Living in the spotlight may not be what the baby wants. If the baby still wants to return to this shining stage, Ye Feng will respect the baby’s choice.

Ye Feng doesn’t want to have a baby now.
He wants the baby to have an ordinary and happy childhood.
Unicorn Chan doesn’t have a social number and likes cubs. Fans have also paid attention to Ye Feng.
This time, the "competition for talents" between the nine-segment chess players and the Academy of Fine Arts also made the online ratings of Ye Feng live broadcast rise to another peak.
A few kids came out to look for materials as gifts together, but Zhou Zhou said that they should keep secrets and become more and more mysterious. No one would look for them in front of other groups.
Finally, the three adults took the delegation back to the courtyard to wait for dinner.
Several groups of hooks promised each other that no one was allowed to broadcast live at night.
You can’t let the audience spoil them. What are other people’s gifts?
The live barrage is another wail, promising that they will never spoil it.
But the regiments have been hanging on the hook for a hundred years. Don’t change it. Pull out the hook and never go back on your word.
Mom and dad also promised the group that they wouldn’t broadcast live secretly, so they could have a leisurely night.
Luo Yufei’s group should be independent. After all, Shuang Bao is not his own.
The audience who regularly watch this program has also increased a lot, and many new audiences don’t know him.
Luo Yufei decided to carry forward the 4-hour live broadcast style.
This group of temporary home is the most special and the largest bedroom for them, with four beds in it.
The room type is double sanitary design, giving consideration to privacy, and at the same time ensuring that the four of them will not queue up when cleaning.
Several other guests stopped broadcasting in the evening, and the live broadcast of Luo Yufei was still on.
Want to continue to watch the live broadcast of this program, the audience flocked to his live broadcast.
[I can’t believe Brother Xiao is actually studying? Assimilated by Qing Qing]
I always knew that we were not resident in this live broadcast. We were also writing a summer vacation last night.
[Is this just the summer vacation? Children like me will copy their studies the day before school starts.
[Wake up and see if somebody else’s children are doing summer jobs or Huanggang secret papers … I’m so conscious that it’s too big and I’m going to study.]
[Sunny sunny didn’t study. What a surprise]
[The little ear hairband is really sunny! I bought it from her.
Sunny sunny is making husky ear hairband for Luo Yufei.
She usually likes to do this kind of furry manual play. There are always material bags in the small backpack that can be taken out to play.
Luo Yufei’s mother went to the village square to dance.
Both children don’t worry about Luo Yufei. He is comfortably on the sofa playing mobile games and there is no live broadcast business.
Sunny sunny while sewing husky ears frequently out of the corner of his eye at chu que.
She felt that Chu Que had not moved for more than ten minutes. Did she fall asleep?
Sunny sunny let go of her small ears and softly rubbed against Chu Que and found that Chu Que was staring at a question without sleeping.
"Queque you won’t? I can tell you the topic. "Sunny asked softly.
"I will!" Chu Que’s cheeks are slightly red. He really won’t.
He also knows that Sunny is a three-year-old child prodigy who has been teaching himself high school courses.
But he can’t even solve junior high school problems, which will definitely make this sister look down upon it.
"This question is so difficult. I wonder if there is an auxiliary line here?" Fine fine little finger poked a roll of several patterns.
Then she went back to her little chair and went on sewing the dog’s ears.
Qing Qing sees that Chu Que seems to have a strong self-esteem and doesn’t want others to know that she is short-board, so she won’t be annoying.
Chu que didn’t speak. He looked at Qing Qing and just pointed to the position. It seems to be easier to add auxiliary lines here.
Chu que’s academic performance is not bad, and he has always been in the top of his class.
Grandpa always told him not to be complacent. There are people outside.
He is seen fine fine come and have a look and know how to solve the problem. It is difficult to maintain his self-esteem.
Should he be as shameless as the teacher said?
Chu que turned the volume forward and found the big problem that had been bothering him for a long time. He got up and walked beside Sunny.
"Can’t I help me look at this problem?"
Chu que regretted saying this when he said it. It’s still live. He feels a little embarrassed.
Sunny sunny let go of the fluffy little ears and took the roll in Chu Que’s hand and said smilingly, "How did Que Que know that I wanted to play class games? Ok, now I am a teacher and a student! "
Chu que’s face and heart are very moving.
No wonder those small groups like to play with sunny, and now he feels that he likes sunny more and more.
I wish Sunny was her own sister.
If his own sister is like Qing Qing instead of treating him as an enemy who robs his father and mother, he wouldn’t be so stiff with them.
Sunny sunny Chu Que in front of those big questions all spoke 1 time. Chu Que held a roll to digest herself, and she picked up her own hand and continued to sort it out for Luo Yufei.
"Ready so soon! It’s quite suitable for me. Hey hey "
Luo Yufei brought Husky Ear hairband.
He really likes this hairband and doesn’t even play games. He keeps taking selfies from different angles with his mobile phone on, ready to pick some photos and send them to Weibo for business.
When Luo’s mother came back, she just saw her son taking a selfie with her mobile phone.
"Silly, why don’t mom take it for you?"
"Qing Qing Luo’s father is so stupid?" Luo Yufei didn’t answer Luo Mama’s words, but turned to ask Qing Qing.
"Luo dad handsome! Hurry up, I’m going to wash my hands, and I’m going to sleep quickly, otherwise I won’t grow tall. "
Chuque! !
Curse him for not being tall!
He is of average height in his class!
I thought this sister was cute just now, but now she is not cute at all!
When Chu Que came back from dinner, he felt sweaty and sticky, so he took a cold shower.
Now he also saves washing and goes straight to bed and falls asleep.
"Come on, don’t shoot, go wash and sleep."
Luo’s mother pushed Luo Yufei into another sanitary room, and then the headlight button in that room left several bedside lamps.