Notice that Chu Yi can’t help exclaiming that it’s heaven and earth that rob thunder, even the strong in Tianzhu territory. If you are not careful, you may be nullified by these thunder, but Chu Yi is rushing to bathe and rob thunder, which will not shock everyone.

"The temple can’t!"
They exclaimed but want to stop ChuYi move is already can’t come.
Just see Chu Yi’s head, a huge dragon bigger than fate emerges, and the dragon of fate emerges and sings in an instant.
The dragon of fortune was wrapped in Chu Yi and crashed into the cauldron of the Sun, Moon and God.
There has been a great spirit, vitality, refinement and shelter. The tripod of thunder, sun and moon barely maintained its shape and did not collapse, but after a long time, the result was unpredictable.
Now I suddenly got the help of Chu Yi’s own destiny, the dragon, the moon and the sun, and the tripod’s foundation soared suddenly. When I was shocked, I saw that the huge tripod cover flew up with a light beam that ran through heaven and earth, and it was exploding for nine days.
In the tripod of the sun and the moon, the amount of Bao Guang bursts out unexpectedly, and that piece of robbery thunder is scattered like rain, and robbery thunder suddenly becomes root water and disappears in the blink of an eye.
Nine days, the clouds are gone, and the sun is shining in the big day, but the sun, the moon and the tripod are shining with dazzling treasure at the moment.
The mysterious yellow treasure light sets this big tripod off more solemnly.
When Wang Yang and others were amazed at the good looks of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding, they saw two figures slowly coming out of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding. Who was it not Zhu Houzhao Chu Yi?
See Chu Yi Zhu Houzhao two people out of Wang Yang and others Qi Qi breathed a sigh of relief from the Sun, Moon and God Ding.
The Great God Dynasty is short of people, but it can’t be short of Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao. Otherwise, the Great God Dynasty will not be far from falling apart without one person.
Zhu Houzhao and Chu Yi’s face lit up to see the look of Wang Yang and others, and they could guess the merits and demerits of the Sun, Moon and God Ding.
Although the Sun, Moon and Divine Pot came from their hands, they didn’t know about the situation of the Sun, Moon and Divine Pot now, but it was Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao who really understood the situation.
A few people shouted at Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao before, and their eyes fell on the tripod of the sun, the moon and the gods like mountains behind them.
For everyone’s mind, Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao can see through them without guessing. They looked at each other and heard Chu Yi say with a smile, "The cauldron of the sun and the moon has become everyone and followed me into a view."
Chu Yi stepped into the cauldron of the Sun and Moon God first, while Wang Yang, Zhao Yun and Yu followed Chu Yi and jumped into the cauldron of the Sun and Moon God without hesitation.
The body, the sun, the moon and the cauldron are large enough, but people sacrifice the sun, the moon and the cauldron, which is a substitute for the emperor’s all-his-money, which is naturally larger than the majority.
As the saying goes, Na Sumi is in charge of this day, the moon and the gods are in the middle of the tripod, and the world is vast, which is much more vast than that of the emperor who used to cover a vast area.
However, nowadays, the world of this cave is a vast expanse, and there is nothing but richness and vitality.
South China reality, Zhang Daoling and others are sensing the situation of this land, and their faces are filled with satisfaction.
Wang Yang smoothed her beard and smiled. "With this day, the moon and the tripod, I am a big step towards the immortal god."
Chapter one thousand one hundred and seventy-one The Tao is in harmony with the Buddha
A few people’s eyes are even more towards Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao. They have seen the past. Wang Yang’s great god’s theory of identity or status can be said. There are absolutely few people in the crowd who can match.
Just listen to Wang Yang blunt ChuYi and Zhu Houzhao a ritual way "temple, positions also ordered my people to move here to live".
There is a time when the sun, the moon and the gods don’t gather together to enter this world. It is conceivable that the vitality of the world will definitely become more and more strong, even if it is for a large number of people to practice, there is absolutely no problem.
Zhu Houzhao frowned slightly and looked at Wang Yangdao. "What your family said is that I am now a great god facing many people. Although the world of the moon god is vast, it is absolutely not enough for me to face several people."
Zhu Houzhao added, "Besides, I can’t just give up the vast area occupied by the Great God Dynasty."
Wang Yangwen couldn’t help laughing. "Pursuit is to send my ministers. It doesn’t mean to move all the people here. It’s just that some people are moving in here. As Pursuit said, it is impossible to give up the vast area occupied by our Great God at will. After all, it also means that our Great God is full of vitality."
At this moment, Chu Yi said, "This matter is not so difficult, but the Sun and Moon Divine Ding can be hung in the sky on weekdays, and the original imperial city ruins can be rebuilt as ideal city, and then the large array can be built and sent in and out. Once the enemy attacks, it can be closed. The Sun and Moon Divine Ding is naturally not worried about the emperor."
Listen to Chu Yi’s solution. All the people smell speech and nod their heads in a bright eye.
In just a few days, tens of millions of people have entered the Sun and Moon Divine Ding, and Chu Yi and others have spent a lot of time. The Sun and Moon Divine Ding is no different from the small world, and the vitality of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding is faster than that of the Sun and Moon Divine Ding.
Qingtian Emperor’s dynasty was created by Qing Di, and the emperor’s dynasty was built by Qing Di. Even if it is a rare sky column, the strong Qingtian Emperor’s dynasty is just guarding a duke.
On this day, hanging in front of the Qing Emperor Palace, the patrol Tianbao mirror suddenly shone brightly. At that time, the imperial city turned its eyes in the direction of the Qing Emperor Palace.
No less than dozens of earth breath passed. If Chu Yi and Zhu Houzhao can detect these breath, they can certainly find that these dozens of earth breath are all strong breath of Tianzhu.
The Qing Emperor Palace has not been opened for nearly ten thousand years, and the emperor Qing Di has been closed for more than ten thousand years. For a secular dynasty, the emperors may have changed for hundreds of generations, but for such a behemoth as the Qing Emperor Dynasty, it is only a little longer.
Qing Di has been practicing for hundreds of millions of years, but he has reached the realm of heaven and heaven. Tianzhu is the realm of heaven and heaven. Anyone who practices this realm is to thoroughly master a law of heaven, and if it is consistent with the law of heaven, it will never die.
It can be said that the cultivation of the Buddha’s realm hardly falls, which may be called immortality.
If the strong in Tianzhu territory master a law of heaven, then Tianzun territory can play with a law of heaven at will, and the law is the same.
It’s a miracle that the law can really be consistent with the Tao, even if it’s a million years or ten million years in this world.