With Lazio’s ability and efficiency, it’s really a hit-and-miss …

Everyone knows this very well. So when the commentator saw that Inter Milan was going to fight Lazio, he asserted: "It seems that this game may be a big score again …"
Didn’t Leonardo know?
Of course he knows, but what can he do? He must win. On the one hand, it is to lead the team to win the Champions League qualification next season, and on the other hand, it is hoped that victory will prove his ability so that he can continue to coach at Inter Milan.
Leonardo had to gamble for the future of himself and the team.
Chapter three hundred and eighty-eight God is a Lazio fan
Inter Milan is very brave to play against Lazio at home, and everyone knows what will happen in the end.
There is no suspense.
People who like Inter Milan are willing to call Leonardo’s decision "brave".
But more people will only think that Leonardo was frightened by Lazio and lost his mind. This is not "brave", this is … "stupid"!
At the beginning of the game, Lazio raised the tempo.
Since Inter Milan are going to attack us, let them have a good time!
So the two sides started to attack each other on the court, and you came and went.
It is very lively.
But overall, Lazio has the upper hand.
Inter Milan’s players are not weak, but their head coach is too weak to put such a fighting whole together.
So Inter Milan is at a disadvantage.
What about Lazio? If you want to say how many world-class stars there are in the team, it’s not really. The best players in the world are not in their squad yet, but they are the most powerful in Europe as a whole.
This is related to winning constantly.
Now the biggest hero of Lazio’s rise is sitting in the coach’s seat, crossing his legs and watching his team play against Inter Milan.
Goals are also easy to appear under this kind of open-ended kicking method.
In the 17th minute, the first goal of the game was born.
There is no doubt that the team that scored first is Lazio.
Taking advantage of Inter Milan’s assist, Lazio successfully intercepted the ball from Mai Kong’s foot, and then launched a counterattack from the space behind him.
Fast pass, the football soon came and hit the 30-meter area of Inter Milan.
At this time, there are more attacking Lazio players than defending Inter Milan players!
At the front of Inter Milan’s restricted area, they formed a local advantage of five dozen four!
No matter how defensive Inter Milan are, they will always miss a Lazio player.
This makes their defense uncomfortable.
David silva, who took the ball, and Klose, who withdrew to meet himself, made a one-on-one match and easily broke into the penalty area.
After entering the penalty area, he pretended to shoot, and deceived Inter Milan defenders Lucio and Samuel, and as a result, he sent the football to the middle.
Gotze, who came in from the diagonal line in the ribs, won and roared!
The football flew into the goal in front of Cesar!
During the whole process, Lazio players and football were not in motion and never stopped.
In this attack, you saw that Lazio players hesitated after receiving the ball, looking around, looking around and observing the situation.