"I don’t believe she has a heart of stone and can’t forgive you if you have these things delivered to her home for you every day!"

Silent month flow sound eyes light up slightly.
There was something of expectation in his eyes. "So she will forgive me?"
"If she still likes you in her heart, she will certainly forgive you."
"women are always duplicitous and say that they won’t forgive you. I don’t know if I have forgiven you in my heart."
I don’t want to forgive you so easily, so this requires you to act to show your sincerity. "
Silent month flowing lux eyes lit up bit by bit.
If a woman is full of duplicity, then she doesn’t really mean it when she says she doesn’t like herself.
At the thought of this, the sound of the silent moon feels that his heart is like a pool of stagnant water.
Think about it. Although she keeps saying that she doesn’t like herself today.
But every time he has a little intimacy with her, she looks at herself so obsessed.
If you really don’t like him, how can you show her that look?
Thought of here, his heart is more sure that Jiang Xue Bud still loves him.
"Big black dog, I’ve decided!"
Ji Yue Liu Yin clenched his fists with firm eyes.
Wolf Yan froze and frowned. "What have you decided?"
Smelly fox … Talk a surprised a at first glance.
The sound of the silent moon gave him a truly beautiful smile. I firmly said, "I will let people send her things every day according to your method. If she still refuses to forgive me, I will rob people on my wedding day."
Wolf Yan stunned and flashed a trace of consternation. "Are you going to rob someone?"
This ….. It’s really not like this fox’s style.
Silent month flow sound canthus curved laughed "yes, her heart must be like me >
I will be doubly kind to her if I rob her, and she will forgive me when I grow up. "
"Temple …"
Two people were talking when a woman’s voice sounded. Section 96: I don’t like going around in circles.
"Temple …"
Two people were talking when a woman’s voice rang out.
Silent month flow sound looked up and turned out to be Qing Lian came along.
"What can I do for you?"
Qinglian was somewhat guilty when she saw the sound of the silent moon [
She bowed her head and didn’t dare to look at his low voice. "The Second Hall … is waiting for you in the living room."
Silent moon streaming sound stunned expression way "second brother?"
Ji yue Liu Yan actually took the initiative to find him.
This makes the silent moon sound very unexpected.
At the beginning, he followed the little fox to their residence only to find that there was already one person there.
Fox couldn’t find anyone crying and saying that his father didn’t want him.
Later, the little fox said that he was going to find his father and left him.
Today … I don’t know whether he found them or not.
When I got to the living room, I really saw the traces of the lonely moon sitting there.
Silent month sound gently shouted a "b-brother …"
The wandering mark of the lonely moon immediately turned around and smiled when he saw him, and walked towards him.
"I don’t know if brother wants to see me for something?"
Because he always suspected that Jiang Xue Bud had been sucked out of Yin qi, he did it.
When I saw him, there was no good face in the silent moonlight.
Silent Moon Traces Silk doesn’t mind his indifference and unfamiliarity, and says with a smile, "Can’t my brother come to see you if he has nothing to do?"
The sound of the silent moon has a surprise. I raised my head and frowned lightly. "B-brother has something to say. I don’t like to beat around the bush."
"Hey, now you look at me like a stranger. Is my brother meaningless in your heart?"
The look of the lonely moon’s flow marks is a little lonely with a sigh [
He slowly walked aside and sat with a face of nai, saying, "We used to have the same feelings as our brothers, but now B-brother is also sad."
Silent Moon’s eyes turned around him for a while with some doubts. "Brother is afraid that you didn’t sigh with me today, did you? Section 963: Did you do it?
Ji Yue’s eyes wandered around him for a while with some doubts. "B-brother is afraid that you are not sighing with me today."
Silent moon, a moment, he raised an eyebrow and smiled. "You were not so unfamiliar with me before the sound flowed, but now you are doing this to me because of your desire."
After listening to the sound of Jiang Xue’s silent moonlight, I thought about it before I spoke. "Is it because your brother is here today?"
He drank two mouthfuls of tea with interest and turned to say "Exactly".
"I know that you suspect that I have been sucked up by Mu Wan" [
Ji Yue Liu Yin paused in a faint tone and said, "She went to Brother that day, and the last person she contacted was also Brother. Can I not doubt it?"
A faint smile hung from the corners of her mouth. "Do you doubt that I should be because that thing is really mine?"