The next day, the Premier League ushered in the final round. It can’t be said that there is no suspense. It can be said that there is a lack of suspense. Four teams have qualified for the Champions League in the top of the leaderboard. The only suspense is whether the fourth Arsenal can withstand Manchester United’s pressure in the final round to keep its three-point advantage and break its embarrassment of "fourth place" in recent years. At the bottom of the leaderboard, three relegated teams have also confirmed that two last relegation places will be born in Newcastle and Hull City, and the difference between the two teams is only two points.

After Manchester City lost the Manchester Derby, the pellegrini team played a five-game winning streak, which made Manchester City return to the second place, but this did not change the fate of the final round as pellegrini’s farewell match at Etihad Stadium.
The opponent is Southampton
Southampton, which lost a lot of blood last summer, was not optimistic about the outside world, but the "Saints" season proved itself. At one time, they ranked second in the league in resilience. Although they failed to withstand the pressure in the end, they still kept their hopes of qualifying for the European War. Compared with Manchester City, Southampton is obviously more motivated.
However, the team has no goal, but pellegrini doesn’t want to lose his last game in Manchester City.
So at Etihad Stadium, the two teams launched a soul-stirring battle against each other. tie
Two days after the game, Linsen got up again in the stands twice, and another head coach applauded.
For Manchester City fans, a mere league champion may still make pellegrini a success, but he is not a loser. He raised his hands and clapped around the Etihad Stadium. pellegrini said goodbye to Manchester City fans in this way. His departure has not been made public, but it is no secret.
Manchester City fans are not stingy with pellegrini’s actions in the stands.
"Can I change your decision? Lin "next to Tomlinson, staring at the stadium, Mubarak also applauded and suddenly asked 1.
"Believe me, Carl Manchester City doesn’t need me as much as you think," Lin Sen said faintly without turning his head.
Mubarak’s applause seemed to pause. First, it quickly returned to its original state, but Lin Sen seemed to hear a sigh.
It was May 24th at Etihad Stadium in Manchester.
In a prolonged palm, Manchester City bid farewell to two feats at the same time, one on the pitch and the other in the stands to be continued.
Chapter 55 Perfect choice
Lin Sen, who has bid farewell to Manchester City fans once, is destined to leave quietly this time with an announcement that quietly appeared in official website, Manchester City. This is the last trace Lin Sen left in Manchester City.
Although it was low-key, this unremarkable news of Ingra media, which had been waiting for the official news of Manchester City for a long time, soon became the focus of their speculation. After Manchester City completely withdrew from the league championship competition, almost every day, when Manchester City announced that pellegrini would leave them, after the scandal between Real Madrid and Linsen appeared, Ma immediately turned the focus to which one of Linsen and pellegrini would be the first to announce his departure.
"Lin in real Madrid? Countdown! "
After Manchester City announced Linsen’s departure, such topics quickly flooded most headlines in England. Obviously, in their view, Linsen’s departure has cleared all obstacles. In other words, Linsen’s entry into Real Madrid is a foregone conclusion, and it is not only the media but also one person who thinks so. This person just made a final effort in the stands, Mubarak.
From the emotional point of view, Mubarak also doesn’t want Linsen to go to Madrid. There is no need to go into details, but from a practical point of view, he really can’t find Linsen except for that fragile emotional factor. In the final analysis, there is no reason why coaches are different from players. Players’ clubs can stay hard, but if coaches want to go to clubs, it is better to stop them than to stop them. Because players are a player in the final analysis, but the head coach will affect a team. This is also why players can transfer to soap operas for several seasons, but the head coach rarely appears.
What’s worse, Lin Sen’s status in Manchester City is not the head coach at all.
After the Southampton game, Mubarak invited Linsen to his office for a "drink" in the name of seeing him off, but when he got to the office, he then asked Linsen what he was going to do. Mubarak asked this question in a subtle way
Linsen thought for a moment and didn’t deliberately hide it, but because Real Madrid didn’t have direct contact with him after all, he said the situation. Of course, this is enough for Mubarak to make a lot of judgments.
"So Real Madrid really intends to let you go to Madrid," Mubarak mused.
Lin Sensong shrugged his shoulders noncommittally.
"Friend Lin, can I ask you a question?" Mubarak thought for a moment and suddenly said
"Of course," Tomlinson nods
"What do you think of Ancelotti?"
As soon as Mubarak’s words came out, Linsenma understood what Mubarak wanted to do. It is not difficult to guess that Real Madrid is interested in Linsenma, and of course, Manchester City can also be interested in Ancelotti. Think carefully. This is a perfect choice for Manchester City, whether it is purely technical or emotional.
"He’s a master," Tomlinson laughed, but his tone was positive.
It’s not easy to lead a team, but it’s not easy to lead different teams, and it’s even more simple to create an era worthy of the name. Ancelotti deserves the word master.
"So do you think if he comes to coach the team?" Sure enough, Mubarak further said
"Perfect choice" Lin Sen answered without hesitation.
Real Madrid doesn’t cherish it, but it doesn’t mean that Ancelotti doesn’t cherish it. In memory, after Ancelotti left, Real Madrid didn’t achieve the effect that they wanted to change coaches. Once praised by Italian tactician Sacchi, Ancelotti, a tactical chameleon, was recognized as being good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, otherwise he wouldn’t have led Real Madrid to the top of Europe in his first season.
Is Ancelotti suitable for Manchester City?
Sure! And as Linsen said, perfect choice!
Mubarak "retaliated" and set his sights on Madrid, but he didn’t know it was just when he was talking to Linsen. There was also a conversation in Madrid, one was florentino, and the other was the elegant Frenchman who was no stranger to all Real Madrid fans.
After florentino returned to Real Madrid, Zida, who was once florentino’s personal consultant, always heard that he would enter the coaching staff when Mourinho was still in Real Madrid, and this news came true after Ancelotti went to Real Madrid. In the season, Zida’s role was Ancelotti’s assistant, and in the season, Zida officially became a head coach to coach Real Madrid B team in the second group of Spain and China.
After Zida took over as the coach of Real Madrid Team B, many Spanish media said that it was that Real Madrid was training a reserve coach for itself, and Zida himself made no secret that he hoped to become the dream of Real Madrid coach one day. florentino certainly knew Zida’s idea, otherwise Zida would not become the coach of Real Madrid Team B without coaching experience, even though he used to be the World Footballer of the Year.
It’s always good to have dreams or ambitions.
Although he and Barcelona are sworn enemies, florentino also hopes that one day, Real Madrid’s handsome position will be cultivated by himself as a sworn enemy.
But now, unless florentino is willing to take a very, very big risk, his hope is doomed to be postponed. In the past, Zida was elegant on the court and didn’t show the same talent on the sidelines. Real Madrid team B ranked fifth in the second group of Spain and Europe to upgrade to the play-offs.
What will florentino say to Zida today?
Let him pick up Ancelotti?
Neither Zida nor florentino recognized that this was the right time.
"I still hope you believe Mr. karlo." Zida frowned, but he still rarely insisted that florentino had made a decision.
"I know you and karlo are very close, Qi Zu" and florentino frowned. "But this is not what we should discuss today."
Qi da suddenly fell silent.
Florentino’s frown finally made him realize that there is not much room for things to change. As florentino said, he and Ancelotti are really good. They didn’t just work together in the season. At that time, he worked with Ancelotti in Juventus for two seasons. It can be said that both the player and the pig’s foot Ancelotti helped Zidane a lot.
Of course, Zida will put in a good word for Ancelotti not only because of this paragraph, but because he really believes that Real Madrid should not change coaches.
From players to staff to coaches, although Zida is not Spanish, not many people know everything about this club better than him. As the world knows, the position of Real Madrid coach is the most difficult position in the world. To exaggerate, it is even more difficult than being the Spanish prime minister. At least if he doesn’t die, he won’t die. At least, he doesn’t have to worry about being kicked out of Taiwan. However, Real Madrid coaches sometimes die whether you die or not.
This is indeed the richest club in the world, but it also has the meanest top management in the world. It does have the largest and best stadium in the world. But it also has the most demanding fans in the world. It does have the best stars in the world, but it also has the most difficult dressing room in the world.
Here you must not only win, but also win beauty, not only be full of personal charm, but also know how to be exquisite …
"I don’t think anyone can do better than Bical Luo, although the team’s season performance is really unsatisfactory," Zida said. "Even if that person is Lin."