Yurui pushed his glasses and shot his eyes more sharply from the thin lens. "I said I would repay Xiao’s revenge for you."

"It’s ChiMuHan really hate xiao pity son to harm my Xiao family destruction can you YuRui how much better than ChiMuHan? My dad sent me a message before jumping off the building. He said that he had been kind to you and asked me to take refuge in you.
I took the road to you, but you retaliated against me, robbed my boyfriend and domesticated me into you, Toy Boy. Look at Xu Xiangnan’s gay girly look.
You ruined his life and ruined my happiness. Yu Rui, is this how you repay the kindness? Do you feel guilty? "
"Conscience?" YuRui low smile eyeful irony "do you think people like me can have a conscience? I fought ChiMuHan with Xiao Ruhai’s kindness twenty years ago, but I took my head to make a bet. "
"You and I don’t know your disturbing things? If my dad hadn’t sent you to the hospital twenty years ago, you would have died at the hands of old man Xi. My dad saved your life and you turned it over so lightly? " Xiao Yinyin looked at Yurui with hatred and hatred in his eyes. "How can a dead pervert like you have a conscience? You can’t wait to turn all men in this world into perverts like you. "
Twenty years later, Yu Rui’s eyes suddenly became murderous.
He grabbed Xiao Yinyin’s throat with one hand and pulled her up.
☆ Chapter 324 Anyway, I don’t want to live for a long time.
Xiao Yinyin desperately reaches the ground without tiptoe, and the neck is forced to lean back and almost gasp, which can make a painful sound.
If he chokes his throat like this again, this man will cut it off.
She whined and scratched his face with her hand.
Sharp nails scratched his cheek and brought out a little blood, which also caused a little pain to make him return to normal reason.
A sharp force in his eyes threw the little woman to the ground.
"Xiao Yinyin remember that I am not you! I’ll kill you if I don’t think your father is kind to me for saving my life! "
Xiao Yinyin was hurt and collapsed, covering her neck with purple face and coughing.
She coughed for a while, raised her face and looked up at the cold-hearted man with tears in her eyes.
Who can spare her pain?
A family upheaval, her brother died tragically when his father jumped from a building in a bullet, and his mother couldn’t bear the blow, so she went with her father and left her alone in this world.
She pinned her only hope on Xu Xiangna, but Xu Xiangna saved Shen Mei Wu and became a pet of Yu Rui.
"Well, anyway, I don’t want to live for a long time. You kill me." Xiao Yinyin cried louder and louder. "Do you know how painful it is for me to turn myself into a woman I hate every day when I look in the mirror? But that’s how I won Xu Xiangnan’s heart. He was completely baiwan by you, a dead pervert. My happiness was ruined by you. "
"He is willing to Shen Mei Wu baiwan by me, so he is also willing to Shen Mei Wu straightening is that you have to be like Shen Mei Wu again, after all, it is not Shen Mei Wu! Xiao Yinyin, you can’t get a man’s heart. Do you hate others? "
You know, but she still hates and resents, scratching her heart, hating and jealous.
What, she loved two men so much that Shen Mei Wu took them away?
What’s so good about Shen Mei Wu?
She really can’t compare with Shen Mei Wu?
She clenched her fists and gnashed her teeth. "Since I can’t get it, no one can get it!"
Raise YuRui eyebrows a lock this woman expression this tone is just like Chi Zhongyao terrible and vicious.
He once asked Chi Zhongyao if he had a good impression on Shen Mei Wu, then what would kill her?
He replied with insidious smile, if you don’t get it, you will be destroyed.
"Did Chi Zhongyao send you?"
Xiao Yinyin recovered a little strength and got up from the ground. "Since you guessed, I won’t deceive you. Now I am on the same side as Zhong Yaoge."
"Then you should know more about Chi Zhongyao than I do. He even has to do it with his father and brother. His passion is beyond you and me! He just regard you as a chess game, and will abandon you at any time when your chess game is worthless. "
It is really good for me to have Zhong Yaoge in this world, even if I pay my life. "
Listen to her desperate tone YuRui really think Xiao Yinyin crazy.
The cold-blooded man like Chi Zhongyao will be miserable in the end.
He looked at her face again. The facial features were exquisite. Not only did he not see the slightest trace, but also the charm was very similar to that of Shen Mei Wu.
Suddenly an idea flashed through my mind.
"Since you insist on ChiZhongyao doing things, you can stay in Jiangcheng and make some moths so that he and Yuxi can’t get married."
"You are not going to argue with Zhong Yaoge? You didn’t think so before. "
Xiao Yinyin looked at each other doubtfully. What made him give up Yu Xi?
"What are you fighting for? I don’t care how he will deal with Chi Muhan, but if he dares to touch Yu Xi again, he will be my enemy! "
Section 2
He and Chi Zhongyao negotiated to bring down the Jinshan mountain in Chimuhan Pool’s home, and each of them was half.
But now Yu Xi, he would rather give up.
"Uncle Yu, you are really reasonable. Brother Zhong Yaoge will thank you."
"No need to thank him. I’ll just come with him for a moment’s benefit."
Listening to Yu Rui’s resolute tone, he has distanced himself from Zhong Yaoge.
However, this is also in line with Zhong Yaoge’s intention to come to Chi’s house, whose surname is Chi. Why should Yu Rui get a piece of the action?
"Uncle Hao, I will convey your words to Zhong Yaoge. If you find a door, you will bother to send the Buddha to the west. There is just one thing that you need to help me with."
"What is it?"
"God, Shen Guangyu and I are going to do dna identification. I need you to help me fake it."
Yurui laughed coldly. This Xiao Yinyin is fake enough. Do you want to fake it again?
"It’s just a fake report. I’ll help you fix it. You play it, but even if a fake report can fool the past, it can solve the urgent need. A long pool of Muhan will expose you."
Yurui said that of course she knew.
Shen Mei Wu, after all, lived with Chimuhan. When a woman grows up, she will definitely be exposed.
"Please rest assured that Uncle Yu will get rid of him as soon as possible."
The next day, Xiao Yinyin went to Yu Xi’s crew to find Yu Xi after finishing the dna test.
Yu Xi’s location shooting is a bit long, and Xiao Yinyin has been waiting quietly.
This woman still has some skills and aura in acting, and she can play Wu Zetian vividly.
Zhi Yuxi stopped her when she passed by after filming. "Miss Yu, I have something to talk to you. Is it convenient for you?"
Yu Xi glanced at her faintly. "Then I don’t know if Miss Shen is willing to wait?"
"I’ve been waiting for you here for two hours. What’s the harm in waiting a little longer?"
After listening to her, Yuxi smiled and went into makeup.

He has found himself in trouble and has been used as a gun.

Ji Yue interrupted him with a wave "You stay"
General Qi was in a state of confusion. He bowed deeply and apologized sincerely. "Princess, please forgive me if I have some misunderstandings and offended you."
Ji month pointed to the opposite chair "sit"
Her strong command rather than request is beyond doubt.
She looked up at the crowd outside. "Miss Qu San, please help us with the door."
She is too powerful, and her tone is firm and dignified. This is what a royal princess looks like.
The three brothers and sisters of the Qu family quickly left. "Okay, no problem."
Before he left, he took all the other people away, and there were three people left in the room.
Records of the old and dignified sound "speak"
"Yes," General Qi was not stupid. He immediately said the cause and course of the incident again.
He came all the way here only after receiving the hand of the emperor in the palace. Someone will contact him and ask him to follow suit.
And he never doubted that it was the palace guards sent by the emperor
After listening to his words, Ji Yueji can be sure that he is not lying. "Where is that person?"
The more General Qi thought about it, the more annoyed he became. "He left after giving me an order a few days ago."
"Are you still connected?" Ji Yue outlined the whole event in her mind.
General Qi is depressed. Why is he so stupid? Why don’t you think more?
What should I do if I can’t advance and retreat now?
I’m afraid the rise and fall of the family is in Anting Hou, and the thought of it makes him feel heavy.
Ji Yue’s crisp voice sounded "Can you draw?"
General qi was forced to "not"
Good. Why do you ask? He’s a little out of step.
Ji Yue looked at the records with a smile. "The poems and paintings of adults in that line of records are a must. I have the honor to see them today."
Records of a sigh gently "princess, you can’t be stupid? I’m under a lot of pressure like you. "
It’s the same father. Why is it so different?
Dragon born nine is different, but most of the essence of the royal family is gathered in the princess of Zhenguo, and all the other dragons and phoenixes can’t compare with her finger.
Huang, who is her opponent?
Ji Yue said with a smile, "Stress is a good thing. Stress can make people progress."
General Qi, look at this. Look at that. Suddenly he feels like an idiot.
For the first time in decades, I feel that my IQ is not enough.
No wonder everyone says that the court and the palace are all child prodigies.
Everyone is so clever that he feels that the world is so dangerous.
Chapter 122 I see soldiers
According to Mu Jiyue’s request, General Qi dictated the portrait and soon drew the portrait of that person.
General Qi looked at the highly similar portrait and was amazed. He is worthy of being a record of adults.
Ji Yue drew another portrait from the records, one of which was put away.
"Records of adults, what do you think of this?"

Water is a pot of water, and there is not much fullness in one sip. How do you say that players have different drinking habits? Who knows how much you drink? It is still calculated according to the standard one pot and one pot.

"Not to say that there are 1175 people answered? Why didn’t anyone see it all in Chang ‘an? Kao "with the idea of robbing/robbing clean water food, Chi Tandan looked around to see if there were any people while following the map instructions, but after walking for half an hour or so, he was extremely depressed because he didn’t see a figure."
The hot sun continued to shine on Chitan Dan’s body in cold sweat, so that the hundred bags of short jackets were soaked, and the yellow sand and dust turned out to be white and the hundred bags of short jackets became yellow; If you belong to your own weapon, you should put it in the bag, either carry it on your back or carry it on your shoulder pole. Because it is iron and belongs to the ordinary order, it becomes very hot in the sunshine, which makes Chitan Dan have to switch between his left and right hands.
Finally, the pot of clear water was drunk ten minutes ago, but the map index is also very close to the end point. Chi Tan Dan took a look at his hunger and thirst degree of 6, but fortunately he could continue to insist; Hunger deduction is based on the player’s activities, such as fighting, handling, running, etc., in which fighting is the most consuming hunger. Be sure to pay attention to hunger so as not to be killed by an enemy player, but to be dizzy because the hunger drops.
A dark hole suddenly appeared in the long yellow sand, and the wind rolled sand and stones through the hole, but no sand or stone fell into the hole, as if the hole had strange power to exclude these things; Chitan Dan rushed to the front of the hole with a roll and then rolled directly into the hole. As soon as he shrank outside the hole, it became dark.
"trough sandstorm!"
Listening to the ghostly howling wind and watching all the storms whizzing through the cave, I wiped my forehead with sweat; The storm came and went quickly, and after about five minutes, the hole returned to bright light, and the sun shone again from the outside.
"When you successfully reach Chang ‘an, you can explore in the cave on your own. If you want to get a photo, you will start the sunset train."
"It’s been a long time, and it’s not a sunset in Nima!" Chitan Dan sitting on the ground Ganhao way
The fifth chapter sunset (3)
Food and clothing people can’t fatten up! New needs support, raise a fat hair! Your vote is the source of my code word update!
Walk along the trapped road for about five minutes. The sunlight method is transmitted in. Chitantan takes out the torch from a hundred bags of jackets and lights it. After burning, the torch "soars" and illuminates the place around Chitantan for three meters. Looking up, he finds that it is also made of bluestone. Chitantan suspects that this pothole channel should belong to Chang ‘an Waterway. Otherwise, how can there be arcs around it?
Compared with the hot arc tunnel outside, it is very cool, which slows down the thirst of Chitantan and makes the thirst slowly float on the basis of 35; There are still 9 meat buns in Chitantan. Although there is no water for the time being, meat buns are more important than water in this environment.
"Phoenix Pavilion, Guifei Pool, Huaqing Academy, Chenggan Hall, Xuanwu Gate …" Chitantan muttered 17 names and moved forward slowly; He read out all the loopholes so big that there are profitable loopholes in all these places. If a person walks too lonely, he will recite these place names to relieve loneliness.
Minutes later, Chitan Dan felt a loose body. The so-called loose body is actually a psychological one. He walked all the time in a tunnel that is not very wide, and suddenly he came to a very spacious square. When he felt it, he would feel a loose body.
Several torches lit up instantly when Chitantan walked out of the hole. The whole scene was spectacular and Chitantan was very shocked. In the light of the torch, you can see that several rockeries are scattered around, and the pavilions are hidden in the rockeries, and there are fish ponds and lotus ponds distributed in the pavilions like pins.
"Imperial Garden" Chitan Dan shouted excitedly, but soon he frowned and had too many impulses. He was afraid that he would make a mistake again and became cautious and knew how to think about the cause and effect.
"No, Reagan didn’t get it at sunset. I can’t possibly reach the imperial garden. Is this a fantasy? It’s not true. It’s not a Xian Xia game. How can there be such a powerful illusion? Is it a formation? " Chi Tandan thinks that the formation is more reliable. In martial arts, many strange formations can make people lose their way and give people the illusion of killing each other.
Chitan Dan is still wondering if the imperial garden suddenly stands upside down after 1 minute in formation, and then all the pictures turn into one frame and then move at a dazzling speed; When this mural is stable, it is a chaotic mural. You don’t need to show it all, and you know that if you want to pass it, you must restore the mural to its original appearance.
"Yeah pit dad! I don’t have a photographic memory. If I can restore it and copy it, there is an hourglass timer. "There is an hourglass in the right corner of the mural, and Chitan Dan exclaimed.
"boom! ! !” When I arrived at the whole mural, it suddenly broke and scattered to reveal a passage. Wall lamps were hung on both sides of the passage, and I was puzzled when I looked around. How can there be a passage without restoring the mural?
"If you restore murals, you can directly reach the underground Chang ‘an; If you are not a genius, you should be diligent and make up for it.
"I look down on ordinary people with IQ!"
It is very uncomfortable to whisper that the foot of Chitantan has just settled after stepping into the passage, and once again I heard the general statement, "If you step into the passage, you will give up on your behalf;" This passage is dangerous and confidential. Please be careful to prevent it. If you die in this test, you will quit the sunset, that is, this challenge failed and you will take this again. "
Chitan Dan looked at the ground and then looked at the walls on both sides. In film and television dramas, the floor often rolls and the wall shoots several crossbows or the left and right walls suddenly squeeze in. Therefore, Chitantan pole poked at the ground and then poked at the wall and found that there was no movement before taking a step forward.
"No, I don’t have enough meat and no water. If I don’t arrive in this way, I will be hungry and dizzy; Alas, impulse is the devil! "
"Hey, hey, hey, hey." Suddenly, the channel rang with a sly smile.
Catch the rooster who has been lying on his back, shake the meat bag at it and then shake the kettle; Chitantan watched the cock move several times in a row until the cock screamed and screamed. Chitantan cheered and waved his fist and jumped up.
So far, Chitantan is worried about the completion of the rooster-killing method, but now he can’t just sit around and wait for the rooster-killing method.
Thousands of players in a green state in the Gemuer desert shouted and fought with the sand thief. They tried their best to eliminate the sand thief riding a camel and finally broke into the green state. Victory is in sight. The players are killing harder and harder. With the calm command of the big brother’s "Don’t commit adultery today", the sand thief leader collapsed and the extermination of the sand thief was successfully completed.
The iron tower at the warehouse where the sand thief put food and clean water is staring at the players’ handling. Suddenly, the players are carrying, and they give an exclamation and then turn their faces and look at the iron tower. The tow swears that just one second ago, a bag of grain and a pot of wat basket were lying three meters away in front of him.
But just one second later, a bag of grain and a basket of water actually disappeared; If he has a person who may be blind, he can see that the player who is carrying it is also frightened. The tower knows that this is not an illusion. This is a weird incident in Nima!
A player who was sweeping the battlefield outside Lvzhou was puzzled. He looked at the sandbag in front of him and poked his partner next to him. He said, "What are you looking at? Turn it over quickly. Maybe you can find a leak."
"No, I just seemed to see a camel carrying food and clear water. The strangest thing is that the camel has a rooster on its back." The stunned player explained.
"Is there such a thing?" The companion straightened up and looked in the direction pointed by the player who found the cock. You can see that there are pieces of sandbags, no camels, let alone cocks
"What the hell!" Tower and the player who found the rooster lamented outside Lvzhou at the same time.
When Chitan Dan looks through the autumn water and becomes a "chicken-watching stone", it is like riding a white horse king. It has a basket of clear water in its mouth and a bag of food. Chitan Dan jumped out of the ground excitedly, hugged the rooster and kissed him mercilessly and shouted, "Yee Gong, you really are the biggest BUG, the most awesome BUG and the cutest BUG."
This process is a bit fantastic, and some people can’t believe it. Look at the chick staring at the ground/watching the world ruin the rooster, and then look at the bag of clear water and food. It’s still hard to believe that the rooster actually realized the "milk chicken" with a simple demonstration.
"You really want to go against the sky!" Chitan praised himself and then began to move forward step by step; It is said that it is not a genius to make up for the shortcomings, and there is no time limit. It took nearly three hours to walk through the test channel less than one kilometer, and one of them was consumed by the rooster.
The fifth chapter sunset (4)
"Cut cheated" looked at the rear channel Chitantan depressed muttered that there was no machine coming all the way, and nothing happened to harm him for a long time.
"The real test of epigenesis is here", an old and powerful voice rang in Chitantan’s ear.
Chitan Dan was startled. He had considerable fighting experience, and the sound he heard sounded behind him. Instead of turning his horse back, he made a false move from side to side, which allowed the enemy to dodge in both directions. But in fact, Chitantan returned immediately after the fake move and used the "wind pole method" to make the enemy approaching him directly swept three meters away.
"Do you feel sorry that the younger generation will die here at a young age?" A white-haired warrior of about fifty years old, wearing armor and holding a pike, walked out of the dark with steady steps. He said to Chitan Dan in the oil lamp that Chitan Dan didn’t answer, and he didn’t answer. This is someone else’s NPC playing lines, so he didn’t start a friendship.

The next day, the Premier League ushered in the final round. It can’t be said that there is no suspense. It can be said that there is a lack of suspense. Four teams have qualified for the Champions League in the top of the leaderboard. The only suspense is whether the fourth Arsenal can withstand Manchester United’s pressure in the final round to keep its three-point advantage and break its embarrassment of "fourth place" in recent years. At the bottom of the leaderboard, three relegated teams have also confirmed that two last relegation places will be born in Newcastle and Hull City, and the difference between the two teams is only two points.

After Manchester City lost the Manchester Derby, the pellegrini team played a five-game winning streak, which made Manchester City return to the second place, but this did not change the fate of the final round as pellegrini’s farewell match at Etihad Stadium.
The opponent is Southampton
Southampton, which lost a lot of blood last summer, was not optimistic about the outside world, but the "Saints" season proved itself. At one time, they ranked second in the league in resilience. Although they failed to withstand the pressure in the end, they still kept their hopes of qualifying for the European War. Compared with Manchester City, Southampton is obviously more motivated.
However, the team has no goal, but pellegrini doesn’t want to lose his last game in Manchester City.
So at Etihad Stadium, the two teams launched a soul-stirring battle against each other. tie
Two days after the game, Linsen got up again in the stands twice, and another head coach applauded.
For Manchester City fans, a mere league champion may still make pellegrini a success, but he is not a loser. He raised his hands and clapped around the Etihad Stadium. pellegrini said goodbye to Manchester City fans in this way. His departure has not been made public, but it is no secret.
Manchester City fans are not stingy with pellegrini’s actions in the stands.
"Can I change your decision? Lin "next to Tomlinson, staring at the stadium, Mubarak also applauded and suddenly asked 1.
"Believe me, Carl Manchester City doesn’t need me as much as you think," Lin Sen said faintly without turning his head.
Mubarak’s applause seemed to pause. First, it quickly returned to its original state, but Lin Sen seemed to hear a sigh.
It was May 24th at Etihad Stadium in Manchester.
In a prolonged palm, Manchester City bid farewell to two feats at the same time, one on the pitch and the other in the stands to be continued.
Chapter 55 Perfect choice
Lin Sen, who has bid farewell to Manchester City fans once, is destined to leave quietly this time with an announcement that quietly appeared in official website, Manchester City. This is the last trace Lin Sen left in Manchester City.
Although it was low-key, this unremarkable news of Ingra media, which had been waiting for the official news of Manchester City for a long time, soon became the focus of their speculation. After Manchester City completely withdrew from the league championship competition, almost every day, when Manchester City announced that pellegrini would leave them, after the scandal between Real Madrid and Linsen appeared, Ma immediately turned the focus to which one of Linsen and pellegrini would be the first to announce his departure.
"Lin in real Madrid? Countdown! "
After Manchester City announced Linsen’s departure, such topics quickly flooded most headlines in England. Obviously, in their view, Linsen’s departure has cleared all obstacles. In other words, Linsen’s entry into Real Madrid is a foregone conclusion, and it is not only the media but also one person who thinks so. This person just made a final effort in the stands, Mubarak.
From the emotional point of view, Mubarak also doesn’t want Linsen to go to Madrid. There is no need to go into details, but from a practical point of view, he really can’t find Linsen except for that fragile emotional factor. In the final analysis, there is no reason why coaches are different from players. Players’ clubs can stay hard, but if coaches want to go to clubs, it is better to stop them than to stop them. Because players are a player in the final analysis, but the head coach will affect a team. This is also why players can transfer to soap operas for several seasons, but the head coach rarely appears.
What’s worse, Lin Sen’s status in Manchester City is not the head coach at all.
After the Southampton game, Mubarak invited Linsen to his office for a "drink" in the name of seeing him off, but when he got to the office, he then asked Linsen what he was going to do. Mubarak asked this question in a subtle way
Linsen thought for a moment and didn’t deliberately hide it, but because Real Madrid didn’t have direct contact with him after all, he said the situation. Of course, this is enough for Mubarak to make a lot of judgments.
"So Real Madrid really intends to let you go to Madrid," Mubarak mused.
Lin Sensong shrugged his shoulders noncommittally.
"Friend Lin, can I ask you a question?" Mubarak thought for a moment and suddenly said
"Of course," Tomlinson nods
"What do you think of Ancelotti?"
As soon as Mubarak’s words came out, Linsenma understood what Mubarak wanted to do. It is not difficult to guess that Real Madrid is interested in Linsenma, and of course, Manchester City can also be interested in Ancelotti. Think carefully. This is a perfect choice for Manchester City, whether it is purely technical or emotional.
"He’s a master," Tomlinson laughed, but his tone was positive.
It’s not easy to lead a team, but it’s not easy to lead different teams, and it’s even more simple to create an era worthy of the name. Ancelotti deserves the word master.
"So do you think if he comes to coach the team?" Sure enough, Mubarak further said
"Perfect choice" Lin Sen answered without hesitation.
Real Madrid doesn’t cherish it, but it doesn’t mean that Ancelotti doesn’t cherish it. In memory, after Ancelotti left, Real Madrid didn’t achieve the effect that they wanted to change coaches. Once praised by Italian tactician Sacchi, Ancelotti, a tactical chameleon, was recognized as being good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, otherwise he wouldn’t have led Real Madrid to the top of Europe in his first season.
Is Ancelotti suitable for Manchester City?
Sure! And as Linsen said, perfect choice!
Mubarak "retaliated" and set his sights on Madrid, but he didn’t know it was just when he was talking to Linsen. There was also a conversation in Madrid, one was florentino, and the other was the elegant Frenchman who was no stranger to all Real Madrid fans.
After florentino returned to Real Madrid, Zida, who was once florentino’s personal consultant, always heard that he would enter the coaching staff when Mourinho was still in Real Madrid, and this news came true after Ancelotti went to Real Madrid. In the season, Zida’s role was Ancelotti’s assistant, and in the season, Zida officially became a head coach to coach Real Madrid B team in the second group of Spain and China.
After Zida took over as the coach of Real Madrid Team B, many Spanish media said that it was that Real Madrid was training a reserve coach for itself, and Zida himself made no secret that he hoped to become the dream of Real Madrid coach one day. florentino certainly knew Zida’s idea, otherwise Zida would not become the coach of Real Madrid Team B without coaching experience, even though he used to be the World Footballer of the Year.
It’s always good to have dreams or ambitions.
Although he and Barcelona are sworn enemies, florentino also hopes that one day, Real Madrid’s handsome position will be cultivated by himself as a sworn enemy.
But now, unless florentino is willing to take a very, very big risk, his hope is doomed to be postponed. In the past, Zida was elegant on the court and didn’t show the same talent on the sidelines. Real Madrid team B ranked fifth in the second group of Spain and Europe to upgrade to the play-offs.
What will florentino say to Zida today?
Let him pick up Ancelotti?
Neither Zida nor florentino recognized that this was the right time.
"I still hope you believe Mr. karlo." Zida frowned, but he still rarely insisted that florentino had made a decision.
"I know you and karlo are very close, Qi Zu" and florentino frowned. "But this is not what we should discuss today."
Qi da suddenly fell silent.
Florentino’s frown finally made him realize that there is not much room for things to change. As florentino said, he and Ancelotti are really good. They didn’t just work together in the season. At that time, he worked with Ancelotti in Juventus for two seasons. It can be said that both the player and the pig’s foot Ancelotti helped Zidane a lot.
Of course, Zida will put in a good word for Ancelotti not only because of this paragraph, but because he really believes that Real Madrid should not change coaches.
From players to staff to coaches, although Zida is not Spanish, not many people know everything about this club better than him. As the world knows, the position of Real Madrid coach is the most difficult position in the world. To exaggerate, it is even more difficult than being the Spanish prime minister. At least if he doesn’t die, he won’t die. At least, he doesn’t have to worry about being kicked out of Taiwan. However, Real Madrid coaches sometimes die whether you die or not.
This is indeed the richest club in the world, but it also has the meanest top management in the world. It does have the largest and best stadium in the world. But it also has the most demanding fans in the world. It does have the best stars in the world, but it also has the most difficult dressing room in the world.
Here you must not only win, but also win beauty, not only be full of personal charm, but also know how to be exquisite …
"I don’t think anyone can do better than Bical Luo, although the team’s season performance is really unsatisfactory," Zida said. "Even if that person is Lin."

Wan Su just arrived at the door and met this Wan Lingyun. He was also very painful to this ordinary man. When he saw him, he immediately took him to the door.

"Dad, what are you going to do?"
"Of course, I’m going to find Wan Lingyao. Why can she give us so many shops to this week?"
Wan Lingyun grabbed him with a backhand: "Dad, you don’t know the situation at that time. I was there at that time. How aggressive the king of Yong County was, and then his status as a veteran of the Three Dynasties meant that the whole family would lose so much if it weren’t for the eloquence of the first sister and Master Guo."
"A few? ! There are so many points! "
"Dad, you have to know that Dijie is a good plan now. Dijie said that she will return to Beijing in two days and then hurry into the palace to get things done so that when she comes back, won’t these things be taken back?"
"Is that so?" Wan Su is very suspicious.
Wan Lingyun looked at him: "Now, even if we go to find the first sister, there is no way to change this fact. Moreover, if we go to find this Yong County King now, not only will the store not come back, but things will get worse, and we can still rely on this first sister, and the monarch position will be lost. Then it will be really at the end of our tether."
"But if it weren’t for her, our family …"
"But dad didn’t you tell me that DiJie promise we are going to ask her for help? If it weren’t for the first sister, we wouldn’t have lost so much at this time, and it’s impossible to come back. "
Wan Lingyun looked at his heart and smiled. Wan Su was obviously reacted by what he said. Although it may be because he is a businessman or intuitively feels that something is wrong, this title of the monarch is like this dazzling gold, which makes this million millet deaf and deaf, and he is bent on what he can earn from this title of the monarch.
Wan Lingyao was particularly determined when he was away from Wanjia, but it didn’t really anger Wan Su. Moreover, Wan Sujue Wan Lingyao didn’t leave the field at that time, and there was nothing to do. There was no special precaution when he came back this time.
"So are we going or not?" Wan Su suddenly felt a little dizzy.
"Of course, I won’t go, but dad is sure that Dijie will not move anything. Later, dad, you must be very angry and ask her what she wants, and then send someone to contact her mother as soon as possible to take people back."
"Don’t you know who her mother is? Her mother is in front of this well family … "
"If you talk to them, they will come naturally, or they will give up the monarch’s adult …"
Wan Lingyun said everything in Wan Su’s heart. As the saying goes, everything is afraid of traitors. If Wan Su knew it, he wouldn’t move a little greedy thoughts.
Wan Lingyao and Guo Jinghan have returned to the capital, and they have already passed the air with this guard. This Ru ‘an monarch card is just like this token for entering the palace.
Wan Lingyao went directly into the palace, but as soon as he entered the palace, he found that even his face was not quite right. It seemed that something had happened, and Wan Lingyao was relaxed and wary.
Lian looked at her and frowned slightly: "The Queen Mother is back."
"Do we plan to have this?"
"Things in this palace can’t escape her eyes. If something really appears to assassinate her, she is bound to track down what happened to Wanjia."
"This is the deed and title deed. Now is the time for us to take a step forward."
Even Jia Jian frowned and shook her head. The Queen Mother came back. Although she is now a queen, it is even more important to pay attention to the fact that she can afford to hide in the past. If she wants to hide, there will be big problems.
Wan Lingyao bowed his head: "Why don’t you … forget it? I’ll find a way to deal with Wanjia myself."
"It’s not that we can’t handle it, but that the original simple things must be done now … and some people need to be sacrificed if necessary."
"It’s just a million families, or else forget it."
"Since I promised you, I’m sure I’ll keep these title deeds for myself … yeah … since the queen mother is back …" Even with a smile.
On this night, even JianJian gave a banquet in his own palace to entertain Wan Lingyao, and Qi Mu went to Buxue in the name of not disturbing their old friends to meet each other. Even JianJian had said that she would change the name of fake Bufei to her original name, which was just an opportunity. If she went there on weekdays, maybe they would think more, but today the reason is appropriate.
Even Jia Jian and Wan Lingyao talk about this painful thing and sometimes talk about what they did after that, and sometimes ask her if her marriage with Guo Jinghan is ready. It looks like I haven’t seen my friends chatting for a long time.
Just then, a maid-in-waiting who claimed to be from Buxue Palace brought a plate of famous dishes from overseas countries, saying that it was a pursuit. After that, she praised it and let people make another one immediately.
People suspected that when they saw the maid-in-waiting, they suddenly pulled out a machete from the sleeve and rushed to Lianjia Wan Lingyao. When they saw this on the high platform, they immediately got up and knocked over the table. As soon as they stopped the maid-in-waiting, the maid-in-waiting stumbled down the steps and immediately turned around and scratched Wan Lingyao’s arm.
"Stay alive!"
But it’s too late to say it. The maid-in-waiting has been stung and her throat sealed!
You Yan Qimu received the news and immediately rushed over. This scene is not chaotic, but the blood of this glazed floor tile is real. The female doctor is dressing Wan Lingyao.
"Things done? In a short while, the people in Taihou Palace will come back and ask you that you killed Aunt Fu beside her at that time, and she invited a Qing Yue teacher from this Qing Taoist view. This Qing Yue teacher is not a simple person. "
"The pursuit has not come to Xinxin male and female servants. Even this ignorant child who just entered the palace can see things here."
You Yan Qimu smiled and walked to her side: "If you don’t cry, who knows that you are scared?"
Wan Lingyao twisted his teeth and got a knife. I can’t cry out for pain.
It’s like Ru Yan Qi Mu thinks that the Queen Mother sent a sage like type … the old woman is the teacher of Qing Yue.
"You are human!" Sting is always the first to rush.
"Being original was sent by the empress dowager to hear that an assassin had just come to this palace. The empress dowager was worried about the empress dowager’s safety and ordered her to come and see."
Lian Jianji looked at her: "Then please take the assassin’s body out on the way! It’s early or late. As soon as the Empress Dowager came back, someone assassinated the Empress Dowager and told the Empress Dowager that she was frightened and wanted to rest for a few days. After all, if this matter was investigated by the Empress Dowager, she would probably be caught by the enemy in the end. "
Chapter four hundred and thirty Waves resurfaced
Wan Lingyao knew that even the horse was about to make a big splash here, and he didn’t dare to stay and make excuses to say that he was frightened and ready to go back to Gongcheng. As a result, he was stopped by this group of guards before he left the palace.
"The empress dowager empress has a purpose to find out that the predecessors are not allowed to leave the palace."
But fortunately, even Jianji will never let this Wan Lingyao be detained. When he heard the news, he immediately asked Shelley to personally send this Wan Lingyao out of the palace.
It’s suspicious to even know about it, especially when the queen mother knows that she didn’t do it. She will definitely suspect that she did it. Fortunately, the imperial edict can be delayed, and Wanjia will actually see the seal of this decree, which will make Wan Lingyao the palm of this family, so that Wanjia will be in the bag.
The queen mother had already slept, but she couldn’t sleep when it was noisy. She didn’t want to come, but she became serious immediately after hearing Lian Jian say that. "Taoist Qing Yue, this queen really said that."
"Being original does not dare to talk nonsense."
"Are these people coming for the mourning family or for the queen?"
"Being original and recognizing that some things still need to be seen."
The queen mother believed that the Taoist priest Qing Yue made a decision at once. "It will be interesting to see what tricks this niece played at once."
Even Jia Jian is still sitting in the same place. Ru Yan Qi Mu is pretending to call this guard and ask them to go to each palace at once and bring all the stewards here to identify them. At the same time, the maids are still cleaning up the blood here.
"The Empress Dowager arrives"
"My son (male and female servants) welcomes the Empress Dowager (empress)" and they all saluted.
The Empress Dowager nodded her head, which was different from coming back this time. This time, the Empress Dowager seems to be in poor spirits. Even the white hair on her temples is much more than before. It looks a little decaying. "Get up quickly."
"Mother, please sit down"
"There’s no need to mourn for my family. I’m from Cining Palace. I haven’t been back for a long time. It’s normal for this palace to be treated with more unclean things."
This even meant something to the empress dowager, who even knew that her provocation had taken effect. "The lesson of the empress dowager was that the male and female servants did not dare to overstep the rules to take care of things in this mother’s harem. I didn’t expect such a wolf ambition to appear in this palace, even holding a sword and asking me to spill my blood in public!"
"This is nothing but pity for Miss Wanjia. I heard that you have let Miss Wanjia go out of the palace?"
Even Jianji nodded. "It’s a coincidence that when I passed Gongcheng before my male and female servants got married, she saved my life. This time I heard that this family said that she was going to marry my cousin and I invited her to the palace to chat. She actually saved me again."
"That’s just as you said. What a coincidence!"
"But it’s already late at night. It’s all right for the assassin to assassinate me. It actually shocked the empress dowager to stay in Beijing for a while. After checking the assassin, the male and female servants immediately called people to whip the corpse for three days, just to vent their anger on the empress dowager."

Wang Zhengquan jumped out to make this trouble and upset Xu Taotao’s original plan.

However, I have to say that his noise just accelerated the pace of death.
Guide the official start of the conference.
The leaders first spoke to Minister Qin of the Ministry of Commerce, and then Director Zhu came to prepare a long speech, because both Wang Zhengquan and Sao Cao were in no mood at the moment.
Let’s make a short story.
At the bottom, the leaders of several big factories noticed what was wrong and looked at the big brother of the machinery factory.
"Director Feng, I am looking at whether there is something wrong with the expressions of Minister Lin and Zhu. Is something wrong?"
How can I put it? I just turned my face red with chicken blood and turned into’ love Zha Zha’
Director Feng of the machinery factory frowned with dignity. "The leader is still in the face. Don’t talk nonsense."
He also felt something was wrong in his heart.
The next guidance meeting is Wang Zhengquan’s home.
Facing the leaders of the meat joint factory and other foreign factories, everyone was very interested in Master Wang’s guidance experience.
Who knows, it turned into his personal touting conference.
Speaking of it, he was praised by international friends at that time, and he earned a large sum of money with his plate of delicious braised beef, and the country earned foreign exchange.
The awards awarded to him by the state have all brought enthusiasm like a Hua Hudie for everyone to see.
"Look at it, everyone. This is the face-to-face award. The awards are all written. See if you reward me!"
You secretly rub to steal the leaders of the factory.
Right here?
No dry goods at all. This is not a wave of feelings!
Don’t say the leaders of the flour mill are sitting face to face with Minister Qin’s face livid.
He lowered his voice and said to the factory director Zhu next to him, "I don’t even know what to say about this matter in your slaughterhouse!"
Today, this matter is just to discredit the leadership.
Director Zhu stared at the pale deputy director reckon with "the minister’s old condition is also the slaughterhouse, so I’ll say him later! You calm down! "
Minister Qin’s black face caught a glimpse of Xu Taotao, dressed as a chef, and frowned.
"Why are you still looking for a lesbian? This competition is that Wang Zhengquan deliberately shows off his ability to step on our western province. Why don’t you just ignore it and find a lesbian to mess around!"
"Call this lesbian and you will lose face. You still want the little girl to lose face!"
Minister Qin stared at Director Zhu with a look that he didn’t know what to say.
Director Zhu wronged and explained to Minister Qin, "Minister, you don’t know that before Jamlom, there was a famous chef in the state-run hotel in the western province of China. I’m sure her cooking is better than Wang Zhengquan’s.
Isn’t Wang Zhengquan proud? Let’s let Jamlom give him a good comparison and let him be embarrassed! "
Director Zhu gas mercilessly way
Minister Qin looked at the thin and witty female comrade with some excitement and some doubts.
He asked director Zhu, "Is it really so powerful?"
Director Zhu nodded proudly, "So much! My old Zhu patted his chest to assure you! "
Comrade Chairman said that practice is the only criterion for testing truth!
He has practiced it. He is qualified to say this!
Minister Qin abandoned Chou the eye and talked about Wang Zhengquan in Kan Kan.
He said, "Yes! Let this lesbian compete with our western province. If she compares this old thing, I will personally give her a reward! "
Factory director Zhu suddenly became happy.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two When the face is going on
Factory director Feng, the first representatives of factory leaders looked at each other.
Jiao, deputy director of the textile mill, said, "This lesbian who competes with Wang Zhengquan is also very good at cooking. It seems that our western province is not a must!"
Director Feng is relieved that he and Zhu have been old friends for many years.
Zhu, although he is stingy at ordinary times, can’t call a pedestrian who doesn’t understand to have a competition.
Since he should let this lesbian, he must be somewhat sure.
No matter what the factory leaders think, all kinds of kitchen utensils are ready. Xu Taotao and Master Wang have set up stoves and started to break their heads.
The old Xu family, Xu Daguang, two people and Xu Dage all came to the scene to cheer for their peaches.
Xiu-lan zhao nervous holding a fist "my daughter will win! My niece will win! "
She stared at the calm little girl and took a deep breath.
Xu Daguang was nervous when she came, but she even painted her white heart and pounded.
He swallowed hard and grabbed his daughter-in-law’s hand. "Don’t scare yourself into winning!"
Brother Xu scratched his head and wondered why his parents were so nervous.
"Little sister is so delicious when cooking. What’s terrible?"
Xiu-lan zhao and Xu Daguang glances immediately let go of your hands and raised your bar.
That’s right. Their little girl is amazing. It’s a piece of cake to clean up the capital, Master Wang.
Make a fuss!
Cooking competition has always been simple and rude, that is, it is better than who cooks.
Xu Taotao also experienced great storms. When she was a little girl, she was given high hopes. Grandma took part in cooking competitions of all ages.
The grand prize and the small prize have won a pot full of small scenes today. She is really not empty.
Today, she is going to cook three dishes: a Xinjiang saute spicy chicken, a fish head with chopped peppers and a fried eggplant.
Many people can cook saute spicy chicken, but if we want to say authentic saute spicy chicken, it must be from Xinjiang. This dish is not from Xu Taotao’s ancestral home. She once traveled to Xinjiang with her friends and ate it once, which is different from the’ Xinjiang saute spicy chicken’ in the streets. The technique is particularly authentic.
Xu Taotao belongs to special spirituality in cooking. After tasting it once, she tasted the exclusive secret recipe of the chef.
After traveling back, she was so greedy that she made a double platter. It tasted exactly the same, not to mention that because her pickled chicken technique was more unique, Xinjiang saute spicy chicken was better than others.
She just saw that Master Wang was also preparing to cook chicken, and she thought of this Xinjiang saute spicy chicken gallants.
And eating the fish head with chopped pepper is the pure taste of chopped pepper. Xu Taotao is very confident in making chopped pepper himself.
This dish is particularly easy for her to finish. Sprinkle onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper oil and pour it on the fish head from the fire. A strange and attractive smell suddenly swept away.

Thirty-three days away. The changes of Song Changgeng are watched by these saints. The Qing sage just smiled and ignored it. He knew he was taking care of it. This little guy is finished. And in the clear sky, the saints are frowned. It seems difficult to decide. In the Jade Palace, the primitive sage’s eyes twinkled. I don’t know what to think. Then I closed my eyes and went on doing something else.

The way women look at Song Changgeng in their own eyes changes. The color flow of unbearable
Is it the last time or not to look with a sigh? She made the clan out of her own. Just like your own child. Among them, outstanding people appeared. It’s as if she saw her child achieve something. Very happy. It’s a pity that these children are seldom lucky. This Song Changgeng seems to be the same.
Amitabha in Elysium closed his eyes with a sad face. The quasi-Taoist in the Samsung Cave in the slanting moon is a light smile at the corner of his mouth. Began to greet the disciples to start preaching. In the nether world in the infinite void. The continuous flow of water in the three-way river. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is running quietly. But a sigh also clearly spread to come out from the road.
Just when all saints thought that Song Chang had died. In addition to giving up. When other people have ignored him. I saw his ten-foot-high mixed body suddenly collapse and then suddenly began to split into two forces. And then began to spin automatically. During the operation, a force began to turn black. And the other is changed.
The power between the open constantly absorbed by it. At the same time, it is compressed into two forces of black and white. The rotating black-and-white power is like a Tai Chi diagram. Yin and Yang are paired and unified with each other. Yin is constantly absorbing the power of Yang. And turn them into yin power. The power of Yang also constantly transforms the power of Yin into the power of Yang. Yin and Yang transform into each other. Opposite. Unified with each other.
During the rotation, the big ball with a diameter of more than ten feet began to compress gradually. Smaller and smaller. Finally, it stops at a diameter of one foot and then it doesn’t shrink any more. Keep spinning. Absorbing the power of heaven. Tongtian, who has been observing, saw a look. He knew that others had stopped watching. And this little guy has already begun to realize. Once he is sober-minded, he will escape from the dreamland created by Taiqing. That’s your chance.
It’s inevitable that this guy will be sober now. His eyes moved. Mental rotation room. Yang around Song Chang began to be chaotic. This will temporarily make everything around him unpredictable. Heaven is a saint. Now its saint wants to come back and drive again. Because he messed up the secret of Yin and Yang. What others saw was that Song Changgeng was scattered in the sky.
Then I gave myself a swing. A Taoist like him suddenly appeared out of thin air. The Taoist reached for it in the air. He caught a green gourd in his hand. And then turned into a streamer. Across the barriers from all walks of life to the world. When flying to the bright side. A trick of god’s hand A purple hammer appeared in his hand.
The misty fairy in Ziyun Palace suddenly felt tight on her body. Then the purple electric hammer suddenly disappeared. Then I heard that there was a master in the sea: "I took the hammer. Hello, wait here. Protect Song Chang’s door. It is not good to be exploited by Buddhism. "
As soon as the ethereal fairy heard it, she knew that the teacher had done it by herself. He can’t help but face a change. This Song Chang is really so lucky, and now Song Changgeng himself doesn’t know this problem. Because he’s already getting confused. I don’t know where I am. Who you are. Physical changes are instinctive reactions to his memory. It is his perception of this experience.
The heavenly sage arrived near the bright spot in just a few breaths. The guardian array and various space screens here seem to have no obstacles to him. It’s like he walked from the door to the outside. Lift your legs and pass. Easily enter the light. Then instantly appeared on the jade peak that had been refined by the Taiqing sage. This jade peak is the same as the original heavenly mountain.
Now it has completely replaced the heavenly mountain. And it is still integrated with the light. The sage’s means are really extraordinary. Life in the bright world feels nothing. I’ve already been replaced by someone. The heavenly sage paused when he saw this jade peak. Then I swept my eyes. I knew the big brother didn’t do anything. Actually, I don’t care to touch anything.
He came to Song Chang-geng’s real one-foot ball. Sighed and said, "I’m afraid you have to work hard like this to gradually regain your consciousness." At that time, everything in the sky changed greatly. You’re still you. But your relatives and disciples are gone. Your sect is gone. My hopes are gone. So I have to help you once. I hope you won’t let me down. "
Say that finish with a wave of his hand. A clear light flashed. Into the sphere of yin and yang. See the force of Yin and Yang in the sphere suddenly. Then began to spin quickly. The sage smiled and said, "It’s really good. You can understand my "Tongtian Daoji" so quickly. It seems that I will accept you as an apprentice. So I’ll help you again. Give you two innate treasures to suppress yin and yang. "
As soon as the words fell, I saw him spinning fast. Print countless times in the void. Seal the surrounding area. However, the purple electric hammer and the green gourd were thrown into the ball of Song Chang Geng. I saw the ball shaking violently. And began to swell. The heavenly sage quickly hit a few clear lights to go in. The shaking of the ball became more intense.

Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master to proselytize
Blood in shushan Volume sixty-one Purple electricity crack empty Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master.
Song Changyi was not awake at that time. I don’t know who I am. One can exercise. When he realized what the Taiqing sage had specially prepared for him. The spirit subconsciously began to imitate. As a result, the mixed body was decomposed. It should have been gradually realized in the continuous operation before we could understand the truth of yin and yang. Finally regained consciousness.
However, because the heavenly sage penetrated into his understanding of Tao, "Tongtian Daoji". This process is shortened countless times. When the yin is about to fix its trajectory. Tong Shengren knocked in two Lingbao. Followed by Lingbao’s refining method Song Changgeng instinctively felt that this thing was not only useful to himself. And the benefits are great. So it was absorbed automatically.
Then I saw the black-and-white spinning ball, which was one foot big, suddenly expand. In a blink of an eye, it expanded to more than ten feet. The black part of the sphere represents yin, and a purple ball of light appears in the room. There is a purple hammer in the ball of light. The purple ball of light floats and sinks in the yin. Became the yin to the yang. And a blue ball of light appeared in the white representing Yang. There is a blue gourd in it.
Became the yang to the yin. With these two treasures, after the yin suppression. The trajectory of Yin and Yang is more wonderful and stable. Song’s consciousness also began to refine these two treasures according to the method of refining Lingbao from Tongtian saints. With his refining. The black-and-white Tai Chi ball with a diameter of about 10 meters began to shrink. And getting smaller and smaller. The farther back, the faster it shrinks.
Finally stopped. At what age did it stop? And Song Geng’s consciousness also recovered. He didn’t act, but thought about the past. I can’t help dying. If you keep sinking into the changes in the avenue. I guess it will melt away. Although I let the mixed body run because of instinctive imitation, it is estimated that it will take a long time to wake up.
If it weren’t for the help of an ignorant method of understanding the avenue. I don’t think I can wake up now. Later, I was awakened by two Guanghua schools that did not know where they came from, and then refined two treasures according to the subsequent refining method. When you succeed, instant time destroys the evolution of the avenue. Everything comes back to chaos.
Song Chang experienced the birth and death of heaven in this instant. Some feelings poured in unconsciously. At the same time, I also know that I have experienced a thrilling experience. I have learned a lot. It’s still in the middle. I don’t know who’s help is waiting for him to think about it. Just a induction was startled. One is that you have no body. Yuan Shen consciousness and mixed Yuan Zhen Hwa-Sung Do created a big black-and-white spinning bead.
Second, he feels that there are people around him, but there seems to be no one. It’s so ethereal, it’s so unreal. This feeling made him uncomfortable. But he also knows that the other side must be very powerful. Just when he didn’t know what to do, he heard a majestic voice saying, "Xuangong has been accomplished. Why don’t you go back to the unity of body and spirit? "
The voice seems to have an irresistible force. Song Chang Gung immediately flew Yuan Shen, who had turned into a bead, to the top of his head and then entered his mind along Baihui Tianmen. Instinctively put the power of beads into operation after going in. I saw a black and white and a brilliant spin. It’s getting bigger. Wrapped his body in a blink of an eye. And then in a blink of an eye. Everything is back to normal.
The heavenly sage looked at the "Tai Chi Pearl" without Song Chang-geng’s head. I can’t help but smile. Your own effort was not in vain. Then I saw Song Chang-geng’s body, which had stood still, suddenly sitting on the chair in a sitting posture with five hearts in the air. Fingers open and close like lotus flowers. Demonstrating the traces of the mysterious. Countless wonderful magic tricks turn.
With his fingers. He saw thick clear air coming from the air and sinking into the body from his head. I saw a dark cloud of polluted air gushing from the bottom. From his body into the body.
With the continuous influx of turbid gas. I feel that Yang Qing Yin Turbid Qi is constantly rotating and changing in Song Chang’s body. And in harmony with his own body. And Song Changgeng was also immersed in cultivation. Although I am a little anxious. I don’t know who is around me. But he knows better. Realm is something that can be met but not sought. If you miss it, it’s hard to find it.
He knows that he is in a wonderful world now. Although it is clear. But strike while the iron is hot. Now is the time to be solid. The man next to him just helped himself. It’s not bad to think about it. So he just decided. Put down a quiet practice. According to my own understanding of the avenue, it runs a clear and turbid road, two vitality in my body and runs in the meridians according to different routes.
The turbid qi flowing into the body is compressed into a clear, black and two-minute liquid truth element during the operation of meridians. Eventually it flowed into the abdomen. With the continuous influx of clear and turbid air. He felt that there were a lot of clear and turbid elements gathered in the abdomen. Beginning in the abdomen, the two truth elements began to contact each other. Then there was a violent outburst.
Two truth elements with different natures both want to assimilate each other. So he took his abdomen as a battlefield. There was a fight.
At that time, the "Tai Chi Zhu" in Song Chang’s mind started to move. The light of color swept. Clear and muddy Zhenyuan immediately began to become docile. And automatically operates and transforms. Soon a balance was formed. And the blood god Yuan Zhu in his abdomen was also broken down.
Yang returns to Yang. Yin returns to Yin. The clear and turbid gases are guided by each other’s eyes, forming a ball like a Taiji diagram. Running slowly in the body. Finally, after countless transformations, the turbid gas was transformed. Concise change has become a special pure force of yin and yang. It belongs to the "Tai Chi Pearl" in his mind. The heavenly sage is not happy to be around. Song Chang Gung also felt that he had completely integrated the newly condensed "Tai Chi Beads" with his body.
After feeling that there is no problem. He collected his work at once. After I opened my eyes and saw the sainthood not far ahead. He quickly stood up in confusion. Hand salute way: "I don’t know where friends come from? How did you get into my light? Just now I felt that someone was helping me. The breath is similar to that of Taoist friends. Is it a Taoist friend? Then I will thank you. "
Say that finish a deep ceremony. And the sage stood there with a strange smile: "guy. What did you call me? Daoyou hahaha. No one has dared to call me a Taoist friend for billions of years. You’re a funny little guy. But those who don’t know are not guilty. Not bad. I was helping you just now. As for how I got in. Ha ha. Simple. Because I am a saint. Is there anything that can stop me? "
"Saint? Who’s the senior? Are you the leader of Tongtian? Why help me? " Song Changyi was surprised to hear it. Even if the mentality is stable, his face can’t help but change at this moment. Although he knows that there are several holy disciples wrestling with him because of the celestial gods. But in the end, it has been determined that it will be too clear. He wants to be a saint, so he won’t pay attention to himself.
But now a saint has come. He understood it after a moment’s thought. This man must be the leader of Tongtian. Because it is said that Nu Wa and Hou Tu are both human beings. Although Zhunti is called a Taoist. But he is a Buddhist after all. So dressed up like neither fish nor fowl. Amitabha, however, is completely dressed as a Buddhist. Taisheng in Sanqing is like an old man. Primitive and tongtian are middle-aged
But the primitive will simply pay attention to themselves. Only Tongtian seems to have his own meaning. Looks like it’s him. When his words came out. The heavenly sage paused and smiled lightly: "You are really smart. I immediately thought it was me. Not bad. You tried to detect my master elder brother’s charm. My big brother put the seeds of the avenue to give you a feeling. People thought you couldn’t get away from it.
Because it takes thousands of years for this child to wake up. Under the true fairy, there is only the road that is scattered in it. I don’t want you to have this anomaly. You can get out. And improve their own strength.
Fortunately. I was the only one watching you. After seeing the change, it will disturb the secret around you. Then secretly send an avatar to help you. Not only did I pass on your "Tongtian Daoji", but I also gave you two innate spiritual treasures to suppress Yin and Yang. Teach you to refine the innate Lingbao and achieve Taiji beads. Without me, you … On your own terms. I’m afraid it will take ten thousand years to wake up.
Although at that time you also had the power of Luo Xian. But things have changed for thousands of years. Your wife, disciples and friends have long since dispersed. What do you mean by being alone then? And you are a variable in the sky now. You won’t be in ten thousand years. Your greatest advantage is gone. You will feel bound hands and feet when you do things in the future. And it’s not good for my plan. So I gave you a hand. "
Song Changgeng was speechless for a long time after. He just recalled that what Tongtian said was true. After thinking about it, he suddenly threw off his robe. Kneeling. After kneeling three times and worshiping nine times. Sink a track: "Every mortal has a saying that a word is a teacher. Because of your help, the time that freed me is bondage. Gave me a magic weapon to increase my strength. Teacher. Preach. Teach. A puzzle solver. You should be my teacher. Please accept my worship. "
Seeing him react so quickly. Can’t help but comfort. After accepting his visit frankly. To pull him up with his own hands. Then he smiled and said, "It’s easy to talk to smart people. Now that you understand. I won’t say anything. The so-called master led the door. Practice is in the individual. I’ll teach you all the "Shangqing Xianjing" later. It is up to you to practice on your own in the future. "
Say that finish a hand stretched out. A book appeared in his hand. Handed it over. Song Changgeng respectfully picked it up. Take a look at the spirit. I knew it was profound. We should study it slowly in the future. He respectfully put away the Qing Xian Jing. Then give a deep ceremony to thank the master for teaching. He has already figured out the serious relationship between things. Know that you are indebted to others. No, I can’t.
Just like taking sides in officialdom. To his position. To his identity. It’s impossible not to take sides. Buddha magic’s choice. After entering the Tao, there is a choice of Sanqing. If you don’t choose. So there are so many powerful giants that he looks up to. His little power and reality will turn to dust in an instant. So he decided to learn from his teacher and become a saint. Enter.
[End of Volume 61]

Chapter six hundred and eleven Two Saints Fighting for Acts

At this moment, in the middle of the month, solitary Chen lies at the top of this courtyard after practicing, quietly looking at the stars in the sky, while Xiaobai is listless beside Ye Guchen. This guy seems to be not very interested in things except for eating.

"Xiao Bai, how long do you think we will stay here?" Ye Guchen looked at the star and asked Xiao Bai unconsciously. At this time, he suddenly felt homesick and missed his father, but he didn’t go back because he knew that since he made up his mind to step into this mysterious realm of repairing the truth, everything was abandoned by himself. Now he can’t turn back and he won’t.
Everyone has a dream, and Ye Guchen is no exception. Maybe once his dream was very simple. In the next generation, he wanted to find a stable job with a lot of income, and then he wanted to find a gentle and virtuous wife who was not too beautiful, live a dull and happy life in this love, and spend a sweet time with his lover. It was already his greatest dream in life.
However, when he was born again, he had a new dream, that is, to kill Yuheng and become the first master in the Jianghu. Yuzryha’s family is no longer in doubt. Ye Guchen achieved this goal, but now his goal is to become the first master in the field of repair. Everything is no longer tied down and he becomes worried and can travel around the world. This is his greatest dream. Of course, if possible, it would be perfect to find the wonderful cloud girl who has let himself see each other tightly but has been dreaming for several years, and become a fairy couple with her all her life.
Everyone has a dream, but he can give up everything, and Ye Guchen is no exception. With the change of his status and strength, his dream changes again, but it remains the same. He is pursuing his dream, even if it is full of thorns and bumps.
"Boss, I don’t know how long you say this. Anyway, it’s good to follow the boss." Xiaobai responded listlessly to a home to return to. Besides, Xiaobai, the ambitious spirit beast, has a simple goal. Every day, he eats, drinks and sleeps in the sun with Ye Guchen. He is very satisfied with other Xiaobai, but he is not too happy. Although those memories in his mind tell him that he is definitely not simple and there are some unknown mysterious life experiences, who is that? At the very least, Xiao Bai doesn’t care. He thinks that life is already very good now. Of course, a good practice can help the boss. He is also willing, but his practice methods can be used to sleep without worrying.
"Ha ha is it? Well, my goal now is actually very simple, that is, to strengthen my study as soon as possible. Although it is good to stay here in the evil Sect, how can I grow up if I stay in others forever? What’s more, what’s the fun if you just live your life in peace? I think that since people are alive, they should live a wonderful life, not experience some other people’s experiences and things, and not browse through this magnificent world of repair. Didn’t I walk through it in vain? " Stroking Xiao Bai’s supple fur leaves, solitary Chen leaned against Xiao Bai’s body and then half-squinted and said
"whoosh ~ ~" Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in the sky, and a holy brother’s royal sword flew by, and directly crossed the cold peak of this day and went straight to the distant holy evil peak. I didn’t know that something had happened, but a brother’s royal sword flew. You know, this evil brother’s royal sword is strictly forbidden to fly, otherwise it will be severely punished unless there is an emergency.
"Hey ~ ~ Don’t have something happened to have a brother flying in this evil extremely royal sword? Well, but then again, the flying of the Royal Sword really looks very good. It’s a pity that even if you have a flying sword, you can’t refine your flying until then. I’m still far from it. At this rate, I estimate that it will take several years to reach the then period. Ah ~ ~ The road to fix the truth is slowly long. This sentence is really true. "Ye Guchen sat up straight and looked at the distance, and it was like a meteor rushing out. The holy brother said with a little envy.
The realm of "Royal Sword Flying Nine Wan Li Soaring Up to the Sky" really envies every man. Ye Guchen is no exception. Everyone has a dream of flying. Ye Guchen once fantasized about his life. He also had the impulse to become a pilot, but unfortunately, he still didn’t succeed due to physical and family reasons. But now this royal sword flying is obviously much more challenging than the pilot. Ye Guchen naturally wants to try.
"I’m so envious. I can fly when I pass the thunder robbery. How about I take you to fly, boss?" The little white eyelid glanced at the time when it flashed across the sky, yawned, and then said casually, as if flying in the sky is like being able to do something bigger, he didn’t care at all.
"Hey ~ you can fly? Well, why didn’t I know this before? " Ye Guchen asked in surprise because he really didn’t know Xiao Bai had this ability before. This guy seems to have never shown these things.
"Of course, I can, but something in my memory tells me that if I want to fly, I have to survive the nine-thunder robbery, but now I can’t, but it won’t be long before the nine-thunder robbery in four months." Xiaobai doesn’t need to hide two personal feelings for Ye Guchen, and no one else can compare with Ye Guchen. After all, Ye Guchen is the first person he has seen since he was born and his closest person
"Okay, but I still want to forge a flying sword, flying fairy, but I dream of flying by myself and flying by others. That’s two completely different concepts." Ye Guchen patted Xiao Bai’s forehead and said with some sighs.
"Then you can find someone to help you practice your sword. Real boss, how come your brain is not as good as mine when you stay here for a long time? I can’t fly now to get something out first. Then I think it’s like getting those barbecues before. I’ll fix them first and then I can eat the taste at any time when I want to eat. "Xiao Bai squinted and drooled and said something. Ye Guchen also felt that Xiao Bai was suddenly savvy and was about to praise him. When he heard it, he couldn’t help but have a row of black lines on his forehead and twitched a few times. He also ignored this lazy goods.
"You’re right. I’ll go to Bibi now and ask them what kind of material they want to refine the flying sword." Ye Guchen got up and jumped toward the surface. After a few minutes, he came to the Bibi outside their door.
"Can you tell me something?" Bide and others have already surpassed Ye Guchen’s practice. They don’t need to eat or rest. On weekdays, they meditate at midnight to cultivate their knowledge all over the courtyard. First, it is convenient for Ye Guchen. Second, it is also a guarantee for Ye Guchen’s safety. Although it is an evil place, outsiders dare not come here to make trouble even if they are bold, but it is always good to be prepared. Even if no one hurts Ye Guchen, even if there is a bump, it is their fault.
"No, I suddenly want to practice sword. I’m in the late stage of Xu Dan. Although it may take a long time to reach the stage of then, I want to forge a flying sword. I wonder if Sister Bidie can help me?" Ye guchen still speaks so politely. He never feels superior. At least in front of Bi Di and others, Ye guchen sometimes feels a little inferior. Although they are all their handmaids, they are all repairing themselves.
"Refining fly sword? Well, of course, but I’m not bad at refining flying swords in the cold weather, but it’s far from those other disciples. I’ve heard the master say that you can get in and out of the peaks by yourself. You can always consult several disciples and say that it’s better for me to see this refiner, or to go to Uncle Tian Lian, a refiner in Houshan Beiming Peak. He’s a famous refiner master in the field, but it’s definitely much better for you to refine a flying sword than for us to help you. Why don’t you try it? " After hearing this, Bi Di hesitated for a while and said, it’s not that she doesn’t want to help Ye Guchen, but that she knows very well that the northern ghost peak refining device is much higher than her own cold peak, and Ye Guchen has a special identity. If you find a real person to help you, you will definitely have a better flying sword, which is also of limited benefit to Ye Guchen in the future.
"Well, in that case, I’ll go to the real person who tried to practice heaven." Ye Guchen wanted to nod and said that he was convinced that the real person who tried to practice heaven would help him at the beginning, but even the fairy instrument "Star-studded dragon lock" was willing to give it to himself to help forge a small flying sword.
"When ~ ~" But at this moment, a melodious bell rang in the whole sacred territory. Although it was not deafening, it was thought-provoking, as if it stimulated people’s souls, and people were unconsciously stunned. Then they looked at the sacred peak of this clock.
"Swing soul clock? Did something happen? " Just now, I had a smile on my face, and my face was a little dignified. My eyebrows were unconsciously wrinkled together, and several other people, Liu Mei and Xiao Zhu Qingyin, also came out of the room with a dignified expression as if something important had happened.
The "soul-swinging clock" has a special significance in the cult of evil spirits. Generally, it doesn’t ring. It only rings when something important happens in the clan and everyone needs to be called to listen to the teachings. It was a hundred years ago that the soul-swinging clock rang.
Looking at several people’s expressions, Ye Guchen was just about to ask when something happened. Suddenly, the powerful and majestic voice of the evil people sounded in the whole range of the holy extreme Sect. "The three talents surprised the gods, but whoever is mentally determined by my holy extreme Sect, who intends to break through, will enter the three talents surprised the gods at noon."
The sound was repeated three times and resounded through the whole holy pole. It was only after everyone heard it that the sound was dumb. At this time, Ye Guchen realized that he had just broken through the sky and wanted to fly his sword. That’s why his brother was flying in Zongmen Royal Sword.
Unconsciously, Ye Guchen looked at several people behind him with some curiosity and then consciously asked, "Is the cave of three talents a thing?"
Four beautiful maidservants looked at each other and sighed with envy. "It’s a good blessing to be fair. The Sancai Jingshen Cave is my holy land. No one knows how the Sancai Jingshen Cave was born. Since the Sancai Jingshen Cave was located at this time, it has been in existence. The so-called Sancai Jingshen Cave is generally opened once every hundred years, but it is dangerous, but the aura is rich and it will be beneficial to practice. Besides, there are some special Dan medicine, Xiancao, and the predecessors have left weapons. The most important achievement method is in it. Surface cultivation is definitely ten times and a hundred times more than that outside. Of course, it is very dangerous inside. If you don’t have enough strength to enter it, you will die. The Sancai Jingshen Cave was discovered by my predecessors. It is said that when the Sanji Sect was founded, I was already here. Three talents from heaven and earth were able to enter the corresponding abode of fairies and immortals for three months. If you are lucky, you can gain a lot. Even if you can’t break through, you will make great progress. It seems that the public will find a day to practice martial arts and practice sword. I’ll wait for the public to prepare to pack up
"Are you? That’s a good feeling, hehe. In that case, I can put the matter of refining flying swords on hold for a while. Well, I didn’t expect this holy Sect to have such a good place. By the way, since these three talents are so good, can’t they be put on hold for a long time? " Leaf solitary Chen ha ha a smile and then said
"It’s not surprising that the cave is opened once every hundred years, and it’s not certain where it is located. My holy brother is stationed around the cave. Once it is opened, someone immediately reports to the head. Twenty years ago, we all got a lot of benefits. I didn’t expect that the cave will be opened again in less than two months. It’s really beyond our expectation that it can be said that it’s a blessing to stay in heaven." Bidie smiled and explained to Ye Guchen that she also knew that Ye Guchen didn’t know much about the matter of fixing the true world.
"Well, in that case, let’s tidy up and get ready to enter. You guys should also go in. We have all prepared for that guy Yu Xiaobai. I think I’d better leave it to the cold reality to take care of it." Ye Guchen nodded his head for the reason and said that Yu Xiaobai, a lazy guy, presumably didn’t want to enter the cave, which was even more dangerous. Ye Guchen heard that it was dangerous and didn’t want Xiao Bai to make a risk, so he decided to leave him to the cold reality anyway, and the cold reality wouldn’t mistreat this guy.
I broke out and asked for tickets ~)
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Three talents surprised god hole
Chapter one hundred and twenty-one Three talents surprised god hole
It’s a great event for the whole cult of evil. The three classes of practitioners are the virtual elixir period, the elixir period and the infant period. Although the three stages of human cultivation are not very high, it is necessary to say that these three are the roots of a sect. It is not only the number of experts but also the resources that they have been given after their backbone are very important to see for a long time.
If the fighters in the academy belong to the foundation of evil extreme Sect, then the younger brother of the virtual Dan period, then the golden Dan period, the Yuan infant period is the future of evil extreme Sect. Therefore, those high-level officials pay special attention to this three-talent shock cave and the evil extreme Sect, especially when they enter the "three-talent shock cave" and there is a very special person, Ye Guchen!
"Well, this time, the little ancestor’s frontal lobe solitary Chen will also enter the cave of three talents. What do you think of this?" Sitting in the central position, the evil man in the hall of the holy evil peak looked at his side and whispered that his expression was particularly strange when he said this.
"This is naturally not a problem, but if something goes wrong, we can’t afford to eat it, brother. Do you think we should tell some brothers to protect Ye Guchen carefully?" The sky cracked and the reality whispered, when I said this, it was very thick, and my eyebrows were almost wrinkled together.
The crack of the sky silenced a few people around them. They knew very well that if Ye Guchen had an accident, they couldn’t afford it. If the ancestors made moves to the back hill, the elders would tear them alive.
"Why don’t we persuade him not to let him enter the cave of three talents?" The cold reality whispered that since Yuzryha lone Chen entered it, once there was an accident, they couldn’t afford to eat it, so it was better not to let him enter it. This method is conservative but the safest.
"Don’t let in? But our ancestors told us to take good care of it, but not too much. Otherwise, we would have told the ancestor that the bronze statue of us and our identity would not be covered up. After all, our ancestors also said that it is not a good thing for him to always be in a honey pot. But his old man’s heart is good enough to exercise him. If we do this, wouldn’t it disappoint our ancestors? " Tianjin reality said with a frown
"In that case, let’s just let him in. Although it’s dangerous, he can also go in the past. After all, it’s the ancestors who value people, and there is" The Star of Eternity "plus we can’t give treasures. It’s really no good to send a few younger brothers to follow. Although there are strict restrictions on the Sancai Jingshen Cave, no one can enter it, but we can send a few virtual Dan top brothers to follow and give magic weapons, right? A lot of words in the wrong novel network should be explained to them clearly, so stay away from them when the time comes and leave them alone if there is no danger to your life. " Sitting there, skyfire is the most irritable person. If you see this, it won’t work. Then you will be a little anxious and say it at the top of your voice.
"Well, now there is also such a way. I’ll leave this matter to you to do for Teacher Tian Mu. You will preside over the opening ceremony of Sancai Jingshen Cave." After hearing this, the evil people will not say much and directly reach the order. On this day, the evil people still have absolute power to speak.
At noon the next day, a valley in front of the North Ghost Peak in the back of the mountain was full of people, and there were many evil people. This imaginary Dan went out of the body for 10 thousand people. Although this valley is wide, it is also full of people at this moment. At this moment, they are divided into three camps, namely, the yuan baby period, the golden Dan period and the imaginary Dan period. It seems that it has been a rule for many years, and everyone consciously abides by it.
Yu Yu said that Ye Guchen is a little special. There are four beautiful women accompanying him in the middle of the three teams. It looks better than cool, but it has been hated by several people. Many people have to look at Ye Guchen. Obviously, everyone doesn’t know that Ye Guchen is an evil person. It seems that he has never heard of such a person. A virtual Dan younger brother actually waited on him with four little masters guarding him during his infancy. This scene makes everyone somewhat uncomfortable.
"Brother who is that guy? We still have this kind of person when we were in the holy Sect? Oh, my God, aren’t those sisters from Tianhanfeng? How can they wait on him there? A little empty Dan period that a few the teacher elder sister are yuan baby period. "A yuan baby period Gao Gao said to the companion next to her.
"I don’t know this, but maybe this guy is a cold teacher or uncle, or else how can you get this courtesy? Well, well, it’s true that when I was a human being, I knew how hard you worked in this world, so it’s not as good as thinking about it. This realm of fixing things must be different. It’s not bad to practice for 270 years. Now it seems that this man’s life is the most important. Look at people’s virtual Dan period, and there are several teachers and sisters who are waiting on him, and there is a limit to the future. Real people are more angry than people, "said a lanky-faced brother with a face of pain.
"Look at who the man is, how so down a peg or two? How many Yuan infants did Xu Dan bring to wait on him? "
"Ah ~ you don’t know that man is the head of the laity Sun. I told you that the head was in those days."
Sometimes people are always very fond of Ye Guchen, so it is easy to arouse others’ reverie here. This Ye Guchen has been here for a short time, and there have been several reverie about his identity. Among them, the identity of the cold real person and the evil person is the most acceptable.
All this Ye Guchen didn’t say much in his ears, but he didn’t turn his head for a moment. He stared at the distance in the middle of this valley, where there were three caves with strange brilliance. Outside this cave, there was a ten-foot gaoshibei stone tablet engraved with a line of big words to write this "three talents surprised the gods"
At the back of this stone tablet are the names of the three abode of fairies and immortals, each written by a vigorous and powerful Chinese character "Heaven and Earth Man", which marks the names of the three abode of fairies and immortals.
Ye Guchen didn’t mind that a few handmaids turned a little red here, but Tian Mu, a real person sitting at the entrance of this abode of fairies and immortals, couldn’t listen. These brothers are getting more and more lost. I really don’t know that it would be a virtue to let them talk again, so Tian Mu, a real person, couldn’t help coughing twice.
But don’t say that Tian Mu’s reality is still very prestigious. After coughing gently for two times, the scene around here was chaotic and instantly quiet. Ten thousand people held their breath and closed their mouths, waiting for Tian Mu’s real teachings.
Looking around, Tianmu reality slowly got up with his hands behind his back, and then Lang said, "Today, everyone, it’s time for me to start the day again. Twenty years ago, many of you got a lot of benefits, including making great progress and making breakthroughs. Of course, many people fell into the cave on the spot. Although there are many benefits, it is also dangerous. You are all my holy ancestors. The future is all my holy ancestors’ excellent brothers. I want to warn you here to be careful if you can’t make progress. At the very least, don’t lose your life. I won’t say
Say that finish the day after tomorrow, the wooden reality returned to his seat and quietly watched those younger brothers enter the three abode of fairies and immortals in an orderly manner. Of course, most of his eyes were on Ye Guchen, but he smiled and nodded at each other and followed the big troops and went in.
Among the more than 10,000 brothers, there are about 5,000 people who have entered the "human cave" at most, and a little less people have entered the "underground cave", but there are still about 4,000 people who have entered the "heaven cave" here, and less than 3,000 people.
To tell the truth, Ye Guchen doubts how big the Sancai Jingshen Cave is. Although the hole is sixty feet wide, it is not clear how big Ye Guchen is here. However, after thousands of people enter, Ye Guchen doubts that this abode of fairies and immortals will be like that.
However, when entering this abode of fairies and immortals, Ye Guchen knew that he had just guessed it, but he thought too much about it. After entering the cave, Ye Guchen found that after passing through the halo, he entered here. It was a different world. This hole is wider than it looks. The hole is like a huge square, let alone 4,000 people. Even if 40,000 people enter, they will not feel a little crowded.
And this abode of fairies and immortals has dozens of channels connected with dozens of small holes. I don’t know the way to the square, but when I entered this abode of fairies and immortals, Ye Guchen felt that it was like a real aura. Those aura were as thick as water droplets. It’s not hard to imagine that the aura condensed into a liquid, and how amazing the aura is here. The speed of repairing here will be twice the result with half the effort.
Of course, this is not the point. The point is that after entering here, Ye Guchen felt an unbearable heat in an instant. Those brothers around him have been a little shallow, and they dare not sit cross-legged and practice immediately.
Some of them are quite advanced, but they walk towards the depths. Ye Guchen, of course, can also be said to be advanced in this virtual Dan period. Nature is not afraid. Although it is hotter around here, it is still in the range that Ye Guchen can tolerate. Ye Guchen did not stay and walked straight ahead. Although it was getting hotter and hotter, Ye Guchen did not feel uncomfortable. Someone chose the small hole and entered the back. Ye Guchen also chose a abode of fairies and immortals, which is in the center.
When entering this small hole, Ye Guchen felt as if there was a fire burning around him, which was hard to resist. However, at this time, Ye Guchen’s mind moved, and the cold reality gave Ye Guchen an "ice-cold bead" and instantly jumped out, forming a protective cover around Ye Guchen, slowly wrapping this Ye Guchen in it, and felt a cool and refreshing breath and continued to walk towards the front.
And scattered Ye Guchen followed dozens of people with all kinds of magic weapons. When they came to the front, a big hole appeared in front of them again, and then several small holes were born. It was like a maze, and people didn’t know how to choose Ye Guchen. Dozens of them went their separate ways again and went deeper. Of course, several people could not bear to sit cross-legged and practice.

Yi Yu heard and pondered for a moment and said with a smile, "Oh? Is there such a funny thing? Who proposed it? Master agreed? "

Yuchen nodded and said, "I don’t know who put it forward first, but Emei is obviously prepared." Many disciples came here this time. I heard that it is still those elites who believe that it is not a problem to deal with sword fighting. "
Yi Yu seemed to be interested and asked, "Who is here in Emei?"
Yu Chen counted them carefully: "Men are Zhuge Jing, the great disciple of the Three Immortals in the East China Sea, laughing monk, and a son named Shen Tu Hong Bai Xia Sun Nan and Emei Zhang Jiao Qi Jinchan. As for the female disciples, Li Qiongying and Zixin, the disciples of the first lady, are wonderful, and a pair of sisters, Qin Ziling and Qin Hancalyx, have excellent listening and speaking skills. "
Just as Yuchen was talking to Yi Yu, a Taoist boy came in from outside Luoying clause and said, "Brother Yi Yu! Please go when you are summoned by Master Zhang! "
Yi Yu dared not delay to set up a sword light and go straight to Sanqing Hall of Golden Whip Cliff. Yi Yu went to Sanqing Hall to have a look! There are so many people! On the theme, naturally, Zhu Mei, the dwarf of Qingcheng Mountain, laid hands on him, and all the elders and younger brothers sat quietly on the futon, all solemn and not angry. Behind them, however, stood the rules of a group of disciples who took Gideon as their leader. No one dares to expect anything.
Above the guest seat, naturally, there are two immortals in the East China Sea, Xuanzhenzi and the ascetic Buddhist monk, who are well separated. But I saw Xuanzhenzi’s face as white as jade, fine eyebrows, fine eyes, eagle nose, lion’s lips and five temples sprinkled on the front of his heart, sharp and imposing as a sword. However, although the Xuanzhenzi’s cold light is full of momentum, there is an atmosphere that blends in with heaven and earth, which makes life unbearable. Although the ascetic Buddhist monk is called asceticism, he has not seen a trace of asceticism. A gorgeous robe in Phnom Penh, bright robes with gold thread on the red background, big eyes, wide mouth and long ears, laughing before saying anything, actually means smiling at Maitreya. It’s just that Yi Yu feels that there is a fierce fighting spirit that is hard to hide in this singing smile, but I don’t know how this Buddhist monk cultivates that peaceful Buddhist state of mind.
Below them are a group of Emei disciples, Jing Li. Most beautiful female disciple Yi Yu knows each other and has a close relationship. It’s just that the two people around the angry smiling monk have never seen each other. It must be that Zhuge warned me and Shen Tuhong. The smiling monk is an extraordinary figure who is eight feet long and clean as jade, and his facial features are exquisite. Temperament is distant, peaceful and indifferent, and the heart is like a distant mountain. The rules of wearing a blue cassock are not meticulous. It’s just that Zhuge Jing’s eyes turned out to be full of fighting spirit when I looked at the more indifferent Gideon across the street.
And the rest is Shen Tuhong. It’s just that this person looks worse than other Emei disciples, and he can only be called a correct person among these handsome men and beautiful women. It’s just that his peaceful and broad-minded temperament is self-evident. It’s far from being restrained and calm, and that grumpy laughing monk is far away! It seems that he is not a good person to deal with.
Although Yi Yu came late, he was not afraid to go straight into the hall and kneel down in the tunnel: "Master Zun studied Yong Cheng’s life is boundless!"
When Zhu Mei saw Yi Yu, he beamed and waved, "Get up. I don’t know where you’ve been all day and there’s no one there." Come and meet uncle Xuanzhen and uncle ascetic in Emei. "
Yi Yu dare not neglect to salute and greet quickly. That Xuanzhenzi nodded and smiled: "Hehe, Zhu Daoyou, you are a great little apprentice! I have heard a lot about him when I returned to Ningcui Cliff this time! " It’s really polite. It’s just that the ascetic Buddhist monk looked up and down a few times when he saw Yi Yu’s face was not healed, but he should not give Yi Yu a gift. I want to think that his disciple, the laughing monk, has suffered a loss. How can this master not know? Nature does not give Yi Yu any good looks, but it is a little narrow-minded. Let’s see how Yi Yu deals with his dilemma in the face of the long-established Three Immortals in the East China Sea. Is it clever to deal with it tactfully or wait for the master to clear it in silence? Or …

Back to the eighty-sixth calculation of Emei
Yi Yu waited for a long time, but the ascetic Buddhist monk didn’t respond, which obviously drove him there. If others are afraid of the fame of the three immortals in the East China Sea, they will dare not touch and freeze there at a loss. Or some smart people can start talking and fool around. Don’t make things stiff.
However, Yi Yuben is very headstrong and afraid of small things if something happens. He’s not even the one who takes the overall situation into consideration. How can he be wronged like this? When I saw the ascetic Buddhist monk, I shouldn’t wait for him to resign. I didn’t even look at the ascetic Buddhist monk and shook his white robe and looked up. When he left, it turned out to be a cold’ hum’. It was just the brand of the three immortals and parents that blew out! I heard it all. However, Zhu Mei was still beaming and didn’t feel anything wrong with his apprentice’s behavior. Obviously, he wanted to protect the calf. And that Xuanzhenzi has an eyebrow eye down. If you don’t see it, you can’t see what it is. Only the ascetic Buddhist monk, though still smiling, was a little stiff and his eyes were cold and bright.
Yi Yu went to the vacant position under Ji Deng and Tao Jun and stood. Since the last war between Yi Yu and Tao Jun, the position that originally belonged to Qiu Yuan has officially belonged to him. This position also represents Yi Yu’s position as the third person among this generation of Qingcheng disciples. That’s the rule of Qingcheng School. It’s not about seniority but strength. Senior brothers may not have the right to speak and their status may not be high. Only then can we see the status of the disciples in this temple. Yi Yu started with Chen Taizhen, followed by Yu Huang, Luo Lu, Hu Yanxian, Di Bubao and so on. Yang Yong, on the other hand, is in a less conspicuous position after the middle film.
Although it is said that Yu Nanqi, the second princess of Changchun Mountain, is a little higher than Chen Taizhen, and her family’s academic roots are not shallow and her strength is stronger. It’s just that since Qiu Yuan disappeared, she has no intention to compete for prosperity and is a woman, so she automatically retreated to the back to associate with Yang Yingxue and Di Shengnan, all the female disciples. Only recently, a new face has been added to their small room, that is, Yuchen, who has just become an inner disciple. Although Yuchen’s cultivation and qualifications are not good, she is Yi Yu’s person. Even these women, who are relatively slow in politics, understand the significance of this most popular and beloved younger brother. Instead of rejecting Yuchen, a junior school sister, it is extremely harmonious to help the photography department everywhere.
In fact, Yi Yu didn’t mean to offend the ascetic Buddhist monk just now, but look at the old thief’s bald posture and the old story of turning over and laughing at the monk. Even if he didn’t want to offend, he did. And Yi Yu has always been a don. Now that you have offended, come completely. There are always two sides in the world, and it is natural that someone will be happy when the ascetic Buddhist monk is beaten. At this time, the most happy nature is Zhu Mei. Besides, in the future, the ascetic Buddhist monk will make trouble, and Zhu Mei will not be able to withstand Zhu Mei, and Li Jingxiu is afraid of what he will do! The ascetic Buddhist monk was wrong first, and at this time, Zhu Mei did not stop the tunnel. "If you continue to entangle with this hooligan, I am afraid that you will make a fool of yourself." I can only swallow it for a while.
Although there are some discordant voices, Zhu Mei and Xuanzhen are both wily people who are indifferent to each other and flatter each other for a long time. Xuanzhenzi said just now, "I have received a letter from the flying sword of Zhang Jiao, and Brother Qi is also very much in favor of Zhu Daoyou’s proposal. It is said that this sword fight is the grand occasion of Qingcheng for hundreds of years. If we can participate in the grand occasion, it will be the luck of Emei. In this way, according to the policy of Zhu Mei Daoyou, after three days, we will fight for the island with swords. No matter whether you win or lose, you can’t mention it again! "
Zhu Mei smiled and said, "What Taoist friends said is very much to my liking. You and I in Qingcheng Mountain, Emei are connected by the same spirit, and in our early years, we fought together against the evil religion. We shouldn’t have hurt the harmony between the two families for that thing outside. It’s just that the misunderstanding has been born now, but it’s only right to let it go as soon as possible. " The two sides exchanged pleasantries and dispersed separately. It’s just that Yi Yu understood the code word of Purple Heart and went to meet the beauty.
Let’s put down Yi Yu and Zi Xin’s farewell reunion for the time being and say that three days ago.
Xuanzhenzi of the Three Immortals in the East China Sea and a dozen disciples accompanying the ascetic Buddhist monk reached the Golden Whip Cliff of Qingcheng Mountain. Zhu Mei, as the palm teacher of Qingcheng Mountain, can’t neglect the sudden visit of this powerful ally just after the unpleasant things happened in the East China Sea. Open the middle door and greet with the highest etiquette. Of course, the identity and cultivation of the Three Immortals in the East China Sea are also worthy of this complicated etiquette.
The mysterious word, the ascetic Buddhist monk and the Zhu Mei are old friends. It’s just that in the past century, Zhu Mei, as a palm teacher, has been busy with academic affairs, and the chance for them to meet in the East China Sea in seclusion is less. After the three of them cordially reminisced about the past for half a day, Xuanzhenzi first said, "Zhu Daoyou, my younger brother and I came here to apologize to Daoyou."
Zhu Meiwen pretended to be surprised and asked, "Hey! What does Xuanzhen Daoyou say? I am confused! " Zhu Mei said, "Look at the ascetic Buddhist monk. He always knew that this monk was the most irritable. On such occasions, Xuanzhenzi spoke deliberately to tease him, but the ascetic Buddhist monk didn’t look at him at all.
Xuanzhenzi smiled and said, "Ha ha! Disciples of Qianfanqingcheng and Emei have some misunderstandings because of an island in the East China Sea. In the East China Sea, the sword fought for the island, but this sword had no eyes, but it hurt the disciple of Daoyou, Di Bubao. At that time, Daoyou, the cripple of your school, was also there. We also feel that this matter is greatly inappropriate, and this time I will explain it. So as not to cause and effect because of these small things, it will not be worth the loss! What do Taoist friends think? "
When Zhu Mei heard this, he twisted his beard and smiled: "Xuanzhen Taoist is surprised at this! It’s definitely not your fault that my worthless old martial brother came back to tell this story. The so-called genius treasure has virtue, but my apprentice is not good at learning, but he is greedy for the Lingshan Mountain. I learned some lessons, but instead of complaining, I would like to thank my colleagues in Emei. This time, you can only save your life if you meet a fellow Emei … "Zhu Mei took a look at the ascetic Buddhist monk and answered," If you meet any deviant evil, I’m afraid you’ll never get back to this Golden Whip Cliff! "
Xuanzhenzi and ascetic Buddhist monk heard that their faces were frozen, and Zhu Mei alluded to the laughing monk’s interception of Qiu Yuan. But what happened to Qiu Yuan before was really wrong in Emei, and I can’t help but let others say it. Xuanzhenzi said, "Zhu Daoyou, I already have a Langya clause in the East China Sea, and I don’t lack this fairy island. However, your nephew was injured by the fairy island, so … this island was given to your school as a gift. "
Zhu Mei smells a smile. What a shrewd man he is! Only Zhu Mei has ever calculated others, and no one can calculate the short man. Zhu Mei’s little eyes have figured it out. What a poisonous trick Emei has! What a loud abacus Qi Shushi has! Take out the fairy road and use it as incense bait to lure Qingcheng to eat. What would the decent fellow monks in the world think if Qingcheng accepted this delicious food but took something from Emei? To put it mildly, Emei is generous and does not bully fellow travelers. To put it bluntly is to slap a bone and chew it! Severely hit the reputation of Qingcheng Mountain. If Qingcheng Mountain doesn’t accept it, Emei will not only lose nothing, but also show the magnanimity of the overlord in this world, and will not oppress others by force.
Xuanzhenzi saw that Zhu Mei hesitated and didn’t want him to think much. He urged, "I don’t know what Zhu You thinks?"
Zhu Mei said with a smile, "Qi Zhangjiao and two Taoist friends are just being original. It’s just that the fairy island is aboveboard compared with the sword of your school. How can you just give it away?" This matter is not appropriate! " Originally, Xuanzhenzi didn’t agree with Qi Shushi’s plan and didn’t really want to send Xiandao. Now, when I heard Zhu Mei politely refuse, I just wanted to stop it down the slope, but I didn’t want Zhu Mei to be faster than him. Zhu Mei answered, "But since Taoist friends and your head are so kind, it’s a little unreasonable for me to decline Qingcheng. It happened that I sent a meeting to hold a sword fight in Qingcheng Mountain. I don’t think that among the disciples who came here this time, the dragon and the phoenix will win. What do you think of the two Taoist friends in Xiandao, Donghai? "
Xuanzhenzi was hesitant when he heard it. The Qingcheng Sect was absolutely not weak. The last time the East China Sea sword fight was narrowly won, it was just that the real player of Qingcheng Sect didn’t go. Thought of here XuanZhenZi couldn’t help thinking of the Zhu Mei’s great disciple JiDeng. If the generation below them say that there are countless talents and beautiful jade. But when it comes to hard work, maybe I can’t compare with Ji Deng, a Zhuge policeman who is famous for his hard work in Emei school. Ji Deng was almost crazy whether he was practicing or fighting, and he was preoccupied with practicing Taoism. In those days, he even had the nickname "Little Enchanter". It’s only in these decades that he didn’t show his fame by walking down the mountain less.
Xuanzhenzi thought for a moment and said, "Since it is a gathering of friends, Zhu Daoyou shouldn’t have refused because of his kind meeting. However, this should also be notified to the palm teacher before it can be answered. " Xuanzhenzi also knows what sword fighting meeting is in his heart! Qingcheng Sect hasn’t had a sword fighting meeting for hundreds of years. Why did we have it as soon as Emei arrived? It’s just these days. Isn’t that for us?
As soon as Xuanzhenzi and Qi Shushi discussed the book of flying swords, they should immediately get off the sword fight. At the same time, Qi Shushi made his eldest daughter Qi Xiaer rush to Qingcheng Mountain for his younger brother and younger sister bring up the rear. This time, the next generation of elite disciples, Emei and Qingcheng, the two main roads, made the most direct collision! What brilliant brilliance will it explode? !

Back to the eighty-seventh sword fight for the island
Yi Yu’s rambling three steps, one step back and two steps, one sentry is like stealing mines. After a long journey, he finally came to the house where he lived when he brought Purple Heart back last time. Yi Yu knock knock gently lowered her voice and said, "Heart to heart! It’s me. Open the door! " Both rhetoric and intonation are like a wolf. It’s just that he shouted twice and nothing happened. Yi Yu felt strange. Isn’t the purple heart temporarily fettered and hasn’t come yet? Hand gently on the door, but the door was just left unlocked. Yi Yu only thought that the purple heart was delayed by something. Hey, hey, the bad smile just happened to hide for a while to scare her. It’s just that he was stunned when he entered the door.
Purple heart didn’t come … But too many people came. I saw that the small room was filled with five beautiful women. The purple heart is squeezed in the middle and can’t move. Looking at Yi Yuqiao’s face is full of regrets and apologies. Next to her arm is a fierce cold calyx, but under that tight face there is endless enthusiasm, eye, indirect affection and warmth. But the enthusiasm of the cold calyx was ruthlessly extinguished by her sister Ziling. JiLingYun is rare also in a noisy with the pool without the appearance of the pool in the purple heart on the other side of a face of satisfiedly looking at Yi Yu. Only Joan Ying, who is still dressed in purple, got up subconsciously as soon as she saw Yi Yu coming in, but somehow stopped. Just standing there silently looking at Yi Yu seems to have a lot to say, but everything is in silence. It looks sad but beautiful!
Yi Yu was startled by the beauty in this room as soon as she entered the room. Look at Purple Heart’s miserable appearance. It doesn’t look like she brought it! But where did he know that just now in the Sanqing Hall, every movement of his fell into the eyes of Han Calyx and Qiong Ying. Of course, Yi Yu and Zi Xin’s self-righteous secret code is no exception. After the purple heart came out, it was eager to go straight here and didn’t notice that it dragged two’ big tails’ behind it.
The Qin sisters have always been inseparable. My sister will catch up with me, and my sister will naturally not be left behind. Lingyun, on the other hand, is a stranger here. That naughty Qi Jinchan has mixed up with Zhuge police and my silly boys again. Just because she has nowhere to go, she naturally stays with her sisters, which is why Joan Ying has gathered here. However, this is also a spectacle. Among the six female disciples of the famous Emei Sect who came here this time, all of them came here to meet Yi Yu except Zheng Bagu. If it comes out, I don’t know how many people will fall below the eyes! And if Xuanzhenzi and the ascetic Buddhist monk knew, would they be angry on the spot? !
Yi Yu took her hand to the back of her head and began to pretend to be stupid and giggle: "Hey, hey, everyone is here! It’s a nice day today, quite suitable for an outing! Well, I’m still cooking rice at home, so I won’t spend much time with you. " I want to go out when I step. Although everyone here is stunning and has a close relationship with him. But Yi Yu knows that if one is Qin Ziling or Qi Lingyun, he has the confidence to live a pleasant and warm afternoon. It’s just that there are five people here, which is beyond Yi Yu’s ability.
Originally, the daughters were too shy to move forward together, that is, they missed Yi Yu’s purple heart and cold calyx very much. Although I really want to go up and hug him, I can only hold my eagerness for the time being in full view of my teachers and sisters. But Yi Yu’s confused words broke this delicate balance.
That Qin Han calyx is a lawless fox who dares to love and hate. I was bullied by Yi Yu in that snowy cave that day, but I was attracted by his overbearing and vicious temperament. Besides, she was not only robbed of her first kiss, but also touched all over her body. If it weren’t for her sister Ziling’s timely arrival, I’m afraid she would have been eaten without even bone pulp. Since then, the two of them have almost no chance to be alone, and that Situping is also gentle, honest, considerate and excellent for cold calyx. However, when Han Calyx faced her nominal husband, she could not find the feeling of being conquered and invaded anyway.
Now it’s easy to follow me to Qingcheng Mountain and meet the hateful bad guy, but that guy is going to run as soon as he sees it! I only looked at it and didn’t speak yet! How can the cold calyx jump like Yi Yu? Yi Yuqing Chu saw a few tears flying in the air with the running beauty and finally disappeared. That’s the heart of Yi Yu’s game, but I didn’t think that the cold calyx of simple and naive could be so …
Of course, it is basically impossible to have a warm and perfect family reunion between five women and a pervert. I was embarrassed to say something in my heart, but I pushed it around first, but no one said it; However, because there were too many spectators present, the scenes that were not suitable for children, which were widely expected, did not appear. It’s just that the girls finally became angry from embarrassment and pressed the culprit to the ground and severely hurt his lovely face and the soft flesh around his waist.
The beauty of Qingcheng is different, the freshness is different, and the beauty of Mount Emei is fantastic and straight. Yi Yu volunteered as a tour guide to introduce the beauty of Qingcheng Mountain one by one after she got out of the clutches. But what makes Yi Yu depressed is purple heart, cold calyx and Qiong Ying. He really took advantage of others. However, Qi Lingyun, who is a big teacher elder sister on weekdays, and Qin Ziling, who protects his sister like a thief, actually came and pinched his face a few times to see it as if it were very enjoyable …
Three days is like a blink of an eye for a monk, but it will also produce a lot of things. In these three days, the Emei School and Qingcheng School, two major women’s organizations in Yi Yusheng’s life, finally met at the Luoying clause. In the absence of Yi Yu, an unknown agreement was reached called "Several Notes on Preventing the Further Spread of Sex maniac Victims". It’s just that when Yi Yu arranged for Yu Chen, one of the little spies, to repeat the specific content, he was seen by the innocent who happened to lead. As a result, Yi Yu still doesn’t know the specific content of this ulterior secret agreement.
The three-day period has come to the place where Yi Yu and Tao Jun played last time. Just for the sake of beauty, this dozens of miles of Fiona Fang has been cut into a plane and looks like a tournament field. The fighting skills between monks are very simple. You can fight as you like in heaven and earth. There are no rules and restrictions, only the outcome.
This sword fighting conference can be described as a grand event of Qingcheng Mountain in a hundred years. Although there is no invitation, the nearby small doors that are attached to Qingcheng or curry favor with Emei are all coming to watch the battle. Of course, it’s true that we can gain more knowledge and experience, but the most important thing is to look at the strength of the next generation of the two factions and evaluate the wind direction in the next few hundred years. For these small families, if they stand in the wrong team, the consequences will be very serious!
Eleven people came to Emei Sect this time, except Qi Jinchan, who was not included in the list on the grounds that minors were not allowed to participate in bloody and violent activities, and the other ten people had to fight. I don’t know what happened to this wily little Zhu Mei. Among the ten people in Emei, except Zi Xin and Sun Nan, the other eight people are all dragons and phoenixes, who are either amazing or with great treasures. Tough to deal with!
On the other hand, Ji Deng, Tao Jun, Yi Yu and Yu Nanqi of Qingcheng School are extremely tough people. Counting down, Chen Taizhen’s injury has not healed, and the two of them are also good. But even so, Qingcheng Mountain is more defeated than less. Is the old fox in Zhu Mei hiding dark chess? Or did he have other plans?
Yi Yu can’t figure out what his master, who is famous for his wisdom, is going to do, so he just puts down his mind and doesn’t want to. Looking at the battle list that I just got, most of my opponents Yi Yu guessed right.
1 Ji Deng Vs Ge Jing me;
2 Shen Tuhong Vs Tao Jun;
3 Yi Yu Vs Laughing Monk;
4 Sun Nan Vs VS Yu Nan Zhai;
5 Zheng Bagu Vs Yang Wei;
6 Qin Ziling Vs Luolu;
7 Qin Han calyx Vs You Huang;
8 Qi Lingyun Vs Di Shengnan;

The heart is beating faster and faster, and the fear is bound to turn around. Xiaoxuan can stare big eyes and let tears slide her face, but she can’t move. Fourteen years have passed, and she has never felt such a breath. The eyes are moving at hand, which is the light of death. This light bi scattered the sunshine, and the warmth remained cold. She trembled and wanted to call out, but she couldn’t shout out a word.

The sunshine throws sh to her face again. Xiaoxuan is still lying on the ground. The Terran teenager has left her side, but it is still cold without any warmth. Cooling is her heart.
"Did I go too far?"
Feathering and Cen walked side by side towards the stockade and asked in a low voice, but at this moment Cen was silent and lost in thought in fear, and he didn’t pay attention to what he said. Feathering had ever seen is vacant and lonely.
After a while, Cencai nodded silently. "It’s too much for a child, but it’s nothing. I’ve killed dozens of people at my age."
Looking back on the past, you will have a sharp face.
Feather is the most afraid of seeing her. It’s like smelling blood. The little wolf wants to jump out and doesn’t know what he can attack. There is always a period when he doesn’t want to think about when he can completely release it in the past. Feather sighed and stretched out his hand and held her hand. Her hand was cold, too.
But Cen’s heart turned hot and laughed. "This kind of thing has to make the wood see it and piss her off."
Feather quickly let go but Cen grabbed his hand. "Hey, hey, don’t try to escape."
"What about cheating?"
When the feather came out, there was a strong wind behind him, and he smiled and turned around, and his left hand stretched out firmly and caught a hammer.
"I will definitely learn!"
The river network is less nv gnashing her teeth and glaring at each other
"Learn not to cry first." Yu Hua greeted her, and her eyes became dignified again, but she reached out and wiped the tears from her face.
Small nv child sipped his mouth and nodded stubbornly.
Cen push feather criticise way "you are not ready to cry? Are you embarrassed to talk about others? " Talking, I hugged the shoulders of the rivers and rivers. "Come with me to the mountains and teach you breathing naturalness first. This is a compulsory course. You have to learn to adjust your breathing to the point where the natural environment blends."
Two little nv go hand in hand, scratch one’s hair and laugh for a while, then turn around and continue to walk to Village N.
There is a middle-aged f people who are worried about the N side of the village < d Chapter 135 How can you be found everywhere?
Text] Chapter 135 How can you be found everywhere-
Sunlight shines on middle-aged nv’s coarse clothes and white clothes. It seems that there is ngng light. She quietly and kindly looks at Cen with Xiaoxuan entering the tunnel. Through the tunnel, they will enter Beimang Mountain. Middle-aged nv people don’t know what Cen is going to do with Xiaoxuan, but she heard Feather just now.
"There are still 16 days before the graduation ceremony. If you can’t learn breathing in this period, you will die!"
Feather said that this sentence was not a joke expression in her eyes. This is what she is most worried about. This Terran teenager can see through at a glance that she is a simple and purely sloppy person, but she can’t figure out why this Terran teenager would say such a thing.
"If Xiaoxuan really can’t learn to breathe, will you really kill her?"
Feather cocked his head and smiled slyly and asked in the past, "Y Jia Su Xing, if I kill Xiao Xuan, will I be dismembered by your lun blade?"
Y yoga also smiled, "I was really afraid that Xiaoxuan was frightened by you."
"I’m not trying to scare her. I want her to know that the world is equivalent. There’s nothing that can be achieved. If she wants to learn martial arts, she should pay a price and realize it."
Y yoga stare blankly looked at the young sunshine is a little sad, she doesn’t know feather reminded of lovesickness month, these words are lovesickness month once said, but the absolute beauty spirit nv didn’t stay in this world for long, Y yoga felt that this young man was not as simple as imagined.
"Miss Cen is bloody and wants to kill evil. I’m afraid Xiaoxuan will be taught badly."
"It’s better to let Cen teach you the first thing in martial arts practice."