Wang Zhengquan jumped out to make this trouble and upset Xu Taotao’s original plan.

However, I have to say that his noise just accelerated the pace of death.
Guide the official start of the conference.
The leaders first spoke to Minister Qin of the Ministry of Commerce, and then Director Zhu came to prepare a long speech, because both Wang Zhengquan and Sao Cao were in no mood at the moment.
Let’s make a short story.
At the bottom, the leaders of several big factories noticed what was wrong and looked at the big brother of the machinery factory.
"Director Feng, I am looking at whether there is something wrong with the expressions of Minister Lin and Zhu. Is something wrong?"
How can I put it? I just turned my face red with chicken blood and turned into’ love Zha Zha’
Director Feng of the machinery factory frowned with dignity. "The leader is still in the face. Don’t talk nonsense."
He also felt something was wrong in his heart.
The next guidance meeting is Wang Zhengquan’s home.
Facing the leaders of the meat joint factory and other foreign factories, everyone was very interested in Master Wang’s guidance experience.
Who knows, it turned into his personal touting conference.
Speaking of it, he was praised by international friends at that time, and he earned a large sum of money with his plate of delicious braised beef, and the country earned foreign exchange.
The awards awarded to him by the state have all brought enthusiasm like a Hua Hudie for everyone to see.
"Look at it, everyone. This is the face-to-face award. The awards are all written. See if you reward me!"
You secretly rub to steal the leaders of the factory.
Right here?
No dry goods at all. This is not a wave of feelings!
Don’t say the leaders of the flour mill are sitting face to face with Minister Qin’s face livid.
He lowered his voice and said to the factory director Zhu next to him, "I don’t even know what to say about this matter in your slaughterhouse!"
Today, this matter is just to discredit the leadership.
Director Zhu stared at the pale deputy director reckon with "the minister’s old condition is also the slaughterhouse, so I’ll say him later! You calm down! "
Minister Qin’s black face caught a glimpse of Xu Taotao, dressed as a chef, and frowned.
"Why are you still looking for a lesbian? This competition is that Wang Zhengquan deliberately shows off his ability to step on our western province. Why don’t you just ignore it and find a lesbian to mess around!"
"Call this lesbian and you will lose face. You still want the little girl to lose face!"
Minister Qin stared at Director Zhu with a look that he didn’t know what to say.
Director Zhu wronged and explained to Minister Qin, "Minister, you don’t know that before Jamlom, there was a famous chef in the state-run hotel in the western province of China. I’m sure her cooking is better than Wang Zhengquan’s.
Isn’t Wang Zhengquan proud? Let’s let Jamlom give him a good comparison and let him be embarrassed! "
Director Zhu gas mercilessly way
Minister Qin looked at the thin and witty female comrade with some excitement and some doubts.
He asked director Zhu, "Is it really so powerful?"
Director Zhu nodded proudly, "So much! My old Zhu patted his chest to assure you! "
Comrade Chairman said that practice is the only criterion for testing truth!
He has practiced it. He is qualified to say this!
Minister Qin abandoned Chou the eye and talked about Wang Zhengquan in Kan Kan.
He said, "Yes! Let this lesbian compete with our western province. If she compares this old thing, I will personally give her a reward! "
Factory director Zhu suddenly became happy.
Chapter one hundred and seventy-two When the face is going on
Factory director Feng, the first representatives of factory leaders looked at each other.
Jiao, deputy director of the textile mill, said, "This lesbian who competes with Wang Zhengquan is also very good at cooking. It seems that our western province is not a must!"
Director Feng is relieved that he and Zhu have been old friends for many years.
Zhu, although he is stingy at ordinary times, can’t call a pedestrian who doesn’t understand to have a competition.
Since he should let this lesbian, he must be somewhat sure.
No matter what the factory leaders think, all kinds of kitchen utensils are ready. Xu Taotao and Master Wang have set up stoves and started to break their heads.
The old Xu family, Xu Daguang, two people and Xu Dage all came to the scene to cheer for their peaches.
Xiu-lan zhao nervous holding a fist "my daughter will win! My niece will win! "
She stared at the calm little girl and took a deep breath.
Xu Daguang was nervous when she came, but she even painted her white heart and pounded.
He swallowed hard and grabbed his daughter-in-law’s hand. "Don’t scare yourself into winning!"
Brother Xu scratched his head and wondered why his parents were so nervous.
"Little sister is so delicious when cooking. What’s terrible?"
Xiu-lan zhao and Xu Daguang glances immediately let go of your hands and raised your bar.
That’s right. Their little girl is amazing. It’s a piece of cake to clean up the capital, Master Wang.
Make a fuss!
Cooking competition has always been simple and rude, that is, it is better than who cooks.
Xu Taotao also experienced great storms. When she was a little girl, she was given high hopes. Grandma took part in cooking competitions of all ages.
The grand prize and the small prize have won a pot full of small scenes today. She is really not empty.
Today, she is going to cook three dishes: a Xinjiang saute spicy chicken, a fish head with chopped peppers and a fried eggplant.
Many people can cook saute spicy chicken, but if we want to say authentic saute spicy chicken, it must be from Xinjiang. This dish is not from Xu Taotao’s ancestral home. She once traveled to Xinjiang with her friends and ate it once, which is different from the’ Xinjiang saute spicy chicken’ in the streets. The technique is particularly authentic.
Xu Taotao belongs to special spirituality in cooking. After tasting it once, she tasted the exclusive secret recipe of the chef.
After traveling back, she was so greedy that she made a double platter. It tasted exactly the same, not to mention that because her pickled chicken technique was more unique, Xinjiang saute spicy chicken was better than others.
She just saw that Master Wang was also preparing to cook chicken, and she thought of this Xinjiang saute spicy chicken gallants.
And eating the fish head with chopped pepper is the pure taste of chopped pepper. Xu Taotao is very confident in making chopped pepper himself.
This dish is particularly easy for her to finish. Sprinkle onion, ginger, garlic, red pepper oil and pour it on the fish head from the fire. A strange and attractive smell suddenly swept away.