So he said directly, "Where did that sister come from?"

"Where did you and your wife come from?" The woman is rhetorical question
Essence Zheng was on the other side of the man is a group with her.
"You’ve been following us for so long. Do you know where we come from?" Essence sneer at asked not much to hide.
"Tracking?" The woman’s rhetorical question seems very different.
"Isn’t it? Follow me all the way from Guapeng to here, "said Essence.
The woman shook her head but said, "It’s just the same way. It’s the same way from here to Guapeng, and it’s a coincidence that it’s the same way from Guapeng."
You!’ Essence is finally angry and angry. This woman is obviously playing her.
"It’s not easy for a girl to get angry at this age." The woman smiled.
Essence raised his eyebrows and gave her a look. "Elder sister, you are not necessarily young."
This woman is at least as old as she is. She may be thirty at the age of seven.
"How can you be young when you are a grandmother? It won’t be difficult for me to return my granddaughter’s silver needle," the woman said lightly
"You are … grandma! ?” Essence frightened to think of the little girl just now, at least there are fifteen or sixteen!
The woman smiled and said nothing.
Essence said, "How can I go back to what I sent out? Your granddaughter is willing to give it to me."
She admitted that she liked the silver carver very much, but the material was 100% pure silver.
It is obviously too extravagant to take this thing as hidden weapons.
All possibilities. This thing wasn’t hidden weapons!
Take it back to Lin Ruo for snow. She will love it.
It’s best to give it to Jade Evil and let him give it to that girl as a gift to surprise her!
Otherwise, Yu Xie is stupid and doesn’t even know that he wants to spend this Tanabata.
"That girl didn’t say that she wanted to send you. You bullied Xiaoqiang and forced her." The woman said that she was vaguely dissatisfied in her eyes before everything he and her husband were watching from a distance.
"I didn’t touch her hair!" Essence hurriedly excuse.
"Girl, my granddaughter saw that it was difficult for your husband to help you kindly, but your husband and wife bullied them both. Is this cruel?" The woman asked as if she was going to settle accounts.
Essence that white sneer at a way "originally is to settle accounts I also I just got here who have sinned against! If you want to settle accounts with your granddaughter, what is her bravado? Your granddaughter won’t admit that my husband and wife bullied them. It’s just a joke. Is it so serious? "
"Don’t be serious, let you return the silver needle. Are you so serious?" The woman asked.
"Is it true?" Essence is stubborn. If it weren’t for her constant juggling on weekdays, I’m sorry tonight. I’m in a bad mood. I still want to fight and I can’t find my opponent!
"Try not to hurt somebody else’s girl by taking the silver needle." The woman said lightly and sat back.
Essence is wondering where her arrogance is. However, in this instant heart, she suddenly turned around and saw ten black shadow guards arranged behind her, and then a messy step came to see the front and rear sides. There will be an army coming here and holding bows and arrows!
Essence some puzzling think this woman make a mountain out of a molehill, she really is a joke with the two children don’t know whether ling si night anyway, she is!
Is this silver needle in her hand? !
That kid didn’t give anything at that time, although she did have some threats …
"Who are you?" Essence frowned and asked if he could dispatch an army. This man must be a court official.
"Give me back the silver needle!" The woman cold tone is still different essence more nonsense.
"Are you in? Soon it was a silver needle and an archer was dispatched! " Essence asked
"Palace once again give me back the silver needle!" The woman said coldly
"No!" Essence is so good humiliate?
"Come!" Woman’s cold order
"Lingsi Night!" Bai Suyin is bigger than her. "Say it, and it will rise high in the thousands of arrows."
Ling Si night is as painful as a long-lost opponent fighting with a man. He heard a scream from Essence, and this just slowed down and hurriedly chased him up and found something was wrong.
What’s wrong with this woman? How did she soon lead to an army! ?
The bow and arrow continued to shoot the essence, hiding and flashing, and I forgot to shoot at the moment, which was very embarrassing.
Ling Si hurried to protect her behind her at night. With a wave of his hand, Leng Xuanjian mercilessly swept away like a mountain. The archers on both sides were repelled, but no one was left.
And the rest of the street is not lucky that several stalls have disappeared.
Essence huanguo to god on ling si frowned behind the night and asked "the woman? Why is it gone? "
"In front," said Ling Si night lightly, raising his head.
Sure enough, the man who had just fought with him saved the woman, and the two of them were in front of them. It seems that the husband and wife are too old to grow up.
Even this man’s speed can drive him with a firm but gentle speed. Save him from the cold Xuanjian!

"Go straight to the dock!" Logan has seen the dark blue not far away.

The whole port area was as quiet as a graveyard when the car was driving on the stone slab paving and bumping into the crack of the road rubber tire stone slab. Only when the corner was turned and the pier appeared in the realization did two middle-aged people with buckets appear in sight. They had gained something in the past night. Although the British government warned the fishermen in the east and south not to leave the port without permission, some people made a living and went fishing in the offshore area at night.
For these military vehicles, the two middle-aged people were at a loss, especially when they saw Logan wearing the military police system of the 6 th Army, and they left unhurriedly like soy sauce.
Looking at the whole dock area, there are four docks extending into the harbor, where many boats, fishing boats and yachts are docked, and some are small barges and motorboats masts. Although the forest scene is unique, Logan is more interested in being a dock where submarines can dock and are suitable for loading and unloading materials ―― it’s best to finish everything before dawn, otherwise the situation will become very complicated and troublesome when the residents in the harbor wake up and a German submarine is docked next to their dock!
Fortunately, the war not only had a great impact on the fishing industry, but also the rich people living in the south of England tried their best to move to safer places. If they had come to the Isle of Wight for a holiday at this time in previous years, most of the ports would have been full, but now Logan can’t find some places with much effort.
"Well, don’t go to the armored car at the front pier!" In order to ensure that the driver can hear the command clearly, Logan also deliberately got back into the car and shouted a voice.
In addition to the leading armored vehicle and the rear truck, both trucks are equipped with radar equipment from Calverton Point. The armored vehicle is in the first place. Private Leon holds the machine gun to be on alert. Little Scobie also takes two gunners to be on alert. Nim, a temporary traffic policeman, directs two trucks with equipment to drive to the dock. Patrick Albert, a technical officer, takes out the telephone line signal from his backpack. Although it can’t be used as a line, it is enough to summon Fiona Fang’s own ship for ten miles through special waves. Of course, the submarine receives the line wave in the water method-at least it has to be observed by periscope
"All right, girls, Bridgeport has arrived. Please get a car!"
When Logan called the soldiers to help the three British girls get to the dock where the car was located instead of entering the port, he asked them to come as soon as the car came. Logan didn’t want to delay it, and he didn’t think they would pose a threat to the operation. Moreover, in case of an accident, the three men could also serve as a cover.
When the ladies got out of the car with their suitcases, they could see that they were not used to the bumps all the way. Aunt Susan’s fat daughter was sitting in the trunk with a fluffy head and a gloomy face. Two worse faces, light or thick dresses, were turned into small faces by dust.
"Oh is the port! Great! "
"Daisy" (Daisy’s original intention) cried innocently, recalling her previous act of holding a skirt and showing off her calves. Logan thought it was a trick for adolescent women to attract the attention of the opposite sex. As far as figure is concerned, he likes to be slim, but his bones feel no curves, which is not one of them. As far as sound is concerned, he likes to be soft, but soft enough to make people feel weak, which is also excluded.
Unfortunately, this Miss Daisy was eliminated from the competition before she entered the qualifiers.
"Great! Maybe we can find a hotel to rest first and then pick us up when mom fixes the car!" The daughter of a famous "lady" (Tang Nayi) and "Aunt Susan" is really rich. If you like Wangfu’s daughter, you can consider it properly. However, Logan’s ambition in Wenger is no longer something that women can bring.
"Yes, sir, when will you help us find a repairman?"
Logan finally responded politely to Wenli’s beautiful little niece, saying, "Go to the hotel first and I’ll arrange it!"
"Oh!" Doreen beeped and said nothing.
Logan is definitely not an expert in guessing the psychology of the opposite sex, but he still sees a little embarrassment from Doreen’s brow and wants to solve this problem once and for all. He takes out a 5-pound bill from his pocket and puts it into Doreen’s hand. "Maybe you forgot your money in a hurry. Let’s talk about it when we meet again!"
The young English girl’s mouth slightly turned up and gave Logan a rather unforgettable playful smile. "Well, I will definitely pay you back when I meet you!"
Is there another time?
Brothers, hit the tickets violently at four o’clock!
Chapter 29 Best Supporting Actor Award
Dreaming of flirting with sexy beauty, Dick suddenly felt his shoulders shaken by manpower. At first, it was his wife who showed up. He was hiding something bad. He tried to open his eyes with trepidation but saw Mitchell’s chubby face.
"What’s the situation? Hmm? What’s wrong? "
"Hey Anna, it’s an emergency!" Mitchell put his face so close that Dick could smell that he ate smoked fish last night.
"Ahem, you damn fool want to scare me to death!" G a push him.
"But there is an emergency!" The chubby patrolman said with a look of bitterness, "An armored car and three trucks came in from the west. It looks like the Sixth Military Gendarmerie. They stopped at the dock. I asked Luqi to explore the situation, but he hasn’t come back yet!"
"hmm? When did the Sixth Military Police become interested in a port like Bridge? " G some wonder to wipe the face "emperor, you let LuJi to find out? He must be bragging to others again that he is close to the chef of the commander-in-chief of the 6 th Army! "
Mitchell still looks sad. "But everyone else is sleeping. Besides, I let him get close to explore the situation, but I didn’t let him chat!"
G scold a way "you know a fart! Get out of the way I don’t know what those gendarmes are doing here at this time. Are they here to inspect posts? No way! They don’t care about patrols in places like ours! It would be great if they came to take over the defense. If nothing happens, we can go back to sleep! "
"oh? Then I’ll tell everyone to get up and go back to sleep! " The foolish man was about to do this, but he was caught by his companion and got a bad look.
"You idiot, I’ll ask the situation first. Maybe we’ll help them with thugs! Oh, yes, where are they now? "
Mitchell scratched his head strangely. "At the Berlin pier!"
"Hey’ Berlin’ pier! Can they step on the German Chancellery there? " Dick shook his head and walked towards the docklands ―― compared with Newport on the same island or Portsmouth on the other side, the port here is simply not a rural place. Fortunately, the nearby beaches are beautiful, and the rich people occasionally come here to stay in the sea view apartment for a few days, but since the war broke out, especially since Germany attacked Norway two months ago, no one has the leisure to come here. The residents are all sad without income.
"I wish this damn war would end soon!" Dick muttered that as soon as the war was over, he immediately went to Meisha grocery store to buy some barrels of paint and repaint his old house, and then hung a "sea view room for rent" sign at the door to ensure that there was a market!
In a few minutes, the local patrol captain with a revolver across his waist came to the dock area. Now there are four docks in Bridgeport, which are all named by the top four European countries, namely London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. This is done for the sake of developing tourism-in fact, these docks are all pitifully small, and the longest one only extends to the sea for more than 20 meters, and only a few hundred tons of ships can dock.
Since the German army swept the western front of London, some curfews and blackouts have been imposed in the eastern and southern coastal areas, which has made Bridgeport dark all day long. Without entertainment programs, old men like Dick are in pain and are easily thrown into bed by his wife. Every time I think about it, Dick laments.
Fortunately, at this time, it was dawn, and Ke Hanyi recognized the four cars Mitchell said, including two trucks parked at the trestle, a truck and an armored car parked next to the dock.
"Who lives?" Dick was startled by the sudden sound from nearby. He looked intently and saw that it turned out to be a "British gendarme" with a rifle, but there were no large boxes of hidden things around here. Where did he come from?
Dick raised his hand half-way. "Hey, relax. I’m the commander of the Bridgeport patrol. I just heard that you are going to take over the port defense?"
"patrol commander?" The gendarme lowered his gun slightly. "Then come with me!"
Two people soon came to the code-named "Berlin" pier.
"Are you the patrol commander?"
A handsome gendarme officer came up to him and spoke a Scottish accent.
"Yes, sir. I asked Annak to patrol and guard. Can I help you?" Dick tries to sound kind and humble, although he is not like this at ordinary times.
The military police officer looked him over. "We are carrying out a very confidential task. Now we need to ask you and your patrol to help us ―― keep others as far away from the dock as possible!" "
"That’s no problem! Who will run out when it is still so early? " Dick said, "By the way, sir, I heard a muffled thunder coming from the sea and a gun coming from the south. It’s very complicated …"
"The sea muffled thunder? Er … don’t worry, there is a little situation tonight, but everything is back in our hands! " The handsome military police officer was a little surprised at first, but soon the egg settled.
"That’s good, that’s good! I’m going to set up the alert! " Dick was about to go back and call those lazy pigs to sleep when he heard a gendarme at the dock say
"Look at it!"
Curious, Chong Ke turned around to see what the so-called "it" was. It’s a good thing that he was just shouldered by the military police officer. "It’s better to come early and walk together!" I send you a huge surprise! "
"Surprise?" Ke Gang was still full of expectation that all his excitement was swept away when he realized that the ship slowly entering the port was actually a submarine ―― especially when the submarine was approaching the dock and the huge eagle emblem on the front of the control tower was clearly visible, he was even more alarmed to the point where it was a German submarine!
Because the original plan was to evacuate Logan at night, the navy was not required to remove the eagle emblem of the submarine. In the early morning dawn, this early IIa-class short-range submarine looked very different. A huge metal box was placed on the front and rear decks, which looked like a fish with deformed sarcoma. This is the fact that the navy cooperated with the sharp knife operation and specially installed it in the waterproof sealing box of the submarine, which can ensure the safety of the equipment even if the submarine dives into the deep water of 30 meters.
"We will have a wonderful sea trip to the French port on the other side of the Strait. Since you have the honor to witness it, Mr. Patrol Captain, I sincerely invite you to go with us!"
After listening to the words of the military police officer, Dick was so nervous that he wished he could lie quietly next to his wife and not get involved in this terrible thing. He hated Mitchell and hated the Germans.

Wen Zhen said faintly, "It’s hard to say that there are many people who don’t take the palace seriously in this harem."

The three women knelt down in succession to show their loyalty. "Empress De Fei Hui Fei Fang Qi, Empress followed her lead."
Wen Zhen laughed. "What do sisters do when they have a heart and the palace will firmly remember that they are kneeling on the ground?" Get up! "
The three girls stayed in Fengqi Palace for a while, and when they saw the queen, they had some hard work, so they retired.
It’s really loyal to look at Zhong Yu from Fengqi Palace. Sometimes it’s not white that the Zhong family has always maintained a neutral literary family, which is like making Hui Feichen willing to be a dog leg.
Now the emperor is still in the early dynasty, and I don’t know whether the emperor will go to the summer. The situation is not yet clear.
As the saying goes, it’s time for the queen to fight with the virtuous princess, and when both sides lose, she can reap the benefits.
It is no secret that Zhong Yu saw Princess De just gave her a sharp look. She is the queen’s eyeliner.
In order to resolve the embarrassment, "Empress De Fei is not as early as going for a walk in the imperial garden."
Xiao Zhuyin would like to know whether the emperor promised Xianfei to go to the summer vacation. If the emperor agreed to the harem, it would be very interesting.
"Why don’t we go to Fengyi Palace?"
Mu Wan-shang knew that Princess De would come to Fengyi Palace to find out the news. Fei’s clothes were packed and she needed to wear palace clothes and jewelry for the summer.
In addition to meditation in the room and practicing martial arts, auditions occasionally come out for a walk. Auditions are dressed in black strength, and others know that she is not easy to provoke, so they usually avoid walking when they meet.
But today, Mu Wan Shang invited Auditions out and turned around in the courtyard waiting for someone to deliver the door.
Xiao Zhuyin came to Fengyi Palace with Zhong Yufang and happened to see Tianyin passing by the courtyard. I wonder if she suddenly appeared in Fengyi Palace dressed strangely.
See the jade glaze came over "seen princess DE empress! Hui Fang Fang! "
"Just walked over and the woman is wearing so weird! Is it quite a Hu woman? "
"Going back to the Empress Huang is afraid that the Empress will be bullied in the harem and invited outside the palace to protect the safety of the Empress. It is very cold. I heard that people in Fengyi Palace will make a detour when they see her."
Three people face some fear, but all think of more than a year ago, Mu Wanshang appeared around him in a red dress and killed people without batting an eye.
Some regret asking this question and rushing to divert the conversation. "What is the fairy princess doing now?"
"The emperor promised to take the empress to the summer vacation. Sister Fei Yi is packing."
De Fei’ s joy is somewhat unbearable. "Does the emperor have no scruples and the queen really promised to go to the summer?"
"Empress said that after seeing my master, you should go back and pack up and prepare to go with the emperor for the summer."
Sannvxin is still very happy, but she doesn’t show that she wants to leave immediately and thinks it’s not good. Since I’m here, I always want to see a good princess.
Jade glaze will mu wan petticoats command all said it again "ladies handmaiden this to the mission"
Mu Wanshang learned that the three men had come to deliberately take out the summer frivolity and jewelry in a few big boxes of Piandian, and put them everywhere, and there were still new things coming from Jiangnan.
As soon as the three girls entered the temple, they were attracted by the jewels in the temple. It’s hard to say how much the emperor loves the virtuous princess everywhere.
Xiao Zhuyin is even more jealous of her going back and forth, that is, more than a dozen sets of palace-mounted Fengyi Palace Gong Jinhua make people look at it, which is just summer palace-mounted.
Mu Wan-shang was choosing a palace outfit and saw three girls come in. "The three sisters should know that the emperor is going to take our sisters to the Summer Palace and is preparing to pack up and help the palace to see what clothes to bring to pick and choose."
Xiao Zhuyin said, "It’s very good for an empress to wear whatever she is born with."
"Sister De Fei is really good at talking. You are busy picking some styles in the palace. The palace jewelry in the nine cities has not been touched. It’s new. When the sisters leave, just pick up some and take them away."
Mu Wan Shang has always been generous, and Xiao Zhuyin did not refuse to choose a purple tulle palace dress. "This empress will definitely like it if she wears Yong Huamei Emperor."
Today, the three girls should be regarded as fruitful, and they have returned to the palace to pack up and prepare to go to the Louvre Palace for the summer with the emperor.
Many old ministers in Wenboyuan opposed the emperor’s going to the Louvre for the summer vacation, but the emperor went his own way and planned to throw away the queen who was about to give birth for the summer vacation.
Wenboyuan’s daughter is naturally aggrieved, and it is not a good omen for Wen Gu to find the emperor who just died.
I am afraid that my daughter will make a move when she knows what Mrs. Wen said. My daughter may not necessarily listen to and can’t control many rules of the harem. It is only when she personally warns her daughter that she will accept her heart.
Wen Zhen is also waiting for the news. I heard that my father came to a face of fierce sorrow and guessed that the emperor must have ordered to go to the summer.
Still asked, "Father Huang ordered to go to the summer!" "
"It was the emperor who insisted on going to the Louvre for the summer vacation, which simply ignored Wen Gu. If there was no Wen Gu, how could an concubined emperor win the throne so smoothly?"
Wen Zhen also regrets that "the emperor is going to kick down the ladder when Zuweng dies"

Living in the spotlight may not be what the baby wants. If the baby still wants to return to this shining stage, Ye Feng will respect the baby’s choice.

Ye Feng doesn’t want to have a baby now.
He wants the baby to have an ordinary and happy childhood.
Unicorn Chan doesn’t have a social number and likes cubs. Fans have also paid attention to Ye Feng.
This time, the "competition for talents" between the nine-segment chess players and the Academy of Fine Arts also made the online ratings of Ye Feng live broadcast rise to another peak.
A few kids came out to look for materials as gifts together, but Zhou Zhou said that they should keep secrets and become more and more mysterious. No one would look for them in front of other groups.
Finally, the three adults took the delegation back to the courtyard to wait for dinner.
Several groups of hooks promised each other that no one was allowed to broadcast live at night.
You can’t let the audience spoil them. What are other people’s gifts?
The live barrage is another wail, promising that they will never spoil it.
But the regiments have been hanging on the hook for a hundred years. Don’t change it. Pull out the hook and never go back on your word.
Mom and dad also promised the group that they wouldn’t broadcast live secretly, so they could have a leisurely night.
Luo Yufei’s group should be independent. After all, Shuang Bao is not his own.
The audience who regularly watch this program has also increased a lot, and many new audiences don’t know him.
Luo Yufei decided to carry forward the 4-hour live broadcast style.
This group of temporary home is the most special and the largest bedroom for them, with four beds in it.
The room type is double sanitary design, giving consideration to privacy, and at the same time ensuring that the four of them will not queue up when cleaning.
Several other guests stopped broadcasting in the evening, and the live broadcast of Luo Yufei was still on.
Want to continue to watch the live broadcast of this program, the audience flocked to his live broadcast.
[I can’t believe Brother Xiao is actually studying? Assimilated by Qing Qing]
I always knew that we were not resident in this live broadcast. We were also writing a summer vacation last night.
[Is this just the summer vacation? Children like me will copy their studies the day before school starts.
[Wake up and see if somebody else’s children are doing summer jobs or Huanggang secret papers … I’m so conscious that it’s too big and I’m going to study.]
[Sunny sunny didn’t study. What a surprise]
[The little ear hairband is really sunny! I bought it from her.
Sunny sunny is making husky ear hairband for Luo Yufei.
She usually likes to do this kind of furry manual play. There are always material bags in the small backpack that can be taken out to play.
Luo Yufei’s mother went to the village square to dance.
Both children don’t worry about Luo Yufei. He is comfortably on the sofa playing mobile games and there is no live broadcast business.
Sunny sunny while sewing husky ears frequently out of the corner of his eye at chu que.
She felt that Chu Que had not moved for more than ten minutes. Did she fall asleep?
Sunny sunny let go of her small ears and softly rubbed against Chu Que and found that Chu Que was staring at a question without sleeping.
"Queque you won’t? I can tell you the topic. "Sunny asked softly.
"I will!" Chu Que’s cheeks are slightly red. He really won’t.
He also knows that Sunny is a three-year-old child prodigy who has been teaching himself high school courses.
But he can’t even solve junior high school problems, which will definitely make this sister look down upon it.
"This question is so difficult. I wonder if there is an auxiliary line here?" Fine fine little finger poked a roll of several patterns.
Then she went back to her little chair and went on sewing the dog’s ears.
Qing Qing sees that Chu Que seems to have a strong self-esteem and doesn’t want others to know that she is short-board, so she won’t be annoying.
Chu que didn’t speak. He looked at Qing Qing and just pointed to the position. It seems to be easier to add auxiliary lines here.
Chu que’s academic performance is not bad, and he has always been in the top of his class.
Grandpa always told him not to be complacent. There are people outside.
He is seen fine fine come and have a look and know how to solve the problem. It is difficult to maintain his self-esteem.
Should he be as shameless as the teacher said?
Chu que turned the volume forward and found the big problem that had been bothering him for a long time. He got up and walked beside Sunny.
"Can’t I help me look at this problem?"
Chu que regretted saying this when he said it. It’s still live. He feels a little embarrassed.
Sunny sunny let go of the fluffy little ears and took the roll in Chu Que’s hand and said smilingly, "How did Que Que know that I wanted to play class games? Ok, now I am a teacher and a student! "
Chu que’s face and heart are very moving.
No wonder those small groups like to play with sunny, and now he feels that he likes sunny more and more.
I wish Sunny was her own sister.
If his own sister is like Qing Qing instead of treating him as an enemy who robs his father and mother, he wouldn’t be so stiff with them.
Sunny sunny Chu Que in front of those big questions all spoke 1 time. Chu Que held a roll to digest herself, and she picked up her own hand and continued to sort it out for Luo Yufei.
"Ready so soon! It’s quite suitable for me. Hey hey "
Luo Yufei brought Husky Ear hairband.
He really likes this hairband and doesn’t even play games. He keeps taking selfies from different angles with his mobile phone on, ready to pick some photos and send them to Weibo for business.
When Luo’s mother came back, she just saw her son taking a selfie with her mobile phone.
"Silly, why don’t mom take it for you?"
"Qing Qing Luo’s father is so stupid?" Luo Yufei didn’t answer Luo Mama’s words, but turned to ask Qing Qing.
"Luo dad handsome! Hurry up, I’m going to wash my hands, and I’m going to sleep quickly, otherwise I won’t grow tall. "
Chuque! !
Curse him for not being tall!
He is of average height in his class!
I thought this sister was cute just now, but now she is not cute at all!
When Chu Que came back from dinner, he felt sweaty and sticky, so he took a cold shower.
Now he also saves washing and goes straight to bed and falls asleep.
"Come on, don’t shoot, go wash and sleep."
Luo’s mother pushed Luo Yufei into another sanitary room, and then the headlight button in that room left several bedside lamps.

But I don’t think so in my heart, do I

"It seems that Wan’er seems to be looking forward to it?" [
He didn’t sound a bit cold and dangerous.
Xu had recognized that there was something wrong with his tone.
She froze for a moment, and then she quickly emerged with a big smile on her face. "Where can I expect others to say that he is the most beautiful man in Phoenix? That’s because they haven’t seen you yet!"
"someone bet than him is right in front of me. what can I expect from him?"
He smiled, but still with a somewhat dangerous breath. "Little Wan’er, you are me …"
"Don’t think about other men in your heart, okay?"
Even if she is a plaything, she is also a plaything of his lonely moon.
She can’t think about other men until he has played with her enough.
Of course, these men include himself.
He doesn’t want his plaything to love himself.
As far as the current situation is concerned, he is obviously satisfied with the performance of Wan’er Jr.
I didn’t see at all that she was addicted to herself.
"Not even you?"
He should be sure to say yes when he comes
But he hesitated.
Somehow hesitated.
Although it was silent for a few seconds.
It was also a surprise to him.
"Of course, miss me, but remember, don’t love me …" [
Because he can’t give her anything.
If she loves him, she is doomed to be sad.
But he wouldn’t think of …
She did not love him as she said.
It was himself who unconsciously gave his heart.
The sad person is his lonely moon.
He felt inexplicably upset on the day she got married.
He has seen that phoenix glass.
After knowing that she was going to marry Fengli, he didn’t know what happened to him. He sneaked into the palace to see what kind of person Fengli was. Section 7: Inexplicable feelings 1
After knowing that she was going to marry Fengli, he didn’t know what happened to him. He sneaked into the palace to see what kind of person Fengli was.
The so-called phoenix country’s first handsome man is not exaggerated.
Fengli looks really good.
Even if you put it in the fox world, it’s an equal posture.
I wonder what kind of mood little Wan’er will feel after seeing her husband grow so beautiful? [
He didn’t go to see her for a few days after she got married.
But some of her actions he knew very well.
Within a few days, she made some things that were well known to the whole phoenix city.
She posted a notice for her husband to find a woman.
Such a move can be described as a predecessor and a latecomer.
No woman will find a woman for her husband in the way she does.
Her trip has caused a sensation in the whole city.
In less than a day, everyone will know about it.
He had the notice read and copied it back.
He couldn’t help laughing when he saw the notice.
Looks like he still doesn’t know her well enough.

Zhuge Liang did not shine and shivered all over: "Old man, you are too reasonable."

"Hehehe, I’m joking." Xia Dongliu laughed.
Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai both took a chill. This is a master of the deification period, and his moves are bound to be highly effective. Although Xia Dongliu looks pleasing at the moment, no one can guarantee what Xia Dongliu will do if Zhuge doesn’t promise.
"Let’s give it a try." Zhuge was very helpless when he didn’t light up. It’s not that he doesn’t want to refuse, there is really no way.
"Ha ha ha, in that case, I’ll thank you here." Xia Dongliu smiled and said, "You can rest in the valley for another day. Tomorrow morning, I will start sealing."
Say that finish, Xia Dongliu got up and left.
"Old man, aren’t you afraid that I will fly away with the immortal bones in the future?" Zhuge didn’t smile.
"Ha ha, don’t worry, I know it." Xia Dongliu walked away.
Zhuge didn’t light up and shivered. He wondered if this old guy would be doing something in his own body. In case the brick thing is caught now, it will be in trouble. This old guy is a master of deification, so it is impossible not to know the black iron of Jiu Youwu. In ancient times, when cultivating immortals, a small piece of nine mysterious black iron led to a bloody case. Now he has such a large piece in his body, which is definitely a catastrophe for himself.
After a night of silence, Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai were very worried. They didn’t want to escape overnight, but just two practitioners in the period of rotating photos. How can they get rid of an old monster in the period of deification?
The next morning, Xia Dongliu found Zhuge Buliang early in the morning. On this page, Xia Dongliu has never been idle, carving and depicting paintings in an open space in the valley, which seems to be moving some circles.
Xia Dongliu came to a clearing in the valley with Zhuge Buliang and Su Xiaobai.
In this clearing, there are countless lingshi inlaid, and they are all purple top-grade lingshi, flashing faint light and arranged according to some kind of law.
In the center of the circle, it is a shape of a real dragon pieced together by hundreds of lingshi.
"Do it up here." Xia Dongliu pointed his hand and let Zhuge sit on the dragon’s dragon’s faucet.
Zhuge walked into the array and sat at the leading position. Time, intuition around the essence of heaven and earth are gathered here. This magic circle has the function of collecting the essence of heaven and earth.
Su Xiaobai stood at a distance.
At this time, Xia Dongliu suddenly moved, and his hands quickly tied the French seal. At the moment, the golden light was dazzling and soared into the sky. Xia Dongliu bit the tip of the tongue and spit out a mouthful of JingXie. This JingXie into Jin Guangzhong, in this Jin Guangzhong, unexpectedly there is a bloody.
That drop of jingxie seems to be a pigment, which melts into the golden light, and the golden light becomes red, and condenses into a tall figure behind Xia Dongliu. Chutianchu, behind this bloody shadow, is condensed into a long sword by these two lotus flowers.
"This is the blood sword shura of the Dugu family!" Su Xiaobai’s pupil contracted.
Xia Dongliu saw his one eye, didn’t speak, and concentrated his attention. His hands were constantly sealed, and the lotus flower was foaming at the mouth, tearing the sky and breaking the sky.
The tall blood sword shura seems to be alive, and opened a pair of indifferent eyes.
Blood gas fills the air, and the blood sword shura moved, pulled out the blood sword behind him, and shot out the array of Lingshi. The blood sword enters the circle, and instantly turns into blood gas and blends into it.
Then, the blood sword shura hit several blood swords in a row and gathered in the circle.
In the magic circle, all the lingshi give off dazzling light. In the magic circle, all the light is erased and turned into a shady scene, and the light from the lingshi is as dazzling as the stars. Zhuge is not bright at the moment, just like being in the starry sky.
A real dragon appeared under him, bared its teeth and growled. Zhuge was not bright and white light surged, so holy.
Xia Dong rushed into the circle like a welcome, pointing at Zhuge’s dim body again and again.
After finishing everything, Xia Dongliu has already oozed sweat from his forehead. It seems that this series of actions is quite difficult for Xia Dongliu.
At this time, Xia Dongliu took out the jade box and took out the immortal bones. At the moment, all the brilliance in the array was condensed to the immortal bones and Zhuge.
There seems to be some connection between the two. Xia Dongliu played a tactic, and the immortal’s bones turned into a streamer and rushed into Zhuge’s dim body.
At this time, however, the sudden change made Zhuge not bright, and the seven acupoints in his body shone brightly, and the purple star was dazzling. The immortal’s bones contain endless pure essence of heaven and earth. At this moment, the essence of heaven and earth in the immortal’s bones is flowing into Zhuge’s dim body at an alarming rate and being swallowed up by seven divine points.
"How can this happen!" Xia Dongliu was taken aback and his pupils suddenly dilated.
Ps: Many people ask how many beautiful women and heroines appear in this book. There was only one design. It may be changed later. Also, many people think that the name "Seven Stars Treasure Body" is too vulgar, and Xiao Yao will change it these days.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two Fix for a breakthrough
Zhuge felt abnormal when it was not bright, and the pure essence of heaven and earth roared like a tsunami. The seven caves were like a demon with an open mouth, and they came and absorbed all the pure essence of heaven and earth. In an instant, Zhuge’s dim vision in the body was displayed, like thunder rolling, and like a thousand troops galloping.
"Not good!" Xia Dongliu’s face changed wildly. He used the occult method to retrieve the immortal’s bones, but now the immortal’s hand bones were sucked by the seven points in Zhuge’s unlit body.
The crazy essence of heaven and earth entered the tank, and Zhuge didn’t light up his mind like a blast. He couldn’t bear the crazy essence of heaven and earth.
At this time, a stream of black gas rushed out of Zhuge’s dim body and hit the immortal’s bones.
"There are things in his body! ?” Xia Dongliu surprised way.
At the moment, it’s not only Zhuge who doesn’t light up the seven points in his body, but also devours the essence of heaven and earth in the immortal’s bones. There is also a black gas that wants to snatch the immortal bones from the past.
Finally, Xia Dongliu spewed a mouthful of JingXie into the immortal bones, and with a wave of his hand, he abruptly pulled the immortal bones out of Zhuge’s dim body.
The carved circle was also broken in an instant, and Rao, a master of Xia Dongliu’s deification period, was also shaken back several steps. Zhuge, who is in the eyes of the array, is not bright but is shrouded by a Beidou light curtain. It’s just that Zhuge didn’t shine because he was hit by that crazy essence of heaven and earth, and the whole person was unconscious.
It’s not that his consciousness is not firm, but that shock wave is too strong.
"Well" Xia Dongliu stuffy hum 1, his face became ugly.
"What’s the matter?" Su Xiaobai came up.
Xia Dongliu shook his head. He looked at the remains of the immortal in his hand. The hand bones of the immortal were still bright, but one finger was obviously dim.
"There’s something inside him!" Xia Dongliu looked pale and said, "Besides, I’m naive. The Seven-Star Treasure Body is more overbearing than I expected."
"So what now?" Su Xiaobai said.
"Take him into the room." Xia Dongliu a face of wrinkles, sighed and shook his head, turned and walked towards the hut.
Zhuge, who was in a coma, didn’t know it. After seven acupoints in his body absorbed the essence of heaven and earth, they were being transformed into the original elements, and they gathered in the dark abdomen of Zhuge, and the achievement method operated on its own.
In the light curtain of the seven caves, there is a black plank brick suspended silently, but if you look closely, you can see it now, except for the black plank brick. There is also a black shadow flashing in this big dipper screen.
At this moment, Zhuge did not shine in the abdomen, and the real yuan vortex whirled rapidly, blending the essence of that day into it. The real vortex becomes colorful, flashing colorful brilliance, and then all these brilliance are transformed into pure white light.
Zhuge didn’t know it, but his cultivation was flying up, from the first floor of the rotation period to the second floor, the third floor, the fourth floor and the fifth floor, and he gradually stabilized until he entered the sixth floor of the rotation period. In a wonderful state, the essence of heaven and earth absorbed by the seven divine points from the remains of immortals is rapidly improving Zhuge’s dim cultivation.
It was not until Zhuge’s dim cultivation entered the sixth floor of the rotation period that everything calmed down. The seven caves faded, and the mysterious shadow gradually disappeared in the Beidou screen.
It was not until noon the next day that Zhuge woke up at dawn, and the dazzling sunlight shone into the room through the window. Zhuge narrowed his eyes slightly at dawn, and then got up and sat up. Memories gradually returned, and Zhuge didn’t light up and sounded the natural thing. Immediately, he sat down and looked inside.
"There seems to be nothing surprising." Zhuge was puzzled when he was not bright. He searched every corner of his body, but there were no bones of the immortal.
"Didn’t the seal succeed?" Zhuge couldn’t help thinking, "Wait a minute, the cultivation seems to have improved!"
Until then, Zhuge didn’t appear until dawn, and his own cultivation changed from the first floor of the rotation period to the sixth floor of the rotation period. This leap-forward promotion made Zhuge stunned for a while and didn’t understand what happened.
Zhuge pushed open the door before dawn and came out. Outside the house was a splashing pool. At the moment, Su Xiaobai stood on the water in white with a Gu Jian in his hand. The white dress fluttered, Su Xiaobai tiptoed lightly on the water, and the whole person volleyed, the sword danced, and the sword splashed a layer of water, and the water droplets fell on the body of the sword, but they were not broken.

Without the hidden stakes, eleven people sneaked into several big trees near the river bank. When they got here, Ji Dong could clearly feel the enhancement of the castle scanning intensity. Obviously, the closer the holy soul scanning is, the stronger the scanning power is.

Ji Dong looked at the four towers with slightly narrowed eyes and thought to himself that this thing didn’t know how it came into being, but it shouldn’t be a human being. Otherwise, it was impossible to protect himself without four holy-level strong men when he robbed the prison in the dark. If it was an array or something that produced effects, he must try to destroy this thing before he got the artifact, and it would be much easier when he came back. He won’t aim too high this time, but he can destroy the dark temple once, twice and three times. They are full for a year and a half.
It’s been almost a quarter of an hour since they cleaned up the hidden piles, and it’s almost an hour since Aunt Moer said it’s going to Ji Dong. I’m not worried that those dark magicians who sent women over will find that the hidden piles are not cleaned up. Chapter 594.
Ah Kin gave her a thumbs-up and praised her perfection. At this time, he didn’t wear the eye-catching golden armor, and his exquisite and graceful body was wrapped in the black dark magic robe, which looked a little amorous.
The second hidden pile is less than 50 meters away from the first one. The prayer for returning is a stone pillar, but a big tree. Heaven knows that there is a dark place all day. This big tree is so thick that it hides people anyway.
After all, being able to have array protection and concealed weapons is still a minority. This time, Ah Kin naturally went to Ah Kin. His body almost skimmed over the ground. When he pressed his right hand on the ground, he told Ji Dong that this had been solved. The thick metal spike in the tree hole almost flashed from the side into the skull, and even directly stabbed his tongue, which made him even have no chance to scream. Life has passed.
Peripheral dark piles are thus cleaned up by two people’s suspense, and it is close to a distance of 100 meters from the moat. Previously, Ji Dong detected that three crown magicians are all near here, and at the same time, there are more than a dozen six crown magicians. If you want to reach the moat here, you must get rid of these people. Otherwise, there are crown magicians, and their soul force cover may not be able to hide it when they pass here.
Ji Dong and Ah Kin get together and communicate directly through their souls.
"What should I do?" Ah Kin asked Ji that she was not sure to kill a crown magic teacher without disturbing the other two crown magic teachers.
Ji Dong thought for a moment and then said, "I’m afraid we have to take risks. I can divide them into individuals. How long will it take you to solve a crown demon master?"
Ah Kin said, "Ten seconds at most."
Ji Dong nodded. "Okay, then ten seconds. I’ll guide you to the attack sequence later."
A Jin Dao "white"
It is extremely labor-saving to cooperate with Congren. Ji Dong has always understood this moment. He originally protected the two people’s soul force and quietly expanded it. The area has been completely shrouded. The silver soul light is swept out close to the ground and expanded with the diffusion of soul force. From the ground, it is even mud, which will completely cover the surrounding area.
When Ji Dong asked Ah Kin about the attack, it was because he couldn’t help. There was a holy level soul scan outside, and he had to deal with it. At the same time, he had to help Ah Kin divide these hidden piles so that they could take care of each other. This required that his soul force must be released. Ji Dong could not enter the battle, otherwise a bad one would be discovered by the soul force outside.
Without half a warning, all the silver filaments suddenly rose from the ground and completely enveloped this area. Only Ji Dong and Ah Kin could see Ji Dong’s deliberate concealment, and it was impossible for outsiders to find out that it was his spiritual realm that dreamed of silver.
A series of silver filaments wrapped the dark piles sadly, but they were still at a loss. Everyone was isolated from this strange spiritual realm. Even if there was a violent roar around them, they would never hear the scenery in front of them, and it would never change. This is the strength of the spiritual realm and a wonderful response of Ji Dong.
In an instant, Ah Kin has moved. This time, she didn’t hide her breath. The magic face was released. Except that she didn’t wear the golden armor, now she is in a state of perfection. She has a dreamland and Ji Dong’s soul to cover Ah Kin. There is nothing to worry about.
Her body flickered past four hidden piles of six crown magic masters, and she had solved each other conveniently. Until the moment of her death, Ah Kin failed to immerse herself in the dreamland of silver.
In less than one breath, Ah Kin has already come to the front of the first crown magic division, and the harsh golden light suddenly lights up. Ah Kin’s right hand has turned a golden sword into a chest stab at his opponent to deal with those spikes protruding from the ground of the crown magic division. It is unrealistic and will definitely be induced by the other side. Ah Kin simply attacks it head-on.
Gexiu, the Crown Magician, is indeed not comparable to the Six Crown Magicians. At the moment when Ah Kin attacked, he could not see anything, but he felt a strong crisis. He did not hesitate to use his hands to protect his chest. The strong yellow light has formed a huge ball of light to wrap his body. This is a Crown Magician. Although he is not wearing a red robe, Xiuxiu is also a red high priest.
A sonorous explosion sounded the crown, and the E-soil magic division screamed. A body had crashed back and severely hit a big tree behind it. The yellow light was like an eggshell, and it was instantly cracked. Then it exploded into several light spots. Jin Jiu’s crown magic and holy power attacked him. It was already a manifestation of strength that he was able to stop this blow, but even so, it was a mouthful of blood. Wow, it gushed out.
This crown demon master is also good at keeping up with the crisis. When he throws a bamboo tube with his right hand, he throws it out instantly, which is obviously a signal thing.
At the same time, when a lazy snowball doesn’t shout, he doesn’t look back to his right hand and presses a huge stone to the ground. Now he wants to have the first blow to escape. In the collision, he feels that the other side respects the strong and can’t run. Isn’t that too long? How can Ah Kin let him escape from himself? Her eyes flashed off, her figure rose like a golden flash, and her right hand pressed a golden light. Suddenly, the sky condensed into a big hand and fished it into the bamboo tube. At the same time, she completed a wonderful broken line in her body, and the golden sword in her hand was cut off as a pledge.
At this moment, Ah Kin’s murderous look has come out of generate to hide in the distance, and Ji Dong quickly increases his ability to hide the dream silver magic domain for fear that Ah Kin’s magic will be discovered by Zhongsheng level detection.
In the sonorous explosion, the boulder has made a clean break, but the crown magician rushed out five meters away before rolling, and at the same time, his left hand was thrown behind him, which turned out to be a scroll.
This crown demon master is resourceful. Every strong man who has reached the Tianshi level is always good at his own killer weapon. He is no exception. Throwing this scroll is a killer skill of the earth. Although he has not met the level of killing skill, he is also very close. If he is released, he will be able to stop Akin a little, and then he can run far with his crown strength.
Unfortunately, he didn’t know that he was not hunted by a nine-crowned magic master, and at the same time he was trapped in another more terrible spiritual realm of the strong.
So when he threw the scroll, people were already stupid, because Ah Kin appeared on his front, and the golden sword flashed into his eyebrows, and the scroll he threw was wrapped in a strange light, and the magic of triggering the scroll was instantly drawn.
The reel can’t be started when it closes its roots.
Ah Kin’s body flashed to the scroll without stopping for half a minute and had already rushed in the other direction.
How could the former Crown Magic Master escape from the influence of the magic domain in the dream silver magic domain? He didn’t even know that he had turned himself. It’s strange that the roots of the scroll were thrown in the opposite direction, and he was also facing Ah Chin to meet the undead.
In the dreamland of silver, Ah Kin has the guidance of Ji Dong’s soul, which is like a duck to water. Ji Dong did not rush to let her attack the other two crown magicians, but guided Ah Kin to kill all the six crown magicians and get their dark crystal crowns before coming to the second crown magicians.
This time, Ah Kin met an old woman who was an opponent of Guishui and a crown woman.
Moreover, this old woman is wearing a crimson robe, and it is obvious that she is a red high priest.
There was no difference between the golden light and the dream silver in front of the red high priest. Before the crisis, the red high priest naturally didn’t respond at all, but her sense of crisis was stronger than that of the previous crown magician, and her responsiveness was faster. A triple heavy ice shield was formed almost at the first time, and at the same time, a purple armor was added to protect her body. At the same time, her mouth gave a scream, and her body turned backwards and her feet went out to attack in the direction of Ah Kin.
This response is very perfect, and it is worthy of wearing a red robe. The actual combat ability and practice are much better than those of the previous crown magic division.
It’s a pity that the red high priest didn’t know that when Ah Kin started this fight, Ji Dong gave her instructions and two words were worn out.
The powerful auxiliary demon possessed by Ah Kin, who pierces the demon domain, is harsh, and the white and golden tip instantly blooms with white and golden light, but it doesn’t.
Before the absolute strength attack, everything can be in vain. The red high priest’s flip has not been finished yet, and he is about to release the magic field immediately, but it has already stopped. The golden sword light flashed right through her jaw and stabbed the whole person through the top of her head, while the three layers of ice shield were completely penetrated by the golden light, but the ice shield didn’t even have a crack. How terrible the piercing power was.
In those two attacks, Ah Kin didn’t even dodge. It’s strange that she could be hit.
With his right hand, he got that pretty good crown, dark decyl crystal crown, and the secret passage in Akin’s heart. This time, Bao Er is blessed. Although he thinks about his body like this, he has already pounced on the last goal.
At the same time, Ji Dong also sent a forward signal to his heavenly saints. The last champion magician Ah Kin didn’t attack in the previous way. There were still 30 meters away from the other side, and the golden light flashed in his left hand. A huge long bow and a golden light string were pulled back by his right hand. A golden sword has emerged. The extreme gold magic of the earth has instantly condensed a little white light, and the golden light flashed with the arrow for a moment. The famous champion magician has been nailed to the ground by instant seconds without even reacting.
Also get the crystal crown Akin back to Ji Dong and smile slightly. It was full of pitfalls, cold and charming, just like spring flowers. I can’t help but stay at Ji Dong.
"It feels so good to cooperate with your dreamy silver demon. If you hadn’t woken up, I would have forgotten to wear out the demon. It’s a pity that you wouldn’t let me destroy the golden ring, otherwise they would die faster."
Ji Dong doesn’t adapt to Ah Kin’s exultation. "Artifacts can’t easily make our artifact light breath too strong, and it’s easy for the other party to rest assured that you can give full play to it."

After all, Buddhist spells have a strong resistance to the magic religion, and at the same time, they fly obliquely to the distance and climb high. After flying to a safe height and distance, the three strong men who rushed out are all in a cold sweat. After they have reached such a state, sweating is already possible.

But just now, between life and death, all the potential burst, and the sweat was forced out, which shows that the situation was critical just now. At the same time, all three of them felt a little soft, that is, the green-faced devil had experienced life and death storms in the underworld, and he was scared to death at that moment. At the same time, he looked at the sea below and paused, then looked at Song Changgeng, and his eyes were full of ferocious light.
Song Chang Gung restored his body to its normal size, and then after adjusting the angle in the air, he looked at his body and saw that the sea was squeezed from all sides and gradually contracted. After the camp, there was a loud roar like dragons, which was a real thunderbolt. Then the three strong men who were so high from the sea could not help but sway around in the air, and their faces became even more ugly.
At the same time, I saw that the waves aroused by the sea below were impacted by the huge force of squeezing all around, just like a sword. The white water waves rushed up and instantly pierced the sky. The three strong men couldn’t help shivering. They knew that if they didn’t just instinctively fly obliquely and fly high, but rushed out and stayed where they were or flew high in a straight line, they would just be blocked by the waves and water droplets.
Or be aroused water waves like a knife cutting, cut into pieces, this moment in the face of the unpredictable power of heaven and earth, the three of them are looking at in the air, silent and speechless, it’s really unexpected that either party will be such an ending, Song Changgeng thought about how to fight with them after they rushed up, but now it’s much easier, as long as it is enough to deal with two guys who are less than the fairy junior.
Mainly to guard against the hidden guy, Song Chang Gung has just swept away, and the devil with a blue face seems to specialize in degrees, so he can escape, but his strength should be around the primary level of the fairy, and Yao’s strength doesn’t know what secret method is used, so he actually mixes the power of the Tao and the devil, and his strength has reached the peak of the fairy. It seems that this guy has not been idle this time.
Song Chang-geng was about to run the capability to solve these two guys now. The distant green-faced devil and Yao Se also felt his murder, and they were barely on guard. But Song Chang-geng’s mind swept away, and his face changed, and then he turned and fled, flying fast. Yao Se and the green-faced devil were all one leng. They looked at Song Chang-geng’s escape direction and looked at each other again, but nothing was different now.
They looked at it and thought that Song Chang-geng had escaped, so they quickly chased him in the direction he flew. However, as soon as they flew, they saw that the mountains of water all around rushed out of the sky together, and the sea water was separated quickly, forming a whirlpool rapidly, and instantly expanding to form a black hole in Fiona Fang, just a black hole in Fiona Fang for a moment, which gave a horrible suction.
Yao Se now knows that Song Chang Gung escaped because of this phenomenon. What a sly guy. Yao Se and the green-faced devil are within the scope of the vortex suction, and it is difficult to fly away if they want to. The huge suction pulls them both, and both of them know that they can’t be absorbed, otherwise the consequences will be terrible. Now they will try their best to pull up their means.
It took a lot of effort to climb out of the absorption range of the vortex, and they were shocked in a cold sweat again. Just as they were breathing for a long time, they suddenly got a cold war all over, and all their strength was lifted up in an instant. Yao Se waved his hand backwards, and when the sword light was as bright as the sun, it split out in the air, and they went out at a hundred paces’ bang!’ The ground was crunchy, the air rippled, and the figure of Song Changgeng appeared.
I saw his armor as new, his cloud-like clothes on the outer cover as snow, his expression as safe, his eyes full of murder, his hands holding the four-leng’ Tongtian shattered sword’ resisted the red sword light, his mouth glanced slightly, his sword trembled, and the red light was forced away. As soon as he turned around, he disappeared. Yao Se took back the sword light a dozen paces away from his body, making the sword light fly around and turned to look.
Will see the distance of the green face devil is the same a dozen zhangs high, wearing armor giant fighting together, he didn’t react how the giant wearing armor, feel fly sword yishan, quickly rushed to the head.
At the same time, there was a surge of murder from overhead, and his head was suddenly blank. After the violent collision, Yao felt that his sword light was shaking, and it seemed that he was badly injured. Then Song Changgeng disappeared again, apparently hiding with a spell and sneak attack. Yao felt bitter in his mouth, and his anger rose, and his mouth was folded and he drank:
"Song Changgeng, you dirty dog, you lied to my school sister’s heart in a dirty way, but you still have to pretend to be tall. Now you show your true colors. It’s a pity that my school sister is not here, or you must look at your ugly face. If I hadn’t closed my door, how could I let you succeed? Poor master and brothers also put in a good word for you.
You are a scumbag, and you never dare to fight head-on. If you are really capable, stand up and let’s have a fair and square fight. My school sister Yao Se loved one has been in vain for thousands of years, but I have never cheated on my school sister. If you really like my school sister, then come out and we will fight a life-and-death battle. How about the winner going to accompany my school sister? "
With that, his eyes swept around like a hawk’s eye and wolf’s eye, secretly accumulating strength to prepare for a full blow. At this time, he saw a thousand paces away near the blue-faced devil and the bone-armor giant, and suddenly a golden sword light split out, just when the blue-faced devil was forced by the bone-armor giant, and he couldn’t dodge, he was chopped by the sword light and gave a piercing cry.
Yao was just about to rush over, when he saw a surge in the sea, and the vortex began to weaken gradually. Two Guanghua schools rushed out one after another, and then stayed not far above the sea. It seemed that he had no strength to fly. When Yao saw it, it turned out to be the devil with yellow face and the devil with painted face. The two guys were all damaged, and the yellow face was fine. He was strong and defensive, although one arm and half legs were gone.
Half of the body is still in a bloody mess, obviously it’s badly hurt, but it’s barely maintained. The guy with a painted face actually looks like he has two heads and four arms, but now his other head is gone, only a neck is there, and the other head is also angular and cracked, all four arms are gone, and his lower body is gone. Yellow and black blood are dripping, and his appearance is very miserable.
At the sight of two guys, Yao’s eyes turned, and he knew that although these two guys were badly hurt and their strength was seriously damaged, they could still fight World War I. They were strong in their heyday, but now they have the remaining strength of one-tenth and two-tenths, which is equal to their own, and they can just do cannon fodder, so they flew over to the two guys.
But he didn’t fly far when he saw a wave of air not far behind the two guys. He immediately shouted, "No!" " But it was already late, so I saw three golden swords flying out, and then the air was like a distorted aerosol, showing Song Changgeng’s figure from light to thick, only to see that his face was cold and his eyes were full of murder, as if there were no feelings, which made Yao Se feel cold at heart.

Chapter six hundred and sixty-seven Unpredictable mind
One of the three sword lights actually came for him. He quickly turned the flying sword around him and quickly greeted it to resist, but instead of a head-on collision, he wound it like a snake, killing each other little by little. At the same time, Yao Se held up another red sword light and let it out, shouting, "Princess Naga, aren’t you going to do it?"
Hearing Yao’s cry, Song Chang-geng’s heart filled with murder could not help but move. Now he uses the scriptures given by Amitabha to protect his spiritual consciousness, and he can barely resist the erosion of murder in his sword, but he can’t support much time, so he doesn’t want to talk much when he comes up, and he doesn’t care about any means. As long as he defeats the other side, he even lets out 36 bones and ghosts in his left chest.
This 36-day white-bone ghost and monster, because of the refining of the celestial sage, each had the strength in the middle of the fairy, and swallowed up a large number of Japanese gods, and their strength basically returned to its peak. Now they form a white-bone giant, and their overall strength can be compared with that of the early fairy, so they can barely fight against the green-faced devil, plus Song Changgeng is beside them, so they can hurt the green-faced devil.
But Song Changgeng never gave up his vigilance. He knew that there was another strong enemy hiding nearby, so when he heard Yao Se shouting’ Naga Princess’, he knew that it was the name of the guy hidden by the other party. He was not only on guard, but at this time, two swords rushed to the devil with a flower face and a yellow face, and the devil with a yellow face barely stopped him. Finally, he was worn by the sword light on his left shoulder, and his body was injured, but he also survived.
As soon as he saw something wrong, he turned around and rushed into the sea, but the guy with a flower face lost a lot of strength after all. He was rushed by the sword light and failed to stop it. He was directly smashed by the sword light and his body sank into the sea. Song Changgeng was on the alert and reached for a volley, as if there was an invisible hand in the air. He grabbed the body of the devil with a flower face, then dragged it back to his side and disappeared instantly.
Then, he appeared in the vicinity of the battle with the white-faced devil. He threw the body of the painted devil at the white-faced devil with a wave of his hand, and his own sword rushed up to take over the white-faced devil. The white-faced devil was refined by saints and could be upgraded and strengthened. He also had his own consciousness. Although he was only obedient to Song Chang-geng, his instinct for upgrading was also there.
He was anxious when he saw the body of the flower-faced devil. He felt uneasy. He knew that he could go further after absorbing the body. The whole body could enter the fairy intermediate level or even higher, and the individual could also evolve to the late fairy stage. But the order to fight was still there. He didn’t dare to disobey. As soon as he received the order from Song Chang-geng to devour, he quickly rushed over and broke down into three sixteen skulls in the middle, biting it fiercely and devouring it crazily.
And the yellow-faced devil was about to sink into the sea. Suddenly, a light smoke rose from the sea, and when the yellow-faced devil saw it, his eyes showed a panic. Before he could react, the light smoke had flashed and disappeared, but the yellow-faced devil’s eyes struggled for a moment, and they became vacant. The body also released a strong yellow-black brilliance, and the damaged body began to repair quickly.
As soon as Yao saw it, he understood it. He suddenly sprayed his mouth and gave it to Liang Zheng. When he was pestering the flying sword that caught the light of the sword, two red flying swords rose, and both of them twisted and twisted, so he ground the light of the sword and flew back to him, but it was also a lot dimmer. Yao Se ignored these, and his eyes rekindled his crazy look. With a drink, he saw dozens of red sword lights rushing out of his body.
A circle around him, and then combined with the two just now, formed a red sword wheel, which was suspended behind Yao. Yao patted his belt again, and a five-colored Qingyun held his body at his feet. After he read a few mantras from his mouth, a yellow glow appeared in his hand, and then turned into a foot-long tower-shaped magic weapon suspended in his hand. After he was ready, he turned to look at the yellow-faced devil.
He saw that his body has shrunk to the size of ten feet, and his hands and feet have been repaired back, and a yellow bone armor has been formed on his body, and the bone spurs on the armor are ferocious. Although his body has shrunk, his strength seems to have improved compared with its heyday.
The original strength of the Yellow-faced Devil was the junior fairy. Now, after being possessed and forcibly promoted, it has the advanced strength of the fairy. The faint coercion actually makes Yao feel tight, especially accidentally sweeping his eyes. The pupils of those eyes are like two vortices, which makes people feel deeply involved at a glance. Although the other party tries to converge, the little bit leaked is already so terrible.
Yao Se knows that the body of the yellow-faced devil has been occupied by the mysterious Naga monarch, and the soul of the yellow-faced devil is estimated to have been swallowed up. Moreover, this method is obviously overdrawn with all the strength of the yellow-faced devil, and it is estimated that it won’t take long. I can’t help but feel condescension in my heart, knowing that it is a Jin Xian, but I don’t play, and I like to hide or use other people’s bodies, which is abnormal.
Seeing that the other party has changed and adjusted completely, and he is ready himself, but he doesn’t rush over first, apparently trying to let the other party take the lead in the town. Although he has a deep affection for Gan Biwu, he seems to be crazy and crazy, but it is not. On the contrary, he is very cunning, and dangerous things won’t charge, but the devil seems to know his thoughts and has no intention of rushing over, just standing on the sea and looking up.

The snowman said that the last game was a live drama, and they were free to move around the villa.

The original entrance to the building and various rooms was sealed, and they were able to walk around the hall for half a month.
But as the snowman disappeared, those entrances were opened.
The beautiful girl with long hair among them has been scared out of shape, and the man with low crying glasses is constantly comforting.
Xiao Yuetu whispered to his companions, "Have you ever played drama killing before?"
Taotao has no wind, no Nangong dust, and it is even more impossible.
Yuan Tian did play, but this is the first time to play without any clue.
Xiao Yuetu said, "There seems to be no drama and no rules in this scene. We need to find all the clues ourselves."
Taotao is probably white, not only the clue, but also the cause of the matter.
Yuan Tian looked at the four men and shouted at them, "Everyone has been living under the same roof for so many days. I’m afraid the next game is not as simple as the previous games. Let’s get to know each other first."
He took the lead in introducing himself, "Twenty-one-year-old college students from Yuan Universe came to visit Mount Zhang. This is my girlfriend."
He pointed to Xiao Yuetu and took advantage of it.
Xiao Yuetu understood that when he saw his hidden name, he changed his name to "Xiao Baitu’s twenty-two-year-old student".
Yuan Tian is right to hide his real name.
After all, the mountain spirits know that they are spiritual teachers and don’t know their names.
In case the dark side of Shanling has heard of their names, they will be passive in the future.
Taotao "I came here at the age of 19 to find my missing friend. I just came in and I don’t know anything."
Taotao turned to look at the nangongshan dust and wind, and neither of them answered the words.
Taotao repeatedly motioned them to talk.
Nangong Dust casually made up a name "Nangong Blowing Snow"
The wind looks cold. "The wind is whistling."
Nangong Chen turned to "Little Brother, why do you call me a couple’s name?"
The wind "…"
Yeah, just gregarious.
The four men sat back at the table and they looked at each other.
The well-dressed glasses man spoke first. "Ye Kang is 30 years old and works as a lawyer in a law firm. I’m visiting the mountain."
The beautiful girl with long hair said, "My name is Zheng Zhi. I’m 25 years old and I’m also a tourist in the financial company class."
Another girl who doesn’t look like much Mandarin said, "Liu Zier is a 29-year-old worker and a clerk. She came here on annual leave the other day to relax."
Finally, the short man with acne marks on his face said, "Lu Zongping came to soak in hot springs at the age of 31."
Taotao "What a coincidence that everyone is here to travel"
Feng, they didn’t get the complete information of the four people when they came in, but Taotao has it.
She compared the information in her memory to make sure that they were not lying.
Xiao Yuetu asked, "Did you four know each other before?"
Ye Kang, a lawyer with glasses, said, "Not familiar."
Yuan Tian: "You know each other and you are all involved in the Blizzard Villa. Is this your agreed trip?"
Ye Kang adjusted her glasses. "I happened to meet us here without consulting before."
Taotao glanced at him. "There are three days when Shanling gave it. If you don’t understand it quickly, I’m afraid you will die."
㈧○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○○ _ 0 _
Liu Zier asked, "How do you understand?"
Taotao pointed to the stairs and rooms that have been opened in the distance. "Search the heights and you should be able to find clues."
Four people looked at five people across the street.
The girl looks the youngest, but everyone else listens quietly when she speaks.
It seems that this girl is the one who really has words among them.
Ye Kang wanted to think, "Then let’s search separately."
Zheng Zhi said in fear, "There won’t be anything weird about this villa, will there?"
"Don’t be afraid," Ye Kang comforted her. "Shan Ling won’t let us play games if she wants us to die. It’s better for the four of us to have a care together."
Taotao and others haven’t spoken yet, and he divided the search team into two waves without saying a word.
The four men chose to search for clues in the villa and gave them the part where there was a snowstorm outside.
Such as their building Xiao Yuetu pie mouth scold a way "one by one fine like ghosts who don’t know it’s cold outside? Sister, do we really have to search outside? "
Taotao drew a few shelter symbols and gave them to Xiao Yuetu and Yuan Tian to "go and have a look"
Five people left the house and went outside.
The snowstorm howled and turned into a snowman without stopping for a moment.
Wealth is too cold to come out in a peach coat.
The snow is a little smaller in front of the shelter operator.
The manor is very big, and there are large areas of snow-covered land to search before and after the castle.
Taotao said naturally, "Nangong and I will search the front and you three will search the back."
No one moved after she said that.
The wind and Nangong dust are thinking.
Xiao Yuetu doesn’t want to move on exemptions’ side.
Yuan Tian, on the other hand, is afraid to make a move. He likes the Nangong dust and wind very much, and he has risked his life. Under such circumstances, it is easy to swing from side to side.
Taotao "… it’s just a search, not a farewell."
The nangongshan dust smiled "or I and little teacher younger brother a group"

While speaking, three people have already flown to the vicinity of Gangfeng-intensive areas. Going up again is the Jiutian Gangfeng layer. I saw Song Changgeng standing in Gangfeng-intensive areas. Command those Zi Long. See three people fly in. Just a nod. Didn’t say anything. Yang Jin saw that there was a mirror of heaven in the back of his head and his face was ruddy. I knew he wasn’t invaded by poisonous smoke and fire. Heaven mirror’ science to defense she still know.

See Song Changgeng is focusing on the law. They didn’t bother. It will take a while for Song Changgeng to finish it. After everyone saw the ceremony. Xuanzhenzi also abandoned any filth. Put things first now. Will the following situation said. Song Changgeng nodded his head. After a moment’s reflection, he said, "It’s basically settled. If we have nothing to do with the people who restrict the poisonous smoke. There was basically nothing in the early stage.
Now you should go and choose one side. Began to prepare to restrain the fall of the ash. At the same time, take precautions. In case someone comes to make trouble, it will be in trouble. We can’t spare any time. If something really happens, all previous efforts will be wasted. I’m fine here. You’d better go to someone else to help. Want to push over time
There are more people coming. The manpower will be sufficient. At that time, I was letting people. "
Yang Jin and others nodded, knowing that it was not good to disturb him here, and they all flew down again. After they passed Fentuo, Bridled Eyebrows, Blissful, and Yi Zhou, they told the above situation, and everyone was relieved. After they fell behind, they found a wonderful real person, just expelling the wonderful lady and Youtan Shenni, and at the same time, Master Zhifei of Kunlun also arrived with people.
You just know, after optimal haze they drive out, starting from the copper coconut island, the size of the creatures within four or five thousand miles of Fiona Fang, together to the sea, including the goddess baby Yi Jing was arrogant, and banned by the five elements, thinking that this move would be greatly displayed, but it took a lot of spirit to use the five elements to move the big handling method.
However, the forbidden law is a little fierce, and it can’t be all in line with the nature of things. Half of them do it, and half of them are lured. Unexpectedly, many aquarium people who have been psychic for many years have been hurt. As a result, she realized that her skill is still poor. Some things can’t be forced to get rid of their usual arrogant thoughts, and it took a day and night to get rid of them. Because of the large amount of things, it took a lot of time to save them.
Yang Jin wanted to let people go up to help Song Chang Gung, because he was responsible for the largest area, but Miao Yi, a real person, evaded the past, saying that there were not enough people, and when there were enough people, he didn’t mention it at all. Although everyone was very hard, the longer the time went, the more people came, and everyone took turns to exchange places, using the Taoist teachings of Xian and Shi, respectively, to restrain the poisonous smoke from spraying too hard.
But no one changed Song Changgeng. He supported it by himself. Originally, he thought someone would come to help, but no one waited for a long time. His 80-dragon has reached the limit. After all, the long-term absorption and transformation of the poisonous fire of Feiyi has done great harm to Zi Long, that is, he did not listen to the life force in Qinglong and Jiu Ning Ding, but he still could not stop Zi Long’s body from being damaged.
Seeing that no one came to change himself, Song Chang-geng estimated that they did it on purpose. He was also a stubborn guy. Seeing that no one paid attention to himself, he decided to solve it himself. At the same time, he worked hard to let eighty-one Zi Long start to condense the essence, split the dragon fetus, and put it in a nine-setting tripod. Then he ignored the harm to Zi Long’s body and tried desperately to keep them from letting poisonous smoke escape too much.
Then, three days later, the poisonous smoke from the fire was too hot, which became a spent force, and Song Chang-geng’s eighty-one Zi Long was also a spent force, which was about to collapse at any time. We were relieved to see that a wonderful real person was about to be accomplished, and before sunrise tomorrow morning, the robbery of ash would have to drop.
At this time, it is already late at night, and the poisoned fire has been sprayed, leaving only a trace of smoke, which has been swaying for a while and has been sprayed out. Everyone looks at the waning moon in the distance.
Because all the fish-borne creatures in the sea have migrated, the sea is still, leaving only the waves hitting the coast, breathing and sobbing, looking up at the sky, Yi Zhou and others are above Chihiro, and there is no sign of them. The poisonous smoke and fire are flying straight up, and the sound of the wind and thunder is gradually quiet, which makes the night scene particularly lonely, which is different from the fierce evil situation a few days ago.
Everyone congratulated them and celebrated their success together. After waiting for the twilight of the East, they started to act. In a short time, the stars began to shine, and the dawn gradually appeared in the East. After a little discussion, they decided to let Master You Tan help restrain the ground. Others still arranged layers on the periphery of the pillar of poisonous smoke and fire as expected to restrain the whereabouts of the ash.
After everyone discussed it, they all went to their own actions. Miao Yi, a real person, did as expected. With a wave of his hand, everyone else began to fly up and down, telling people who were constrained everywhere to strengthen the spell. First, the large light tube in the deep well on the ground began to strengthen and expand a circle, and the whole copper and coconut island were circled in, and even the distance of hundreds of miles was given up.
Yang Jinhe, a wonderful lady, Master Jade Qing, and Ling Zi are in charge of the top floor. The four of them flew up in a vertical way. By the way, they told Song Changgeng that they had just flown nearby, and they saw Song Changgeng sitting in an exquisite jade pavilion with more than one white cloud under them, which was very carefree, but Ling Zi and others could not help but be shocked when they saw these purple dragons.
Yang Jin flew to his side with a smile, and when he saw his eyes looking at those Zi Long sadly, he couldn’t help laughing: "Song Daoyou, now the poisonous smoke and fire have been sprayed, and after the ash robbery falls, we will have achieved success. I am waiting for four people to come up to replace you to restrain the ash robbery. Please put away Zi Long, who has been tired for three days. Go and have a rest."
Song Changgeng nodded and said, "Yes, it’s finally over. Hehe, although it’s a merit, I’m not happy. First, I was calculated by a wild old man, and then I was chased by a giant wooden god. In order to get away, I led this big robbery. Finally, there was no big trouble. I passed this robbery safely, and the rest is up to you."

The fifty-fifth volume Busy Chapter five hundred and forty-two Get even with the robbery
Don’t stand up, but also don’t look at four people, still sitting there, Mrs Day can’t help but be a little annoyed with his big, just see Song Chang-geng finally took a sad look at those Zi Long, a wave of his hand, the exquisite jade pavilion floated away leisurely, four people look at Song Chang-geng who flew away, and then at dozens of Zi Long who still stayed in the air, which can’t help wondering.
Just when they were strange, the wonderful lady and others listened to the strange sounds in the Gangfeng layer for nine days, just like countless heavenly drums were ringing in the sky, and it seemed that there were thousands of magic soldiers, armored horses and horses, and they were killed from the sky, which was a thunder storm, and the momentum was not so fierce. They immediately knew that the ash robbery had begun to fall, and immediately, regardless of other things, they had to unite to form a big aperture. Of course, those Zi Long were all in the circle.
Wonderful lady can’t help secretly pleased, thinking that Song Changgeng may have been poisoned by smoke and fire, and her head is not awake. She didn’t even know how to collect these treasures, which just ruined it. Although Yang Jin and Yu Qing wanted to call Song Changgeng back, they were all duty bound. Song Changgeng had already flown away, and they didn’t have time to say hello. They all had to deal with it here.
Passing 18-wheeler, in such a blink of an eye, the four of them rushed to fly away. When they got to their own positions, they made moves together, and when they were dazzling, hundreds of golden rays flew out, and then they were intertwined with each other, forming a large aperture, and then they immediately became bright, reflecting up and down in all directions into gold. The training-like golden rays and lightning seemed to move slightly in the air, which was to unite with each other.
Then form a large light tube with a length of more than 100 feet, then four people continue to fall, and then do this to form a light tube, and then fall. In this way, each layer is separated by hundreds of feet, and four layers are laid in total, which is more than a thousand feet long, just like a round Changhong with four classics, standing in the air, and four people are responsible for a light fist. At this time, the strange sound in the air is getting closer and closer, and countless Mars are looming.
These Mars gathered together, as big as a mountain, and the waterfall seemed to pour down on the sea. Seeing that it was getting closer and closer, the four of them drank together: "Disease!" Each of them gave a great golden light and flew forward from their hands. The four light tubes immediately rotated, and those sparks in the air were too hot and poisonous, and the ashes left after being destroyed by Gangfeng.
After falling, they were forbidden to eat their way, and were forced to synthesize a huge ash waterfall, which poured down from the sky. The ash and sand rubbed against each other and produced boundless Mars. From top to bottom, it was like a volcano falling, and with a different roar, it was earth-shattering. Yang Jin and Yu Qing were worried about those Zi Long, and they saw that they robbed the ash and rushed, and Zi Long collapsed like a pile of ash.
Then they fell down with those robbing ashes, and they couldn’t tell who was robbing ashes and who was Zi Long’s materialized ashes. The four people formed a diaphragm cylinder to squeeze the robbing ashes into one, and the falling potential became more and more fierce, and it poured down from the golden light. There were many Taoist and celestial diaphragm cylinders tied by everyone along the way, and they wanted to fall all the way to the sea.
Once the robbery was restrained, all that was left was to keep the aperture and wait for it to fall. At this time, Yang Jin realized why Song Chang-geng looked at those Zi Long sadly just now, apparently because no one came to replace him. As a result, he didn’t do his best. These dragons had been eroded by poisonous smoke and fire, and she couldn’t help but start to resent Miao Yi’s reality regardless of the overall situation.
But she just turned around, and now she has to cope with the eyes, and her ears only hear the sound of rumbling, golden light shining, rosy clouds rising across the sky, and a pillar of flaming fire is connected to it, which has become an eternal wonder. For about a moment, one end of the ash waterfall of Huohe River has not moved in the sky, and one end has fallen for two or three hundred miles, gradually drooping, and then it is divided into eight shares in the air for half a day.
The ash robbery flows down the river from eight aperture cylinders. Into the sea. The sea roared at once. At that time, the waves were like mountains. Go straight to the sky. Grab ash clots in the size of dozens of feet. Hit each other. Sound like thunder.
Song Changgeng didn’t go far either. Just watch from a distance. By the way, to restore physical fatigue. Do it in three days. Although he can freely absorb the vitality of heaven and earth. But physically and mentally, I am still very tired. Now things are over. I finally didn’t go on a business trip. He played with nine little Zi Long in his hand. While watching the spectacular fire river ash waterfall rushing.
This small Zi Long is nine of the 81 Zi Long-separated earthworm embryo hatcheries. A total of 252 dragon fetuses. Because he extracted too much power in the nine-setting tripod. It is not enough to hatch completely. Just hatched nine. But also a larva. But these little guys grow up quickly. Song Changgeng estimates that it won’t be long before he can give birth to a complete body.
Sitting in the air. Watching the ash waterfall of the fire river fall. Constrained by the aperture in a fixed range of the sea surface. The ash robbery in the air is still raging downward. Gradually pour into the sea. Wherever you go. The sea is boiling. And then began to pile up gradually. One by one. According to the southeast and northwest. Northeast, southeast, southwest, northwest, eight directions. The potential child is very strong.