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Anyway, when it’s all finished, it will be irregular and sent directly.
I really tried my best to swear.
Luo also needs to rest and sleep sometimes. It’s very tiring. To be continued …
Chapter two hundred and forty-six I like you to call me master!
On weekdays, my aunt used to get up early, stew millet porridge and stir-fry a few side dishes. When two children got up, Xiaoxun didn’t like to live on campus, and the school was far away. She had to eat early to drive to school. All the families used to eat early.
It’s a little past now, and the whole family is waiting for Ye Shu to sit at the table with a black face. Xiaoqi’s stomach is growling with hunger, but Xiaoqi Nai is reluctant to ring the house of Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter again because of the principle that the host can’t eat first.
"What’s the noise? It’s not up." Ye Jing opened the door impatiently.
Xiaoqi has never liked this so-called sister’s arrogance, and she is as unreasonable and stupid as her mother.
&nbs】□wan】□shu】□baa⌒nshu≧bap; It reminded Xiaoqi of the corner of her mouth that she didn’t realize that she took the trouble to change the guest room where Lanchen lived. It still had this meaning.
I suddenly feel that it will be very interesting if she crosses into the palace fight.
Glanced at Ye Jing very hot with grass red hair small seven play taste "nothing you can continue to sleep, I am kind to wake you up a blue morning later and you sleep … just his room"
Ye Jing a listen to immediately dumbfounded exclaim like hell.
"Mom, get up and wait … master, master is coming."
In the room, the radian of Xiaoqi’s mouth is getting deeper. He just heard her calling Lanchen, expecting Lanchen’s door for the first time. It really needs Lanchen’s evil cat.
If Lanchen knew that Xiaoqi regarded him as a cat that drove him away, I wonder if he would strangle him.
It never rains but it pours.
I haven’t waited until Lanchenmen Xiaoqi received Enron’s words first.
Xiao qiyi was surprised and quickly turned on the home TV.
When Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter’s faces appeared in the video, Xiaoqi realized that something was wrong.
Enron is a temporary agent of Xiao Qiye’s lonely boat, and he was caught off guard when he learned the news.
"Xiao qi, what now? The news has come out, and I can’t suppress it if I want to. Now your foster mother Ye Shu’s daughter is in a weak position for everyone, and their publication to the media is very bad for you. If it is not handled properly this time, it will have a negative impact on you. "
Xiaoqi didn’t speak. The forefinger rang the desktop lightly.
At this time, whether it was Ye Shu or Xiao Xun, the social aunt, was angry on the spot when she saw Fang Ruhui’s mother-daughter bloody speech in the news.
In the face of the media, Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter turned black and white and said that Ye Guitian abandoned his wife and daughter and took her hard-earned daughter to learn and raise in Beijing. And raising Ye Xiaoqi is a baiwenhang who raised him since childhood. He is not as harsh as reading and eating. He even calls Xiaoqi a child who knows how to spend money recklessly.
Looking at Fang Ruhui in the TV stand, he told me that he had devoted himself to this dedicated editor and also dressed up the photos of the premiere of Xiaoqi. Now Fang Ruhui is covered in rags and made a very visual impact.
In the last scene, Fang Ruhui said that she didn’t blame Ye Xiaoqi for bringing him up and abandoning his foster mother after she became famous. After all, she was not his real mother, and she even shed emotional tears in the camera. Please support the cause of self-support and don’t make it difficult for children.
Xiao Qi has lived together for so long, but he doesn’t know that Fang Ruhui still has the qualification to be a film winner. I believe that the ratings of this issue will be popular.
The cell phone kept ringing, and Xiaoqi simply removed the pool board when the doorbell suddenly rang.
I don’t know Xiao Qi’s intuition that the bearer is Lan Chen.
As soon as the door opened, I saw Lan Chen enter the room with a calm face.
"Good morning!" Xiaoqi greeted briskly.
Lan Chen stared at Xiao Qi and walked towards Fang Xiaoqi, touching his nose and heel bitterly.
As soon as I entered the room, I threw today’s newspaper on the table. An eye-catching headline impressively read, "A person who is popular is a lonely boat and no one knows his true face"!
Xiaoqi sneers at this title, which is so talented.
"Still laughing?" Blue morning anger
Do you know how many storms this news has caused? I’m afraid this guy can still laugh when all the people he hit are at the airport and come back.
Xiaoqi didn’t good the spirit. "Then do you want me to cry?"
Lan Chen grinned, "Young Master is reluctant to lend you your shoulder."
Xiaoqi rolled his eyes, idiot!
"What did you say? The mother and daughter are here? " After a while, Lan Chen roared on the spot.
Nodding Xiao Qi looked at Lan Chen strangely … Isn’t it always famous for being calm?
I don’t think he was so harsh when the Hengfeng stock market plummeted.
"I strangled them-"said Lan Chen, who was furious and was about to open the door.
Xiao qiyi was surprised and quickly hugged the blue morning waist from behind.
"You calm down and strangle them. I would have strangled them." This guy … is crazy? Isn’t it messy enough?
Lanchen suddenly stopped moving, and obediently let Xiaoqi hold Xiaoqi and realize what it was that she raised her head and just bumped into Lanchen’s eyes. When Lanchen focused on a person, it would give people an illusion that she was the only one who was deeply stared at by Lanchen.
Xiao qi shan shan gently coughed and was about to let go of his hand, but he was hugged by Lan Chen.
"Blue morning …"
"Call young master!" How many times have I told Lan Chen to command the earth? Why hasn’t this guy remembered?
Xiao Qiyu resigned. Why do you call him Young Master like everyone else?
"I like you to call me master" Lan Chenyin is gentle but tough.
Xiao Qi’s bowl "Your blue family all call you a young master" on China or abroad.
At this moment, Lanchen buried her face in Xiaoqi’s warm neck and sulked. "That’s not the same. It’s natural for them to call me Young Master, but you don’t call me Young Master from your mouth, which makes me feel that you belong to me … to me alone."
Xiaoqi was not used to Blue Morning’s intimacy and began to struggle. "Ah, hello … Now is not the time to discuss what to call you?"
Lan Chen let go of Xiao Qi and earned Lan Chen’s arms at the right time.
"What do you think of this matter?" Lan Chen finally calmed down.
"Back to the master, there must be something wrong with it." Xiaoqi answered seriously.
Lanchen smiled one leng, and Xiaoqi was so cute.
"Fang Ruhui’s behavior is also low-key. This time, he suddenly appeared in Beijing and performed in front of reporters in a high-profile manner. If there is no instruction behind him, Fang Ruhui can’t afford to lift any waves." Xiaoqi came to the conclusion when he just saw the network report all over the sky that it was too deliberate to be continued …
Chapter two hundred and forty-seven shattered glass!
Lan Chen sat in front of the desk and tapped on the desktop. "A lonely boat has been signed by my blue family. All your news has been hidden by the company as confidential. Is it you or the blue family who is behind the scenes?"
Smell speech xiaoqi thought deeply that he didn’t think Lanchen was far-reaching or that he didn’t know anyone who would trip the Blue House. He felt that it was personal. If it was really like Lanchen said, someone would kill two birds with one stone with Fang Ruhui’s mother and daughter as guns.
Everyone knows that the momentum is strong, and all the columns are signed by the blue family. Although Blue Morning js Entertainment Company is also influential, it is not a big attraction in the entertainment circle. After all, js Entertainment Company is a blue morning learning enterprise management test, but it is just a small industry for the blue family.
However, this time, Blue Morning js Entertainment Company signed a lonely boat in a big way and then started shooting. The popularity has already made some film companies jealous that they failed to sign a lonely boat, but they let the blue family beat them to it, so those companies that didn’t get a lonely boat began to plan ahead.