Real Madrid and Dortmund are both tied and lost with only one point.

Moreover, Real Madrid, the Spanish super giant, is still at the bottom of this group.
Because there is no goal, the number of goals is less than that of Dortmund, and Real Madrid ranks fourth in the group, which is the last one …
It is said that Benitez has been given an ultimatum by Real Madrid after the draw with Nottingham Forest.
If he can’t win the Champions League group stage, he will have to leave class.
So this game against Dortmund will be his life-and-death battle.
Fortunately, he is playing at home, otherwise it will be more dangerous.
That’s why we should pay attention to this game.
The first two games proved that Nottingham Forest is definitely a tough team.
Because their defense is so good …
It’s really good for Real Madrid and Dortmund to keep a clean sheet.
Dortmund won’t talk about the first game against Nottingham Forest. Dortmund may still be a little proud and underestimating his enemy.
But Real Madrid is different. They lost to Lazio in the first group match, so they are eager to win. They will definitely attack in the second game.
This is also the case.
Real Madrid bombed away for 90 minutes without scoring …
After Lazio achieved great success by relying on offensive football, more and more teams also raised the banner of offensive football.
A temporary attack has become the mainstream trend in European football.
Defending the team was criticized by public opinion instead.
A team like Nottingham Forest looks very strange in today’s environment.
They scored two points by these two games and ranked second in the group.
There is already such a sound. Some media said that if such a team broke into the top 16 of the Champions League, it would definitely be an insult to the Champions League, the world’s highest-level football match …
The game against Nottingham Forest will also be very difficult for Lazio to attack.
Chang Sheng and the coaching staff have carefully studied the Nottingham Forest Games video and found that this is actually not a defensive team. They also have their own unique features in attack, but on the whole, their overall style is indeed defensive counterattack.
The word "solid defense and sharp counterattack" can well summarize the characteristics of this team.
At present, their coach Tony Twain leads Nottingham Forest to play a kind of football that is out of tune with this era. With this kind of football, they qualified for the Champions League. With this kind of football, they eliminated Lyon and entered the Champions League. With this kind of football, they are still unbeaten and ranked second in the group.
Dunn’s defensive tactics in the game were called "wall defense" by the English media, which means that their defense is like a wall.
People always stop a bus in front of the goal, and they just build a wall in the restricted area to completely seal the goal!
Many teams are at a loss in the face of their defense
Then, when attacking on a large scale, the defense line was unconsciously empty.
At this time, Nottingham Forest will make a fierce counterattack, which is very efficient. One counterattack can fix the game.
This is how Lyon died in the Champions League qualifier.
After losing a 3-0 away from Lyon, Lyon returned to home and planned to attack and deal with the opponent.
Not long after the game, they did score, which made the total score 13, so they were two goals short.
Lyon’s morale was greatly boosted, and he attacked harder and turned a blind eye to the defense behind him.
In this way, Lyon bombarded the forest team at home and lost four goals instead.
Nottingham Forest scored four goals by defensive counter-attack.
Soon Lyon found that they had made a mistake, but they had no better choice but to attack. If they attacked, of course, they would lose more goals, but if they defended, the score was enough for them to die.
In the end, Nottingham Forest scored four goals in one breath, completely locking in the number of places to advance to the race.
In the end, Nottingham Forest beat Lyon 41 away, with a total score of 71 and eliminated Lyon.
Such a secret defense as breaking Nottingham forest will be a problem for Lazio.
Chapter 34 People on whom Nottingham Forest depends
Nottingham Forest’s defensive stability mainly depends on three people. One is their main goalkeeper, Peter Johnson, who is only 21 years old this year.
This is now the main goalkeeper of the England national team.
He is two meters tall, but he is not clumsy and very flexible. His wingspan is particularly long, so that he can easily jump to many ordinary goalkeepers, and he has to be very reluctant to jump to the ball.
This is his advantage.
He rose from Nottingham Forest two seasons ago, and the supernova has been blown into casillas II by the English media-meaning that although he is tall, he is agile and good at dodging the ball, and the second most important thing is that he is almost equivalent to casillas’s defensive base in the most chaotic period of Real Madrid in England …
In fact, this nickname sounds more like the English media’s poor defense of the English national team …
However, he did play very well because of his rapid rise. At the age of thirty-four, Joe Hart, an English national, has retired from the main position of the national team to become a substitute for Peter Johnson.
The goalkeeper is the last line of defense for a team, but it is obviously impossible for a team to defend well and always expect the goalkeeper to play beyond his ability to save lives.
Nottingham Forest can’t be the best defensive team in England and keep a clean sheet in the Champions League group stage if it depends on the goalkeeper.
Their good defense is mainly due to their strong midfield.
At this time, there must be two other important people in this team.
Jian Chen
At the age of twenty-six, he was the main player of both China national team and Nottingham forest team. He was also a player who was sent abroad by the "Star Plan" company. First, he obtained Spain, which was still very young at that time, and then he gradually kicked out and became more and more famous.
He was selected for the China national team and played many games. Nottingham Forest valued him and dug him from the yellow submarine after he was promoted to the Premier League.
He is characterized by flexible body shape and defense, mainly relying on excellent card position consciousness and flexible and agile running, but his brain makes up for this disadvantage.
In China, it is enough for the national team to take charge of sweeping the midfield by himself. Other players in China can attack with confidence, which shows how excellent his defensive ability is.
In Nottingham forest team, he and george wood cooperated well.
Only last season did he win the best foreign aid award selected by the Premier League.
Moreover, Nottingham Forest has just successfully renewed his contract and given him a six-year contract. The annual salary and bonus have been greatly increased. Tony Twain directly told those teams that are interested in Chen Jian that Chen Jian is a valuable asset and will not sell it at the press conference.
George Wood
Nottingham forest captain is only 24 years old and is already a world-famous midfielder.