Thirty-three days away. The changes of Song Changgeng are watched by these saints. The Qing sage just smiled and ignored it. He knew he was taking care of it. This little guy is finished. And in the clear sky, the saints are frowned. It seems difficult to decide. In the Jade Palace, the primitive sage’s eyes twinkled. I don’t know what to think. Then I closed my eyes and went on doing something else.

The way women look at Song Changgeng in their own eyes changes. The color flow of unbearable
Is it the last time or not to look with a sigh? She made the clan out of her own. Just like your own child. Among them, outstanding people appeared. It’s as if she saw her child achieve something. Very happy. It’s a pity that these children are seldom lucky. This Song Changgeng seems to be the same.
Amitabha in Elysium closed his eyes with a sad face. The quasi-Taoist in the Samsung Cave in the slanting moon is a light smile at the corner of his mouth. Began to greet the disciples to start preaching. In the nether world in the infinite void. The continuous flow of water in the three-way river. The six great divisions in the wheel of karma is running quietly. But a sigh also clearly spread to come out from the road.
Just when all saints thought that Song Chang had died. In addition to giving up. When other people have ignored him. I saw his ten-foot-high mixed body suddenly collapse and then suddenly began to split into two forces. And then began to spin automatically. During the operation, a force began to turn black. And the other is changed.
The power between the open constantly absorbed by it. At the same time, it is compressed into two forces of black and white. The rotating black-and-white power is like a Tai Chi diagram. Yin and Yang are paired and unified with each other. Yin is constantly absorbing the power of Yang. And turn them into yin power. The power of Yang also constantly transforms the power of Yin into the power of Yang. Yin and Yang transform into each other. Opposite. Unified with each other.
During the rotation, the big ball with a diameter of more than ten feet began to compress gradually. Smaller and smaller. Finally, it stops at a diameter of one foot and then it doesn’t shrink any more. Keep spinning. Absorbing the power of heaven. Tongtian, who has been observing, saw a look. He knew that others had stopped watching. And this little guy has already begun to realize. Once he is sober-minded, he will escape from the dreamland created by Taiqing. That’s your chance.
It’s inevitable that this guy will be sober now. His eyes moved. Mental rotation room. Yang around Song Chang began to be chaotic. This will temporarily make everything around him unpredictable. Heaven is a saint. Now its saint wants to come back and drive again. Because he messed up the secret of Yin and Yang. What others saw was that Song Changgeng was scattered in the sky.
Then I gave myself a swing. A Taoist like him suddenly appeared out of thin air. The Taoist reached for it in the air. He caught a green gourd in his hand. And then turned into a streamer. Across the barriers from all walks of life to the world. When flying to the bright side. A trick of god’s hand A purple hammer appeared in his hand.
The misty fairy in Ziyun Palace suddenly felt tight on her body. Then the purple electric hammer suddenly disappeared. Then I heard that there was a master in the sea: "I took the hammer. Hello, wait here. Protect Song Chang’s door. It is not good to be exploited by Buddhism. "
As soon as the ethereal fairy heard it, she knew that the teacher had done it by herself. He can’t help but face a change. This Song Chang is really so lucky, and now Song Changgeng himself doesn’t know this problem. Because he’s already getting confused. I don’t know where I am. Who you are. Physical changes are instinctive reactions to his memory. It is his perception of this experience.
The heavenly sage arrived near the bright spot in just a few breaths. The guardian array and various space screens here seem to have no obstacles to him. It’s like he walked from the door to the outside. Lift your legs and pass. Easily enter the light. Then instantly appeared on the jade peak that had been refined by the Taiqing sage. This jade peak is the same as the original heavenly mountain.
Now it has completely replaced the heavenly mountain. And it is still integrated with the light. The sage’s means are really extraordinary. Life in the bright world feels nothing. I’ve already been replaced by someone. The heavenly sage paused when he saw this jade peak. Then I swept my eyes. I knew the big brother didn’t do anything. Actually, I don’t care to touch anything.
He came to Song Chang-geng’s real one-foot ball. Sighed and said, "I’m afraid you have to work hard like this to gradually regain your consciousness." At that time, everything in the sky changed greatly. You’re still you. But your relatives and disciples are gone. Your sect is gone. My hopes are gone. So I have to help you once. I hope you won’t let me down. "
Say that finish with a wave of his hand. A clear light flashed. Into the sphere of yin and yang. See the force of Yin and Yang in the sphere suddenly. Then began to spin quickly. The sage smiled and said, "It’s really good. You can understand my "Tongtian Daoji" so quickly. It seems that I will accept you as an apprentice. So I’ll help you again. Give you two innate treasures to suppress yin and yang. "
As soon as the words fell, I saw him spinning fast. Print countless times in the void. Seal the surrounding area. However, the purple electric hammer and the green gourd were thrown into the ball of Song Chang Geng. I saw the ball shaking violently. And began to swell. The heavenly sage quickly hit a few clear lights to go in. The shaking of the ball became more intense.

Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master to proselytize
Blood in shushan Volume sixty-one Purple electricity crack empty Chapter six hundred and ten A word from master.
Song Changyi was not awake at that time. I don’t know who I am. One can exercise. When he realized what the Taiqing sage had specially prepared for him. The spirit subconsciously began to imitate. As a result, the mixed body was decomposed. It should have been gradually realized in the continuous operation before we could understand the truth of yin and yang. Finally regained consciousness.
However, because the heavenly sage penetrated into his understanding of Tao, "Tongtian Daoji". This process is shortened countless times. When the yin is about to fix its trajectory. Tong Shengren knocked in two Lingbao. Followed by Lingbao’s refining method Song Changgeng instinctively felt that this thing was not only useful to himself. And the benefits are great. So it was absorbed automatically.
Then I saw the black-and-white spinning ball, which was one foot big, suddenly expand. In a blink of an eye, it expanded to more than ten feet. The black part of the sphere represents yin, and a purple ball of light appears in the room. There is a purple hammer in the ball of light. The purple ball of light floats and sinks in the yin. Became the yin to the yang. And a blue ball of light appeared in the white representing Yang. There is a blue gourd in it.
Became the yang to the yin. With these two treasures, after the yin suppression. The trajectory of Yin and Yang is more wonderful and stable. Song’s consciousness also began to refine these two treasures according to the method of refining Lingbao from Tongtian saints. With his refining. The black-and-white Tai Chi ball with a diameter of about 10 meters began to shrink. And getting smaller and smaller. The farther back, the faster it shrinks.
Finally stopped. At what age did it stop? And Song Geng’s consciousness also recovered. He didn’t act, but thought about the past. I can’t help dying. If you keep sinking into the changes in the avenue. I guess it will melt away. Although I let the mixed body run because of instinctive imitation, it is estimated that it will take a long time to wake up.
If it weren’t for the help of an ignorant method of understanding the avenue. I don’t think I can wake up now. Later, I was awakened by two Guanghua schools that did not know where they came from, and then refined two treasures according to the subsequent refining method. When you succeed, instant time destroys the evolution of the avenue. Everything comes back to chaos.
Song Chang experienced the birth and death of heaven in this instant. Some feelings poured in unconsciously. At the same time, I also know that I have experienced a thrilling experience. I have learned a lot. It’s still in the middle. I don’t know who’s help is waiting for him to think about it. Just a induction was startled. One is that you have no body. Yuan Shen consciousness and mixed Yuan Zhen Hwa-Sung Do created a big black-and-white spinning bead.
Second, he feels that there are people around him, but there seems to be no one. It’s so ethereal, it’s so unreal. This feeling made him uncomfortable. But he also knows that the other side must be very powerful. Just when he didn’t know what to do, he heard a majestic voice saying, "Xuangong has been accomplished. Why don’t you go back to the unity of body and spirit? "
The voice seems to have an irresistible force. Song Chang Gung immediately flew Yuan Shen, who had turned into a bead, to the top of his head and then entered his mind along Baihui Tianmen. Instinctively put the power of beads into operation after going in. I saw a black and white and a brilliant spin. It’s getting bigger. Wrapped his body in a blink of an eye. And then in a blink of an eye. Everything is back to normal.
The heavenly sage looked at the "Tai Chi Pearl" without Song Chang-geng’s head. I can’t help but smile. Your own effort was not in vain. Then I saw Song Chang-geng’s body, which had stood still, suddenly sitting on the chair in a sitting posture with five hearts in the air. Fingers open and close like lotus flowers. Demonstrating the traces of the mysterious. Countless wonderful magic tricks turn.
With his fingers. He saw thick clear air coming from the air and sinking into the body from his head. I saw a dark cloud of polluted air gushing from the bottom. From his body into the body.
With the continuous influx of turbid gas. I feel that Yang Qing Yin Turbid Qi is constantly rotating and changing in Song Chang’s body. And in harmony with his own body. And Song Changgeng was also immersed in cultivation. Although I am a little anxious. I don’t know who is around me. But he knows better. Realm is something that can be met but not sought. If you miss it, it’s hard to find it.
He knows that he is in a wonderful world now. Although it is clear. But strike while the iron is hot. Now is the time to be solid. The man next to him just helped himself. It’s not bad to think about it. So he just decided. Put down a quiet practice. According to my own understanding of the avenue, it runs a clear and turbid road, two vitality in my body and runs in the meridians according to different routes.
The turbid qi flowing into the body is compressed into a clear, black and two-minute liquid truth element during the operation of meridians. Eventually it flowed into the abdomen. With the continuous influx of clear and turbid air. He felt that there were a lot of clear and turbid elements gathered in the abdomen. Beginning in the abdomen, the two truth elements began to contact each other. Then there was a violent outburst.
Two truth elements with different natures both want to assimilate each other. So he took his abdomen as a battlefield. There was a fight.
At that time, the "Tai Chi Zhu" in Song Chang’s mind started to move. The light of color swept. Clear and muddy Zhenyuan immediately began to become docile. And automatically operates and transforms. Soon a balance was formed. And the blood god Yuan Zhu in his abdomen was also broken down.
Yang returns to Yang. Yin returns to Yin. The clear and turbid gases are guided by each other’s eyes, forming a ball like a Taiji diagram. Running slowly in the body. Finally, after countless transformations, the turbid gas was transformed. Concise change has become a special pure force of yin and yang. It belongs to the "Tai Chi Pearl" in his mind. The heavenly sage is not happy to be around. Song Chang Gung also felt that he had completely integrated the newly condensed "Tai Chi Beads" with his body.
After feeling that there is no problem. He collected his work at once. After I opened my eyes and saw the sainthood not far ahead. He quickly stood up in confusion. Hand salute way: "I don’t know where friends come from? How did you get into my light? Just now I felt that someone was helping me. The breath is similar to that of Taoist friends. Is it a Taoist friend? Then I will thank you. "
Say that finish a deep ceremony. And the sage stood there with a strange smile: "guy. What did you call me? Daoyou hahaha. No one has dared to call me a Taoist friend for billions of years. You’re a funny little guy. But those who don’t know are not guilty. Not bad. I was helping you just now. As for how I got in. Ha ha. Simple. Because I am a saint. Is there anything that can stop me? "
"Saint? Who’s the senior? Are you the leader of Tongtian? Why help me? " Song Changyi was surprised to hear it. Even if the mentality is stable, his face can’t help but change at this moment. Although he knows that there are several holy disciples wrestling with him because of the celestial gods. But in the end, it has been determined that it will be too clear. He wants to be a saint, so he won’t pay attention to himself.
But now a saint has come. He understood it after a moment’s thought. This man must be the leader of Tongtian. Because it is said that Nu Wa and Hou Tu are both human beings. Although Zhunti is called a Taoist. But he is a Buddhist after all. So dressed up like neither fish nor fowl. Amitabha, however, is completely dressed as a Buddhist. Taisheng in Sanqing is like an old man. Primitive and tongtian are middle-aged
But the primitive will simply pay attention to themselves. Only Tongtian seems to have his own meaning. Looks like it’s him. When his words came out. The heavenly sage paused and smiled lightly: "You are really smart. I immediately thought it was me. Not bad. You tried to detect my master elder brother’s charm. My big brother put the seeds of the avenue to give you a feeling. People thought you couldn’t get away from it.
Because it takes thousands of years for this child to wake up. Under the true fairy, there is only the road that is scattered in it. I don’t want you to have this anomaly. You can get out. And improve their own strength.
Fortunately. I was the only one watching you. After seeing the change, it will disturb the secret around you. Then secretly send an avatar to help you. Not only did I pass on your "Tongtian Daoji", but I also gave you two innate spiritual treasures to suppress Yin and Yang. Teach you to refine the innate Lingbao and achieve Taiji beads. Without me, you … On your own terms. I’m afraid it will take ten thousand years to wake up.
Although at that time you also had the power of Luo Xian. But things have changed for thousands of years. Your wife, disciples and friends have long since dispersed. What do you mean by being alone then? And you are a variable in the sky now. You won’t be in ten thousand years. Your greatest advantage is gone. You will feel bound hands and feet when you do things in the future. And it’s not good for my plan. So I gave you a hand. "
Song Changgeng was speechless for a long time after. He just recalled that what Tongtian said was true. After thinking about it, he suddenly threw off his robe. Kneeling. After kneeling three times and worshiping nine times. Sink a track: "Every mortal has a saying that a word is a teacher. Because of your help, the time that freed me is bondage. Gave me a magic weapon to increase my strength. Teacher. Preach. Teach. A puzzle solver. You should be my teacher. Please accept my worship. "
Seeing him react so quickly. Can’t help but comfort. After accepting his visit frankly. To pull him up with his own hands. Then he smiled and said, "It’s easy to talk to smart people. Now that you understand. I won’t say anything. The so-called master led the door. Practice is in the individual. I’ll teach you all the "Shangqing Xianjing" later. It is up to you to practice on your own in the future. "
Say that finish a hand stretched out. A book appeared in his hand. Handed it over. Song Changgeng respectfully picked it up. Take a look at the spirit. I knew it was profound. We should study it slowly in the future. He respectfully put away the Qing Xian Jing. Then give a deep ceremony to thank the master for teaching. He has already figured out the serious relationship between things. Know that you are indebted to others. No, I can’t.
Just like taking sides in officialdom. To his position. To his identity. It’s impossible not to take sides. Buddha magic’s choice. After entering the Tao, there is a choice of Sanqing. If you don’t choose. So there are so many powerful giants that he looks up to. His little power and reality will turn to dust in an instant. So he decided to learn from his teacher and become a saint. Enter.
[End of Volume 61]

Chapter six hundred and eleven Two Saints Fighting for Acts