It is not only Delneri who has been hit, but also Juventus players on the field.
The backward gap between the two goals is just like an insurmountable gap.
So when the game resumed, Juventus players collectively seemed absent-minded.
They almost conceded another goal before the end of the first half.
Rocchi would have scored twice if goalkeeper Buffon hadn’t been brave.
Buffon got up and clapped his hands to remind his teammates loudly, but no one responded to him. Everyone is like Woodenhead, with a wooden expression and a dull expression.
At the end of the first half, Juventus still kept this expression when they came off the court.
Although the commentators very much hope that Juventus can beat Lazio.
But now it seems that … Juventus can’t finish this task.
Lazio’s dominance is still difficult to change for a while.
Delneri looked at this group of players in the locker room like robots that lost their motivation and sighed in their hearts.
He knew that if this emotion was allowed to develop, Juventus would lose the ball in the second half, which would eventually become a rout and make Juventus the laughingstock of everyone.
He must avoid this kind of thing.
First of all, we should boost the morale of the players.
He coughed twice and someone looked up at him to see what their head coach had to say.
"We are two goals behind at Lazio’s home. We have lost, right?" Delneri asked.
No player responded to him, even if there was no change in expression, and everyone continued to look at Delneri with a dull face.
"It seems so." Delneri nodded and spread his hand. "You have given up."
"But although you have given up, the game is still 45 minutes away. Actually, I don’t believe that we can make a big turnaround and win Lazio in 45 minutes … That’s a fairy tale, and we are long past the age of liking fairy tales. The data also proves that no team can reverse Lazio with two goals behind, no matter whether there are 45 minutes or 90 minutes left … "
The players looked at their head coach, a thing that all fools know, and they didn’t know why the head coach emphasized it again.
Delneri continued: "But, gentlemen. I want to remind you that you are professional players. Do professional players just play football to make money? No, professional players should have professional ethics. When you play on the court, you should go all out, because this is your profession! Your jobs! You must take this job seriously! Even though we have fallen behind by two goals! Because failure is also a kind of work! We can’t choose the outcome, win or lose, but we can choose the attitude towards these outcomes. When we lose, are we giving up on ourselves, so completely degenerate? Or bravely fight with our opponents until the last moment, release all our energy, leave a deep impression on our opponents, and make their ankles hurt when they think of us! "
When Delneri said this, many players’ eyes lit up again. Obviously, they are very interested in the words of the head coach.
"Lazio once stole our championship and humiliated us at our home! Now it’s our turn to get revenge! We can’t steal their championship, but we can make their road a little harder! This is our mission in the second half! "
Chapter four hundred and one The brave fight the devil king
Changsheng may think that 2: 0 is already very safe, even if it is a knife repair.
So the opponent must be dead.
But when the second half of the game started, Changsheng discovered that Juventus was just like Xiaoqiang who couldn’t be killed …
After a half-time, they seemed to be alive with blood.
Their running is still very active, and their fighting is still fierce.
You can’t see from them that this is a team that has lost two goals to Lazio.
The commentators were surprised to see Juventus like this.
But soon they got excited.
They were still worried that Juventus’ self-abandonment would make the game dull at half-time.
Now it seems that they don’t have to worry.
At this time, they don’t expect Juventus to beat Lazio.
Juventus, who are two goals behind, are doomed to fail to win this pizza. But Juventus’ positive performance can arouse people’s support for them.
Lazio has been strong for too long, and many neutral fans are bored with it. They are eager for a team that can make trouble for Lazio. If you don’t see it, you must win-it’s too difficult to beat Lazio-as long as you can embarrass Lazio, that’s great.
That’s what Juventus are doing now.
Their indomitable spirit and fighting spirit conform to all positive images in sports competition.
Make people involuntarily willing to support them.
So in everyone’s eyes, Juventus is the protagonist who was knocked down by the devil and then stood up. He was knocked down by the devil again and again and was seriously injured, but he always stood up from a pool of blood again and again, clutching his sword in his hand, staring at the devil’s eyes stubbornly and unyieldingly, and the flame of fighting spirit never went out!
Even once, everyone thought he was dead, and there could be no more miracles.
Just as the devil laughed, he got up from the ground again!