Water is a pot of water, and there is not much fullness in one sip. How do you say that players have different drinking habits? Who knows how much you drink? It is still calculated according to the standard one pot and one pot.

"Not to say that there are 1175 people answered? Why didn’t anyone see it all in Chang ‘an? Kao "with the idea of robbing/robbing clean water food, Chi Tandan looked around to see if there were any people while following the map instructions, but after walking for half an hour or so, he was extremely depressed because he didn’t see a figure."
The hot sun continued to shine on Chitan Dan’s body in cold sweat, so that the hundred bags of short jackets were soaked, and the yellow sand and dust turned out to be white and the hundred bags of short jackets became yellow; If you belong to your own weapon, you should put it in the bag, either carry it on your back or carry it on your shoulder pole. Because it is iron and belongs to the ordinary order, it becomes very hot in the sunshine, which makes Chitan Dan have to switch between his left and right hands.
Finally, the pot of clear water was drunk ten minutes ago, but the map index is also very close to the end point. Chi Tan Dan took a look at his hunger and thirst degree of 6, but fortunately he could continue to insist; Hunger deduction is based on the player’s activities, such as fighting, handling, running, etc., in which fighting is the most consuming hunger. Be sure to pay attention to hunger so as not to be killed by an enemy player, but to be dizzy because the hunger drops.
A dark hole suddenly appeared in the long yellow sand, and the wind rolled sand and stones through the hole, but no sand or stone fell into the hole, as if the hole had strange power to exclude these things; Chitan Dan rushed to the front of the hole with a roll and then rolled directly into the hole. As soon as he shrank outside the hole, it became dark.
"trough sandstorm!"
Listening to the ghostly howling wind and watching all the storms whizzing through the cave, I wiped my forehead with sweat; The storm came and went quickly, and after about five minutes, the hole returned to bright light, and the sun shone again from the outside.
"When you successfully reach Chang ‘an, you can explore in the cave on your own. If you want to get a photo, you will start the sunset train."
"It’s been a long time, and it’s not a sunset in Nima!" Chitan Dan sitting on the ground Ganhao way
The fifth chapter sunset (3)
Food and clothing people can’t fatten up! New needs support, raise a fat hair! Your vote is the source of my code word update!
Walk along the trapped road for about five minutes. The sunlight method is transmitted in. Chitantan takes out the torch from a hundred bags of jackets and lights it. After burning, the torch "soars" and illuminates the place around Chitantan for three meters. Looking up, he finds that it is also made of bluestone. Chitantan suspects that this pothole channel should belong to Chang ‘an Waterway. Otherwise, how can there be arcs around it?
Compared with the hot arc tunnel outside, it is very cool, which slows down the thirst of Chitantan and makes the thirst slowly float on the basis of 35; There are still 9 meat buns in Chitantan. Although there is no water for the time being, meat buns are more important than water in this environment.
"Phoenix Pavilion, Guifei Pool, Huaqing Academy, Chenggan Hall, Xuanwu Gate …" Chitantan muttered 17 names and moved forward slowly; He read out all the loopholes so big that there are profitable loopholes in all these places. If a person walks too lonely, he will recite these place names to relieve loneliness.
Minutes later, Chitan Dan felt a loose body. The so-called loose body is actually a psychological one. He walked all the time in a tunnel that is not very wide, and suddenly he came to a very spacious square. When he felt it, he would feel a loose body.
Several torches lit up instantly when Chitantan walked out of the hole. The whole scene was spectacular and Chitantan was very shocked. In the light of the torch, you can see that several rockeries are scattered around, and the pavilions are hidden in the rockeries, and there are fish ponds and lotus ponds distributed in the pavilions like pins.
"Imperial Garden" Chitan Dan shouted excitedly, but soon he frowned and had too many impulses. He was afraid that he would make a mistake again and became cautious and knew how to think about the cause and effect.
"No, Reagan didn’t get it at sunset. I can’t possibly reach the imperial garden. Is this a fantasy? It’s not true. It’s not a Xian Xia game. How can there be such a powerful illusion? Is it a formation? " Chi Tandan thinks that the formation is more reliable. In martial arts, many strange formations can make people lose their way and give people the illusion of killing each other.
Chitan Dan is still wondering if the imperial garden suddenly stands upside down after 1 minute in formation, and then all the pictures turn into one frame and then move at a dazzling speed; When this mural is stable, it is a chaotic mural. You don’t need to show it all, and you know that if you want to pass it, you must restore the mural to its original appearance.
"Yeah pit dad! I don’t have a photographic memory. If I can restore it and copy it, there is an hourglass timer. "There is an hourglass in the right corner of the mural, and Chitan Dan exclaimed.
"boom! ! !” When I arrived at the whole mural, it suddenly broke and scattered to reveal a passage. Wall lamps were hung on both sides of the passage, and I was puzzled when I looked around. How can there be a passage without restoring the mural?
"If you restore murals, you can directly reach the underground Chang ‘an; If you are not a genius, you should be diligent and make up for it.
"I look down on ordinary people with IQ!"
It is very uncomfortable to whisper that the foot of Chitantan has just settled after stepping into the passage, and once again I heard the general statement, "If you step into the passage, you will give up on your behalf;" This passage is dangerous and confidential. Please be careful to prevent it. If you die in this test, you will quit the sunset, that is, this challenge failed and you will take this again. "
Chitan Dan looked at the ground and then looked at the walls on both sides. In film and television dramas, the floor often rolls and the wall shoots several crossbows or the left and right walls suddenly squeeze in. Therefore, Chitantan pole poked at the ground and then poked at the wall and found that there was no movement before taking a step forward.
"No, I don’t have enough meat and no water. If I don’t arrive in this way, I will be hungry and dizzy; Alas, impulse is the devil! "
"Hey, hey, hey, hey." Suddenly, the channel rang with a sly smile.
Catch the rooster who has been lying on his back, shake the meat bag at it and then shake the kettle; Chitantan watched the cock move several times in a row until the cock screamed and screamed. Chitantan cheered and waved his fist and jumped up.
So far, Chitantan is worried about the completion of the rooster-killing method, but now he can’t just sit around and wait for the rooster-killing method.
Thousands of players in a green state in the Gemuer desert shouted and fought with the sand thief. They tried their best to eliminate the sand thief riding a camel and finally broke into the green state. Victory is in sight. The players are killing harder and harder. With the calm command of the big brother’s "Don’t commit adultery today", the sand thief leader collapsed and the extermination of the sand thief was successfully completed.
The iron tower at the warehouse where the sand thief put food and clean water is staring at the players’ handling. Suddenly, the players are carrying, and they give an exclamation and then turn their faces and look at the iron tower. The tow swears that just one second ago, a bag of grain and a pot of wat basket were lying three meters away in front of him.
But just one second later, a bag of grain and a basket of water actually disappeared; If he has a person who may be blind, he can see that the player who is carrying it is also frightened. The tower knows that this is not an illusion. This is a weird incident in Nima!
A player who was sweeping the battlefield outside Lvzhou was puzzled. He looked at the sandbag in front of him and poked his partner next to him. He said, "What are you looking at? Turn it over quickly. Maybe you can find a leak."
"No, I just seemed to see a camel carrying food and clear water. The strangest thing is that the camel has a rooster on its back." The stunned player explained.
"Is there such a thing?" The companion straightened up and looked in the direction pointed by the player who found the cock. You can see that there are pieces of sandbags, no camels, let alone cocks
"What the hell!" Tower and the player who found the rooster lamented outside Lvzhou at the same time.
When Chitan Dan looks through the autumn water and becomes a "chicken-watching stone", it is like riding a white horse king. It has a basket of clear water in its mouth and a bag of food. Chitan Dan jumped out of the ground excitedly, hugged the rooster and kissed him mercilessly and shouted, "Yee Gong, you really are the biggest BUG, the most awesome BUG and the cutest BUG."
This process is a bit fantastic, and some people can’t believe it. Look at the chick staring at the ground/watching the world ruin the rooster, and then look at the bag of clear water and food. It’s still hard to believe that the rooster actually realized the "milk chicken" with a simple demonstration.
"You really want to go against the sky!" Chitan praised himself and then began to move forward step by step; It is said that it is not a genius to make up for the shortcomings, and there is no time limit. It took nearly three hours to walk through the test channel less than one kilometer, and one of them was consumed by the rooster.
The fifth chapter sunset (4)
"Cut cheated" looked at the rear channel Chitantan depressed muttered that there was no machine coming all the way, and nothing happened to harm him for a long time.
"The real test of epigenesis is here", an old and powerful voice rang in Chitantan’s ear.
Chitan Dan was startled. He had considerable fighting experience, and the sound he heard sounded behind him. Instead of turning his horse back, he made a false move from side to side, which allowed the enemy to dodge in both directions. But in fact, Chitantan returned immediately after the fake move and used the "wind pole method" to make the enemy approaching him directly swept three meters away.
"Do you feel sorry that the younger generation will die here at a young age?" A white-haired warrior of about fifty years old, wearing armor and holding a pike, walked out of the dark with steady steps. He said to Chitan Dan in the oil lamp that Chitan Dan didn’t answer, and he didn’t answer. This is someone else’s NPC playing lines, so he didn’t start a friendship.