Shang Heyang immediately laughed when he heard this: "Don’t deceive your husband in the next place. Shen Wuji is by no means a heartless person, otherwise he would not have been trapped in the trap 300 years ago. "

Shen Wugui heard about what happened 300 years ago, but there was nothing different. He said faintly, "If you don’t believe me …" But Shen Wugui said to the monk who knew the difference and the Taoist Tiezhong, "Why don’t you two continue to deploy?"
The two monks, Zhifei and Fei, heard the news and wondered what medicine was sold in this innocent gourd. However, Shen Wusu said, "Now that you two have seen that I didn’t run away, it is obvious that this law and this action are absolutely important to you and even your entire Kunlun Sect, and perhaps it is also related to the big things of life and death. But whatever your reasons, this disobedient little brother gave you a chance. As long as you can finish this picture before he makes a choice, you two may still have a chance to escape! "
The monk who knows the truth and the Taoist priest in Tiezhong all smiled bitterly when they heard Shen’s innocent words. Two people also don’t talk quickly began to decorate work.
In fact, what Shen Wuji said is not necessarily all right, but it is also close. Knowing that monks and Taoist priests in Tiezhong really have reasons not to leave. Taoist priest Zhifei and Tiezhong all know that if their powerful allies suffer losses because of their mistakes in this link, those strongmen will never let the Kunlun Sect go easily. It’s better to fight here than to die. Maybe there’s a chance! What’s more, at this time, they still have one step of dark chess and hope to get away after completing the array!
Shang Heyang looked at the array that was nearing the end. I am extremely anxious. It seems that I really don’t care at all when I look at Shen Wuze and Yin Sutang’s carefree appearance. Although reason tells Shang and Yang Shen that Wusu can’t care about her husband’s life, he dare not gamble with Shen Wusu.
Facing the threat, Shang and Yang, the King of Five Ghosts, took one look bitterly at Shen Wuze and Yin Sutang as if nothing had happened. A grin waved a white light straight to the monk Zhifei. And almost at the same time, the silver-gray lightning disaster and the Tanling Sumeru sword of Yin Sutang also attacked the Tiezhong Taoist.
The cultivation of the monk who knows that he is not the same as that of Shang and Yang, the king of the Five Ghosts, and this Shang and Yang just want to stall him and it doesn’t take much effort to recklessly. It is the enemy who advances and I retreat. The enemy’s retreat and the pursuit of the game are extremely rogue, and the two of them were deadlocked there for a while.
It is said that the Taoist Tiezhong, at the sight of Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang, had a great hatred at the same time. Although he knew that he would lose when facing two people at the same time, he still had a glimmer of hope at this time. Mana crazy to destroy only the mountain of huge iron bell purple mans a flash of courage. Straight towards the innocent sky, thunder and fire, and the altar spirit sumeru sword of Yin Sutang.
As soon as Yin Sutang saw Jiao Sheng, she said, "I didn’t expect that I hadn’t seen it for more than a hundred years. You coward have grown a lot! It’ s really courageous to face the innocent sister and me and dare to fight. "
Road flyover Tie Zhong didn’t answer. I have no heart to control the iron bell of double cultivation of life. Road flyover Tie Zhong said to himself, "As long as I can stall Shen Wuwei and Yin Sutang for a while, the secretive guy will be able to complete the array. As soon as the crypt crosses Shang and Yang, the mission fails. Will not be entangled again. At that time, it should not be difficult for the three of us to get away with it, even if we can’t win the witch Shen Wuji. " Thought of here, the iron bell road flyover is more cheerful, and his eyes secretly glanced at the array below.
This monk who knows who is not is dealing with the pestering five ghosts, Shang Heyang. Road flyover Tiezhong’s life is at stake. However, it seems that none of the warring parties noticed that the following array was slowly’ growing’. Originally, there was not much left, and it didn’t take ten minutes to complete this figure according to the degree.
Road flyover Tiezhong and monk Zhifei looked at it and sneered in their hearts: "Hum! Until the battle is over and the entrance to this crypt is destroyed. Then we’ll be three against two. See how you two bitches can kill me! Wait until the following things are over and the reinforcements return! Let’s work together to kill and see when you two women can be crazy! "
But when the huge iron and the two divine lights of ash and gold crossed, the road flyover Tiezhong was frightened to disgrace. I saw that the purple awn of his subway clock was torn as easily as a blank sheet of paper under the gray flame. After the collision, the gray divine light scattered at the touch of a touch, and the silver-gray flame devoured the huge iron clock like a hill like a locust.
Look at Yin Sutang’s altar spirit, the sumeru sword, flying into the air and incarnating ten feet. The dazzling golden light is even more dazzling, and the sunny sky is just like two days out. In those days, Taoist Tiezhong also participated in the siege of Wuyin Peak, and later he repeatedly went down the mountain to hunt down Yin Su Tang and was injured in Tiezhong’s hand for more than ten times. At this time, Yin Su-tang was even more jealous when she saw her enemy.
Yin Su-tang’s mana is as crazy as pouring flying swords without money. The altar spirit sumeru sword is more like a stimulant, chopping the iron clock crazily, and the road flyover clock will leave a scar of tens of feet with each sword. Look at that iron clock. It’s beginning to crumble under the double bombardment. I’m afraid it won’t last a few times.
This iron bell is the only magic weapon in the Taoist priest’s life, which has been practiced to the point of perfection. Today, however, Shen Wuji and Yin Su-tang ruined his iron bell, and the iron bell road flyover was badly injured.
However, until now, Taoist Tiezhong and monk Zhifei still insisted on not seeing the color of despair. And the moment they have been waiting for is finally coming, only to see the’ growing’ array below, and now there is only one last stroke left in this array. Just draw one last stroke, and this last crypt entrance will be destroyed. In fact, this’ growth’ pattern is what the dark chess of the Kunlun Sect did, and it is also the hope that the monks who know the truth and the Taoist Tiezhong persist to this day.
Both Taoist Zhifei and Tiezhong have put their hearts in their throat and are waiting for the last stroke to fall. One foot! Five inches! Two inches! One inch! ….. By this time, both the monk and the Taoist Tiezhong had a long sigh of relief. They know that even if Shen Wuji and others are now present, it is no hurry to stop them.
Road flyover Tie Zhong proudly looked up at the opposite Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang. But he was greeted by two smiling faces looking at him jokingly. Road flyover Tie Zhong immediately felt something was wrong. But he couldn’t find out what went wrong.
At this moment, I saw the innocent smiling plain hand lift a "pa" and snap a ring. Only to see the following array diagram that has completed 99.99% suddenly flew up with a rumbling sound. A cloud of smoke suddenly rose from the edge of the entrance to the crypt, and the original neat and rigorous array was also in chaos, and the already straightened energy was also in chaos. In short, the result is that Fiona Fang’s several-foot array needs to be redrawn.
Although it is almost nothing if it is at ordinary times. But at this time, this small change has undoubtedly become a death warrant for monks who know not and Taoist Tiezhong. When they saw this change, they immediately looked at the’ explosion’ dumbfounded.
And the five ghost kings Shang and Yang are also surprised and can’t help but regret. "As expected," the tunnel replied, "these two women have long had a successful career. No wonder they can be so calm and calm!" But at this point, he can only make mistakes. Shang and Yang Xin said, "Look at this form now. Today, it seems that the two thieves of Kunlun Sect are born to die. In that case, why don’t I work harder to win the monk who knows right and wrong. Selling Shen has no scale? " Thought of here, Shang Heyang was about to exert strength on his hand. Attack the monk who knows right from wrong. Only to see that three flashes of white light were as quick as lightning and went straight for the bald man who knew right from wrong.
When Shen Wuji and Yin Su-tang exploded together. A pair of glances immediately reached a tacit understanding. I saw the golden light of the altar spirit sumeru sword shaking like a golden dragon and bypassing a mountain of iron bells. Take the iron bell road flyover who is stupidly. And that Shen Wusu’s hand waved three days in succession to hit the bald man who knew that he was not a monk.
Road flyover Tie Zhong immediately lost his mind when he saw that the following law was destroyed. He just let go with the spirit of winning in close proximity. Although monks are tough-minded and experienced, Taoist Tiezhong once again raised his spirits in an instant. But it was this moment of discouragement and despair that doomed his end.
When Tiezhong Taoist once again raised his spirits to prepare for a desperate battle, he looked up and saw only the golden light in his eyes and the altar spirit Sumeru sword close at hand. He didn’t feel any pain within the golden light and the cold flank. Road flyover Tiezhong turned into a wisp of ashes between heaven and earth just because of a moment’s mental relaxation.
Yin Su-tang looked at the falling wisp of fly ash and the blue iron clock that lost its owner’s original body, and snorted. "It’s a real bargain to have no time today," he said. Otherwise, I will hit you with a hundred hammers like Mr. Zhong, and then let you die. "
Although the malicious words didn’t stop, Yin Su-tang and Tanling Sumeru Sword didn’t make a stop and went straight to the array below. In fact, just now, when Taoist Zhi Fei and Tiezhong unconsciously looked down frequently, Shen Wusu and Yin Sutang had already revealed the mystery of the following array. It’s just that they didn’t point it out, but they thought of one place in an instant.
On the verge of success, it’s just an inch short, but it’s the distance between success and failure, between life and death. This huge gap in the heart is bound to be an instant consternation, even if the mind is as firm as iron. And this moment’s absence is exactly the opportunity that Shen Wusu needs.
While Yin Su-tang’s sword cut the iron bell Taoist, Shen Shen’s innocent three days of robbery, thunder and fire were also divided into the middle, lower and third roads, and he went straight to the bald head, heart and abdomen of the monk who knew the difference.
If we say that in the Kunlun Sect, the one-yuan patriarch and the foolish monk of Zhangjiao are empty, we must count the eldest among the four friends of Kunlun to know that it is a monk. At the same time, as the top disciple of the Kunlun Sect, monk Zhifei is also a hot person in the next Sect, and he will handle the decision if he chooses many major issues. Therefore, a monk who knows right from wrong should be superior to others in both his mental quality and his choice in dealing with the crisis.
As soon as monk Zhifei saw the explosion pattern below, he knew it was not good and decided to escape immediately. He took advantage of Shang and Yang’s stupefaction to retreat to defend. Although Zhifei monk’s reaction has been very quick, when he looked up, he still saw that the three days of thunder and fire were just around the corner.
Knowing that the thunder and fire were too fierce, the monk Zhifei quickly offered a flying sword to resist it a little and left without looking at how Taoist Tie Zhong managed to fly. However, although the response and choice of Zhifei monk are first-class, what he faces is the witch’s application for innocence. In the face of absolute strength, any skill and wisdom will appear so pale and powerless.
Although Monk Zhifei avoided those three days of thunder and fire, he felt a pain in his ribs when he flew away. But at this time, the monk who knew Fei fled to the western sea without looking at the wound.
Shen Wusu looked at the back of Zhifei monk in panic and smiled and didn’t chase him just visible to fly below. At this time, Yin Su-tang has already met with the dark chess of Kunlun Sect, which has always been hidden in the dark.
Just now, Yin Sutang went straight to the entrance of the crypt below. And the golden sword light, the size of more than ten feet, is even more like a sweep, and the next one is who else has to avoid the edge.
Sure enough, with the fall of the Tanling Sumeru sword, a gray figure flashed and now fled straight to the forest next to it. I saw that this person is extremely short, and Zhu Mei is not as good as a blue-gray brocade robe, and his appearance is also correct. It’s just that the eyes are very cold and complete, and there are many malicious and vicious colors in the escape. It is conceivable that if it is a ruthless role in peacetime.
The figure was recognized as soon as it appeared, and her eyes were sad and her teeth were clenched. "Wei Shaoshao! Today, I, Yin Su-tang, am determined to cut you into pieces! "
It turns out that this person is the lion cave in Wushan Fengboxia, and Youlong’s son Wei Shaoshao is also one of the four friends of Kunlun. It was this man who killed all those maids and disciples who had little training when they besieged Yin Su Tang and broke the hidden peak of fog. It was extremely cruel. Now how can Yin Su-tang not be angry when he sees this person? !
Yin Su-tang, the sword of Tanling Sumeru, which has been chopped down but has been carried away by hatred, is somewhat out of standard. This Wei Shaoshao is known as Youlong Zi, which is famous for its fast speed. Nowadays, when we are desperate, we have already taken out the ability to fight for the bottom. Although Yin Su-tang’s golden sword light is magnificent, if it is cut according to this trend, it will probably miss Wei Shaoshao.
This is Wei Shaoshao’s dark move that Taoist Tiezhong and Monk Zhifei had high hopes for. Originally, the two of them held their opponent Wei Shaoshao in stealth, and it was extremely hidden to specialize in repairing the array. However, Taoist Tiezhong and Taoist Zhifei were anxious and looked at each other frequently, but they revealed clues.
And Wei Shao was so cunning that he knew that today’s business had been defeated and there was no turning point. He didn’t hesitate to fly and went straight to the forest next to it. Even if Yin Su-tang’s swordsmanship is exquisite, the spirit of Sumeru’s sword is as strong as electricity, and he can only watch Wei Shao leave the world.
Just when Wei Shao was about to enter the jungle, he thought he had escaped from heaven, but suddenly he felt that his body was stiff and he could not control the trend of his actions. This Wei Shaoshao has also been an old man who has been practicing for hundreds of years. He immediately knew that he was mentally paralyzed. As soon as I felt something was wrong, Wei Shaoshao immediately rushed Xuangong’s true qi and immediately returned to normal.
Although it was only a short moment, I felt pain in my left shoulder and right leg at the same time because of this little meal. However, he has a tough mind and doesn’t care about this injury at all. Wei Shao’s castration did not decrease, but he flew into the dense forest and disappeared into the dense trees in a flash.
Yin Su-tang bitterly watched Wei Shao disappear in the direction of tears’ scratching’ to flow down. "Elder sister! I let that dog get away! "
What is the inscrutable Zhu Mei waiting for and why is he anxious? Why did the Kunlun Sect destroy the entrance to the crypt? What role did Chasing the Cloud and Chasing Bai Guyi play here? What is the plan of the Emei Sect? Do you really want to see the magic religion yourself? Who is whose ally and who is whose enemy? The confusing game of Xiandao in the East China Sea is about to be announced. If you want to know the aftermath, please see the next installment of Intricate Interests.