so many points! "
"Dad, you have to know that Dijie is a good plan now. Dijie said that she will return to Beijing in two days and then hurry into the palace to get things done so that when she comes back, won’t these things be taken back?"
"Is that so?" Wan Su is very suspicious.
Wan Lingyun looked at him: "Now, even if we go to find the first sister, there is no way to change this fact. Moreover, if we go to find this Yong County King now, not only will the store not come back, but things will get worse, and we can still rely on this first sister, and the monarch position will be lost. Then it will be really at the end of our tether."
"But if it weren’t for her, our family …"
"But dad didn’t you tell me that DiJie promise we are going to ask her for help? If it weren’t for the first sister, we wouldn’t have lost so much at this time, and it’s impossible to come back. "
Wan Lingyun looked at his heart and smiled. Wan Su was obviously reacted by what he said. Although it may be because he is a businessman or intuitively feels that something is wrong, this title of the monarch is like this dazzling gold, which makes this million millet deaf and deaf, and he is bent on what he can earn from this title of the monarch.
Wan Lingyao was particularly determined when he was away from Wanjia, but it didn’t really anger Wan Su. Moreover, Wan Sujue Wan Lingyao didn’t leave the field at that time, and there was nothing to do. There was no special precaution when he came back this time.
"So are we going or not?" Wan Su suddenly felt a little dizzy.
"Of course, I won’t go, but dad is sure that Dijie will not move anything. Later, dad, you must be very angry and ask her what she wants, and then send someone to contact her mother as soon as possible to take people back."
"Don’t you know who her mother is? Her mother is in front of this well family … "
"If you talk to them, they will come naturally, or they will give up the monarch’s adult …"
Wan Lingyun said everything in Wan Su’s heart. As the saying goes, everything is afraid of traitors. If Wan Su knew it, he wouldn’t move a little greedy thoughts.
Wan Lingyao and Guo Jinghan have returned to the capital, and they have already passed the air with this guard. This Ru ‘an monarch card is just like this token for entering the palace.
Wan Lingyao went directly into the palace, but as soon as he entered the palace, he found that even his face was not quite right. It seemed that something had happened, and Wan Lingyao was relaxed and wary.
Lian looked at her and frowned slightly: "The Queen Mother is back."
"Do we plan to have this?"
"Things in this palace can’t escape her eyes. If something really appears to assassinate her, she is bound to track down what happened to Wanjia."
"This is the deed and title deed. Now is the time for us to take a step forward."
Even Jia Jian frowned and shook her head. The Queen Mother came back. Although she is now a queen, it is even more important to pay attention to the fact that she can afford to hide in the past. If she wants to hide, there will be big problems.
Wan Lingyao bowed his head: "Why don’t you … forget it? I’ll find a way to deal with Wanjia myself."
"It’s not that we can’t handle it, but that the original simple things must be done now … and some people need to be sacrificed if necessary."
"It’s just a million families, or else forget it."
"Since I promised you, I’m sure I’ll keep these title deeds for myself … yeah … since the queen mother is back …" Even with a smile.
On this night, even JianJian gave a banquet in his own palace to entertain Wan Lingyao, and Qi Mu went to Buxue in the name of not disturbing their old friends to meet each other. Even JianJian had said that she would change the name of fake Bufei to her original name, which was just an opportunity. If she went there on weekdays, maybe they would think more, but today the reason is appropriate.
Even Jia Jian and Wan Lingyao talk about this painful thing and sometimes talk about what they did after that, and sometimes ask her if her marriage with Guo Jinghan is ready. It looks like I haven’t seen my friends chatting for a long time.
Just then, a maid-in-waiting who claimed to be from Buxue Palace brought a plate of famous dishes from overseas countries, saying that it was a pursuit. After that, she praised it and let people make another one immediately.
People suspected that when they saw the maid-in-waiting, they suddenly pulled out a machete from the sleeve and rushed to Lianjia Wan Lingyao. When they saw this on the high platform, they immediately got up and knocked over the table. As soon as they stopped the maid-in-waiting, the maid-in-waiting stumbled down the steps and immediately turned around and scratched Wan Lingyao’s arm.
"Stay alive!"
But it’s too late to say it. The maid-in-waiting has been stung and her throat sealed!
You Yan Qimu received the news and immediately rushed over. This scene is not chaotic, but the blood of this glazed floor tile is real. The female doctor is dressing Wan Lingyao.
"Things done? In a short while, the people in Taihou Palace will come back and ask you that you killed Aunt Fu beside her at that time, and she invited a Qing Yue teacher from this Qing Taoist view. This Qing Yue teacher is not a simple person. "
"The pursuit has not come to Xinxin male and female servants. Even this ignorant child who just entered the palace can see things here."
You Yan Qimu smiled and walked to her side: "If you don’t cry, who knows that you are scared?"
Wan Lingyao twisted his teeth and got a knife. I can’t cry out for pain.
It’s like Ru Yan Qi Mu thinks that the Queen Mother sent a sage like type … the old woman is the teacher of Qing Yue.
"You are human!" Sting is always the first to rush.
"Being original was sent by the empress dowager to hear that an assassin had just come to this palace. The empress dowager was worried about the empress dowager’s safety and ordered her to come and see."
Lian Jianji looked at her: "Then please take the assassin’s body out on the way! It’s early or late. As soon as the Empress Dowager came back, someone assassinated the Empress Dowager and told the Empress Dowager that she was frightened and wanted to rest for a few days. After all, if this matter was investigated by the Empress Dowager, she would probably be caught by the enemy in the end. "
Chapter four hundred and thirty Waves resurfaced
Wan Lingyao knew that even the horse was about to make a big splash here, and he didn’t dare to stay and make excuses to say that he was frightened and ready to go back to Gongcheng. As a result, he was stopped by this group of guards before he left the palace.
"The empress dowager empress has a purpose to find out that the predecessors are not allowed to leave the palace."
But fortunately, even Jianji will never let this Wan Lingyao be detained. When he heard the news, he immediately asked Shelley to personally send this Wan Lingyao out of the palace.
It’s suspicious to even know about it, especially when the queen mother knows that she didn’t do it. She will definitely suspect that she did it. Fortunately, the imperial edict can be delayed, and Wanjia will actually see the seal of this decree, which will make Wan Lingyao the palm of this family, so that Wanjia will be in the bag.
The queen mother had already slept, but she couldn’t sleep when it was noisy. She didn’t want to come, but she became serious immediately after hearing Lian Jian say that. "Taoist Qing Yue, this queen really said that."
"Being original does not dare to talk nonsense."
"Are these people coming for the mourning family or for the queen?"
"Being original and recognizing that some things still need to be seen."
The queen mother believed that the Taoist priest Qing Yue made a decision at once. "It will be interesting to see what tricks this niece played at once."
Even Jia Jian is still sitting in the same place. Ru Yan Qi Mu is pretending to call this guard and ask them to go to each palace at once and bring all the stewards here to identify them. At the same time, the maids are still cleaning up the blood here.
"The Empress Dowager arrives"
"My son (male and female servants) welcomes the Empress Dowager (empress)" and they all saluted.
The Empress Dowager nodded her head, which was different from coming back this time. This time, the Empress Dowager seems to be in poor spirits. Even the white hair on her temples is much more than before. It looks a little decaying. "Get up quickly."
"Mother, please sit down"
"There’s no need to mourn for my family. I’m from Cining Palace. I haven’t been back for a long time. It’s normal for this palace to be treated with more unclean things."
This even meant something to the empress dowager, who even knew that her provocation had taken effect. "The lesson of the empress dowager was that the male and female servants did not dare to overstep the rules to take care of things in this mother’s harem. I didn’t expect such a wolf ambition to appear in this palace, even holding a sword and asking me to spill my blood in public!"
"This is nothing but pity for Miss Wanjia. I heard that you have let Miss Wanjia go out of the palace?"
Even Jianji nodded. "It’s a coincidence that when I passed Gongcheng before my male and female servants got married, she saved my life. This time I heard that this family said that she was going to marry my cousin and I invited her to the palace to chat. She actually saved me again."
"That’s just as you said. What a coincidence!"
"But it’s already late at night. It’s all right for the assassin to assassinate me. It actually shocked the empress dowager to stay in Beijing for a while. After checking the assassin, the male and female servants immediately called people to whip the corpse for three days, just to vent their anger on the empress dowager."

Zhuge Liang did not shine and shivered all over: "Old man, you are too reasonable."

"Hehehe, I’m joking." Xia Dongliu laughed.
Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai both took a chill. This is a master of the deification period, and his moves are bound to be highly effective. Although Xia Dongliu looks pleasing at the moment, no one can guarantee what Xia Dongliu will do if Zhuge doesn’t promise.
"Let’s give it a try." Zhuge was very helpless when he didn’t light up. It’s not that he doesn’t want to refuse, there is really no way.
"Ha ha ha, in that case, I’ll thank you here." Xia Dongliu smiled and said, "You can rest in the valley for another day. Tomorrow morning, I will start sealing."
Say that finish, Xia Dongliu got up and left.
"Old man, aren’t you afraid that I will fly away with the immortal bones in the future?" Zhuge didn’t smile.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, I know it." Xia Dongliu walked away.
Zhuge didn’t light up and shivered. He wondered if this old guy would be doing something in his own body. In case the brick thing is caught now, it will be in trouble. This old guy is a master of deification, so it is impossible not to know the black iron of Jiu Youwu. In ancient times, when cultivating immortals, a small piece of nine mysterious black iron led to a bloody case. Now he has such a large piece in his body, which is definitely a catastrophe for himself.
After a night of silence, Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai were very worried. They didn’t want to escape overnight, but just two practitioners in the period of rotating photos. How can they get rid of an old monster in the period of deification?
The next morning, Xia Dongliu found Zhuge Buliang early in the morning. On this page, Xia Dongliu has never been idle, carving and depicting paintings in an open space in the valley, which seems to be moving some circles.
Xia Dongliu came to a clearing in the valley with Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai.
In this clearing, there are countless lingshi inlaid, and they are all purple top-grade lingshi, flashing faint light and arranged according to some kind of law.
In the center of the circle, it is a shape of a real dragon pieced together by hundreds of lingshi.
"Do it up here." Xia Dongliu pointed his hand and let Zhuge sit on the dragon’s dragon’s faucet.
Zhuge walked into the array and sat at the leading position. Time, intuition around the essence of heaven and earth are gathered here. This magic circle has the function of collecting the essence of heaven and earth.
Su Xiaobai stood at a distance.
At this time, Xia Dongliu suddenly moved, and his hands quickly tied the French seal. At the moment, the golden light was dazzling and soared into the sky. Xia Dongliu bit the tip of the tongue and spit out a mouthful of JingXie. This JingXie into Jin Guangzhong, in this Jin Guangzhong, unexpectedly there is a bloody.
That drop of jingxie seems to be a pigment, which melts into the golden light, and the golden light becomes red, and condenses into a tall figure behind Xia Dongliu. Chutianchu, behind this bloody shadow, is condensed into a long sword by these two lotus flowers.
"This is the blood sword shura of the Dugu family!" Su Xiaobai’s pupil contracted.
Xia Dongliu saw his one eye, didn’t speak, and concentrated his attention. His hands were constantly sealed, and the lotus flower was foaming at the mouth, tearing the sky and breaking the sky.
The tall blood sword shura seems to be alive, and opened a pair of indifferent eyes.
Blood gas fills the air, and the blood sword shura moved, pulled out the blood sword behind him, and shot out the array of Lingshi. The blood sword enters the circle, and instantly turns into blood gas and blends into it.
Then, the blood sword shura hit several blood swords in a row and gathered in the circle.
In the magic circle, all the lingshi give off dazzling light. In the magic circle, all the light is erased and turned into a shady scene, and the light from the lingshi is as dazzling as the stars. Zhuge is not bright at the moment, just like being in the starry sky.
A real dragon appeared under him, bared its teeth and growled. Zhuge was not bright and white light surged, so holy.
Xia Dong rushed into the circle like a welcome, pointing at Zhuge’s dim body again and again.
After finishing everything, Xia Dongliu has already oozed sweat from his forehead. It seems that this series of actions is quite difficult for Xia Dongliu.
At this time, Xia Dongliu took out the jade box and took out the immortal bones. At the moment, all the brilliance in the array was condensed to the immortal bones and Zhuge.
There seems to be some connection between the two. Xia Dongliu played a tactic, and the immortal’s bones turned into a streamer and rushed into Zhuge’s dim body.
At this time, however, the sudden change made Zhuge not bright, and the seven acupoints in his body shone brightly, and the purple star was dazzling. The immortal’s bones contain endless pure essence of heaven and earth. At this moment, the essence of heaven and earth in the immortal’s bones is flowing into Zhuge’s dim body at an alarming rate and being swallowed up by seven divine points.
"How can this happen!" Xia Dongliu was taken aback and his pupils suddenly dilated.
Ps: Many people ask how many beautiful women and heroines appear in this book. There was only one design. It may be changed later. Also, many people think that the name "Seven Stars Treasure Body" is too vulgar, and Xiao Yao will change it these days.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Fix for a breakthrough
Zhuge felt abnormal when it was not bright, and the pure essence of heaven and earth roared like a tsunami. The seven caves were like a demon with an open mouth, and they came and absorbed all the pure essence of heaven and earth. In an instant, Zhuge’s dim vision in the body was displayed, like thunder rolling, and like a thousand troops galloping.
"Not good!" Xia Dongliu’s face changed wildly. He used the occult method to retrieve the immortal’s bones, but now the immortal’s hand bones were sucked by the seven points in Zhuge’s unlit body.
The crazy essence of heaven and earth entered the tank, and Zhuge didn’t light up his mind like a blast. He couldn’t bear the crazy essence of heaven and earth.
At this time, a stream of black gas rushed out of Zhuge’s dim body and hit the immortal’s bones.
"There are things in his body! ?” Xia Dongliu surprised way.
At the moment, it’s not only Zhuge who doesn’t light up the seven points in his body, but also devours the essence of heaven and earth in the immortal’s bones. There is also a black gas that wants to snatch the immortal bones from the past.
Finally, Xia Dongliu spewed a mouthful of JingXie into the immortal bones, and with a wave of his hand, he abruptly pulled the immortal bones out of Zhuge’s dim body.
The carved circle was also broken in an instant, and Rao, a master of Xia Dongliu’s deification period, was also shaken back several steps. Zhuge, who is in the eyes of the array, is not bright but is shrouded by a Beidou light curtain. It’s just that Zhuge didn’t shine because he was hit by that crazy essence of heaven and earth, and the whole person was unconscious.
It’s not that his consciousness is not firm, but that shock wave is too strong.
"Well" Xia Dongliu stuffy hum 1, his face became ugly.
"What’s the matter?" Su Xiaobai came up.
Xia Dongliu shook his head. He looked at the remains of the immortal in his hand. The hand bones of the immortal were still bright, but one finger was obviously dim.
"There’s something inside him!" Xia Dongliu looked pale and said, "Besides, I’m naive. The Seven-Star Treasure Body is more overbearing than I expected."
"So what now?" Su Xiaobai said.
"Take him into the room." Xia Dongliu a face of wrinkles, sighed and shook his head, turned and walked towards the hut.
Zhuge, who was in a coma, didn’t know it. After seven acupoints in his body absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, they were being transformed into the original elements, and they gathered in the dark abdomen of Zhuge, and the achievement method operated on its own.
In the light curtain of the seven caves, there is a black plank brick suspended silently, but if you look closely, you can see it now, except for the black plank brick. There is also a black shadow flashing in this big dipper screen.
At this moment, Zhuge did not shine in the abdomen, and the real yuan vortex whirled rapidly, blending the essence of that day into it. The real vortex becomes colorful, flashing colorful brilliance, and then all these brilliance are transformed into pure white light.
Zhuge didn’t know it, but his cultivation was flying up, from the first floor of the rotation period to the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor and the fifth floor, and he gradually stabilized until he entered the sixth floor of the rotation period. In a wonderful state, the essence of heaven and earth absorbed by the seven divine points from the remains of immortals is rapidly improving Zhuge’s dim cultivation.
It was not until Zhuge’s dim cultivation entered the sixth floor of the rotation period that everything calmed down. The seven caves faded, and the mysterious shadow gradually disappeared in the Beidou screen.
It was not until noon the next day that Zhuge woke up at dawn, and the dazzling sunlight shone into the room through the window. Zhuge narrowed his eyes slightly at dawn, and then got up and sat up. Memories gradually returned, and Zhuge didn’t light up and sounded the natural thing. Immediately, he sat down and looked inside.
"There seems to be nothing surprising." Zhuge was puzzled when he was not bright. He searched every corner of his body, but there were no bones of the immortal.
"Didn’t the seal succeed?" Zhuge couldn’t help thinking, "Wait a minute, the cultivation seems to have improved!"
Until then, Zhuge didn’t appear until dawn, and his own cultivation changed from the first floor of the rotation period to the sixth floor of the rotation period. This leap-forward promotion made Zhuge stunned for a while and didn’t understand what happened.
Zhuge pushed open the door before dawn and came out. Outside the house was a splashing pool. At the moment, Su Xiaobai stood on the water in white with a Gu Jian in his hand. The white dress fluttered, Su Xiaobai tiptoed lightly on the water, and the whole person volleyed, the sword danced, and the sword splashed a layer of water, and the water droplets fell on the body of the sword, but they were not broken.

Without the hidden stakes, eleven people sneaked into several big trees near the river bank. When they got here, Ji Dong could clearly feel the enhancement of the castle scanning intensity. Obviously, the closer the holy soul scanning is, the stronger the scanning power is.

Ji Dong looked at the four towers with slightly narrowed eyes and thought to himself that this thing didn’t know how it came into being, but it shouldn’t be a human being. Otherwise, it was impossible to protect himself without four holy-level strong men when he robbed the prison in the dark. If it was an array or something that produced effects, he must try to destroy this thing before he got the artifact, and it would be much easier when he came back. He won’t aim too high this time, but he can destroy the dark temple once, twice and three times. They are full for a year and a half.
It’s been almost a quarter of an hour since they cleaned up the hidden piles, and it’s almost an hour since Aunt Moer said it’s going to Ji Dong. I’m not worried that those dark magicians who sent women over will find that the hidden piles are not cleaned up. Chapter 594.
Ah Kin gave her a thumbs-up and praised her perfection. At this time, he didn’t wear the eye-catching golden armor, and his exquisite and graceful body was wrapped in the black dark magic robe, which looked a little amorous.
The second hidden pile is less than 50 meters away from the first one. The prayer for returning is a stone pillar, but a big tree. Heaven knows that there is a dark place all day. This big tree is so thick that it hides people anyway.
After all, being able to have array protection and concealed weapons is still a minority. This time, Ah Kin naturally went to Ah Kin. His body almost skimmed over the ground. When he pressed his right hand on the ground, he told Ji Dong that this had been solved. The thick metal spike in the tree hole almost flashed from the side into the skull, and even directly stabbed his tongue, which made him even have no chance to scream. Life has passed.
Peripheral dark piles are thus cleaned up by two people’s suspense, and it is close to a distance of 100 meters from the moat. Previously, Ji Dong detected that three crown magicians are all near here, and at the same time, there are more than a dozen six crown magicians. If you want to reach the moat here, you must get rid of these people. Otherwise, there are crown magicians, and their soul force cover may not be able to hide it when they pass here.
Ji Dong and Ah Kin get together and communicate directly through their souls.
"What should I do?" Ah Kin asked Ji that she was not sure to kill a crown magic teacher without disturbing the other two crown magic teachers.
Ji Dong thought for a moment and then said, "I’m afraid we have to take risks. I can divide them into individuals. How long will it take you to solve a crown demon master?"
Ah Kin said, "Ten seconds at most."
Ji Dong nodded. "Okay, then ten seconds. I’ll guide you to the attack sequence later."
A Jin Dao "white"
It is extremely labor-saving to cooperate with Congren. Ji Dong has always understood this moment. He originally protected the two people’s soul force and quietly expanded it. The area has been completely shrouded. The silver soul light is swept out close to the ground and expanded with the diffusion of soul force. From the ground, it is even mud, which will completely cover the surrounding area.
When Ji Dong asked Ah Kin about the attack, it was because he couldn’t help. There was a holy level soul scan outside, and he had to deal with it. At the same time, he had to help Ah Kin divide these hidden piles so that they could take care of each other. This required that his soul force must be released. Ji Dong could not enter the battle, otherwise a bad one would be discovered by the soul force outside.
Without half a warning, all the silver filaments suddenly rose from the ground and completely enveloped this area. Only Ji Dong and Ah Kin could see Ji Dong’s deliberate concealment, and it was impossible for outsiders to find out that it was his spiritual realm that dreamed of silver.
A series of silver filaments wrapped the dark piles sadly, but they were still at a loss. Everyone was isolated from this strange spiritual realm. Even if there was a violent roar around them, they would never hear the scenery in front of them, and it would never change. This is the strength of the spiritual realm and a wonderful response of Ji Dong.
In an instant, Ah Kin has moved. This time, she didn’t hide her breath. The magic face was released. Except that she didn’t wear the golden armor, now she is in a state of perfection. She has a dreamland and Ji Dong’s soul to cover Ah Kin. There is nothing to worry about.
Her body flickered past four hidden piles of six crown magic masters, and she had solved each other conveniently. Until the moment of her death, Ah Kin failed to immerse herself in the dreamland of silver.
In less than one breath, Ah Kin has already come to the front of the first crown magic division, and the harsh golden light suddenly lights up. Ah Kin’s right hand has turned a golden sword into a chest stab at his opponent to deal with those spikes protruding from the ground of the crown magic division. It is unrealistic and will definitely be induced by the other side. Ah Kin simply attacks it head-on.
Gexiu, the Crown Magician, is indeed not comparable to the Six Crown Magicians. At the moment when Ah Kin attacked, he could not see anything, but he felt a strong crisis. He did not hesitate to use his hands to protect his chest. The strong yellow light has formed a huge ball of light to wrap his body. This is a Crown Magician. Although he is not wearing a red robe, Xiuxiu is also a red high priest.
A sonorous explosion sounded the crown, and the E-soil magic division screamed. A body had crashed back and severely hit a big tree behind it. The yellow light was like an eggshell, and it was instantly cracked. Then it exploded into several light spots. Jin Jiu’s crown magic and holy power attacked him. It was already a manifestation of strength that he was able to stop this blow, but even so, it was a mouthful of blood. Wow, it gushed out.
This crown demon master is also good at keeping up with the crisis. When he throws a bamboo tube with his right hand, he throws it out instantly, which is obviously a signal thing.
At the same time, when a lazy snowball doesn’t shout, he doesn’t look back to his right hand and presses a huge stone to the ground. Now he wants to have the first blow to escape. In the collision, he feels that the other side respects the strong and can’t run. Isn’t that too long? How can Ah Kin let him escape from himself? Her eyes flashed off, her figure rose like a golden flash, and her right hand pressed a golden light. Suddenly, the sky condensed into a big hand and fished it into the bamboo tube. At the same time, she completed a wonderful broken line in her body, and the golden sword in her hand was cut off as a pledge.
At this moment, Ah Kin’s murderous look has come out of generate to hide in the distance, and Ji Dong quickly increases his ability to hide the dream silver magic domain for fear that Ah Kin’s magic will be discovered by Zhongsheng level detection.
In the sonorous explosion, the boulder has made a clean break, but the crown magician rushed out five meters away before rolling, and at the same time, his left hand was thrown behind him, which turned out to be a scroll.
This crown demon master is resourceful. Every strong man who has reached the Tianshi level is always good at his own killer weapon. He is no exception. Throwing this scroll is a killer skill of the earth. Although he has not met the level of killing skill, he is also very close. If he is released, he will be able to stop Akin a little, and then he can run far with his crown strength.
Unfortunately, he didn’t know that he was not hunted by a nine-crowned magic master, and at the same time he was trapped in another more terrible spiritual realm of the strong.
So when he threw the scroll, people were already stupid, because Ah Kin appeared on his front, and the golden sword flashed into his eyebrows, and the scroll he threw was wrapped in a strange light, and the magic of triggering the scroll was instantly drawn.
The reel can’t be started when it closes its roots.
Ah Kin’s body flashed to the scroll without stopping for half a minute and had already rushed in the other direction.
How could the former Crown Magic Master escape from the influence of the magic domain in the dream silver magic domain? He didn’t even know that he had turned himself. It’s strange that the roots of the scroll were thrown in the opposite direction, and he was also facing Ah Chin to meet the undead.
In the dreamland of silver, Ah Kin has the guidance of Ji Dong’s soul, which is like a duck to water. Ji Dong did not rush to let her attack the other two crown magicians, but guided Ah Kin to kill all the six crown magicians and get their dark crystal crowns before coming to the second crown magicians.
This time, Ah Kin met an old woman who was an opponent of Guishui and a crown woman.
Moreover, this old woman is wearing a crimson robe, and it is obvious that she is a red high priest.
There was no difference between the golden light and the dream silver in front of the red high priest. Before the crisis, the red high priest naturally didn’t respond at all, but her sense of crisis was stronger than that of the previous crown magician, and her responsiveness was faster. A triple heavy ice shield was formed almost at the first time, and at the same time, a purple armor was added to protect her body. At the same time, her mouth gave a scream, and her body turned backwards and her feet went out to attack in the direction of Ah Kin.
This response is very perfect, and it is worthy of wearing a red robe. The actual combat ability and practice are much better than those of the previous crown magic division.
It’s a pity that the red high priest didn’t know that when Ah Kin started this fight, Ji Dong gave her instructions and two words were worn out.
The powerful auxiliary demon possessed by Ah Kin, who pierces the demon domain, is harsh, and the white and golden tip instantly blooms with white and golden light, but it doesn’t.
Before the absolute strength attack, everything can be in vain. The red high priest’s flip has not been finished yet, and he is about to release the magic field immediately, but it has already stopped. The golden sword light flashed right through her jaw and stabbed the whole person through the top of her head, while the three layers of ice shield were completely penetrated by the golden light, but the ice shield didn’t even have a crack. How terrible the piercing power was.
In those two attacks, Ah Kin didn’t even dodge. It’s strange that she could be hit.
With his right hand, he got that pretty good crown, dark decyl crystal crown, and the secret passage in Akin’s heart. This time, Bao Er is blessed. Although he thinks about his body like this, he has already pounced on the last goal.
At the same time, Ji Dong also sent a forward signal to his heavenly saints. The last champion magician Ah Kin didn’t attack in the previous way. There were still 30 meters away from the other side, and the golden light flashed in his left hand. A huge long bow and a golden light string were pulled back by his right hand. A golden sword has emerged. The extreme gold magic of the earth has instantly condensed a little white light, and the golden light flashed with the arrow for a moment. The famous champion magician has been nailed to the ground by instant seconds without even reacting.
Also get the crystal crown Akin back to Ji Dong and smile slightly. It was full of pitfalls, cold and charming, just like spring flowers. I can’t help but stay at Ji Dong.
"It feels so good to cooperate with your dreamy silver demon. If you hadn’t woken up, I would have forgotten to wear out the demon. It’s a pity that you wouldn’t let me destroy the golden ring, otherwise they would die faster."
Ji Dong doesn’t adapt to Ah Kin’s exultation. "Artifacts can’t easily make our artifact light breath too strong, and it’s easy for the other party to rest assured that you can give full play to it."

Shang Heyang immediately laughed when he heard this: "Don’t deceive your husband in the next place. Shen Wuji is by no means a heartless person, otherwise he would not have been trapped in the trap 300 years ago. "

Shen Wugui heard about what happened 300 years ago, but there was nothing different. He said faintly, "If you don’t believe me …" But Shen Wugui said to the monk who knew the difference and the Taoist Tiezhong, "Why don’t you two continue to deploy?"
The two monks, Zhifei and Fei, heard the news and wondered what medicine was sold in this innocent gourd. However, Shen Wusu said, "Now that you two have seen that I didn’t run away, it is obvious that this law and this action are absolutely important to you and even your entire Kunlun Sect, and perhaps it is also related to the big things of life and death. But whatever your reasons, this disobedient little brother gave you a chance. As long as you can finish this picture before he makes a choice, you two may still have a chance to escape! "
The monk who knows the truth and the Taoist priest in Tiezhong all smiled bitterly when they heard Shen’s innocent words. Two people also don’t talk quickly began to decorate work.
In fact, what Shen Wuji said is not necessarily all right, but it is also close. Knowing that monks and Taoist priests in Tiezhong really have reasons not to leave. Taoist priest Zhifei and Tiezhong all know that if their powerful allies suffer losses because of their mistakes in this link, those strongmen will never let the Kunlun Sect go easily. It’s better to fight here than to die. Maybe there’s a chance! What’s more, at this time, they still have one step of dark chess and hope to get away after completing the array!
Shang Heyang looked at the array that was nearing the end. I am extremely anxious. It seems that I really don’t care at all when I look at Shen Wuze and Yin Sutang’s carefree appearance. Although reason tells Shang and Yang Shen that Wusu can’t care about her husband’s life, he dare not gamble with Shen Wusu.
Facing the threat, Shang and Yang, the King of Five Ghosts, took one look bitterly at Shen Wuze and Yin Sutang as if nothing had happened. A grin waved a white light straight to the monk Zhifei. And almost at the same time, the silver-gray lightning disaster and the Tanling Sumeru sword of Yin Sutang also attacked the Tiezhong Taoist.
The cultivation of the monk who knows that he is not the same as that of Shang and Yang, the king of the Five Ghosts, and this Shang and Yang just want to stall him and it doesn’t take much effort to recklessly. It is the enemy who advances and I retreat. The enemy’s retreat and the pursuit of the game are extremely rogue, and the two of them were deadlocked there for a while.
It is said that the Taoist Tiezhong, at the sight of Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang, had a great hatred at the same time. Although he knew that he would lose when facing two people at the same time, he still had a glimmer of hope at this time. Mana crazy to destroy only the mountain of huge iron bell purple mans a flash of courage. Straight towards the innocent sky, thunder and fire, and the altar spirit sumeru sword of Yin Sutang.
As soon as Yin Sutang saw Jiao Sheng, she said, "I didn’t expect that I hadn’t seen it for more than a hundred years. You coward have grown a lot! It’ s really courageous to face the innocent sister and me and dare to fight. "
Road flyover Tie Zhong didn’t answer. I have no heart to control the iron bell of double cultivation of life. Road flyover Tie Zhong said to himself, "As long as I can stall Shen Wuwei and Yin Sutang for a while, the secretive guy will be able to complete the array. As soon as the crypt crosses Shang and Yang, the mission fails. Will not be entangled again. At that time, it should not be difficult for the three of us to get away with it, even if we can’t win the witch Shen Wuji. " Thought of here, the iron bell road flyover is more cheerful, and his eyes secretly glanced at the array below.
This monk who knows who is not is dealing with the pestering five ghosts, Shang Heyang. Road flyover Tiezhong’s life is at stake. However, it seems that none of the warring parties noticed that the following array was slowly’ growing’. Originally, there was not much left, and it didn’t take ten minutes to complete this figure according to the degree.
Road flyover Tiezhong and monk Zhifei looked at it and sneered in their hearts: "Hum! Until the battle is over and the entrance to this crypt is destroyed. Then we’ll be three against two. See how you two bitches can kill me! Wait until the following things are over and the reinforcements return! Let’s work together to kill and see when you two women can be crazy! "
But when the huge iron and the two divine lights of ash and gold crossed, the road flyover Tiezhong was frightened to disgrace. I saw that the purple awn of his subway clock was torn as easily as a blank sheet of paper under the gray flame. After the collision, the gray divine light scattered at the touch of a touch, and the silver-gray flame devoured the huge iron clock like a hill like a locust.
Look at Yin Sutang’s altar spirit, the sumeru sword, flying into the air and incarnating ten feet. The dazzling golden light is even more dazzling, and the sunny sky is just like two days out. In those days, Taoist Tiezhong also participated in the siege of Wuyin Peak, and later he repeatedly went down the mountain to hunt down Yin Su Tang and was injured in Tiezhong’s hand for more than ten times. At this time, Yin Su-tang was even more jealous when she saw her enemy.
Yin Su-tang’s mana is as crazy as pouring flying swords without money. The altar spirit sumeru sword is more like a stimulant, chopping the iron clock crazily, and the road flyover clock will leave a scar of tens of feet with each sword. Look at that iron clock. It’s beginning to crumble under the double bombardment. I’m afraid it won’t last a few times.
This iron bell is the only magic weapon in the Taoist priest’s life, which has been practiced to the point of perfection. Today, however, Shen Wuji and Yin Su-tang ruined his iron bell, and the iron bell road flyover was badly injured.
However, until now, Taoist Tiezhong and monk Zhifei still insisted on not seeing the color of despair. And the moment they have been waiting for is finally coming, only to see the’ growing’ array below, and now there is only one last stroke left in this array. Just draw one last stroke, and this last crypt entrance will be destroyed. In fact, this’ growth’ pattern is what the dark chess of the Kunlun Sect did, and it is also the hope that the monks who know the truth and the Taoist Tiezhong persist to this day.
Both Taoist Zhifei and Tiezhong have put their hearts in their throat and are waiting for the last stroke to fall. One foot! Five inches! Two inches! One inch! ….. By this time, both the monk and the Taoist Tiezhong had a long sigh of relief. They know that even if Shen Wuji and others are now present, it is no hurry to stop them.
Road flyover Tie Zhong proudly looked up at the opposite Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang. But he was greeted by two smiling faces looking at him jokingly. Road flyover Tie Zhong immediately felt something was wrong. But he couldn’t find out what went wrong.
At this moment, I saw the innocent smiling plain hand lift a "pa" and snap a ring. Only to see the following array diagram that has completed 99.99% suddenly flew up with a rumbling sound. A cloud of smoke suddenly rose from the edge of the entrance to the crypt, and the original neat and rigorous array was also in chaos, and the already straightened energy was also in chaos. In short, the result is that Fiona Fang’s several-foot array needs to be redrawn.
Although it is almost nothing if it is at ordinary times. But at this time, this small change has undoubtedly become a death warrant for monks who know not and Taoist Tiezhong. When they saw this change, they immediately looked at the’ explosion’ dumbfounded.
And the five ghost kings Shang and Yang are also surprised and can’t help but regret. "As expected," the tunnel replied, "these two women have long had a successful career. No wonder they can be so calm and calm!" But at this point, he can only make mistakes. Shang and Yang Xin said, "Look at this form now. Today, it seems that the two thieves of Kunlun Sect are born to die. In that case, why don’t I work harder to win the monk who knows right and wrong. Selling Shen has no scale? " Thought of here, Shang Heyang was about to exert strength on his hand. Attack the monk who knows right from wrong. Only to see that three flashes of white light were as quick as lightning and went straight for the bald man who knew right from wrong.
When Shen Wuji and Yin Su-tang exploded together. A pair of glances immediately reached a tacit understanding. I saw the golden light of the altar spirit sumeru sword shaking like a golden dragon and bypassing a mountain of iron bells. Take the iron bell road flyover who is stupidly. And that Shen Wusu’s hand waved three days in succession to hit the bald man who knew that he was not a monk.
Road flyover Tie Zhong immediately lost his mind when he saw that the following law was destroyed. He just let go with the spirit of winning in close proximity. Although monks are tough-minded and experienced, Taoist Tiezhong once again raised his spirits in an instant. But it was this moment of discouragement and despair that doomed his end.
When Tiezhong Taoist once again raised his spirits to prepare for a desperate battle, he looked up and saw only the golden light in his eyes and the altar spirit Sumeru sword close at hand. He didn’t feel any pain within the golden light and the cold flank. Road flyover Tiezhong turned into a wisp of ashes between heaven and earth just because of a moment’s mental relaxation.
Yin Su-tang looked at the falling wisp of fly ash and the blue iron clock that lost its owner’s original body, and snorted. "It’s a real bargain to have no time today," he said. Otherwise, I will hit you with a hundred hammers like Mr. Zhong, and then let you die. "
Although the malicious words didn’t stop, Yin Su-tang and Tanling Sumeru Sword didn’t make a stop and went straight to the array below. In fact, just now, when Taoist Zhi Fei and Tiezhong unconsciously looked down frequently, Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang had already revealed the mystery of the following array. It’s just that they didn’t point it out, but they thought of one place in an instant.
On the verge of success, it’s just an inch short, but it’s the distance between success and failure, between life and death. This huge gap in the heart is bound to be an instant consternation, even if the mind is as firm as iron. And this moment’s absence is exactly the opportunity that Shen Wusu needs.
While Yin Su-tang’s sword cut the iron bell Taoist, Shen Shen’s innocent three days of robbery, thunder and fire were also divided into the middle, lower and third roads, and he went straight to the bald head, heart and abdomen of the monk who knew the difference.
If we say that in the Kunlun Sect, the one-yuan patriarch and the foolish monk of Zhangjiao are empty, we must count the eldest among the four friends of Kunlun to know that it is a monk. At the same time, as the top disciple of the Kunlun Sect, monk Zhifei is also a hot person in the next Sect, and he will handle the decision if he chooses many major issues. Therefore, a monk who knows right from wrong should be superior to others in both his mental quality and his choice in dealing with the crisis.
As soon as monk Zhifei saw the explosion pattern below, he knew it was not good and decided to escape immediately. He took advantage of Shang and Yang’s stupefaction to retreat to defend. Although Zhifei monk’s reaction has been very quick, when he looked up, he still saw that the three days of thunder and fire were just around the corner.
Knowing that the thunder and fire were too fierce, the monk Zhifei quickly offered a flying sword to resist it a little and left without looking at how Taoist Tie Zhong managed to fly. However, although the response and choice of Zhifei monk are first-class, what he faces is the witch’s application for innocence. In the face of absolute strength, any skill and wisdom will appear so pale and powerless.
Although Monk Zhifei avoided those three days of thunder and fire, he felt a pain in his ribs when he flew away. But at this time, the monk who knew Fei fled to the western sea without looking at the wound.
Shen Wusu looked at the back of Zhifei monk in panic and smiled and didn’t chase him just visible to fly below. At this time, Yin Su-tang has already met with the dark chess of Kunlun Sect, which has always been hidden in the dark.
Just now, Yin Sutang went straight to the entrance of the crypt below. And the golden sword light, the size of more than ten feet, is even more like a sweep, and the next one is who else has to avoid the edge.
Sure enough, with the fall of the Tanling Sumeru sword, a gray figure flashed and now fled straight to the forest next to it. I saw that this person is extremely short, and Zhu Mei is not as good as a blue-gray brocade robe, and his appearance is also correct. It’s just that the eyes are very cold and complete, and there are many malicious and vicious colors in the escape. It is conceivable that if it is a ruthless role in peacetime.
The figure was recognized as soon as it appeared, and her eyes were sad and her teeth were clenched. "Wei Shaoshao! Today, I, Yin Su-tang, am determined to cut you into pieces! "
It turns out that this person is the lion cave in Wushan Fengboxia, and Youlong’s son Wei Shaoshao is also one of the four friends of Kunlun. It was this man who killed all those maids and disciples who had little training when they besieged Yin Su Tang and broke the hidden peak of fog. It was extremely cruel. Now how can Yin Su-tang not be angry when he sees this person? !
Yin Su-tang, the sword of Tanling Sumeru, which has been chopped down but has been carried away by hatred, is somewhat out of standard. This Wei Shaoshao is known as Youlong Zi, which is famous for its fast speed. Nowadays, when we are desperate, we have already taken out the ability to fight for the bottom. Although Yin Su-tang’s golden sword light is magnificent, if it is cut according to this trend, it will probably miss Wei Shaoshao.
This is Wei Shaoshao’s dark move that Taoist Tiezhong and Monk Zhifei had high hopes for. Originally, the two of them held their opponent Wei Shaoshao in stealth, and it was extremely hidden to specialize in repairing the array. However, Taoist Tiezhong and Taoist Zhifei were anxious and looked at each other frequently, but they revealed clues.
And Wei Shao was so cunning that he knew that today’s business had been defeated and there was no turning point. He didn’t hesitate to fly and went straight to the forest next to it. Even if Yin Su-tang’s swordsmanship is exquisite, the spirit of Sumeru’s sword is as strong as electricity, and he can only watch Wei Shao leave the world.
Just when Wei Shao was about to enter the jungle, he thought he had escaped from heaven, but suddenly he felt that his body was stiff and he could not control the trend of his actions. This Wei Shaoshao has also been an old man who has been practicing for hundreds of years. He immediately knew that he was mentally paralyzed. As soon as I felt something was wrong, Wei Shaoshao immediately rushed Xuangong’s true qi and immediately returned to normal.
Although it was only a short moment, I felt pain in my left shoulder and right leg at the same time because of this little meal. However, he has a tough mind and doesn’t care about this injury at all. Wei Shao’s castration did not decrease, but he flew into the dense forest and disappeared into the dense trees in a flash.
Yin Su-tang bitterly watched Wei Shao disappear in the direction of tears’ scratching’ to flow down. "Elder sister! I let that dog get away! "
What is the inscrutable Zhu Mei waiting for and why is he anxious? Why did the Kunlun Sect destroy the entrance to the crypt? What role did Chasing the Cloud and Chasing Bai Guyi play here? What is the plan of the Emei Sect? Do you really want to see the magic religion yourself? Who is whose ally and who is whose enemy? The confusing game of Xiandao in the East China Sea is about to be announced. If you want to know the aftermath, please see the next installment of Intricate Interests.


"Blare …" Shen An shrank back in fear.

The man stretched out his palm to hold his face. He was so tall that the palm of Dalian could easily wrap half of Shen An’s face, and his thumb brushed gently in the wet corner of Shen An’s eye.
"Your name is Shen An?"
Shen An shivered. "How do you know my name?"
The man grabbed him in the ground and clasped him in his arms. When he touched his soaked shirt, he reached out and touched his shirt button as if he had thought of something. "Turn around."
There is no subject and predicate, but the two people behind them shudder because they can turn their faces away in an instant
The man reached for Shen An’s wet shirt and Shen An struggled with his hands on his chest.
"Don’t move" The man seems to have the patience to peel off his shirt and quickly take off his soft trench coat to wrap Shen An tightly.
Shen An’s body was wrapped in his coat, revealing white and tight lips. A small group of men looked at him with dark eyes.
Shen An shook into a sieve, and the thin back of his neck was covered by a man’s warm palm. The palm seemed to gently touch and knead his neck, and his discomfort was temporarily relieved. I don’t know whether it was fear or comfort or shame caused by longing for more, which made him red-eyed and tearful.
"Blare … don’t touch … please …"
Shen An was shaking violently, and the pheromone of Zhiwei was overwhelming for a while. He bit his mouth intensely.
In a daze, he felt that his lips were carefully separated and stuffed into a soft thing. Shen An only didn’t realize that it was a man’s finger
He heard the man’s hoarse voice with a thrill, "Are you good?"
I don’t know if it’s an illusion that Shen An felt his back gently comforted. He absurdly felt that men were protecting him. "No one can hurt you if you are not afraid."
The strong ebony smell was deliberately suppressed, and it was as soft as someone ordered soothing incense.
Shen An’s will can’t help but relax. He seems to have found it in a trance. In the maternal period, the warmth involuntarily shrank deeper into this arms, and he gradually quieted down in this world he opened.
Fu Fengning came for a walk because he was upset by something. There are still three hours before the official start of the banquet. He just took advantage of a leisure time to get some air along the quiet tree-lined outside the hotel.
I didn’t expect to see him looking for someone for so many years here and in such a situation.
This is when he came and stopped what would have happened. What if he didn’t come?
Fu Fengning’s eyes are on Shen An’s face inch by inch. His fever period has come and he is soaked to the skin. He is burning. It seems that he can’t lift his neck and can destroy his wrist with a gentle grip. He is so slim that he can break it at will.
So fragile …
He also saw Shen An’s face swollen with a red fingerprint. Fu Fengning vacated one hand and swept the throat in the fingerprint.
His eyes swept to the dagger.
He picked it up, weighed it in his hand, and then put it away. The coldness in his eyes almost turned into a real blade.
Fu Fengning felt Shen An struggling in his arms as if she were caught in some terrible dream.
He tightened his arm and listened intently to see Shen An’s lips trembling. Fu Fengning bowed his head and listened to his little pleading "To …"
"What do you want?"
"Inhibitor …"
Fu Fengning’s voice is ridiculously hoarse. "You’d better not take inhibitors when you are ill. Shall I give you a temporary mark?"
Unexpectedly, Shen An reacted violently, and he began to tremble and struggle violently again, like he was afraid to collapse to the extreme. Tears were smashed one by one without money. "Don’t mark, don’t mark … blare …"
The person in my arms used to be a little whimper, but then even the breathing became disordered. In an instant, Fu Fengning’s clothes were soaked.
Fu Fengning took out a brocade handkerchief to wipe his wet eyes "unmarked to take you to find inhibitors …"
Fu Fengning didn’t want to delay the gathering of his eyes. He picked up Shen An with anger and looked at him in disgust. They were still crawling around. They kept their eyes on the fat man and approached him step by step. "What’s your name?"
The fat man "ah" was forced by the top alpha powerful pheromone to intimidate the atmosphere, and Fu Fengning stared at him and there was a smell of urine.
Fu Fengning "tut" a black high-definition Italian cowhide sole, stepping on a fat man’s fingers and slowly crushing them one by one in the man’s panic struggle for mercy.
It’s like forcing him to enjoy it. It’s called pain every day.
It’s like putting his fear and help on Shen An and redoubling it.
The man screamed and gasped and cut through the fields. The bea trembled and wanted to beg for mercy but dared not.
Until the fat man fainted in pain, five fingers of his right hand fell limply to the ground, and I didn’t know if the finger bones were broken.
Fu Fengning asked the bea, "Which company?"
Then bea muttered "Wang … Wang packaging company …" in his mind of all visual attention.
Fu Fengning nodded, "Prepare to file for bankruptcy."
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
When Shen An woke up, he found himself lying in bed. He was in a trance.
Then he sat up suddenly in horror, and when he got up, his wrist was caught by someone, and he whispered, "Don’t touch you. You are taking an injection."
This is a spacious room with a dim wall lamp turned on, and everything in the field of vision is gently covered with light.
Shen An followed the sound and looked at the side of the bed. Fu Fengning was tall. Behind him was a man in a white coat and a woman in a professional suit.
I don’t know if the dim light and soft bed comforted him or a room full of heavy ebony aroma made him temporarily calm down. Shen An no longer has any overreaction. He rolled his throat and was embarrassed. "Where is this?" Who are you? "

Everything seems to be back in Zhumadian.

Shallow water pure heart rises from Yun Ni’s dreamlike figure in floating eyes.
Yun Ni, do you know that I am going through the hardest battle of my life?
Yun Ni, do you know that I still miss you at this moment?
Horses are neighing and combat knives are waving.
Shallow water Qing finally has the opportunity to play his own study and hard training for a long time.
Long Dao waved out of heaven and earth, startled the shallow water, and Qing rushed into the enemy line with the soldiers beside him.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Killing the whole person has become numb.
It’s been a long time since the North-South victory that there has been such a hearty battle.
No longer thinking about victory, no longer thinking about the future, but the beautiful image in his heart supported him to kill every enemy in front of him or be killed by him.
Dozens of soldiers of the People’s Protection Army rushed to the shallow water to drink wildly, and his soldiers did not show weakness.
Shallow water Qing got a knife in his left arm, but he didn’t feel it. He chopped his opponent from shoulder to foot with a backhand knife and split it in two.
The blood in his left arm is like a stream rushing, splashing and splashing.
Shao Huafei, not far from his eyes, is calmly directing the shallow water to clear his eyes and immediately bursting out the greed of his enemy.
"flying snow"
A moment of flying snow suddenly rushed in the war here. In this sea of people, it rushed towards Shao Huafei.
Horseshoe stepped on the soldiers’ heads and screamed, and several soldiers of the People’s Protection Army were kicked away by it.
Every time he jumps in the shallow water, he is one point closer to Shao Huafei and the farther away he is from his own soldiers, but he is not afraid at all.
This war has not accepted more thoughts and emotions.
Seeing the opponent approaching Shao Huafei’s figure, he slowly retreated a dozen guards to make up for the shallow water, but he did not avoid being imposed on himself by his opponent’s sword, gun, axe and cymbals. He drank another "flying snow!"
Hey, hey, hey, hey, a long hiss of flying snow suddenly sang loudly. Shao Huafei’s hip steeds were surprised by this long hiss and raised their front feet in fear.
Shao Huafei never dreamed that there would be such a sudden change. At that moment, the whole person was subverted and almost fell off the horse. The flying snow was like a shock and swept away, and it jumped several meters away.
Shao Huafei looked up in astonishment, but it was the last scene in his life.
"Blood shadows are thousands of waves". The shallow water is clear and screaming, and the knife falls.
Snow light and blood light show a head shocked and exploded.
The head of the body fell heavily in the dusty smoke, and all the soldiers stared at this incredible scene in amazement.
In the distance, Yi Xing was shocked by the cold with disbelief. He looked at the shallow water and raised Shao Huafei’s head to the sky, making that arrogant noise.
"Our army will win!"
"Our army will win!" The same cry resounded on both sides of the battlefield.
The battlefield changed again. After Shao Huafei was killed on the spot by Shallow Water Qing, a flag fluttered in the distance.
Tens of millions of war horses reverberated with the roar of iron hooves, and a huge and long black line appeared from the end of the sky and filled the whole battlefield in an instant.
Banner hunting knife cluster gun forest mighty division dominates the sky!
Everyone saw it.
The heavenly wind army is shouting and cheering, but the people’s protection army is stunned and unaware.
Shallow water Qing indulged in shouting "Yi Xing Han, do you really need Tiger Leopard Camp to be my reinforcements?" You are all wet! "
At that moment, the banner of the season word was held high in the wind, showing the great power of the soldiers in the sky.
It turned out that the Central Legion had arrived.
There is room for them to break into the abyss of nine places and turn over again.
Chapter ninety The end of the war (1)
The long war finally came to an end, and the lead-colored clouds hung low on the horizon, and thunderstorms came from the clouds. The land was muddy with blood, and the whole wilderness was covered with broken limbs and bodies. You could run for half a day from one end to the other.
The living people step on the pile of blood and cheer, and the ferocious faces give a arrogant smile.
Shallow water is almost numb to walk in this battlefield, but my heart is full of sadness.
Ten thousand guards stopped the water, and the last warrior almost died in World War I.
After today, the resistance forces in the water-stop country can resist the attack of the heavenly wind army
It is not until today that the imperial ambition for a hundred years finally appeared, and the first stage was successful. He was shallow and clear, but he did not feel the slightest joy.
Too many people have died.
Seize the city and kill the city; Seize the country and kill the country; After all, he can’t do it without fighting, and the enemy can’t do the least killing for the greatest success.
It was a dream after all. He was shallow and clear, and it wasn’t that big a deal.
In the distance, Fang Hu ran excitedly with a spear carrying the head of a militia soldier. When he saw the shallow water, he vaulted his horse and hugged him and shouted, "Shallow water has won!" "
Hugging strongly affected the wound. Shallow water cleared his brow and frowned slightly. Fang Hu asked eagerly, "Are you hurt?"
"It’s nothing, thanks to Mu Shaojia’s missing the key."
"Ha ha, it’s also your business. I watched you from a distance and cut Shao Huafei with one knife. You are not responsible for Brother Qi."
"I haven’t been in person for too long, and my hands and feet are rusty. Brother Qi saw my knife method in the spirit of heaven, and maybe he was afraid of vomiting blood by my anger."
Fang Hu laughed. "Brother Qi really showed his spirit. Otherwise, how could the Central Legion people arrive at such a terrible time?"
Shallow water and faint smile
He didn’t say something after all. If he said it, Fang Hu would jump up and curse.

Hesitated for a moment, then took a beat to the body and released a "flame symbol" shield on him first.

Hongtong bian Guanghua immediately covered him with a hot feeling and then let him chill away from the red light.
After all this, Uncle Tu’s spirit bounced forward.
After more than a dozen steps, the red light became more and more pale. Uncle Tu no longer hesitated and took out a wooden box with a slight shake of his wrist, revealing a palm-sized flaming Yu Pei inside.
While the "flame symbol" is not broken, hang Yu Pei in the body and then pinch out a method tactic.
Seeing that Yu Pei’s red light bloomed to form a curtain like a ruby, he was shrouded in it, and suddenly all the chill was blocked out of the red light.
In this way, the stop-and-go passage was forced by him for nearly half an hour, and all kinds of fire shields were unknown to him, and finally he walked to the end of the passage
Uncle Tu’s eyes suddenly lit up and a blue crystal wall stood in the way.
He looked at the crystal wall this time and plunged into it without hesitation.
See like through a layer of water curtain in the dazzling blue light after a top-heavy, a few times higher than the channel cold suddenly aggressive crazy surge, and accompanied by a beast howling evil wind let his body this fire property shield crazy flash a few times, a pair of horses will crumble.
Immediately, Uncle Tu, who has not recovered from dizziness, was shocked and rushed out of the spirit force. At the same time, he took out a red armor and put it on his body, which stabilized the shield again.
And then looked around.
There is a vast expanse of white ice crystals at the entrance, and the ground is as high as a thousand feet. Icebergs are as pale as crystals, and plants are pale and clean. Everything is as white as snow, and the color is as cold as the wind whistling everywhere. Today, the ground seems to have been frozen.
Uncle Tu is wearing this fire property treasure coat in the shield, but he can still clearly feel that almost all the gas has solidified, and the whole hand and foot perception has been a little slow.
But at the moment, Uncle Tu is beaming with enthusiasm, staring at a snowy mountain palace without turning his eyes.
Yang Xiu looked at this incredible scene in front of him and instantly returned to absolute being. The defense of the deep blue cassock had already been opened, and the Tai Chi shield was also offered outside the body. At the same time, the bow and arrow were also aimed at the stone statue
In the face of unknown dangers and in this special place, he didn’t dare to hold back, so he shot the bow and arrow without delay without thinking about moving directly against the stiff stone statue.
"Bang" such a close-range bow and arrow directly hit the stone head with a loud noise and a harsh brilliance.
But when the tree disappeared, Yang Xiu’s head was shocked as soon as he "hummed".
See the stone that was shot by the bow and arrow. At the moment, it was hit by a huge impact and flew out several feet away. After hitting the wall over there directly, it stopped and hit the ground motionless.
The attic wall was all right, not even shaking, but to his horror, the stone statue was shot and his head was completely damaged, and he couldn’t even see any scratches from the bow and arrow.
You know this time, this bow and arrow was injected with the spiritual force equivalent to three monks in the late stage of Jiedan, and it was repaired in the middle stage of Jiedan. Moreover, it was injected twice with the spiritual force, which could shoot Mo Daolin’s heart-chilling, and this stone statue was actually damaged, which made him wonder why he was shocked and didn’t know what material this stone statue was made of, and he had such a strong defense ability. I think its magical power should not be low.
Although he saw the stone statue motionless on the ground, Yang Xiu didn’t dare to be careless because the other side didn’t have a wound, so he was afraid that the other side would wake up again, so he could hide.
Therefore, no matter whether the stone statue will wake up or not, it will immediately take out the spirit liquid and inject spiritual power into the bow and arrow.
This time, he had a hard time, and a total of 100 drops of 10,000-year-old spirit liquid felt that the bow and arrow were unbearable, so he stopped conveying and immediately shot out at the stone statue.
This time, the pressure from the arrows turned out to be that even Yang Xiu himself could not stand it. He guessed that even the monks in the later period of Yuan Ying had probably not survived the blow.
The arrow still hit the head of the stone directly, but it made him sweat. It was that the stone was shocked and flew out, and it was still a good loss. Suddenly, it made him feel a sense of force. It seemed that someone was deliberately joking with him.
But this time, when I saw the stone statue, I still didn’t move. He also felt a little nervous for a moment and walked over to the stone statue.
Thug, it’s the end of the first watch.)
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Dancing Lin
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Dancing Lin
A foreign film in Shanfu stopped singing and danced in a group of more than 60 people. The two factions are fighting each other with all kinds of magic weapons.
There are thirty people on one side and thirty-four people on the other.
There are six monks and nuns lying on the ground, and their blood is spilled all over the floor, and they have no breath.
Let a person didn’t think that the two sides of the dispute turned out to be the original albizzia monks.
At present, there are three sects, namely, Acacia Sect, Ivory Tower and Qianfo Temple.
And the four Jin sects of Buxiang, Yuanjue Cave, Qianji Tomb and Shuangxiu are on the other side.
Although the three factions of Hehuan Sect are relatively short of manpower, the avatar and magic weapon are superior to each other.
It’s not now that they are holding each other down to attack and master the active position in the field struggle.
And the six brothers who died are the brothers of the other four sects, and they are still personally injured here.

After all, Buddhist spells have a strong resistance to the magic religion, and at the same time, they fly obliquely to the distance and climb high. After flying to a safe height and distance, the three strong men who rushed out are all in a cold sweat. After they have reached such a state, sweating is already possible.

But just now, between life and death, all the potential burst, and the sweat was forced out, which shows that the situation was critical just now. At the same time, all three of them felt a little soft, that is, the green-faced devil had experienced life and death storms in the underworld, and he was scared to death at that moment. At the same time, he looked at the sea below and paused, then looked at Song Changgeng, and his eyes were full of ferocious light.
Song Chang Gung restored his body to its normal size, and then after adjusting the angle in the air, he looked at his body and saw that the sea was squeezed from all sides and gradually contracted. After the camp, there was a loud roar like dragons, which was a real thunderbolt. Then the three strong men who were so high from the sea could not help but sway around in the air, and their faces became even more ugly.
At the same time, I saw that the waves aroused by the sea below were impacted by the huge force of squeezing all around, just like a sword. The white water waves rushed up and instantly pierced the sky. The three strong men couldn’t help shivering. They knew that if they didn’t just instinctively fly obliquely and fly high, but rushed out and stayed where they were or flew high in a straight line, they would just be blocked by the waves and water droplets.
Or be aroused water waves like a knife cutting, cut into pieces, this moment in the face of the unpredictable power of heaven and earth, the three of them are looking at in the air, silent and speechless, it’s really unexpected that either party will be such an ending, Song Changgeng thought about how to fight with them after they rushed up, but now it’s much easier, as long as it is enough to deal with two guys who are less than the fairy junior.
Mainly to guard against the hidden guy, Song Chang Gung has just swept away, and the devil with a blue face seems to specialize in degrees, so he can escape, but his strength should be around the primary level of the fairy, and Yao’s strength doesn’t know what secret method is used, so he actually mixes the power of the Tao and the devil, and his strength has reached the peak of the fairy. It seems that this guy has not been idle this time.
Song Chang-geng was about to run the capability to solve these two guys now. The distant green-faced devil and Yao Se also felt his murder, and they were barely on guard. But Song Chang-geng’s mind swept away, and his face changed, and then he turned and fled, flying fast. Yao Se and the green-faced devil were all one leng. They looked at Song Chang-geng’s escape direction and looked at each other again, but nothing was different now.
They looked at it and thought that Song Chang-geng had escaped, so they quickly chased him in the direction he flew. However, as soon as they flew, they saw that the mountains of water all around rushed out of the sky together, and the sea water was separated quickly, forming a whirlpool rapidly, and instantly expanding to form a black hole in Fiona Fang, just a black hole in Fiona Fang for a moment, which gave a horrible suction.
Yao Se now knows that Song Chang Gung escaped because of this phenomenon. What a sly guy. Yao Se and the green-faced devil are within the scope of the vortex suction, and it is difficult to fly away if they want to. The huge suction pulls them both, and both of them know that they can’t be absorbed, otherwise the consequences will be terrible. Now they will try their best to pull up their means.
It took a lot of effort to climb out of the absorption range of the vortex, and they were shocked in a cold sweat again. Just as they were breathing for a long time, they suddenly got a cold war all over, and all their strength was lifted up in an instant. Yao Se waved his hand backwards, and when the sword light was as bright as the sun, it split out in the air, and they went out at a hundred paces’ bang!’ The ground was crunchy, the air rippled, and the figure of Song Changgeng appeared.
I saw his armor as new, his cloud-like clothes on the outer cover as snow, his expression as safe, his eyes full of murder, his hands holding the four-leng’ Tongtian shattered sword’ resisted the red sword light, his mouth glanced slightly, his sword trembled, and the red light was forced away. As soon as he turned around, he disappeared. Yao Se took back the sword light a dozen paces away from his body, making the sword light fly around and turned to look.
Will see the distance of the green face devil is the same a dozen zhangs high, wearing armor giant fighting together, he didn’t react how the giant wearing armor, feel fly sword yishan, quickly rushed to the head.
At the same time, there was a surge of murder from overhead, and his head was suddenly blank. After the violent collision, Yao felt that his sword light was shaking, and it seemed that he was badly injured. Then Song Changgeng disappeared again, apparently hiding with a spell and sneak attack. Yao felt bitter in his mouth, and his anger rose, and his mouth was folded and he drank:
"Song Changgeng, you dirty dog, you lied to my school sister’s heart in a dirty way, but you still have to pretend to be tall. Now you show your true colors. It’s a pity that my school sister is not here, or you must look at your ugly face. If I hadn’t closed my door, how could I let you succeed? Poor master and brothers also put in a good word for you.
You are a scumbag, and you never dare to fight head-on. If you are really capable, stand up and let’s have a fair and square fight. My school sister Yao Se loved one has been in vain for thousands of years, but I have never cheated on my school sister. If you really like my school sister, then come out and we will fight a life-and-death battle. How about the winner going to accompany my school sister? "
With that, his eyes swept around like a hawk’s eye and wolf’s eye, secretly accumulating strength to prepare for a full blow. At this time, he saw a thousand paces away near the blue-faced devil and the bone-armor giant, and suddenly a golden sword light split out, just when the blue-faced devil was forced by the bone-armor giant, and he couldn’t dodge, he was chopped by the sword light and gave a piercing cry.
Yao was just about to rush over, when he saw a surge in the sea, and the vortex began to weaken gradually. Two Guanghua schools rushed out one after another, and then stayed not far above the sea. It seemed that he had no strength to fly. When Yao saw it, it turned out to be the devil with yellow face and the devil with painted face. The two guys were all damaged, and the yellow face was fine. He was strong and defensive, although one arm and half legs were gone.
Half of the body is still in a bloody mess, obviously it’s badly hurt, but it’s barely maintained. The guy with a painted face actually looks like he has two heads and four arms, but now his other head is gone, only a neck is there, and the other head is also angular and cracked, all four arms are gone, and his lower body is gone. Yellow and black blood are dripping, and his appearance is very miserable.
At the sight of two guys, Yao’s eyes turned, and he knew that although these two guys were badly hurt and their strength was seriously damaged, they could still fight World War I. They were strong in their heyday, but now they have the remaining strength of one-tenth and two-tenths, which is equal to their own, and they can just do cannon fodder, so they flew over to the two guys.
But he didn’t fly far when he saw a wave of air not far behind the two guys. He immediately shouted, "No!" " But it was already late, so I saw three golden swords flying out, and then the air was like a distorted aerosol, showing Song Changgeng’s figure from light to thick, only to see that his face was cold and his eyes were full of murder, as if there were no feelings, which made Yao Se feel cold at heart.

Chapter six hundred and sixty-seven Unpredictable mind
One of the three sword lights actually came for him. He quickly turned the flying sword around him and quickly greeted it to resist, but instead of a head-on collision, he wound it like a snake, killing each other little by little. At the same time, Yao Se held up another red sword light and let it out, shouting, "Princess Naga, aren’t you going to do it?"
Hearing Yao’s cry, Song Chang-geng’s heart filled with murder could not help but move. Now he uses the scriptures given by Amitabha to protect his spiritual consciousness, and he can barely resist the erosion of murder in his sword, but he can’t support much time, so he doesn’t want to talk much when he comes up, and he doesn’t care about any means. As long as he defeats the other side, he even lets out 36 bones and ghosts in his left chest.
This 36-day white-bone ghost and monster, because of the refining of the celestial sage, each had the strength in the middle of the fairy, and swallowed up a large number of Japanese gods, and their strength basically returned to its peak. Now they form a white-bone giant, and their overall strength can be compared with that of the early fairy, so they can barely fight against the green-faced devil, plus Song Changgeng is beside them, so they can hurt the green-faced devil.
But Song Changgeng never gave up his vigilance. He knew that there was another strong enemy hiding nearby, so when he heard Yao Se shouting’ Naga Princess’, he knew that it was the name of the guy hidden by the other party. He was not only on guard, but at this time, two swords rushed to the devil with a flower face and a yellow face, and the devil with a yellow face barely stopped him. Finally, he was worn by the sword light on his left shoulder, and his body was injured, but he also survived.
As soon as he saw something wrong, he turned around and rushed into the sea, but the guy with a flower face lost a lot of strength after all. He was rushed by the sword light and failed to stop it. He was directly smashed by the sword light and his body sank into the sea. Song Changgeng was on the alert and reached for a volley, as if there was an invisible hand in the air. He grabbed the body of the devil with a flower face, then dragged it back to his side and disappeared instantly.
Then, he appeared in the vicinity of the battle with the white-faced devil. He threw the body of the painted devil at the white-faced devil with a wave of his hand, and his own sword rushed up to take over the white-faced devil. The white-faced devil was refined by saints and could be upgraded and strengthened. He also had his own consciousness. Although he was only obedient to Song Chang-geng, his instinct for upgrading was also there.
He was anxious when he saw the body of the flower-faced devil. He felt uneasy. He knew that he could go further after absorbing the body. The whole body could enter the fairy intermediate level or even higher, and the individual could also evolve to the late fairy stage. But the order to fight was still there. He didn’t dare to disobey. As soon as he received the order from Song Chang-geng to devour, he quickly rushed over and broke down into three sixteen skulls in the middle, biting it fiercely and devouring it crazily.
And the yellow-faced devil was about to sink into the sea. Suddenly, a light smoke rose from the sea, and when the yellow-faced devil saw it, his eyes showed a panic. Before he could react, the light smoke had flashed and disappeared, but the yellow-faced devil’s eyes struggled for a moment, and they became vacant. The body also released a strong yellow-black brilliance, and the damaged body began to repair quickly.
As soon as Yao saw it, he understood it. He suddenly sprayed his mouth and gave it to Liang Zheng. When he was pestering the flying sword that caught the light of the sword, two red flying swords rose, and both of them twisted and twisted, so he ground the light of the sword and flew back to him, but it was also a lot dimmer. Yao Se ignored these, and his eyes rekindled his crazy look. With a drink, he saw dozens of red sword lights rushing out of his body.
A circle around him, and then combined with the two just now, formed a red sword wheel, which was suspended behind Yao. Yao patted his belt again, and a five-colored Qingyun held his body at his feet. After he read a few mantras from his mouth, a yellow glow appeared in his hand, and then turned into a foot-long tower-shaped magic weapon suspended in his hand. After he was ready, he turned to look at the yellow-faced devil.
He saw that his body has shrunk to the size of ten feet, and his hands and feet have been repaired back, and a yellow bone armor has been formed on his body, and the bone spurs on the armor are ferocious. Although his body has shrunk, his strength seems to have improved compared with its heyday.
The original strength of the Yellow-faced Devil was the junior fairy. Now, after being possessed and forcibly promoted, it has the advanced strength of the fairy. The faint coercion actually makes Yao feel tight, especially accidentally sweeping his eyes. The pupils of those eyes are like two vortices, which makes people feel deeply involved at a glance. Although the other party tries to converge, the little bit leaked is already so terrible.
Yao Se knows that the body of the yellow-faced devil has been occupied by the mysterious Naga monarch, and the soul of the yellow-faced devil is estimated to have been swallowed up. Moreover, this method is obviously overdrawn with all the strength of the yellow-faced devil, and it is estimated that it won’t take long. I can’t help but feel condescension in my heart, knowing that it is a Jin Xian, but I don’t play, and I like to hide or use other people’s bodies, which is abnormal.
Seeing that the other party has changed and adjusted completely, and he is ready himself, but he doesn’t rush over first, apparently trying to let the other party take the lead in the town. Although he has a deep affection for Gan Biwu, he seems to be crazy and crazy, but it is not. On the contrary, he is very cunning, and dangerous things won’t charge, but the devil seems to know his thoughts and has no intention of rushing over, just standing on the sea and looking up.

Wang Zhengquan jumped out to make this trouble and upset Xu Taotao’s original plan.

However, I have to say that his noise just accelerated the pace of death.
Guide the official start of the conference.
The leaders first spoke to Minister Qin of the Ministry of Commerce, and then Director Zhu came to prepare a long speech, because both Wang Zhengquan and Sao Cao were in no mood at the moment.
Let’s make a short story.
At the bottom, the leaders of several big factories noticed what was wrong and looked at the big brother of the machinery factory.
"Director Feng, I am looking at whether there is something wrong with the expressions of Minister Lin and Zhu. Is something wrong?"
How can I put it? I just turned my face red with chicken blood and turned into’ love Zha Zha’
Director Feng of the machinery factory frowned with dignity. "The leader is still in the face. Don’t talk nonsense."
He also felt something was wrong in his heart.
The next guidance meeting is Wang Zhengquan’s home.
Facing the leaders of the meat joint factory and other foreign factories, everyone was very interested in Master Wang’s guidance experience.
Who knows, it turned into his personal touting conference.
Speaking of it, he was praised by international friends at that time, and he earned a large sum of money with his plate of delicious braised beef, and the country earned foreign exchange.
The awards awarded to him by the state have all brought enthusiasm like a Hua Hudie for everyone to see.
"Look at it, everyone. This is the face-to-face award. The awards are all written. See if you reward me!"
You secretly rub to steal the leaders of the factory.
Right here?
No dry goods at all. This is not a wave of feelings!
Don’t say the leaders of the flour mill are sitting face to face with Minister Qin’s face livid.
He lowered his voice and said to the factory director Zhu next to him, "I don’t even know what to say about this matter in your slaughterhouse!"
Today, this matter is just to discredit the leadership.
Director Zhu stared at the pale deputy director reckon with "the minister’s old condition is also the slaughterhouse, so I’ll say him later! You calm down! "
Minister Qin’s black face caught a glimpse of Xu Taotao, dressed as a chef, and frowned.
"Why are you still looking for a lesbian? This competition is that Wang Zhengquan deliberately shows off his ability to step on our western province. Why don’t you just ignore it and find a lesbian to mess around!"
"Call this lesbian and you will lose face. You still want the little girl to lose face!"
Minister Qin stared at Director Zhu with a look that he didn’t know what to say.
Director Zhu wronged and explained to Minister Qin, "Minister, you don’t know that before Jamlom, there was a famous chef in the state-run hotel in the western province of China. I’m sure her cooking is better than Wang Zhengquan’s.
Isn’t Wang Zhengquan proud? Let’s let Jamlom give him a good comparison and let him be embarrassed! "
Director Zhu gas mercilessly way
Minister Qin looked at the thin and witty female comrade with some excitement and some doubts.
He asked director Zhu, "Is it really so powerful?"
Director Zhu nodded proudly, "So much! My old Zhu patted his chest to assure you! "
Comrade Chairman said that practice is the only criterion for testing truth!
He has practiced it. He is qualified to say this!
Minister Qin abandoned Chou the eye and talked about Wang Zhengquan in Kan Kan.
He said, "Yes! Let this lesbian compete with our western province. If she compares this old thing, I will personally give her a reward! "
Factory director Zhu suddenly became happy.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two When the face is going on
Factory director Feng, the first representatives of factory leaders looked at each other.
Jiao, deputy director of the textile mill, said, "This lesbian who competes with Wang Zhengquan is also very good at cooking. It seems that our western province is not a must!"
Director Feng is relieved that he and Zhu have been old friends for many years.
Zhu, although he is stingy at ordinary times, can’t call a pedestrian who doesn’t understand to have a competition.
Since he should let this lesbian, he must be somewhat sure.
No matter what the factory leaders think, all kinds of kitchen utensils are ready. Xu Taotao and Master Wang have set up stoves and started to break their heads.
The old Xu family, Xu Daguang, two people and Xu Dage all came to the scene to cheer for their peaches.
Xiu-lan zhao nervous holding a fist "my daughter will win! My niece will win! "
She stared at the calm little girl and took a deep breath.
Xu Daguang was nervous when she came, but she even painted her white heart and pounded.
He swallowed hard and grabbed his daughter-in-law’s hand. "Don’t scare yourself into winning!"
Brother Xu scratched his head and wondered why his parents were so nervous.
"Little sister is so delicious when cooking. What’s terrible?"
Xiu-lan zhao and Xu Daguang glances immediately let go of your hands and raised your bar.
That’s right. Their little girl is amazing. It’s a piece of cake to clean up the capital, Master Wang.
Make a fuss!
Cooking competition has always been simple and rude, that is, it is better than who cooks.
Xu Taotao also experienced great storms. When she was a little girl, she was given high hopes. Grandma took part in cooking competitions of all ages.
The grand prize and the small prize have won a pot full of small scenes today. She is really not empty.
Today, she is going to cook three dishes: a Xinjiang saute spicy chicken, a fish head with chopped peppers and a fried eggplant.
Many people can cook saute spicy chicken, but if we want to say authentic saute spicy chicken, it must be from Xinjiang. This dish is not from Xu Taotao’s ancestral home. She once traveled to Xinjiang with her friends and ate it once, which is different from the’ Xinjiang saute spicy chicken’ in the streets. The technique is particularly authentic.
Xu Taotao belongs to special spirituality in cooking. After tasting it once, she tasted the exclusive secret recipe of the chef.
After traveling back, she was so greedy that she made a double platter. It tasted exactly the same, not to mention that because her pickled chicken technique was more unique, Xinjiang saute spicy chicken was better than others.
She just saw that Master Wang was also preparing to cook chicken, and she thought of this Xinjiang saute spicy chicken gallants.
And eating the fish head with chopped pepper is the pure taste of chopped pepper. Xu Taotao is very confident in making chopped pepper himself.
This dish is particularly easy for her to finish. Sprinkle onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper oil and pour it on the fish head from the fire. A strange and attractive smell suddenly swept away.

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Anyway, when it’s all finished, it will be irregular and sent directly.
I really tried my best to swear.
Luo also needs to rest and sleep sometimes. It’s very tiring. To be continued …
Chapter two hundred and forty-six I like you to call me master!
On weekdays, my aunt used to get up early, stew millet porridge and stir-fry a few side dishes. When two children got up, Xiaoxun didn’t like to live on campus, and the school was far away. She had to eat early to drive to school. All the families used to eat early.
It’s a little past now, and the whole family is waiting for Ye Shu to sit at the table with a black face. Xiaoqi’s stomach is growling with hunger, but Xiaoqi Nai is reluctant to ring the house of Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter again because of the principle that the host can’t eat first.
"What’s the noise? It’s not up." Ye Jing opened the door impatiently.
Xiaoqi has never liked this so-called sister’s arrogance, and she is as unreasonable and stupid as her mother.
&nbs】□wan】□shu】□baa⌒nshu≧bap; It reminded Xiaoqi of the corner of her mouth that she didn’t realize that she took the trouble to change the guest room where Lanchen lived. It still had this meaning.
I suddenly feel that it will be very interesting if she crosses into the palace fight.
Glanced at Ye Jing very hot with grass red hair small seven play taste "nothing you can continue to sleep, I am kind to wake you up a blue morning later and you sleep … just his room"
Ye Jing a listen to immediately dumbfounded exclaim like hell.
"Mom, get up and wait … master, master is coming."
In the room, the radian of Xiaoqi’s mouth is getting deeper. He just heard her calling Lanchen, expecting Lanchen’s door for the first time. It really needs Lanchen’s evil cat.
If Lanchen knew that Xiaoqi regarded him as a cat that drove him away, I wonder if he would strangle him.
It never rains but it pours.
I haven’t waited until Lanchenmen Xiaoqi received Enron’s words first.
Xiao qiyi was surprised and quickly turned on the home TV.
When Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter’s faces appeared in the video, Xiaoqi realized that something was wrong.
Enron is a temporary agent of Xiao Qiye’s lonely boat, and he was caught off guard when he learned the news.
"Xiao qi, what now? The news has come out, and I can’t suppress it if I want to. Now your foster mother Ye Shu’s daughter is in a weak position for everyone, and their publication to the media is very bad for you. If it is not handled properly this time, it will have a negative impact on you. "
Xiaoqi didn’t speak. The forefinger rang the desktop lightly.
At this time, whether it was Ye Shu or Xiao Xun, the social aunt, was angry on the spot when she saw Fang Ruhui’s mother-daughter bloody speech in the news.
In the face of the media, Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter turned black and white and said that Ye Guitian abandoned his wife and daughter and took her hard-earned daughter to learn and raise in Beijing. And raising Ye Xiaoqi is a baiwenhang who raised him since childhood. He is not as harsh as reading and eating. He even calls Xiaoqi a child who knows how to spend money recklessly.
Looking at Fang Ruhui in the TV stand, he told me that he had devoted himself to this dedicated editor and also dressed up the photos of the premiere of Xiaoqi. Now Fang Ruhui is covered in rags and made a very visual impact.
In the last scene, Fang Ruhui said that she didn’t blame Ye Xiaoqi for bringing him up and abandoning his foster mother after she became famous. After all, she was not his real mother, and she even shed emotional tears in the camera. Please support the cause of self-support and don’t make it difficult for children.
Xiao Qi has lived together for so long, but he doesn’t know that Fang Ruhui still has the qualification to be a film winner. I believe that the ratings of this issue will be popular.
The cell phone kept ringing, and Xiaoqi simply removed the pool board when the doorbell suddenly rang.
I don’t know Xiao Qi’s intuition that the bearer is Lan Chen.
As soon as the door opened, I saw Lan Chen enter the room with a calm face.
"Good morning!" Xiaoqi greeted briskly.
Lan Chen stared at Xiao Qi and walked towards Fang Xiaoqi, touching his nose and heel bitterly.
As soon as I entered the room, I threw today’s newspaper on the table. An eye-catching headline impressively read, "A person who is popular is a lonely boat and no one knows his true face"!
Xiaoqi sneers at this title, which is so talented.
"Still laughing?" Blue morning anger
Do you know how many storms this news has caused? I’m afraid this guy can still laugh when all the people he hit are at the airport and come back.
Xiaoqi didn’t good the spirit. "Then do you want me to cry?"
Lan Chen grinned, "Young Master is reluctant to lend you your shoulder."
Xiaoqi rolled his eyes, idiot!
"What did you say? The mother and daughter are here? " After a while, Lan Chen roared on the spot.
Nodding Xiao Qi looked at Lan Chen strangely … Isn’t it always famous for being calm?
I don’t think he was so harsh when the Hengfeng stock market plummeted.
"I strangled them-"said Lan Chen, who was furious and was about to open the door.
Xiao qiyi was surprised and quickly hugged the blue morning waist from behind.
"You calm down and strangle them. I would have strangled them." This guy … is crazy? Isn’t it messy enough?
Lanchen suddenly stopped moving, and obediently let Xiaoqi hold Xiaoqi and realize what it was that she raised her head and just bumped into Lanchen’s eyes. When Lanchen focused on a person, it would give people an illusion that she was the only one who was deeply stared at by Lanchen.
Xiao qi shan shan gently coughed and was about to let go of his hand, but he was hugged by Lan Chen.
"Blue morning …"
"Call young master!" How many times have I told Lan Chen to command the earth? Why hasn’t this guy remembered?
Xiao Qiyu resigned. Why do you call him Young Master like everyone else?
"I like you to call me master" Lan Chenyin is gentle but tough.
Xiao Qi’s bowl "Your blue family all call you a young master" on China or abroad.
At this moment, Lanchen buried her face in Xiaoqi’s warm neck and sulked. "That’s not the same. It’s natural for them to call me Young Master, but you don’t call me Young Master from your mouth, which makes me feel that you belong to me … to me alone."
Xiaoqi was not used to Blue Morning’s intimacy and began to struggle. "Ah, hello … Now is not the time to discuss what to call you?"
Lan Chen let go of Xiao Qi and earned Lan Chen’s arms at the right time.
"What do you think of this matter?" Lan Chen finally calmed down.
"Back to the master, there must be something wrong with it." Xiaoqi answered seriously.
Lanchen smiled one leng, and Xiaoqi was so cute.
"Fang Ruhui’s behavior is also low-key. This time, he suddenly appeared in Beijing and performed in front of reporters in a high-profile manner. If there is no instruction behind him, Fang Ruhui can’t afford to lift any waves." Xiaoqi came to the conclusion when he just saw the network report all over the sky that it was too deliberate to be continued …
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven shattered glass!
Lan Chen sat in front of the desk and tapped on the desktop. "A lonely boat has been signed by my blue family. All your news has been hidden by the company as confidential. Is it you or the blue family who is behind the scenes?"
Smell speech xiaoqi thought deeply that he didn’t think Lanchen was far-reaching or that he didn’t know anyone who would trip the Blue House. He felt that it was personal. If it was really like Lanchen said, someone would kill two birds with one stone with Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter as guns.
Everyone knows that the momentum is strong, and all the columns are signed by the blue family. Although Blue Morning js Entertainment Company is also influential, it is not a big attraction in the entertainment circle. After all, js Entertainment Company is a blue morning learning enterprise management test, but it is just a small industry for the blue family.
However, this time, Blue Morning js Entertainment Company signed a lonely boat in a big way and then started shooting. The popularity has already made some film companies jealous that they failed to sign a lonely boat, but they let the blue family beat them to it, so those companies that didn’t get a lonely boat began to plan ahead.