His fast speech speed gives people a more nervous feeling, and the coming events cast their shadows before them describe this moment.

On the other hand, in Lazio, Italian commentators are faster and more excited than English commentators. Lazio fans kept cheering and cheering for their team through the TV.
Compared with today’s huge Lazio fans, the fans who can go to the scene to watch the game are still nine hairs in Niu Yi, so there will be many Lazio fans who can’t go to the scene and can only watch the game in front of the TV.
In spite of this, the passion and enthusiasm they showed were no less than those of Lazio fans in the stands!
In fact, when Manchester United attacked, Ferguson realized the problem.
However, at that time, he saw that Lazio’s defense was hastily organized, and he thought maybe this was an opportunity?
Although he told his players to keep a 0-0, they should not think too much.
But at this time, his mind was thinking too much.
He thought if we scored a goal away from home … wouldn’t it be better for our defense?
So he didn’t immediately make a hullabaloo about to let his players go back and stop attacking.
He doesn’t think that even if the attack fails, Lazio can score a goal at once-Lazio’s attack is not as sharp as this, and Manchester United’s defense has not failed to this extent.
So he was not worried at first.
But now … His expression has completely changed.
He still didn’t yell on the sidelines, but his expression was very dignified!
The frequency of chewing gum in his mouth has also accelerated-this is a manifestation of his nervousness.
Because it looks like this, Lazio’s attack is threatening!
He is worried that Manchester United’s goal will be declared lost!
If you lose the ball first, your tactical plan will be declared a failure.
After receiving the ball, balzaretti didn’t continue to take the ball forward, but passed the football obliquely to the front of the restricted area and the middle position.
There, center Klose pulled out of the penalty area and retreated to catch the ball.
He caught the ball, but he couldn’t turn around, because Nemanja Vidic, United’s main centre-back, pressed out and stuck close behind him.
Klose also didn’t intend to turn into the restricted area.
Lazio’s attack rarely makes the center take the ball with his back, then singles out the opponent’s central defender and then breaks into the penalty area to shoot.
Klose quickly gave the football club to Ballack.
Ballack assumed a posture of long-range shooting, and Fletcher, who was tricked into defending him, blocked the shot.
But Barak faked it. He tricked Fletcher into jumping up, dodging the empty space and passing the football to the other side of the rib.
Mario gotze catches the ball.
At the same time, Klose, who just returned the football to Ballack, turned forward and rushed into the penalty area.
His action attracted the attention of Manchester United defenders.
This is obviously the meaning of seeking cooperation with Gotze.
Klose, Ballack and Gotze are all Germans and international players of the German national team. They are very tacit together.
Gotze passed the football to Klose’s feet, which was very simple …
So Vidic didn’t dare to neglect and followed Klose closely.
Just then, Gotze passed the ball.
He put his ankle sideways and gently pushed the football forward!
However, football is not passed to Klose, but to the front of the ribs!
Then, amid everyone’s exclamations, Lazio’s right-back Azpiliquita came in. He sped up the rush, leaving behind Manchester United left-back Patrice Evra who defended him.
Then he got a pass from Gotze!
"Azpiliquita! ! He’s almost unguarded! !”
Amid the exclamations of the commentator, Azpiliquita chose the cross.
He whipped the football towards the door.
The speed of the ball is very fast, which can definitely make the goalkeeper who saves the ball at the primary level too late to save it!
Such a pass will also bring great trouble to the defenders who return to the defense-if you want to tackle the ball, you will only shovel the football into your own goal and cause an own goal.
If you choose other defense, you can’t make sure to kick the football out, because when you run back, facing your own goal, the football is fast, and it is really difficult to make other effective defense actions. No matter what defensive action you choose, nine times out of ten, you will bump the football into van der Sar’s own goal.
What if you defend?
That’s just right, but there are Lazio players behind us!
Therefore, Azpiliquita’s cross made Manchester United players feel very uncomfortable.
They’d rather Azpiriqueta pass the football, pass a high ball, slow it down, and fly it in the air for a long time, so Manchester United defenders can push it out.
The two central defenders of Manchester United are very confident in fighting for the top ball.
But unfortunately, Azpiliquita also knows their specialty, so he passed such a ball that made them extremely uncomfortable.
This led the two central defenders to get the boat when defending.
As a result, neither Vidic nor rio ferdinand could touch the ball.
And klose and david silva double ghost clap the door, tandem, flattery!
In the end, Klose didn’t meet in front, and david silva from the back hit the football into the goal!
"The goal-david silva! David silva! David silva! ! ! He took the lead for Lazio! Lazio led 1-0 at their home, and they broke the deadlock! Will this game enter the Lazio rhythm? "
The commentator raised his arms and shouted.
"Although Manchester United’s defense is very tight, this time they still showed their flaws! They were intercepted by Lazio when trying to attack, and Lazio completed a beautiful quick attack! "
"Manchester United’s tactic is to defend the away game and try not to lose a goal … but now it seems that their plan will be ruined …"
In the stands, Lazio fans jumped up from their seats, waving their fists and stamping their feet.
The stands seemed to be shaking.
They hugged, they screamed, and they danced in desperate ecstasy.
In stark contrast to them, in the audience of the visiting team, Manchester United fans sat in their seats with their heads in their hands and a depressed face.