Now netizens need a word to block you.

"Oh, sheep shit is no longer so small, but dreamers do."
Give a hard, shiny slap and call your face without mercy
No matter how gorgeous an excuse is, it doesn’t really make sense. It never needs gorgeous words to decorate it. It is always simple and simple.
When all is said, you can’t do it. It’s not your turn to deny that this little leading role and supporting role will amuse the audience as much as it will be full of praise in ten or thirty years.
Weibo’s real-time comments are still scrolling and receiving rave reviews.
In the screen
Live broadcast
The dreamer stage is dark again, and then it lights up again. Before you have too much aftertaste, you won’t let the audience who have already laughed, take a break and continue to pick up a program.
Subtitle typing
Be full of knowledge and skills
"Xiang has finally arrived."
"Haha, I’m really not going to let my ABS rest."
Now, watching Dreamer’s Spring Festival Evening, the audience are very confident.
Yes, Xiang declined after liberation. In the 1990s, with the emergence of small entertainment forms and diversification, the decline of Xiang became even more inevitable. Later, the emergence of the Internet and the leap in communication technology accelerated this process. Nowadays, small people have been complaining about it, and Xiang is even worse than small.
But what if this is the main stage of the pit? Can it be the same?
Yeah, it will definitely look good, too.
With this expectation, the audience stared at the screen and didn’t want to blink again.
First of all, there are two actors. Naturally, it is a New Year’s greeting and self-introduction. This is not running.
Dear audience and friends, Happy New Year.
My name is Miao, and I’m an actor. Oh, it’s the first time to be on this stage. To be honest, I’m in a very good mood.
Hold "Yes, wait, you are in a very good mood"
Make "uneasy"
Hold "Do you want to say uneasy?"
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
Make a face of embarrassment. "Ah, oh, yes, yes, I’m sorry for you. It’s really embarrassing to lose this ugly culture."
Hold "attainments and cultural attainments"
There was another burst of laughter at the scene, and every second was a joke.
"It seems to be a unified text."
"It’s interesting."
I’m kidding you. I’m not as good as this teacher Wang next to me. I’m a college student and graduated from Shaanxi University.
There is no eating university in Peng Normal University in Shaanxi.
After I graduated from Shaanxi Normal University, I didn’t work as a major.