Wan Su just arrived at the door and met this Wan Lingyun. He was also very painful to this ordinary man. When he saw him, he immediately took him to the door.

"Dad, what are you going to do?"
"Of course, I’m going to find Wan Lingyao. Why can she give us so many shops to this week?"
Wan Lingyun grabbed him with a backhand: "Dad, you don’t know the situation at that time. I was there at that time. How aggressive the king of Yong County was, and then his status as a veteran of the Three Dynasties meant that the whole family would lose so much if it weren’t for the eloquence of the first sister and Master Guo."
"A few? ! There are so many points! "
"Dad, you have to know that Dijie is a good plan now. Dijie said that she will return to Beijing in two days and then hurry into the palace to get things done so that when she comes back, won’t these things be taken back?"
"Is that so?" Wan Su is very suspicious.
Wan Lingyun looked at him: "Now, even if we go to find the first sister, there is no way to change this fact. Moreover, if we go to find this Yong County King now, not only will the store not come back, but things will get worse, and we can still rely on this first sister, and the monarch position will be lost. Then it will be really at the end of our tether."
"But if it weren’t for her, our family …"
"But dad didn’t you tell me that DiJie promise we are going to ask her for help? If it weren’t for the first sister, we wouldn’t have lost so much at this time, and it’s impossible to come back. "
Wan Lingyun looked at his heart and smiled. Wan Su was obviously reacted by what he said. Although it may be because he is a businessman or intuitively feels that something is wrong, this title of the monarch is like this dazzling gold, which makes this million millet deaf and deaf, and he is bent on what he can earn from this title of the monarch.
Wan Lingyao was particularly determined when he was away from Wanjia, but it didn’t really anger Wan Su. Moreover, Wan Sujue Wan Lingyao didn’t leave the field at that time, and there was nothing to do. There was no special precaution when he came back this time.
"So are we going or not?" Wan Su suddenly felt a little dizzy.
"Of course, I won’t go, but dad is sure that Dijie will not move anything. Later, dad, you must be very angry and ask her what she wants, and then send someone to contact her mother as soon as possible to take people back."
"Don’t you know who her mother is? Her mother is in front of this well family … "
"If you talk to them, they will come naturally, or they will give up the monarch’s adult …"
Wan Lingyun said everything in Wan Su’s heart. As the saying goes, everything is afraid of traitors. If Wan Su knew it, he wouldn’t move a little greedy thoughts.
Wan Lingyao and Guo Jinghan have returned to the capital, and they have already passed the air with this guard. This Ru ‘an monarch card is just like this token for entering the palace.
Wan Lingyao went directly into the palace, but as soon as he entered the palace, he found that even his face was not quite right. It seemed that something had happened, and Wan Lingyao was relaxed and wary.
Lian looked at her and frowned slightly: "The Queen Mother is back."
"Do we plan to have this?"
"Things in this palace can’t escape her eyes. If something really appears to assassinate her, she is bound to track down what happened to Wanjia."
"This is the deed and title deed. Now is the time for us to take a step forward."
Even Jia Jian frowned and shook her head. The Queen Mother came back. Although she is now a queen, it is even more important to pay attention to the fact that she can afford to hide in the past. If she wants to hide, there will be big problems.
Wan Lingyao bowed his head: "Why don’t you … forget it? I’ll find a way to deal with Wanjia myself."
"It’s not that we can’t handle it, but that the original simple things must be done now … and some people need to be sacrificed if necessary."
"It’s just a million families, or else forget it."
"Since I promised you, I’m sure I’ll keep these title deeds for myself … yeah … since the queen mother is back …" Even with a smile.
On this night, even JianJian gave a banquet in his own palace to entertain Wan Lingyao, and Qi Mu went to Buxue in the name of not disturbing their old friends to meet each other. Even JianJian had said that she would change the name of fake Bufei to her original name, which was just an opportunity. If she went there on weekdays, maybe they would think more, but today the reason is appropriate.
Even Jia Jian and Wan Lingyao talk about this painful thing and sometimes talk about what they did after that, and sometimes ask her if her marriage with Guo Jinghan is ready. It looks like I haven’t seen my friends chatting for a long time.
Just then, a maid-in-waiting who claimed to be from Buxue Palace brought a plate of famous dishes from overseas countries, saying that it was a pursuit. After that, she praised it and let people make another one immediately.
People suspected that when they saw the maid-in-waiting, they suddenly pulled out a machete from the sleeve and rushed to Lianjia Wan Lingyao. When they saw this on the high platform, they immediately got up and knocked over the table. As soon as they stopped the maid-in-waiting, the maid-in-waiting stumbled down the steps and immediately turned around and scratched Wan Lingyao’s arm.
"Stay alive!"
But it’s too late to say it. The maid-in-waiting has been stung and her throat sealed!
You Yan Qimu received the news and immediately rushed over. This scene is not chaotic, but the blood of this glazed floor tile is real. The female doctor is dressing Wan Lingyao.
"Things done? In a short while, the people in Taihou Palace will come back and ask you that you killed Aunt Fu beside her at that time, and she invited a Qing Yue teacher from this Qing Taoist view. This Qing Yue teacher is not a simple person. "
"The pursuit has not come to Xinxin male and female servants. Even this ignorant child who just entered the palace can see things here."
You Yan Qimu smiled and walked to her side: "If you don’t cry, who knows that you are scared?"
Wan Lingyao twisted his teeth and got a knife. I can’t cry out for pain.
It’s like Ru Yan Qi Mu thinks that the Queen Mother sent a sage like type … the old woman is the teacher of Qing Yue.
"You are human!" Sting is always the first to rush.
"Being original was sent by the empress dowager to hear that an assassin had just come to this palace. The empress dowager was worried about the empress dowager’s safety and ordered her to come and see."
Lian Jianji looked at her: "Then please take the assassin’s body out on the way! It’s early or late. As soon as the Empress Dowager came back, someone assassinated the Empress Dowager and told the Empress Dowager that she was frightened and wanted to rest for a few days. After all, if this matter was investigated by the Empress Dowager, she would probably be caught by the enemy in the end. "
Chapter four hundred and thirty Waves resurfaced
Wan Lingyao knew that even the horse was about to make a big splash here, and he didn’t dare to stay and make excuses to say that he was frightened and ready to go back to Gongcheng. As a result, he was stopped by this group of guards before he left the palace.
"The empress dowager empress has a purpose to find out that the predecessors are not allowed to leave the palace."
But fortunately, even Jianji will never let this Wan Lingyao be detained. When he heard the news, he immediately asked Shelley to personally send this Wan Lingyao out of the palace.
It’s suspicious to even know about it, especially when the queen mother knows that she didn’t do it. She will definitely suspect that she did it. Fortunately, the imperial edict can be delayed, and Wanjia will actually see the seal of this decree, which will make Wan Lingyao the palm of this family, so that Wanjia will be in the bag.
The queen mother had already slept, but she couldn’t sleep when it was noisy. She didn’t want to come, but she became serious immediately after hearing Lian Jian say that. "Taoist Qing Yue, this queen really said that."
"Being original does not dare to talk nonsense."
"Are these people coming for the mourning family or for the queen?"
"Being original and recognizing that some things still need to be seen."
The queen mother believed that the Taoist priest Qing Yue made a decision at once. "It will be interesting to see what tricks this niece played at once."
Even Jia Jian is still sitting in the same place. Ru Yan Qi Mu is pretending to call this guard and ask them to go to each palace at once and bring all the stewards here to identify them. At the same time, the maids are still cleaning up the blood here.
"The Empress Dowager arrives"
"My son (male and female servants) welcomes the Empress Dowager (empress)" and they all saluted.
The Empress Dowager nodded her head, which was different from coming back this time. This time, the Empress Dowager seems to be in poor spirits. Even the white hair on her temples is much more than before. It looks a little decaying. "Get up quickly."
"Mother, please sit down"
"There’s no need to mourn for my family. I’m from Cining Palace. I haven’t been back for a long time. It’s normal for this palace to be treated with more unclean things."
This even meant something to the empress dowager, who even knew that her provocation had taken effect. "The lesson of the empress dowager was that the male and female servants did not dare to overstep the rules to take care of things in this mother’s harem. I didn’t expect such a wolf ambition to appear in this palace, even holding a sword and asking me to spill my blood in public!"
"This is nothing but pity for Miss Wanjia. I heard that you have let Miss Wanjia go out of the palace?"
Even Jianji nodded. "It’s a coincidence that when I passed Gongcheng before my male and female servants got married, she saved my life. This time I heard that this family said that she was going to marry my cousin and I invited her to the palace to chat. She actually saved me again."
"That’s just as you said. What a coincidence!"
"But it’s already late at night. It’s all right for the assassin to assassinate me. It actually shocked the empress dowager to stay in Beijing for a while. After checking the assassin, the male and female servants immediately called people to whip the corpse for three days, just to vent their anger on the empress dowager."