Xing Xuan smiled and led Mo Chen to say, "It never occurred to Prince Mo Chen that your father’s illness may have started because of them. It was because they were afraid of your Dragon Palace to conquer them that they secretly killed you, leaving you too busy to conquer them?"

Mochen sighed, and said, "It’s also because my brothers are too shallow to help my father. Even if we have doubts about them, there is no evidence at that time. Moreover, because my father is sick and has no strength to make a conquest, we just want to wait until my father is well before making plans. Who knows that my father’s illness is getting worse and worse? If it weren’t for the arrival of the Dragon Patriarch and the Tang Fei brothers, we still didn’t know that my father was poisoned, not the immortal five.
When Xing Xuan saw the opportunity, he smiled and said, "Prince Mochen, what is the strength of my men?"
When Mochen’s eyes lit up, he looked at Xing Xuan in disbelief and asked, "Does the Dragon Patriarch mean that he can help us wipe out the East China Sea?"
"One mountain cannot accommodate two tigers, and one sea cannot accommodate two dragons. Didn’t Prince Mochen ever think about sweeping the East China Sea? " Xing Xuan smiled and said.
Mochen didn’t speak, but his mind turned to electricity: This Long Xingxuan obviously came to the East China Sea to find the abode of fairies and immortals. After listening to the moth singing and the arrogant floating forces, he was determined to wipe out these two forces with the help of the name and power of his Dragon Palace. This is a win-win thing for them and the Dragon Palace. There is no reason to refuse it, so I don’t know what attitude people in the square foot of Lingtai have towards it. Thinking. Then Prince Mochen turned his eyes to Sun Boyi and Tang Fei.
Xing Xuan also looked at Tang Fei and said, "Brother Tang, it’s a waste of time to find out the cause of grandpa. If we try our best to conquer all the forces in the East China Sea, those who will release this kind of malice will certainly make moves. At that time, with my brother’s eyesight, he must have nothing to hide! "
Tang Fei listened. His eyes lit up and he said, "Exactly!" Say that finish, looked at the mo Chen, in Tang Fei’s heart, has always been suspicious of the Dragon Palace middleman’s success. At this time, after hearing what Xing Xuan said, I suddenly understood that when the two sides fight, when life and death are at stake, no one can leave a hand. At that time, whether it is the Dragon Palace middleman or other forces in the East China Sea, as long as the poisoned person is now, his grandfather’s illness can be cured.
When Mochen saw that Tang Fei also agreed to come down, he was overjoyed. He turned around and said to an Aquarium immortal general beside him, "Go and invite General Fenshui, we have something to ask him!"
"Go and invite Shen Gongbao?" Tang Fei always has some resistance to Shen Gongbao. Hearing this name, I frowned again.
"Ha ha, only Shen Gongbao knows the specific situation of moth singing and floating light forces!" Mochen smiled and said to Xing Xuan and Tang Fei.
Xing Xuan also nodded and said, "Prince Mochen has done the right thing. We should try our best to win over all neutral forces, or we will be miserable if they form an alliance and fight against us together!"
After hearing this, Mochen looked stunned, then immediately woke up and said to a dragon lady, "Go and invite the 19th sister, just say that my father misses her and let her go home!"
The dragon lady promised, flew into a flash of water, left the Dragon Palace and went to Geshang Palace in the south.
"Who does the prince want to deal with first?" Star xuan asked at this time.
That Mochen ha ha smiled and said, "Of course it’s the moth singing. Although the moth singing is tough, there are at least 50,000 sailors under his command. Besides, this man is simple-minded and impulsive. He is just a brave man. As long as one of us is better than the moth singing, he will be subdued by himself, and we will not worry that the moth singing palace will not be captured by us. Just now, I saw that the skill that the Dragon Patriarch just showed was profound, and he was sure to be able to resist the moth singing, and those sailors under his command just need to give it to me! "
Xing Xuan nodded. Now there are 16-bone spears, descendants’ bows and Kuafu’s staff. Just now, he drove the moral Buddha’s mount back. Xing Xuan was very confident in himself, but he didn’t believe that the moth sang worse than Qing Cheng.
"Report to the Prince, General Fenshui is coming!" At this time, the hag who just went out came back, got down on one knee and reported back to Prince Mochen.
"So soon?" Mochen was a little surprised.
"Back to the prince, I didn’t invite the water general in the water general’s house, but met him halfway. He was about to come to the Dragon Palace to pay his respects to the eldest king and his royal highness the prince!"
The hag answered.
"Ha ha, it’s rare that he has such filial piety! Invite him in! " Mochen ha ha smiled and told Hag to invite Shen Gongbao.
Soon, he saw a bead curtain outside the palace, and Shen Gongbao followed the hag closely to the Dragon Palace.
Star Xuan eyes couldn’t help red mans flashing, looking toward the Shen Gongbao, a look, I was taken aback, now this Shen Gongbao unexpectedly and the blood shadow Deng Fei uniting the achievement method is somewhat similar, the whole body is shrouded in a mass of lotus flower, only the mind and soul, but it is not invisible.
However, this Shen Gongbao’s kung fu is much better than the blood shadow Deng Fei’s. Under the star’s golden eyes, the whole body is transparent, shaped like running water, and there is no long shape, and more can’t see the location of the mind and soul. Obviously, this achievement method has been practiced to the point of perfection.
After watching it for a long time, Xing Xuan withdrew his golden eyes and looked at the external illusion that Shen Gongbao showed.
Wearing a blue-gray cap and a blue-gray cassock, his face is extremely simple, his face is focused, revealing piety and simplicity, but his neck is slightly twisted. I don’t know if it is caused by habit or what harm he has suffered, so that his invisible body can’t pose a correct shape at will.
Tang Fei saw Shen Gongbao coming, and his face showed a disgust.
When Sun Boyi saw Shen Gongbao, he laughed, put his arms around Shen Gongbao and shouted, "Brother, you missed me so much!"
Because there were so many people in the hall, Shen Gongbao didn’t see Sun Boyi just now. At this time, when he saw Sun Boyi coming forward, his face suddenly showed a little panic. Then he burst out laughing and put his backhand around Sun Boyi and cried, "Brother, you miss me too!"
"Show it to General Shen!" At this point, the prince Mochen said to the dragon lady around him at this time.
The dragon lady hurried out and brought a crystal chair, leading Shen Gongbao to sit down beside the hall.
After Shen Gongbao was seated, his face was still startled. He hugged Mochen and said, "I didn’t know there was a distinguished guest coming to the Dragon Palace. Please forgive me for interrupting Shen Gongbao!"
Mochen laughed and said, "It’s all right, it’s all right, General Shen, let me introduce you. This is the patriarch Long Xingxuan from the human world, and here is the purple pistil fairy from heaven. I don’t need to introduce him here. Master Sun Boyi and Tang Fei, the god’s eye!"
Shen Gongbao listened to Mochen’s introduction, and got up quickly. He told Long Xingxuan and others that he was fuels, repeatedly saying things like "I’ve heard a lot about him" and even didn’t believe himself.
Star Xuan ha ha a smile, also with the Shen Gongbao polite words, and then, to sit down.
"Shen Gongbao came here this time to pay his respects to the old dragon king. Why isn’t the old dragon king here?" The Shen Gongbao found a circle at this time, and there was no sign of Aoguang now, so I asked Mochen.
"Oh, my father is in poor health, and now he is resting in the back hall, so it is not convenient to come out. When my father wakes up in the future, I will naturally inform my father of General Shen’s kindness!" Mochen politely said to the Shen Gongbao.
"Alas, the old dragon king’s health has been getting worse and worse over the years. I really don’t know what’s wrong with him. It’s really worrying!" The Shen Gongbao face look of regret, said to Mochen.
"Ha ha, thank you for General Shen’s concern. I think my father’s stubborn illness will get better in a few days!" Mochen ha ha a smile and said to Shen Gongbao.

Chapter two hundred and fifty-two Shen Gongbao
"oh? Did Prince Mochen find the cause and know the way to eradicate it? " Shen Gongbao’s face suddenly showed joy.
"Ha ha, that’s right. The patriarch Long Xingxuan from the human world saw the cause and knew how to eradicate it. I think my father will recover in a few days!" Mochen said, a pair of eyes fixed on Shen Gongbao. It seems that his heart is suspicious of Shen Gongbao, who has many opportunities for his neighbors.
"Oh, it’s really gratifying. I didn’t expect the Dragon Patriarch to be a master of Xinglin. Shen Gongbao grovel, grovel!" Shen Gongbao suddenly reveal a surprised look, looking towards the star xuan.
Xing Xuan laughed and said, "It’s just a collision. It’s not a master of Xinglin. It’s just that Grandfather Sun has the same symptoms as the old dragon king. I have some experience in treating Grandfather Sun and used it on the old dragon king according to law!"

Jiang Xiaoyu’s mouth is not short of flowers for a day or two. He is sad that he was invited to be expelled from the Flower Palace, or because he didn’t kill Jiang Xiaoyu Guo. This fellow provoked him before. If it weren’t for the lack of flowers, Jiang Xiaoyu’s body would be cold by now.

However, Jiang Xiaoyu’s line "Heart Man" has pierced the secret that flowers are hidden deep in the heart and cannot be revealed in front of people.
I haven’t moved for a long time. After listening to this, I gave Jiang Xiaoyu a cold look. Jiang Xiaoyu smiled. "Brother Hua, don’t worry. What kind of beauty can’t escape my little fish routine? Why don’t I give you an idea?"
Jiang Xiaoyu was short of flowers, and his eyes were so full that he couldn’t see the secret. This is to kill people! How clever Jiang Xiaoyu is! He must not hurry to find a way out for himself.
"Brother Hua, I’m serious. Why don’t you tell me something? I’ll give you an idea and help you save that beautiful woman’s heart."
Jiang Xiaoyu has never seen an invitation to the moon, but just listening to the invitation to the moon and the river’s lake smell is enough to prove that the invitation to the moon is beautiful, but the age of the invitation to the moon can be a flower. Is there really no problem with this flower brother’s eyes?
However, Jiang Xiaoyu dares to talk about these words in his heart. You should know that flowers are short and usually have a good temper, but as soon as someone says that it is the owner of the Flower Palace, it is not this guy who has a good temper. It is unambiguous to start work.
Jiang Xiaoyu said nothing to himself there, but he didn’t worry, so he waited slowly. After all, it was the most unbearable to spend a long time with people like Hua deficiency, and Jiang Xiaoyu could wait patiently.
"Since I was a child, I have no parents who grew up in the Flower Palace. My two aunts are my closest relatives. My little aunt is gentle and kind to me. My big aunt is arrogant and strict with me, but I know that she is the most stubborn and soft-hearted. Every night, she secretly goes to see me, that is, I am punished and injured by her, and she quietly heals for me."
"I think that even if I don’t conform to the rules of the Flower Transplant Palace, my aunt will find me in the end. Although I always make my aunt angry, my aunt treats me as before, regardless of others, but in my heart, my aunt is the most beautiful and best person in this world."
"Before I left the palace, my aunt gave me an order to kill you, but you were the first friend I really met after I left the Flower Palace, and I was deeply moved by your kindness with Iron Girl. I never disobeyed my aunt’s words, but this time I not only didn’t listen to her, but my aunt moved!"
"My aunt gave me a short name, taught me martial arts poems, and gave me the best things in the world. I know that she will never go back on her word. This time she really doesn’t want me!"
This is the most time that Jiang Xiaoyu and Hua Que have spoken to Hua Que since they met. Jiang Xiaoyu listened to the score. Although Hua Que went to the Flower Palace to invite the moon and pity the stars, he said that every sentence could not be separated from inviting the moon.
Jiang Xiaoyu was born smart, and he also had a deep understanding of the relationship between Tiexinlan and two of a kind.
Flowers are short of face and tears are still talking, and their eyes are tender and tender, full of affectionate words, and they are gentle and trembling, which is not like the old man-eating fireworks.
He is deeply attached to his big aunt, but he dare not say anything, dare not face his feelings, want to escape but are reluctant to part.
"Brother Hua, are you happy with your aunt?"
If Jiang Xiaoyu’s sentence "Heart Man" just now is a joke, then now this sentence "Heart Joy" is to completely pierce the window paper in Hua Que’s heart, so that he has to face up to his true feelings.
"I want to stay with my aunt forever, thinking that she is worried and happy every day, that’s all."
That’s all?
Jiang Xiaoyu stare big eyes watching the flowers lack flowers, Brother Hua. Thanks to my praise for your honesty in the past, you’re so slick that you don’t like my little fish!
Jiang Xiaoyu’s white flowers are missing one eye. Just say so.
"Brother Hua, you said that your aunt is the most stubborn and soft-hearted. It must be that she said an angry word. If you go back and beg her, she will not be angry with you again."
"You don’t know that your aunt never takes back what she says." Flower deficiency shook her head.
"Then I ask you, do you want a generation to accompany her? Flower shortage or did she raise her child, her apprentice? " Jiang Xiaoyu eyes turn with a smile.
"Is there a difference between the two?" I don’t know what it means for a moment.
"If the former, you should be honest with yourself and capture her heart. two of a kind never leaves; If it is the latter, you need to admit your mistake and ask her for forgiveness. A generation silently watches over her and looks up to her. Of course, you can have both. "
Jiang Xiaoyu saw that the flowers were short of silence and then added, "First, take the opportunity to stay with her in the name of the latter, and then slowly chart and tell your heart. This is the policy."
Jiang Xiaoyu knew that he had listened to what he said, and it was already dawn before he could ask him what he thought.
"I’ll leave immediately and go back to the Flower Palace."
Flower shortage finally made a decision. Jiang Xiaoyu was dumbfounded. The speed of this fake fairy’s action is also very comparable!
I have something to say.
I want to say that it is abuse that makes it sweet. La la la la, I need to go back to the Flower Palace to chase my wife!
Chapter 9 Chapter 9
Hua Que took Jiang Xiaoyu back to Jiangfu Tiexinlan. Finally, it was Hua Que who had to pack his bags and go back to the Flower Palace immediately. Even his maid, Lotus Lotus Cream, didn’t understand its meaning, but Hua Que was very determined. Naturally, they had to obey orders.
Hua Que left Jiangfu early in the morning, and everyone except Jiang Xiaoyu didn’t spend it. When he left his descendants, Jiang Xiaoyu’s face was also closed.
Once upon a time, Jiang Xiaoyu knew that his biological parents couldn’t get away from moving the flower palace, but after he entered the Jianghu, he met the flower shortage and found that the style of moving the flower palace was not similar, so he was puzzled.
Even though he doesn’t want to admit that the lack of flowers is better than him, he still has to say that the lack of flowers deserves the lack of fame.
Jiang Xiaoyu, who met each other, even knew how Hua Que could teach Hua Que such a perfect person. He never felt that inviting the moon and pity stars should not be a heinous person.
Especially after the moon was invited to take him away, he looked at the score. She wanted to force the flowers to be short of shots, but she didn’t really want him to die. She knew everything by looking at the palm of her hand.

"Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t make things clear. Didn’t I go back to my grandmother to practice?"

"Well, then what?"
"Then I’m 6 now, because my former friends are all married, but I haven’t even had a boyfriend yet, and my grandmother started urging me to find a boyfriend."
"I’m all white from here, but there’s something wrong with you coming to see me, miss Herona. We’re nine years behind, although there are still many problems before that."
"That’s not what I mean. Let me finish first. Then you may not know that Daye has always been very enthusiastic about me, but I just can’t be interested in him. It’s better to say that he is not my favorite type or something. Then I also know that 6 words is really a troublesome age for women. I told my grandmother and parents that I wanted to concentrate on this world competition, but now it’s been a long time, but I still seem to be addicted to Poké mon against them. I can’t stand it, and what’s even worse is that they seem to be quite satisfied with Daye, because I told them Daye couldn’t do it, so they said,’ Then you can find one yourself.’ "
"Did you find me …" Let’s just know the ins and outs of the matter. "But according to your * * * attitude of Miss Herona, it’s not suitable for me to ask you to take your pre-marital boyfriend home."
"No, it’s not over yet, because I can’t answer and I can’t find the place. They just decided that I should hold a competition. If I win the championship, I will associate with him …" Miss Herona said in a rather weak tone. Aaron felt that if it was face-to-face communication, Miss Herona would almost cry.
"Now Daye is gearing up, and it seems that not only Daye but also Wusong and Aaron are going to participate in the competition. I have no feelings for them. Rather, I can’t imagine me walking hand in hand with them. Please, Aaron, come and take part in this competition. If you want to knock them down to the final winner, even grandma at your age, they will definitely not force me to associate with you." Miss Herona continued, this is a complete white reason for Aaron. At this age, I can’t disobey my elders any more, so I asked Aaron to stir up the water in this "contest to get married". If so, there would be no problem, and I promised Miss Herona to help her.
"That’s all. I’m going to go to Shenao about a week away from the museum, and I hope Mr. Qianli can help take care of a museum while I’m away." It’s not too late to learn that the game will start in half a month through Miss Hilona, and Aaron also went to Mr. Qianli first to ask Mr. Qianli to help see a museum.
"Aye, it’s really troublesome. Speaking of it, Herona is really at this age, but even pear flowers are not married. That Kona in the east is not married, right? They are all over 3, so it’s not too urgent. It’s not surprising that I got married around 30 years old, although I got married earlier." Mr. Qianli said after listening to this.
"Of course. Do you want me to wait until you are 3 years old?" It’s a surprise that Aunt Mizu is here. Oh, it seems to be to deliver lunch.
"Don’t say what Mr. Qianli just said in front of those two heavenly kings." Aaron just woke up. "Wait, but I don’t remember that it was Mr. Qianli. Please propose to Aunt Mizu first." Because it seems that Mr. Qianli wanted to drag it away and Aunt Mizu wouldn’t let him.
"Aye, even if I am stupid, Mizu was obviously putting pressure on me at that time, I also felt it." Mr. Qianli touched his head and smiled and was sighed by Aunt Mizu.
"Oh, yes, Aaron, this is for you from May." Then Aunt Mizu suddenly took out a red bag from her bag. It’s also lunch.
"Ah, thank you, Aunt Mizu, but why didn’t May come today?" Because it’s a little strange that May usually gives it to Aaron himself and then eats with Aaron.
"Ah, she seems to have been caught by Sunda today, and she can’t get away from it. I gave this to you."
"Caught by Sunda again. After all, I’ve always been surprised that May will run when he sees Sunda."
"Probably will be dug divination." The dream came out and put in a sentence. Aaron almost had a conditioned reflex and continued to answer.
"Well, I’ll go first," said Aunt Perfect Tianjin, and went out. Then Aaron and Mr. Qianli started a lunch alone, but let’s continue the topic just now.
"In managing the Dojo, this is a week’s business trip, so you don’t need any agent for Dojo trainers. What’s worse is not sudden. Just ask Miss Sato at the front desk to tell a challenger to put up a sign at the entrance of Dojo these days. Sometimes I take Mizu out to play with the roots when I’m in the Orange China Dojo, but things are fine to this extent." Mr. Qianli continued, Aaron also felt that maybe Mr. Qianli, a Dojo trainer, was more casual than he thought, but he was going to listen to Qianli. Mr. Li told May about the situation. Because the May national hand coordination trainer had a lot of things to do in the battle center, he couldn’t go together to make other preparations. After half a month, Aaron also set off for Shenao.
Aaron came to Shen Ao Shen Ao the day before the "contest to get married", and the first thing he did was to meet Miss Herona. Miss Herona seemed to have been waiting for Aaron for a long time, and she was moved to see him. It seems that this situation is really very bad.
"Aaron told you before that there were Wu Song and Aaron, but the actual situation is much more severe than these." After talking about some digressions, Miss Herona suddenly said, and then took out a piece of paper and wrote several names.
"Alder Lianwu Vaccinium these four kings and four kings champion exactly what’s going on! And even if others forget Alder, the bad old man will come! "
"Yes, and I had a good chat with my grandmother. My grandmother also told me that this old man is surprisingly good. What …" Miss Herona cried and said, Ah, it’s so cute. If Aaron didn’t have a firm position, he might really just can’t hold it.
"Who else can I see? These probably aren’t, because they won’t be too big a threat … poof!" Aaron almost choked on a drink.
"What the hell is that bastard Xiao Yi thinking!"
"I guess he should come to help me out."
"You can’t guess at this time, Miss Girona! Trouble is really trouble. It’s more meaningful than Mr. Alder. "Xiaoyong and Xiaoyi obviously expressed their admiration for Miss Herona when they traveled together, but Miss Herona seems to have treated them as children of the same age as Aaron and never cared about them. Among them, Xiaoyong said that Aaron felt that he didn’t really want to associate with Miss Herona. How about it? After all, it’s 7 years old, but Xiaoyi said that Aaron is not sure. After all, he is old and Aaron is 4 years old (physically rather than psychologically) and now he runs from the orange islands specially.
"By the way, Miss Herona, Xiaoyi should have arrived in Shenhe Town by now. Has he come to see you?" Aaron thought of a little and asked
"No, I’m surprised, too. Many people come to me and tell me what will happen if they win, but I haven’t seen his words yet," said Miss Girona, and Aaron is probably understood here
"But anyway, since Miss Shilona asked me to win the competition, I will definitely go all out." No matter what Xiao Yi’s motivation is, since she promised Miss Shilona, Aaron is going to do a good job, and regardless of Xiao Yi’s motivation, most of the contestants really like Miss Shilona. Even though several four kings have participated in the competition, Aaron feels that Miss Shilona is not unable to find a boyfriend, but because she is really too high and beautiful, so it is probably the same for Miss Pear Flower and Miss Kona.
"Great, Aaron, my future is in your hands!" Miss Herona holds Aron’s hand and says that it is really easy to misunderstand the dialogue. Plus, people who don’t know Aron’s height will never think that Aron is 17 years old. No matter how young she is, there must be contestants in this small restaurant. Seeing Miss Herona holding Aron’s hand like this, Aron feels that she will definitely be treated with "enthusiasm" in the day competition. Anyway, she can’t escape it, so she won’t care.
Then the next day, I carefully counted the contestants, and there were actually 186 people! And I heard that in fact, there was a lot of chaos in these days before the start of the game. Probably, a large number of people have been eliminated before … Sure enough, Miss Herona’s popularity is really not covered, and then looking at her chest with the serial number 177 is also Aaron’s turn to fight for a long time.
Two hundred and thirty-nine mentoring! Aaron vs Wusong!
Shenhe Town is not a big city. There is also a standard battle field behind Poké mon Center. Although Miss Herona seems to have a personal training ground in the nearby forest, it seems that there is no battle field there. A large number of contestants can naturally squeeze here. Then Miss Herona’s parents and grandmother are sitting not far away. Miss Herona is naturally there, and Miss Herona is no longer wearing that black dress today, but wearing a white dress. Looking back carefully, I didn’t see Miss Herona wearing a black coat for so long before traveling with Miss Herona. It seems that she was forced to change her body by her grandmother. Just look at it, Miss Herona is very charming.
Aaron hasn’t been able to find Xiao Yi Aaron’s national player here to participate in this competition. It seems that he has traveled all over this town in one day. Although this town is really small and obvious, Aaron feels a lot of murderous feelings. The speed of the competition has started. Mr. Daye’s chest is No.1. It seems that he is very enthusiastic. The opponent of this competition is simply No.1, No.3, No.4, and the number order is the registration order. Aaron’s opponent is No.178, but he hasn’t seen No.178 yet. Did Mr. Daye take the first one easily, and then the game continued for about 5 minutes. Under the circumstances, there was no break, and everyone was told not to damage the venue as much as possible. It was not particularly necessary to maintain the venue. The game started at 7: 00 a.m. and didn’t rest for an hour until 11: 00. However, it was already 51 games, and many games were less than 5 minutes. Then, because everyone was a rival in love, they didn’t talk nonsense with each other until the first game was finished, that is, there were already 5. One person was successfully lovelorn, but it seems that they are not going to leave. They are going to see who Miss Herona will associate with in the end. In fact, many people were destroyed by chaos before the start of the game, and then the afternoon game started at 1 o’clock, and then Xiao Yi appeared on the 14th!
"Hey, that’s the man, right? Gao Qiao Yi finished the 100-person chop before the start of the game."
"Yes, but the national player, compared with the four kings, Mr. Daye, I feel that this person has a bigger win. When I fought with him before, I really wanted to escape. It was really amazing." After Xiaoyi’s game, Aaron heard the conversation between two people next to him
"A hundred people cut off, that is, did he get rid of one person before the game? That’s amazing," Super Dream said.
"Now is not the time to praise. Look, this guy is really serious this time. When his companion is really a trustworthy enemy, it is even more horrible."
"But I’m very excited to see you."
"After all, it is also a world series to play."
Xiaoyi knocked down his opponent after three moves. Xiaoyi fought easily, and then the game continued for a long time. Finally, it was Aaron’s turn, but his opponent was not the kind that was particularly worthy of prevention. Aaron also took the game easily, and there were not many games behind him. So on the first day of the game, Aaron tried to find Xiaoyi, but he finally thought about it and gave up.
The next day, the game will start at 7: 00 pm, but today it is expected to finish the first round in one afternoon. After noon break, it will start the third round at noon. Just speaking from the fruit, Aaron cares that the strong ones have got promoted as they wish, but Aaron’s opponent is in trouble. It is better to say that he knew that Mr. Wusong was on the 18th yesterday, and Aaron knew that his opponent was Mr. Wusong today.
"Aaron didn’t expect you to be interested in Herona. Did you break up with May?" All the other contestants came here to fight nonsense, but Mr. Wusong said this to Aaron.
"No, there are complicated reasons, so I can’t explain to you here for the time being, master, but what surprises me is that you have always had a good impression on Miss Herona? To be honest, I haven’t found it. "
"Uh-huh, no"
"…" Aaron was silent. "So, can I ask what master will you take part in this competition?"
"There’s nothing I can’t help but want to knock Daye over and laugh at him because I’m so excited to see him-so I specially postponed the registration, hoping to clean him up in the final, but I do like or hate Herona, and I’m almost at the age of marriage. After all, I’m 7 years old. If Herona can be my girlfriend, I really don’t have any dissatisfaction." Mr. Wusong said that Ma heard the sound of Mr. Daye’s "Wusong you bastard" coming nearby, which Aaron didn’t expect from his master.
"Well, anyway, let’s get started. After all, today’s schedule is still quite tight, and I can’t wait to play against Master again."
"Well, then let me see if you got stronger when you left me!"
Aaron and Mr. Wusong were thrown out of Poké Ball at almost the same time. Aaron was top cat and Mr. Wusong was a bronze bell.
"The body scattered and retreated to a place meters away from the venue." Mr. Daye suddenly began to shout. It is also clear that this battle is extraordinary. Everyone knows that the main player of the national team and his own side have taken the initiative to retreat.
"Aaron, although it is a small gap, it is I who sent Poké mon first to attack first! Use illusion! "
"Then we will make high-speed stars!"
The bronze bell body emits blue light, and then followed by top cat. However, top cat seems to have grasped the bronze bell on the ground and couldn’t lift top cat. Then top cat hit a flashing star from the forehead gem, and the star became bigger and hit the bronze bell.
"Iron wall!"
Although it seems to be a very small attack, it is precisely because of the guidance of Aaron that Mr. Song knows that this skill is not as weak as it looks. The bronze bell body emits white light, and then the high-speed star hits and makes a metal collision. Because of the illusion, top cat is weakened, and the moving speed of the bronze bell is not excellent. There may be no way to avoid the top cat assault.
"Spiral ball!"
"One hundred thousand volts!"
See top cat menacing bronze bell began to spin quickly, top cat is immediately brake and then toward the rotating bronze bell with one hundred thousand volts! The flow wrapped the bronze bell, but the bronze bell didn’t stop moving because of it, but continued to rush forward.
"It is also expected to protect!"
The rotating bronze bell continued to approach, but it was blocked by an invisible shield when it was about to hit top cat! The shield seems to have a strong force to bounce off the bronze bell that slammed into it, and even the rotation was forced to stop
"It’s our turn, Shadow Claw!"
"That’s how it’s toxic!"
Top cat’s two front paws were wrapped in black air, and then top cat jumped up and there were two paws! Although the bronze bell has no expression, it is also very harmful to look at it! However, as planned, the huge bell mouth of the bronze bell suddenly faced top cat, and then some purple liquid was sprayed from the inside, spraying top cat all over.
"Aaron, do you think I will eat your skills casually?" Mr. Wusong laughed confidently, and Aaron was really careless about the highly toxic bronze bell.
"But it is still in melee combat! Shadow claw! "
"One more time, Iron Wall!"

This year, he grabbed the second piece of Haitian, and it was so complete that there was not even a plant missing!

Look at that neat Haitian Tong Hangjian with a faint golden light, I already feel suffocated. I think this piece of Haitian was the real pain in his heart in those days, because he grabbed a few handfuls and maybe it was less than 1% of the whole piece of Haitian!
Now this sea field appears intact in front of his eyes, which is more lush than it was in the past.
"Ah …"
Tong Hangjian breathed a sigh of relief excitedly and murmured, "Is there really one looking at ZTE’s demise of Xuanyuan Emperor?"
After a while, Tong Hangjian flew again and flew away on the way through the suspected pieces of Haitian.
Soon he confirmed that it was not a suspect but a real one!
He passed through this road in those days, but he didn’t stop because the situation was much more urgent than now.
The middle-level Haitian Tong Hang Jian didn’t even finish reading one percent, so he had to stop again.
He flew to a higher place and looked at the magnificent sea temple in the middle of it.
I think he didn’t see the sea temple in those days …
The floor is really important for the Sea Temple, where he has never set foot.
Tong Hangjian finally rushed towards the sea temple floor. He saw the hall and the old turtle, but like Xiao Wen and others, he was also a statue …
So he didn’t fly in, but stopped directly in the sea field
Tong Hangjian’s old heart hasn’t been pounding for a long time, and this moment is finally jumping uncontrollably, just like when he was young, he was rejuvenated again.
If the outer sea field of the Sea Temple excites him, the middle sea field excites him, then the sea field excites him and he almost fainted.
It is almost the realm of Asian gods!
Almost half of them are faintly higher than the realm of Asian gods!
These roots are not celestial materials, but come from a world older than the celestial world!
Maybe these materials can push the level of supernatural power in the celestial world forward by half or a grade after they are well delivered …
Looking at it, it’s almost complete. This terraced sea field!
Even if it occupies a world of resources, the God League will definitely be happy and crazy after getting these!
This Xiao Wen is too fate!
It seems that he also said "luck". How many of the immortals have such luck?
He’s the only one who asks!
Then Tong Hangjian realized a problem. Never let anyone who is a little unreliable know that Xiao Wen owns the Sea Temple!
Once the news leaked out, Xiao Wen might attract Xuanyuan Huang people to kill him!
Be sure to keep this secret to death!
Tong Hangjian has seriously considered the secrecy law in Haitian.
Then Guanghua flashed in his eyes. He turned to look and saw Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing coming to him together.
"Can anyone else know about this sea temple?" TongHangJian did not even say hello directly asked quickly.
"How many people know about Yuan Dao’s celestial falling into Xinghai?" Nan Yunqing knew what Tong Hangjian was worried about calmly. "In the falling into Xinghai, the news should not be leaked, so we can hide it for a while, but if we want to continue to increase the strength of the resources in Lihai Temple, the real situation will eventually be inferred by the people of Jieshen Alliance."
Tong Hang’s brief face, Se, is slightly changed at this time, which is also the case. Even if he wants more real characters, those old rivals will definitely doubt it, and if there are more people on their side, it will attract the attention of the world gods, and then compare it with the situation of Yuan Dao’s celestial world, and the answer will be called out.
It really can’t be kept secret all the time.
"This plan is to secretly raise our overall strength without sending it first, and then even if we are guessed, we will not be afraid of the resources in the sea temple." Tong Hangjian quickly made a decision
"Well, just like that" Nan Yunqing nods.
Then Tong Hang wandered around the middle sea field simply and seriously. Since it is decided to benefit the resources here, it is naturally better to have a spectrum in my heart early.
His old heart has been as calm as possible in front of Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen, but he has been shocked again and again.
There is no doubt that they will meet beyond the world alliance in terms of high-level materials!
Seeing Tong Hangjian looking after Haitian for a long time, Nan Yunqing woke up and said, "There are still many palaces in the middle that have not been opened yet, and we can go and find out together."
TongHang Jane a reaction to come over and look at the middle direction laughed "indeed! I remember that the outer wall of a main hall has fallen down, but it happened that the ban on the outside was so strong that everyone could look at the temple’s treasures without moving their hands. "
At this time, Xiao asked and sighed, "It’s a pity that I can control the big bans here and the small bans in the temples. I can’t control it either."
Tong Hangjian laughed. "I’m afraid they will deal with them slowly when they fail to run away. Xiao Daoyou, there are quite a few geeks here who are best at dealing with strange bans."
"Well, that’s good. If you don’t act with us, why don’t you pick some materials here now?" Xiao asked suddenly.
Tong Hangjian thought for a moment, "I really shouldn’t act with you now. Well, I’m welcome."
It turns out that Tong Hangjian’s external identity is not Nan Yunqing’s gang, but he maintains a semi-neutral identity, which dislikes both the God League and Nan Yunqing and others. Although this identity makes him enjoy the resources of the God League, it is more convenient to get news. Otherwise, Nan Yunqing could not have come to him the second time. Although Nan Yunqing left for two hundred years, it is really nothing for an Asian god who has lived for more than 10,000 years.
Tong Hangjian picked Fu Cai Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing were not idle, but went to Hainong.
So soon after two days, Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing finally said goodbye to each other.
Until they disappeared from the horizon, Tong Hangjian still had a dream feeling. He really didn’t expect them to turn over soon!
Then Nan Yunqing and Xiao asked to visit Ri too fast one by one.
Their group is really a very special group, and even now it has no name or elected leader.

Suluo wants to shout it out, but two real bosses are in front of him. Suffer it silently.

Who can blame themselves? When you are busy, you forget everything. If you don’t return the information of Gong Yu’s little angel and Xia Han’s big devil, you can let them vent their anger. Men and men can shrink and stretch.
Yeah, that’s it.
What will suluo do now after she finally coaxed the two big sisters away?
Of course, get even with the plane head and let your uncle smile
Now it’s Jiang Xiaoxian’s turn to shiver.
"Where’s the airplane head? Are you going to cut your hair or do you want to catch your hair by reasoning on the spot in the tortoise and rabbit race?"
Suluo touched his new hair style, Xiaoping, before Jiang Xiaoxian answered, and then asked Yince.
"The speed is dying recently. Why haven’t you finished painting Wulongyuan?"
"Can you blame me? At the earliest, you called me stick figure at the back of the manuscript. Forget it. stick figure is stick figure. At least there are still moving shapes and expressions. Draw a section of stick figure. It’s a big circle and write two words. Surprised.
It’s all right. Now the matchmaker’s circle is gone. If you have lines, your roots are lazy and pit me. "
Jiang Xiaoxian burst into tears and complained.
"Are you always lazy? Is this training you to be white?"
Suluo’s face is red and he’s not breathing. He’s just justified.
Jiang Xiaoxian turned up his eyes, hehe.
"How can you always learn from Fu Jian’s old thief and compare with him? It’s just the conscience of the industry, you know?"
Suluo collapsed in the chair and turned to the old thief Fujian, tears streaming down her face. You scum, if you know the story of Fujian, you will know how conscience I have.
I’m just taking stick figure as a pit. You still have to finish the cartoon honestly in front of the readers, and people are so awesome that they can’t even publish the sketch directly. A big piece of white and a small broken figure just went out. This is the limit of moral integrity
Innocent people’s horses are followed by white and black pictures
This is the real limit for you.
Then your innocence is really the limit.
In the end, there was no black and white picture
You didn’t even want to see it
"Who is the rich old thief?"
Jiang Xiaoxian asked with a curious face.
"He’s a man of God, and he’s amazing. He has special treatment that makes people love and hate ghosts. If you want to draw, you can draw a chapter. If you don’t want to draw, you can stop publishing and play mahjong for all kinds of wonderful reasons."
"For this reason, all the fans want to be mahjong masters to win all his money and let him draw cartoons well."
"Do you know what to call him an old thief?"
Jiang Xiaoxian shook his head. I don’t even know what you said.
And suluo continued to preach by himself.
"Old and immortal thief, everyone who falls into his pit gnashes his teeth at him, hoping that he will die, but afraid that he will die before the pit is filled. buff can keep blessing him, wishing him good health and a long life. He is honored as an old thief."
Suluo got stuck in the memory and laughed and said.
Suluo couldn’t help laughing when he thought of the shameless deeds of the rich old thief.
When you fall into the prehistoric pit of a professional hunter, it’s like seeing the hunter fall into the sky in a flash. You are a genius.
And then there was no then.
When chasing pirates, I still think that Ota painted slowly, only to find out that he is actually a model worker, while other cartoonists can calculate who is better than Fujian.

Xiao Yan?

"I’m asking you, is this your magic emperor?"
Nonyl and decyl kowtowed and couldn’t say a word.
The finger was rubbed by the fluffy head again, and two swan cubs fluttered their wings "goo goo!"
Kneeling on the ground, two people are even more scared and weak. Xiao Yan can’t ask anything from their mouths, so let them go out first.
The door of the temple was closed, and Xiao Yan picked up Goose with one hand and looked at him with bright eyes.
"Goo goo?"
Look at the reaction of Ren and Gui. Does this beautiful and lovely gosling really seem to be Molly?
Qi Jiantong is still in a coma. Xiao Yan took the gosling to the magic palace first and turned a circle.
They fell into the palace, which seemed to be a partial temple. The rest of the buildings were more magnificent, and you couldn’t see the dome when you looked up.
Murray once gave Xiao Yan a skeleton puppet. Seeing the puppet is like seeing the magic emperor owning (passing) the puppet, and the status of the puppet is high in the magic temple.
Everyone in the palace knows this. When they see Xiao Yan respectfully, they automatically retreat to the side of the road and bow their heads. When Xiao Yan walks by, they dare to follow at a distance.
Being treated like an emperor, Xiao Yan can barely accept other methods-every demon sees the black swan cub as if he had seen the devil!
When it’s light, it’s five-body, three-knocking and nine-worshipping; Or panic to fainting.
Xiao Yan looked at the swan cub with a complicated expression.
Goose crouched at his neckline and looked at him with dark little eyes. "Goo?"
Look at it horizontally and vertically, it’s all a little goose. What’s to be afraid of?
It must be that the magic people are too afraid of Murray, and even now Murray has become a goose, they are still afraid.
The inferno is afraid of scaring the inferno like this. How cruel is Murray? It seems that he was beaten to the door by the rebels. There is a reason why Xiao Yan reasonably suspects that the people in the magic temple will take the initiative to open the gate and greet him with the kettle pulp when they know that the rebels are calling.
The 19th underworld didn’t change day and night, and there was no timing tool. I don’t know how long it took, maybe one day, maybe ten days. Qi Jiantong finally woke up.
Xiao Yan was feeding the geese by his side when he woke up.
"Are you all right?" JiJianTong seize Xiao Yan sleeve.
"I’m fine, but there’s something wrong with Murray."
JiJianTong "where is Murray? !”
Xiao Yan hands holding a goose cub to JiJianTong eyes.
Goose cubs stretch their necks "goo goo!"
For three minutes, the two demons stared at each other and stared at each other. Qi Jiantong laughed. He grabbed the goose cub with one hand and some arrogant little things cooed in his palm.
"Look at Xiao Yan. Don’t you want Murray to take you out of the underworld? Let this goose cub guide you quickly. "
"Now is not the time to be sarcastic." Xiao Yan made a sudden snatch to recapture the Murray goose cubs, probably frightened and shivering in Xiao Yan’s palm.
"How do we leave?"
The magic army outside can attack at any time, and they will kill Xiao Yan and Murray’s colleagues quickly.
Xiao Yan told JiJian about the rebels, but one build what did not build teased the goose.
"We’ll kill you as soon as you are ready."
Xiao Yan was angry. "Can you be serious? This is a matter of life. I am not in the mood to joke with you. At this time, we may be two bodies!"
Qi Jiantong raised his eyes and revealed a little black pupil in his crystal red eyes. "I never joke."
Xiao Yan "You just woke up from a coma and thought about killing out? There are hundreds of magic troops outside! "
"Don’t worry, I won’t drag you with me even if I want to commit suicide."
"I think I’d better find a way to join the celestial world."
Qi Jiantong frowned. "Xiao Yan, you don’t believe me so much?"
Xiao Yan frantically ordered Lingshan token, expecting it to respond. After entering the underworld, Lingshan token lost contact with the outside world, and he could not summon other employees or even Lian Xianzun.
"When I was in a coma, magic eye and other demons found a weak defensive path."
"Is it dangerous?"
"Are you worried about me?"
Xiao Yan looked at him with a language expression.
Qi Jiantong sneered at "the underworld will not be as safe as your Xiao mansion"
Xiao Yan ignored him and continued to poke the token
His wrist was suddenly held by Qi Jiantong. "Come here."
Qi Jiantong took him to the corner of the hall, but he stepped back dozens of steps in the middle of the hall.
"If you want to kill me, I will release my magic, which means I will change back to my original shape." Qi Jiantong shouted.
"How big are you?" Xiao Yan took two steps forward. "I can’t hear you!"
Qi Jiantong "is about the size of a six-story residential building!"
"Oh," Xiao Yan went back again, very far away. No wonder the magic temple was built so big that it was not magic at all.
"It’s after I changed back to the abyss magic prototype …" JiJianTong looked at Xiao Yan from a distance and said with a sigh, "Nothing."
Xiao Yan shouted, "What will happen after you finish talking and return to your original shape!"
It took a long time to hear Qi Jiantong answer, "Don’t worry."
After breathing, the blood mist transpired and the ground was so hot that it seemed that the skin was burned through the soles of shoes by the temperature of baked red steel plates.
The heat wave spread out around the sword coaxially and wantonly, and the high temperature made the head and eyes dim, even the stone wall seemed to be melting
Xiao Yan repeatedly took two steps back and hit the wall with burning pain. He immediately pierced his spine and exhaled in pain. The gosling followed suit.
"Xiao Yan"
It was Qi Jian who was calling, but his voice became unfamiliar, like a terrible echo in deep hell.
Through the color in the blood, you can vaguely see that JiJianTong is twisting and expanding.
A heat wave came upon me, and Xiao Yan closed his eyes in a conditioned way, and a piece of flesh color was in his sight.

"It’s just right, right?" Lian Yan Jing said thoughtfully that when it comes to professionalism, he is keen and back.

How old was he then? It must be unclear, and then the queen mother also kept her mouth shut, so she didn’t have a chance to know that she was naturally unclear.
"What is just right?" The emperor instead of the queen mother asked
Dong Yuling nodded happily and took a look at Lian Yan Jiing. What an expert in this field!
She can find that it was the detective stories, TV plays and animation that her predecessors did not know how many they had watched, and she could learn a little more or less.
Lian Yan Jing this is purely based on experience.
"From General Zhuo’s mansion to the palace and then to the Empress Dowager, it will take an hour to send someone to the general mansion even after the Empress Dowager has simplified the procedures." Dong Yuling slowly explained.
"That is to say, it’s been an hour since Mrs. Zhuo gave birth during childbirth and the empress dowager sent someone to the general’s office to see Mrs. Zhuo’s body. How can I just see Mrs. Zhuo just die?"
Laughed Dong Fengling, "I don’t know if the Empress Dowager Empress had sent someone? But what happened then? Did you touch the lady’s body? If it is difficult to give birth, must it be a lot of bleeding or a corpse with two lives? "
The queen mother suddenly got up and quickly walked to the front of the temple to call in her confidant Mammy, who moved so quickly that three people jumped and rushed to help her.
At this time, the queen mother did not consider so much to return to her seat. "Her name is Jingui. She followed the girl of Aigu from childhood and later entered the palace to serve Aigu. She just sent her to the general office. If you have anything, just ask."
When it comes to the end, the queen mother’s voice trembled slightly. It was almost exciting to know the truth. After more than ten years of confusion, she finally waited until the truth came out.
Dong Yuling nodded his head and asked again just now, thinking that the queen mother really likes osmanthus!
It seems that the name of the people around me is osmanthus.
As soon as Mammy Jingui didn’t react, she listened to Dong Yuling’s simple summary, and realized, "That’s true. So the empress dowager empress was indeed a handmaiden who neglected the handmaiden’s body in the past. When the handmaiden rushed to the bed, she did a good job even though the temperature was not felt, but her hair was still wet and half a sheet was soaked. I think the handmaiden was still wet when she touched it."
"I heard that Mrs. Zhuo gave birth at noon in summer?" Lotus Yan Jing heart a move 1.
Dong Fengling was surprised and thought it was normal that there was too much blood to dry for an hour and get wet.
Sister Jingui will say something with subjective emotions, like it just came out. This kind of image is unreliable and can’t be proved.
If Sister Jingui could really judge that year, she wouldn’t have missed this flaw.
But if it’s the hottest time at noon in summer, it makes sense
Half a sheet is soaked in an hour, and it is estimated that it will be almost dry.
Blood is easier to coagulate than water.
Besides, wet hair doesn’t make any sense. If a person has been dead for more than an hour, it should be done even if it is not tidied up.
Besides, isn’t it against the will for a woman who is giving birth to a child to clean her face even if she dies in childbirth?
Even if the sweat on the face is easier to dry, it seems that there is no such big gap.
It’s a pity that she couldn’t see the body with her own eyes, otherwise she could see more things.
Dong Yuling’s regret is forgotten as soon as he regrets it. Anyway, the existing evidence proves that the surname Zhuo has a bad intention. He is just not so important for now. Chapter 57 Chapter 57 Chapter 570 What a slag!
The queen mother’s emotional control has been very good, but now she continues to be calm, listening to the micro-squinting as if she were with herself.
"It is always the case that either this man had expected the results before letting people enter the palace to report the news; Or I never thought that something had happened and arranged the scene directly, right! " The queen mother also understand freely asked
It is true that the evidence is not important, as long as everyone knows what is going on in their hearts.
At that time, she was skeptical, but she always wanted to know how this man did it.
Dong Lu Ling and Lian Yan Jing nodded. That’s what happened. If it is the former, it’s very good, so it was premeditated.
But if it is the latter, it will also come. No, the former is much more likely.
The queen mother’s palace struggle is also white for most of her life, and she has a dispute in her heart.
"Empress Dowager?" Sister Jingui was a little worried that the queen mother was the most aware of her obsession with her sister. Now she knows such an amazing truth, and she is worried that the main body can’t bear it.
The queen mother ha ha smiled. "It’s the greatest salvation if all these years have passed and Aijia has passed."
Then the queen mother herself looked back at the emperor easily. "The emperor’s son just had a problem. In those days, the surname Zhuo married another family because he wanted to grieve for his own family, which was even more unforgivable."
"He asked for it himself?" The emperor was surprised. Isn’t that even more tricky?
Dong Yuling was also surprised by this man … What a scum!
In that case, when he knew who would be his second wife, he would be resented by the queen mother. Didn’t he set Mrs. Zhuo on fire?
No matter what his righteous and great reasons are, you can’t deny this kind of love rat trip.

If anyone is worried that winning the goal will make Lazio players feel great pressure, then they should look at the Lazio dressing room at this moment and they will know how wrong they are …

"Eldest brother finally say this out? I have been waiting for him for a long time! "
"Defending the triple crown! I almost fell asleep last night! Boss, this goal is too domineering! "
"It’s true that no one has ever walked the road to defend the triple crown. No team has ever done it, guys! We are creating new history every step from now on! "
Lazio players are discussing this in the dressing room of Vermelot training base before the new day’s training.
Everyone who talks about this matter is not nervous or worried at all. On the contrary, their faces are excited.
As if to say something very heart-warming.
After all, no one regards this as a difficult thing to accomplish.
For them, the season league title is already in their pocket, and the difficulty of winning the Italian Cup is not equal to that they try their best to deal with it, that is, the Champions League.
And their strength is strong in the Champions League, and they firmly believe that no team can stop them.
This is that source of their confidence.
Now that we have said that we should go with the boss to set up a monument for future generations, how can we flinch in the face of difficulties?
Chang Shenglai also asked Fontana to pay attention to the psychological condition of the players.
Because he has picked his words, he wants to see if the players will back down because of this goal, causing all kinds of tension and giving up negative emotions.
As a result, Fontana’s reward was that the players performed perfectly
"I’ve never seen a team with such high morale and high confidence," Fontana replied. "Everyone is full of fighting spirit [w w w] and they can’t wait for their opponents to confront each other and completely beat those teams that questioned them! This is a positive emotion, there is no negative emotion, and you should be able to rest assured of the mental health of the players during this period. "
"Speaking of it, it’s also because of your words that the players lost their goals after winning the sixth championship and found their goals again. Now, when the goals appear, they will go forward with all their might."
Fontana finally kowtowed to the winners.
Changsheng walked over and accepted it.
This is what he expected, but none of the players backed out or listened to make him happy.
This means that Lazio is as ambitious as he is, and they want to expand their position and territory.
Now that you have a goal, it’s easy to lead the team. The most fear is that you don’t pursue it.
This is the reason why the so-called "team is not easy to bring when people are scattered"
Since the players are okay with winning, they are even more okay with it.
Then the team went to defend the triple crown …
On January 29th, Lazio played Florence at home in the 22nd round of the League.
There is no suspense in this game. The home game against Lazio is very scary.
In the end, the Biancocelesti beat Florence 2 at home.
Continue their winning streak of the season.
This is their 21st consecutive victory and their 61st consecutive unbeaten game.
Getting closer and closer to the record set by Chang Sheng himself.
The 23rd round of the League is Lazio away game against AC Milan.
He led AC Milan in allegri in the season with outstanding performance. They quickly found their own rhythm after experiencing the pain at the beginning of the season.
At present, AC Milan II is ranked second with 46 points after the second round of league matches.
If it weren’t for Lazio, they would be number one in the league.
Lazio has won 21 games in the 22 nd League! 63 points ahead of AC Milan by 17 points.
Such a huge difference makes the so-called goal of winning the league title meaningless
Many teams that usually have the strength to compete for the league title are now aiming to compete for the qualification for the Champions League this season, which is more realistic.
Otherwise, it’s really funny to talk about the league championship when we are ten points behind or even twenty points behind.
Although the league ranking points are quite different, it can’t be said that AC Milan can’t do anything about Lazio. Lazio beat AC Milan 2-0 at home in the fourth round of the league, but at that time allegri just took over the team and it was still in pain.
Since then, AC Milan has performed all the way up and finally ranked second in the league.
The points are much less than Lazio’s, because Lazio is so stable that they can win no matter what opponents they face, while AC Milan’s performance is still in the normal range. Sometimes they lose and sometimes they draw.
It is normal for AC Milan to draw four games and lose four games in the 22nd League.
However, I didn’t lose a game or draw with Lazio. Lazio’s performance is too abnormal and has no reference value.
Moreover, the competition in a single game is not to look at the previous achievements of the two teams, but to look at the state and ability shown by the two teams in these two games
AC Milan is now at home, which doesn’t mean there is no hope of beating Lazio.
Of course, before the game, AC Milan was very low-key from the club to the media, especially the media. They never said anything like "This is an excellent opportunity for AC Milan to get revenge", "This is definitely an opportunity for AC Milan to get revenge" and "This is a hundred percent opportunity for AC Milan to get revenge".
Every time they said that before, AC Milan would die miserably in the end, but now they have all learned their lesson.
Don’t talk about it in a low profile, and don’t declare any hatred between AC Milan and Lazio.
If you don’t know these two clubs well, they will be very good …
Actually, what a fart!
If AC Milan really hates the club now, I’m afraid it’s not Inter Milan, the sworn enemy in the same city, but Lazio.
The main reason is that Lazio coach Chang Sheng and AC Milan have a lot of personal grievances, which have broken various records of AC Milan, and personal attacks on AC Milan coach Berlusconi … They have been complaining for three days and three nights.
AC Milan can’t wait to eat its meat.
If there is an opportunity, they don’t mind cutting Lazio to pieces. But where is this opportunity?
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Modern Football Foundation
It’s different from the first time Lazio AC Milan met in half a season. AC Milan has changed a lot.
Ronaldinho was completely deposed. He was replaced from the main force in AC Milan.
Pato has long lost his position because of continuous injuries.
Brazil can really play in AC Milan, that is, thiago silva and Robinho, of whom Robinho is not the absolute main force.
After abandoning Ronaldinho, allegri built a team around Ibrahimovic
Team capital Sweden stupa
Ibrahimovic has his dream of freedom on the court.
He can do whatever he wants, but no one else is as special as him.
In midfield, his muscle array leader is "black and hard" except for Pirlo.

This product is definitely intentional.

Looking at the photos, I couldn’t smile properly. Zuo Tangtang was angry in his heart. The goods said that they were going to their own gang box, but when I saw her, I had to let her cooperate with her to take pictures.
I didn’t let her go until I got a dozen at a stretch.
I probably feel that I’ve had enough fun. Gai helped Zuo Tangtang take off his hood and took her hand affectionately. "Come to our gang and sit down!" to be continued
[529. Five hundred and thirty A thorn in my heart]
When Zuo Tangtang followed Gai to the hotel, he met the brothers of Changfeng Escort Agency. When people saw one of them pulling a convoy, it was the last thing that worried the men at the gate of Chengdu Escort Agency, and it was completely released.
"hooves, hooves, you said that your Wang really suddenly thought of wearing a teletubby?" Gai complained and took out a wet tissue from her bag and handed it to her. She conveniently put her head on the bottle and held it.
"Thank you." Zuo Tangtang took the paper towel and nodded gratefully at the side bottle. Then he wiped his wet sideburns and said, "It’s estimated that it’s not our Wang’s problem. It’s probably that those pit goods are trying to think of an idea."
"Alas, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee, gee,
"I … I’ll just sit with you for a while and go." With some hesitation, Zuo Tangtang thought for a moment and responded lightly.
"Ah no matter no matter …"
Cover pendulum motioning with his hand no longer listen to Zuo Tangtang consider pulling and walked forward.
The official configuration box of a famous gang in the Jianghu of the Evening Song Gang can actually be said to be a small hall. Zuo Tangtang walked in with Gai and found that the scattered gang had already taken many people.
"Hey, Wang, who is this sister?" It seems that guy and the people in their gang have already met each other. As soon as they entered a table, they laughed and laughed when someone asked.
"Let’s help girls with such signs to hook up early in the game!" Another person also joked and said, "Come on, girl, tell me your name! Let’s see if we belong to yesterday and have a friendship! "
Zuo Tangtang stared at the eyes and chatted enthusiastically. People couldn’t help but be a little stunned. Just thinking about how to explain it, I heard that the cover next to it was very domineering and patted the table to clear the throat. "You stop that. This goods is not our gang, but you probably know it! Yes, that’s the stupid pig’s trotters! "
"It turned out to be hooves!" A group of people suddenly realized that they had no sense of strangeness before, and all the boys and girls around them greeted Zuo Tangtang in the past.
"I was just wondering how that doll looks so familiar, like Teletubbies should not be hooves, and the result is really!" One of the younger sisters was very excited to clap the shoulder of the boy next to her and shouted at her.
It seems that the Teletubbies with soy sauce have attracted the attention of the district.
Zuo Tangtang looked at the boy’s abnormal face and looked at that girl’s enthusiasm. Some of them were fugue, hey hey, smirking.
"So are you and Aquarius really together now?"
Deal with all the greetings Zuo Tangtang and Gai sat in the corner chair and talked lightly.
"I don’t know." No longer in high spirits, Gai looked puzzled and replied with a coffee table cup in his hand.
Zuo Tangtang didn’t speak, but looked at her quietly.
Hoof Hoof suddenly looked at her eyes seriously. "Do you know that I am still in a trance?"
A few days ago, we met for the first time today, and then now we get along so naturally, just like we have known each other for many years. In fact, we just met in reality today. Gai’s tone is slightly urgent. I told you before that he and I don’t know what the future will be like, but I like him very much. We quietly enjoy each other’s beautiful thoughts and don’t think about the future. However, now that we have met, some of us have been afraid to think about things.
"Then have you considered the result?" It’s the first time I saw a careless cover with such an expression that Zuo Tangtang put a soft voice to ask.
Gai Chui stared at the cup in his hand and shook his head silently.
Zuo Tangtang sighed and shook his cold hand.
"Let nature take its course"
Although he was unanimously retained, Zuo Tangtang refused the Evening Song Gang’s kindness and came out of the Evening Song Gang box with a hood and slowly walked into the hall.
There are a lot more people in the lobby than before, especially behind the side glass door. Many people don’t know what to do. Zuo Tangtang walked over there and looked at the announcement posted at the door. It turned out to be a game test-some gameplay and functions that have not been sent or are being tested can be tried by players here.
If soy sauce makers are here, it is estimated that according to their ability theory, they are expected to play with a big brain hole, and they are afraid that the planners will have the idea of reinventing themselves.
Zuo Tangtang smiled at the thought of this.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “