"Blare …" Shen An shrank back in fear.

The man stretched out his palm to hold his face. He was so tall that the palm of Dalian could easily wrap half of Shen An’s face, and his thumb brushed gently in the wet corner of Shen An’s eye.
"Your name is Shen An?"
Shen An shivered. "How do you know my name?"
The man grabbed him in the ground and clasped him in his arms. When he touched his soaked shirt, he reached out and touched his shirt button as if he had thought of something. "Turn around."
There is no subject and predicate, but the two people behind them shudder because they can turn their faces away in an instant
The man reached for Shen An’s wet shirt and Shen An struggled with his hands on his chest.
"Don’t move" The man seems to have the patience to peel off his shirt and quickly take off his soft trench coat to wrap Shen An tightly.
Shen An’s body was wrapped in his coat, revealing white and tight lips. A small group of men looked at him with dark eyes.
Shen An shook into a sieve, and the thin back of his neck was covered by a man’s warm palm. The palm seemed to gently touch and knead his neck, and his discomfort was temporarily relieved. I don’t know whether it was fear or comfort or shame caused by longing for more, which made him red-eyed and tearful.
"Blare … don’t touch … please …"
Shen An was shaking violently, and the pheromone of Zhiwei was overwhelming for a while. He bit his mouth intensely.
In a daze, he felt that his lips were carefully separated and stuffed into a soft thing. Shen An only didn’t realize that it was a man’s finger
He heard the man’s hoarse voice with a thrill, "Are you good?"
I don’t know if it’s an illusion that Shen An felt his back gently comforted. He absurdly felt that men were protecting him. "No one can hurt you if you are not afraid."
The strong ebony smell was deliberately suppressed, and it was as soft as someone ordered soothing incense.
Shen An’s will can’t help but relax. He seems to have found it in a trance. In the maternal period, the warmth involuntarily shrank deeper into this arms, and he gradually quieted down in this world he opened.
Fu Fengning came for a walk because he was upset by something. There are still three hours before the official start of the banquet. He just took advantage of a leisure time to get some air along the quiet tree-lined outside the hotel.
I didn’t expect to see him looking for someone for so many years here and in such a situation.
This is when he came and stopped what would have happened. What if he didn’t come?
Fu Fengning’s eyes are on Shen An’s face inch by inch. His fever period has come and he is soaked to the skin. He is burning. It seems that he can’t lift his neck and can destroy his wrist with a gentle grip. He is so slim that he can break it at will.
So fragile …
He also saw Shen An’s face swollen with a red fingerprint. Fu Fengning vacated one hand and swept the throat in the fingerprint.
His eyes swept to the dagger.
He picked it up, weighed it in his hand, and then put it away. The coldness in his eyes almost turned into a real blade.
Fu Fengning felt Shen An struggling in his arms as if she were caught in some terrible dream.
He tightened his arm and listened intently to see Shen An’s lips trembling. Fu Fengning bowed his head and listened to his little pleading "To …"
"What do you want?"
"Inhibitor …"
Fu Fengning’s voice is ridiculously hoarse. "You’d better not take inhibitors when you are ill. Shall I give you a temporary mark?"
Unexpectedly, Shen An reacted violently, and he began to tremble and struggle violently again, like he was afraid to collapse to the extreme. Tears were smashed one by one without money. "Don’t mark, don’t mark … blare …"
The person in my arms used to be a little whimper, but then even the breathing became disordered. In an instant, Fu Fengning’s clothes were soaked.
Fu Fengning took out a brocade handkerchief to wipe his wet eyes "unmarked to take you to find inhibitors …"
Fu Fengning didn’t want to delay the gathering of his eyes. He picked up Shen An with anger and looked at him in disgust. They were still crawling around. They kept their eyes on the fat man and approached him step by step. "What’s your name?"
The fat man "ah" was forced by the top alpha powerful pheromone to intimidate the atmosphere, and Fu Fengning stared at him and there was a smell of urine.
Fu Fengning "tut" a black high-definition Italian cowhide sole, stepping on a fat man’s fingers and slowly crushing them one by one in the man’s panic struggle for mercy.
It’s like forcing him to enjoy it. It’s called pain every day.
It’s like putting his fear and help on Shen An and redoubling it.
The man screamed and gasped and cut through the fields. The bea trembled and wanted to beg for mercy but dared not.
Until the fat man fainted in pain, five fingers of his right hand fell limply to the ground, and I didn’t know if the finger bones were broken.
Fu Fengning asked the bea, "Which company?"
Then bea muttered "Wang … Wang packaging company …" in his mind of all visual attention.
Fu Fengning nodded, "Prepare to file for bankruptcy."
Chapter 4. Chapter 4
When Shen An woke up, he found himself lying in bed. He was in a trance.
Then he sat up suddenly in horror, and when he got up, his wrist was caught by someone, and he whispered, "Don’t touch you. You are taking an injection."
This is a spacious room with a dim wall lamp turned on, and everything in the field of vision is gently covered with light.
Shen An followed the sound and looked at the side of the bed. Fu Fengning was tall. Behind him was a man in a white coat and a woman in a professional suit.
I don’t know if the dim light and soft bed comforted him or a room full of heavy ebony aroma made him temporarily calm down. Shen An no longer has any overreaction. He rolled his throat and was embarrassed. "Where is this?" Who are you? "