Everything seems to be back in Zhumadian.

Shallow water pure heart rises from Yun Ni’s dreamlike figure in floating eyes.
Yun Ni, do you know that I am going through the hardest battle of my life?
Yun Ni, do you know that I still miss you at this moment?
Horses are neighing and combat knives are waving.
Shallow water Qing finally has the opportunity to play his own study and hard training for a long time.
Long Dao waved out of heaven and earth, startled the shallow water, and Qing rushed into the enemy line with the soldiers beside him.
Kill! Kill! Kill!
Killing the whole person has become numb.
It’s been a long time since the North-South victory that there has been such a hearty battle.
No longer thinking about victory, no longer thinking about the future, but the beautiful image in his heart supported him to kill every enemy in front of him or be killed by him.
Dozens of soldiers of the People’s Protection Army rushed to the shallow water to drink wildly, and his soldiers did not show weakness.
Shallow water Qing got a knife in his left arm, but he didn’t feel it. He chopped his opponent from shoulder to foot with a backhand knife and split it in two.
The blood in his left arm is like a stream rushing, splashing and splashing.
Shao Huafei, not far from his eyes, is calmly directing the shallow water to clear his eyes and immediately bursting out the greed of his enemy.
"flying snow"
A moment of flying snow suddenly rushed in the war here. In this sea of people, it rushed towards Shao Huafei.
Horseshoe stepped on the soldiers’ heads and screamed, and several soldiers of the People’s Protection Army were kicked away by it.
Every time he jumps in the shallow water, he is one point closer to Shao Huafei and the farther away he is from his own soldiers, but he is not afraid at all.
This war has not accepted more thoughts and emotions.
Seeing the opponent approaching Shao Huafei’s figure, he slowly retreated a dozen guards to make up for the shallow water, but he did not avoid being imposed on himself by his opponent’s sword, gun, axe and cymbals. He drank another "flying snow!"
Hey, hey, hey, hey, a long hiss of flying snow suddenly sang loudly. Shao Huafei’s hip steeds were surprised by this long hiss and raised their front feet in fear.
Shao Huafei never dreamed that there would be such a sudden change. At that moment, the whole person was subverted and almost fell off the horse. The flying snow was like a shock and swept away, and it jumped several meters away.
Shao Huafei looked up in astonishment, but it was the last scene in his life.
"Blood shadows are thousands of waves". The shallow water is clear and screaming, and the knife falls.
Snow light and blood light show a head shocked and exploded.
The head of the body fell heavily in the dusty smoke, and all the soldiers stared at this incredible scene in amazement.
In the distance, Yi Xing was shocked by the cold with disbelief. He looked at the shallow water and raised Shao Huafei’s head to the sky, making that arrogant noise.
"Our army will win!"
"Our army will win!" The same cry resounded on both sides of the battlefield.
The battlefield changed again. After Shao Huafei was killed on the spot by Shallow Water Qing, a flag fluttered in the distance.
Tens of millions of war horses reverberated with the roar of iron hooves, and a huge and long black line appeared from the end of the sky and filled the whole battlefield in an instant.
Banner hunting knife cluster gun forest mighty division dominates the sky!
Everyone saw it.
The heavenly wind army is shouting and cheering, but the people’s protection army is stunned and unaware.
Shallow water Qing indulged in shouting "Yi Xing Han, do you really need Tiger Leopard Camp to be my reinforcements?" You are all wet! "
At that moment, the banner of the season word was held high in the wind, showing the great power of the soldiers in the sky.
It turned out that the Central Legion had arrived.
There is room for them to break into the abyss of nine places and turn over again.
Chapter ninety The end of the war (1)
The long war finally came to an end, and the lead-colored clouds hung low on the horizon, and thunderstorms came from the clouds. The land was muddy with blood, and the whole wilderness was covered with broken limbs and bodies. You could run for half a day from one end to the other.
The living people step on the pile of blood and cheer, and the ferocious faces give a arrogant smile.
Shallow water is almost numb to walk in this battlefield, but my heart is full of sadness.
Ten thousand guards stopped the water, and the last warrior almost died in World War I.
After today, the resistance forces in the water-stop country can resist the attack of the heavenly wind army
It is not until today that the imperial ambition for a hundred years finally appeared, and the first stage was successful. He was shallow and clear, but he did not feel the slightest joy.
Too many people have died.
Seize the city and kill the city; Seize the country and kill the country; After all, he can’t do it without fighting, and the enemy can’t do the least killing for the greatest success.
It was a dream after all. He was shallow and clear, and it wasn’t that big a deal.
In the distance, Fang Hu ran excitedly with a spear carrying the head of a militia soldier. When he saw the shallow water, he vaulted his horse and hugged him and shouted, "Shallow water has won!" "
Hugging strongly affected the wound. Shallow water cleared his brow and frowned slightly. Fang Hu asked eagerly, "Are you hurt?"
"It’s nothing, thanks to Mu Shaojia’s missing the key."
"Ha ha, it’s also your business. I watched you from a distance and cut Shao Huafei with one knife. You are not responsible for Brother Qi."
"I haven’t been in person for too long, and my hands and feet are rusty. Brother Qi saw my knife method in the spirit of heaven, and maybe he was afraid of vomiting blood by my anger."
Fang Hu laughed. "Brother Qi really showed his spirit. Otherwise, how could the Central Legion people arrive at such a terrible time?"
Shallow water and faint smile
He didn’t say something after all. If he said it, Fang Hu would jump up and curse.