Xuanji gave a ha ha laugh. Go ahead. "

Li Feiyang said in fear, "I dare not sit."
"Nothing, sit down, you are my disciple, don’t be so formal."
Li Feiyang whispered: After that, he carefully found a chair and sat down.
"The world yogi conference is just around the corner. It’s not just that you young disciples want to compete with each other. It’s hard to avoid some contests between us old things. Flying, the face of our five elements can all fall on you. " Xuanji son sat down opposite Li Feiyang and walked over.
Li Feiyang’s heart came, but he still asked like a fool: "Master, the face of the five elements fell on me to be humble. How can it be so great?"
"Ha ha, you are not, but you have endless heart sutra. How about, can you recite the practice method of Infinite Heart Sutra to me in these days? While I still have a little time, I can also prove my cultivation from it, and then I will attend the yogi’s conference, which will also establish a reputation for our five elements. "
Li Feiyang’s embarrassed way: "This is not impossible, but Master, there are too many contents recorded in the Infinite Heart Sutra. I’m afraid I can’t recite it in just a few days."
"Never mind." Xuanji waved his hand and said, "You don’t have to recite it all, just tell me the part of practice."
Li Feiyang oh, "well, then, I’ll back to the owner now …"
"Li Feiyang …" Xuanji reached out a hand and tapped on the desktop: "You promised to be so happy, you didn’t mean to give me a fake, did you?"
Li Feiyang said that you are not a stupid old guy, but there was a look of fear on his face: "I dare not fly, I swear to heaven, and it is really impossible to be true to recite the law …"
"You don’t have to pretend for me either. I’ll be honest with you." Xuanji’s face sank: "I know your boy is not stupid. If you play something fake for me, I can’t tell the difference, but I can tell you that if I show you what tricks you are playing, you will be shocked by the current situation!"
Li Feiyang’s heart thumped, pretending to be in a panic: "Boss, you promised me that day that you would help me hide what happened to Elder Lei …"
"I promised you! But I didn’t let you move the ruby mirror! " Xuan Jizi said angrily, "Do you know how long it took me to understand the wonderful use of the ruby mirror? You actually took the mirror soul away … but speaking of it, the Infinite Heart Sutra is really amazing. It is such a wonderful way to get rid of the soul. " Speaking of this, Xuanzi looked at Li Feiyang with bright eyes: "Don’t try to play any tricks with me. If you dare to get me a fake heart sutra, I will kill you immediately!"
Li Feiyang hurriedly lowered his head: "I dare not fly."
"All right." Xuanzi’s tone slowed down. "As long as you treat me sincerely, I won’t treat you badly. I promised to help you refine Yuan Ying, who is amazing in thunder. Now is the right time. Let him out."
Li Feiyang immediately hesitated, but when he saw Xuanji staring at his eyes coldly, Li Feiyang suddenly realized that he had no choice, put his hand into his sleeve, and released the shocking Yuan baby from the cultivation ring.
A fuzzy humanoid light and shadow appeared in front of the two people, and Xuanji reached a finger, and a white light came out of her fingertips, which imprisoned the Yuan baby. Then his body shook, swish it up to the front of Li Feiyang, grabbed his arm.
Li Feiyang suddenly felt that a vigorous strength had invaded his meridians, and his whole body could not move. In horror, he quickly started the drunken fairy Mochizuki Ayumu, and he was going to recruit the thunder Excalibur, and wanted to forcibly use it every day, but he heard Xuanji’s son groan and said in surprise: "Nothing? Where did you put this baby? "
Li Feiyang understood that Xuanji could not see the ring of cultivating immortals. His heart relaxed and he said calmly, "The master … imprisoned him in the body according to the method of infinite heart sutra …"
Ji Zi’s face was shocked again, but she was quickly relieved: "Sure enough, sure enough, well, I will help you refine him now."

Chapter 68 The insidious Xuan Ji Zi
Xuanji hit a few spells and spread them all over the four corners of the room. Then he bit his finger and squeezed a drop of blood as a guide. Boom, the whole room suddenly became an independent circle.
Then, Xuanji withdrew the imprisonment of Lei Jingtian, and the distorted human figure shook a few times and slowly became clear.
Eight _ zero _ power _ sub _ book _ w _ w _. t _ x _ t _ 8 _ 0. _ c _ o _ m
Ray’s impressive expression looked a little confused. After a while, he seemed to wake up and suddenly flew out, but just together, he was immediately bounced back by the surrounding circle.
At this time, Lei Jingtian saw a gloomy face of Xuan Zi and Li Feiyang who was up to no good.
Impressive yuan baby broke a loud thunder, "Xuanji son, you collude with this little beast, what do you want? !”
Xuanjizi looked at Lei Jingtian faintly, raised his hand and reinforced the surrounding circle again: "Elder Lei, you accused Li Feiyang of being a traitor to our family and killed him without the permission of the head. Do you have anything else to say?"
Lei Jingtian snorted: "I want to see the elders of the Discipline Hall, and they will have a fair evaluation!" "
"Hehe …" Xuanzi smiled contemptuously: "You don’t have that chance."
Lei Jingtian felt the murder in Xuanji’s words and immediately looked at him in horror: What do you want to do? "
Xuanji reached out and folded several strange handprints on her chest, then took out the abandoned ruby mirror from her bosom, and a strange six-pointed star-shaped pattern emerged on the mirror.
"Six Yin seize the spirit array definitely … should this kind of evil spirit be heretical …" Lei TC horrified stare big eyes, Yuan Ying hurriedly stepped back, but before he could finish, Xuan Ji Zi had stretched out his hand and sacrificed the ruby mirror to his head, and a powerful suction came out of it, sucking his Yuan Ying in a blink of an eye.
As soon as Yuan Ying entered the ruby mirror, the whole mirror suddenly jumped violently, and a crackling explosion noise continued one after another. What made Li Feiyang feel more horrified was that a surging invisible coercion actually came out of the mirror and swept the whole room. A wave of anger, sadness and fear mixed with helplessness and deep unwillingness went straight to Li Feiyang’s mind. Li Feiyang only felt that there was a loud bang in his head, and the whole person’s mind was shaking and almost fainted.
"Steady mind, this is his yuan baby in the impact of your yuan god, at this time is very dangerous, pay attention! !” With a drink, Xuanji kept turning his hands up and down on his chest. White light rushed into the ruby mirror like a blade, and the ruby mirror beat more violently, even with a thunderous sound. Obviously, Lei Jingtian has struggled to the extreme.
Li Feiyang had no choice but to sit cross-legged at this time and stabilize his mind according to the practice of endless heart sutra. But Rao, the strong impact is still like the waves constantly stimulating Li Feiyang.
I don’t know how long it took. Just when Li Feiyang was about to lose support, the ruby mirror in Xuanji’s hand suddenly flashed and a green light rushed up. Although it was in the circle, the harsh light easily penetrated the circle and went straight to the sky.
Of course, the disciples and elders of the Five Elements Sect saw this vision, and suddenly they were surprised and rushed towards Lingyun Pavilion.
Li Feiyang also woke up from the meditation, and just saw Xuanji take a long breath. There was a color of exhaustion in his brow. Before Li Feiyang could say anything, Xuanji had thrown something in front of him.
Li Feiyang subconsciously reached out and caught it, but it was thrown to the ground again. "What is this thing, how is it thorny?" Randomly realized that it was wrong. Although there was a feeling of acupuncture from the fingertips, it was not the kind of hurt pain, but the touch of electric numbness.
Xuanji son didn’t good the spirit of the smile a drop of blood on it, with yuan god and its unity, become your unique multiplier, your boy is lucky, I also refined a lot of refining device, this is the best one, just, with your humble cultivation, to fully urge the utility of this multiplier is far from perfect. "
Li Feiyang let out a cry and looked grateful: "Thank you for your kindness." After that, he was really hesitant. I don’t know why, but he vaguely felt that Xuanji’s eyes were flashing.
Xuanzi shook his head: "That’s all, you just need to write the Infinite Heart Sutra for me as soon as possible. Well, you should drop your blood and collect it, and I’ll protect you."
Want to protect the law? "Li Fei Yang Yue hesitated. He felt that the favor of Xuanji was a little big, and the ruby mirror was so refined? And gave it to yourself so easily?
"hey!" Xuanzi’s body shook, and the brush rushed to Li Feiyang’s side, grabbed his arm, and the palm of his hand touched his fingertips gently. Li Feiyang only felt a pain in his fingertips, and a drop of blood flowed out. Before he could respond, Xuanzi had thrown it on the multiplier.
Li Feiyang was surprised in the heart, and subconsciously felt that he was going to suffer. As a result, he only felt a bang, and the whole person spent flowers at the moment, and there was a white dreamland.