Without the hidden stakes, eleven people sneaked into several big trees near the river bank. When they got here, Ji Dong could clearly feel the enhancement of the castle scanning intensity. Obviously, the closer the holy soul scanning is, the stronger the scanning power is.

Ji Dong looked at the four towers with slightly narrowed eyes and thought to himself that this thing didn’t know how it came into being, but it shouldn’t be a human being. Otherwise, it was impossible to protect himself without four holy-level strong men when he robbed the prison in the dark. If it was an array or something that produced effects, he must try to destroy this thing before he got the artifact, and it would be much easier when he came back. He won’t aim too high this time, but he can destroy the dark temple once, twice and three times. They are full for a year and a half.
It’s been almost a quarter of an hour since they cleaned up the hidden piles, and it’s almost an hour since Aunt Moer said it’s going to Ji Dong. I’m not worried that those dark magicians who sent women over will find that the hidden piles are not cleaned up. Chapter 594.
Ah Kin gave her a thumbs-up and praised her perfection. At this time, he didn’t wear the eye-catching golden armor, and his exquisite and graceful body was wrapped in the black dark magic robe, which looked a little amorous.
The second hidden pile is less than 50 meters away from the first one. The prayer for returning is a stone pillar, but a big tree. Heaven knows that there is a dark place all day. This big tree is so thick that it hides people anyway.
After all, being able to have array protection and concealed weapons is still a minority. This time, Ah Kin naturally went to Ah Kin. His body almost skimmed over the ground. When he pressed his right hand on the ground, he told Ji Dong that this had been solved. The thick metal spike in the tree hole almost flashed from the side into the skull, and even directly stabbed his tongue, which made him even have no chance to scream. Life has passed.
Peripheral dark piles are thus cleaned up by two people’s suspense, and it is close to a distance of 100 meters from the moat. Previously, Ji Dong detected that three crown magicians are all near here, and at the same time, there are more than a dozen six crown magicians. If you want to reach the moat here, you must get rid of these people. Otherwise, there are crown magicians, and their soul force cover may not be able to hide it when they pass here.
Ji Dong and Ah Kin get together and communicate directly through their souls.
"What should I do?" Ah Kin asked Ji that she was not sure to kill a crown magic teacher without disturbing the other two crown magic teachers.
Ji Dong thought for a moment and then said, "I’m afraid we have to take risks. I can divide them into individuals. How long will it take you to solve a crown demon master?"
Ah Kin said, "Ten seconds at most."
Ji Dong nodded. "Okay, then ten seconds. I’ll guide you to the attack sequence later."
A Jin Dao "white"
It is extremely labor-saving to cooperate with Congren. Ji Dong has always understood this moment. He originally protected the two people’s soul force and quietly expanded it. The area has been completely shrouded. The silver soul light is swept out close to the ground and expanded with the diffusion of soul force. From the ground, it is even mud, which will completely cover the surrounding area.
When Ji Dong asked Ah Kin about the attack, it was because he couldn’t help. There was a holy level soul scan outside, and he had to deal with it. At the same time, he had to help Ah Kin divide these hidden piles so that they could take care of each other. This required that his soul force must be released. Ji Dong could not enter the battle, otherwise a bad one would be discovered by the soul force outside.
Without half a warning, all the silver filaments suddenly rose from the ground and completely enveloped this area. Only Ji Dong and Ah Kin could see Ji Dong’s deliberate concealment, and it was impossible for outsiders to find out that it was his spiritual realm that dreamed of silver.
A series of silver filaments wrapped the dark piles sadly, but they were still at a loss. Everyone was isolated from this strange spiritual realm. Even if there was a violent roar around them, they would never hear the scenery in front of them, and it would never change. This is the strength of the spiritual realm and a wonderful response of Ji Dong.
In an instant, Ah Kin has moved. This time, she didn’t hide her breath. The magic face was released. Except that she didn’t wear the golden armor, now she is in a state of perfection. She has a dreamland and Ji Dong’s soul to cover Ah Kin. There is nothing to worry about.
Her body flickered past four hidden piles of six crown magic masters, and she had solved each other conveniently. Until the moment of her death, Ah Kin failed to immerse herself in the dreamland of silver.
In less than one breath, Ah Kin has already come to the front of the first crown magic division, and the harsh golden light suddenly lights up. Ah Kin’s right hand has turned a golden sword into a chest stab at his opponent to deal with those spikes protruding from the ground of the crown magic division. It is unrealistic and will definitely be induced by the other side. Ah Kin simply attacks it head-on.
Gexiu, the Crown Magician, is indeed not comparable to the Six Crown Magicians. At the moment when Ah Kin attacked, he could not see anything, but he felt a strong crisis. He did not hesitate to use his hands to protect his chest. The strong yellow light has formed a huge ball of light to wrap his body. This is a Crown Magician. Although he is not wearing a red robe, Xiuxiu is also a red high priest.
A sonorous explosion sounded the crown, and the E-soil magic division screamed. A body had crashed back and severely hit a big tree behind it. The yellow light was like an eggshell, and it was instantly cracked. Then it exploded into several light spots. Jin Jiu’s crown magic and holy power attacked him. It was already a manifestation of strength that he was able to stop this blow, but even so, it was a mouthful of blood. Wow, it gushed out.
This crown demon master is also good at keeping up with the crisis. When he throws a bamboo tube with his right hand, he throws it out instantly, which is obviously a signal thing.
At the same time, when a lazy snowball doesn’t shout, he doesn’t look back to his right hand and presses a huge stone to the ground. Now he wants to have the first blow to escape. In the collision, he feels that the other side respects the strong and can’t run. Isn’t that too long? How can Ah Kin let him escape from himself? Her eyes flashed off, her figure rose like a golden flash, and her right hand pressed a golden light. Suddenly, the sky condensed into a big hand and fished it into the bamboo tube. At the same time, she completed a wonderful broken line in her body, and the golden sword in her hand was cut off as a pledge.
At this moment, Ah Kin’s murderous look has come out of generate to hide in the distance, and Ji Dong quickly increases his ability to hide the dream silver magic domain for fear that Ah Kin’s magic will be discovered by Zhongsheng level detection.
In the sonorous explosion, the boulder has made a clean break, but the crown magician rushed out five meters away before rolling, and at the same time, his left hand was thrown behind him, which turned out to be a scroll.
This crown demon master is resourceful. Every strong man who has reached the Tianshi level is always good at his own killer weapon. He is no exception. Throwing this scroll is a killer skill of the earth. Although he has not met the level of killing skill, he is also very close. If he is released, he will be able to stop Akin a little, and then he can run far with his crown strength.
Unfortunately, he didn’t know that he was not hunted by a nine-crowned magic master, and at the same time he was trapped in another more terrible spiritual realm of the strong.
So when he threw the scroll, people were already stupid, because Ah Kin appeared on his front, and the golden sword flashed into his eyebrows, and the scroll he threw was wrapped in a strange light, and the magic of triggering the scroll was instantly drawn.
The reel can’t be started when it closes its roots.
Ah Kin’s body flashed to the scroll without stopping for half a minute and had already rushed in the other direction.
How could the former Crown Magic Master escape from the influence of the magic domain in the dream silver magic domain? He didn’t even know that he had turned himself. It’s strange that the roots of the scroll were thrown in the opposite direction, and he was also facing Ah Chin to meet the undead.
In the dreamland of silver, Ah Kin has the guidance of Ji Dong’s soul, which is like a duck to water. Ji Dong did not rush to let her attack the other two crown magicians, but guided Ah Kin to kill all the six crown magicians and get their dark crystal crowns before coming to the second crown magicians.
This time, Ah Kin met an old woman who was an opponent of Guishui and a crown woman.
Moreover, this old woman is wearing a crimson robe, and it is obvious that she is a red high priest.
There was no difference between the golden light and the dream silver in front of the red high priest. Before the crisis, the red high priest naturally didn’t respond at all, but her sense of crisis was stronger than that of the previous crown magician, and her responsiveness was faster. A triple heavy ice shield was formed almost at the first time, and at the same time, a purple armor was added to protect her body. At the same time, her mouth gave a scream, and her body turned backwards and her feet went out to attack in the direction of Ah Kin.
This response is very perfect, and it is worthy of wearing a red robe. The actual combat ability and practice are much better than those of the previous crown magic division.
It’s a pity that the red high priest didn’t know that when Ah Kin started this fight, Ji Dong gave her instructions and two words were worn out.
The powerful auxiliary demon possessed by Ah Kin, who pierces the demon domain, is harsh, and the white and golden tip instantly blooms with white and golden light, but it doesn’t.
Before the absolute strength attack, everything can be in vain. The red high priest’s flip has not been finished yet, and he is about to release the magic field immediately, but it has already stopped. The golden sword light flashed right through her jaw and stabbed the whole person through the top of her head, while the three layers of ice shield were completely penetrated by the golden light, but the ice shield didn’t even have a crack. How terrible the piercing power was.
In those two attacks, Ah Kin didn’t even dodge. It’s strange that she could be hit.
With his right hand, he got that pretty good crown, dark decyl crystal crown, and the secret passage in Akin’s heart. This time, Bao Er is blessed. Although he thinks about his body like this, he has already pounced on the last goal.
At the same time, Ji Dong also sent a forward signal to his heavenly saints. The last champion magician Ah Kin didn’t attack in the previous way. There were still 30 meters away from the other side, and the golden light flashed in his left hand. A huge long bow and a golden light string were pulled back by his right hand. A golden sword has emerged. The extreme gold magic of the earth has instantly condensed a little white light, and the golden light flashed with the arrow for a moment. The famous champion magician has been nailed to the ground by instant seconds without even reacting.
Also get the crystal crown Akin back to Ji Dong and smile slightly. It was full of pitfalls, cold and charming, just like spring flowers. I can’t help but stay at Ji Dong.
"It feels so good to cooperate with your dreamy silver demon. If you hadn’t woken up, I would have forgotten to wear out the demon. It’s a pity that you wouldn’t let me destroy the golden ring, otherwise they would die faster."
Ji Dong doesn’t adapt to Ah Kin’s exultation. "Artifacts can’t easily make our artifact light breath too strong, and it’s easy for the other party to rest assured that you can give full play to it."