However, he has made a decision anyway, and the new tactics and formations have been determined, so it doesn’t matter whether aimar stays or not.

Since the player wants to leave by himself, if he wins, he will be released.
And now let aimar go, you can also make a lot of money from the transfer market.
He knew that aimar had many potential buyers because of its excellent performance last season, and many of them were giants.
When aimar’s agent declared that his players were unhappy in Valencia, many teams came to contact Valencia and asked about the price of aimar.
It also alarmed oti.
Oti is worried that the team has sold captain mendieta, and if aimar is sold again, will it cause protests from the fans …
Changsheng shrugged: "Even if they are dissatisfied, victory will appease them. Aimar is not the most important member of mad dog tactics, he can go. "
At this time, Changsheng had just led the team to the League Championship and the King’s Cup, which was very prestigious. In addition, the club was still in the honeymoon period, so Oti finally agreed to Changsheng’s decision to sell aimar.
The next thing is simple-see who has the highest bid among so many clubs that ask for the price.
After some bidding, Inter Milan stood out.
They just sold Ronaldo and need to bring in stars to strengthen their strength and calm the anger of the fans.
Aimar is such a good choice.
Aimar, known as Diego Maradona’s successor, has no problem in fame.
He also performed very well in Valencia last season, which proved that his strength is no problem.
In addition, Moratti seems to prefer Argentine players, and most of the players he bought are Argentine.
Another reason-Inter Milan coach Cooper is an Argentine, and naturally he trusts his compatriots the most. Last season he poached kily gonzalez from Valencia, and this season he wants to poach aimar.
Chang Sheng turned green when he saw Inter Milan’s interest in aimar-Kai Zi!
Everyone knows that Moratti likes Inter Milan, and everyone knows that he is willing to pay for Inter Milan.
So the fans of Inter Milan are happy because there is a president who loves the club so much.
But at the same time, the fans of Inter Milan are also suffering. Because Moratti spent a lot of money to buy many stars, but they all fell into the "black hole of stars" of Inter Milan …
But in any case, if the coach of Inter Milan tells Moratti that he needs a player, no matter how much money a player has, Moratti will always try his best to bring it to him.
Now Cooper tells Moratti that he needs aimar and Inter Milan needs aimar.
So Moratti directly asked Valencia for the price.
Naturally, he is not looking for a constant winner, his grades are not equal, and he can’t communicate. He is asking Oti.
Oti didn’t know how much aimar should sell, so he came to find Changsheng.
Chang Sheng pondered a little: "Tell him that 30 million euros can take aimar away."
When aimar came to Valencia, his price was 21.25 million. Now, it is 30 million, which is still a reasonable price. The constant victory does not really kill Moratti.
But you can’t let yourself lose money, can you?
Moratti really deserves to be the richest man in Italy. He didn’t bargain with Valencia’s offer, so he just struck the table: "I bought it!"
He is willing to pay more money as long as it can help Inter Milan’s performance.
Last season, inter Milan lost the league title in the final round. After Ronaldo was replaced, the scene of tears on the bench shocked many people and also shocked him.
Let him strengthen the idea of spending money to strengthen the team.
Buying a star is the way to strengthen the team.
Aimar’s performance is excellent, and the head coach also favors him. He believes that after aimar comes, he will help Inter Milan regain its glory, so 30 million is 30 million. If you can bring a league title to Inter Milan, let alone 30 million, 60 million is not expensive!
In this way, aimar went to Inter Milan for 30 million yuan.
At the same time, Deco came to Valencia for 16 million.
Two people who might have gone to the other club by means of exchange passed by in this way.
Deco finally came to Valencia, and aimar finally left this sad team, but instead of going to Porto, he chose the more attractive giants Inter Milan.
Chapter one hundred and sixty Gao Shuai rich and short, poor and ugly
In the media, these two transfer transactions were announced almost simultaneously.
Or it can be said that the media are intentional.
Aimar’s transfer was first announced.
Before there was any movement in Valencia official website, the Italian media first revealed the news that Valencia midfielder aimar had transferred to Inter Milan.
Then it spread to Spain, and the Spanish media began to pay attention.
If this transfer transaction is true, it will be shocking!
Because these media can’t understand Valencia’s thinking at all, or the winning thinking.
Aimar is the core of Valencia’s midfield. Last season, he scored six goals and had sixteen assists in various competitions. Such an excellent performance is absolutely indispensable to Valencia’s outstanding achievements.
Such a person should be tried to keep in any club.
I didn’t expect Valencia to sell him!
Although the transfer fee of 30 million is not low … but for this 30 million, let such a powerful player go, isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?
At the celebration ceremony of winning the league championship last season, Changsheng also said that the goal of the new season is to defend the title. Look at the rhythm of his selling people, defending the title is a ghost!
Let go of the main core, is this to defend the title?
This is the rhythm of running!
Many Spanish media have questioned Chang Sheng’s purpose in doing so.
And the media began to dig deep into the relationship behind this.
And then they really dug it up.
Media reporters are the most associative creatures.
They found Chang Sheng as easy as blowing off dust, preferring to bear the blame and selling aimar’s "hard evidence"!
That is, aimar leaked an internal conflict of the team last season, and then was suspended for three weeks by Changsheng. During these three weeks, aimar couldn’t even follow the first team in training, so he had to go to the B team. However, if you are qualified to participate in team B, you can only go back to the first team and sit on the bench and watch the Valencia game for three weeks.
This incident has made the media a treasure.
They firmly believe that this incident is a reasonable explanation for why Changsheng wants to sell aimar.