After all, Buddhist spells have a strong resistance to the magic religion, and at the same time, they fly obliquely to the distance and climb high. After flying to a safe height and distance, the three strong men who rushed out are all in a cold sweat. After they have reached such a state, sweating is already possible.

But just now, between life and death, all the potential burst, and the sweat was forced out, which shows that the situation was critical just now. At the same time, all three of them felt a little soft, that is, the green-faced devil had experienced life and death storms in the underworld, and he was scared to death at that moment. At the same time, he looked at the sea below and paused, then looked at Song Changgeng, and his eyes were full of ferocious light.
Song Chang Gung restored his body to its normal size, and then after adjusting the angle in the air, he looked at his body and saw that the sea was squeezed from all sides and gradually contracted. After the camp, there was a loud roar like dragons, which was a real thunderbolt. Then the three strong men who were so high from the sea could not help but sway around in the air, and their faces became even more ugly.
At the same time, I saw that the waves aroused by the sea below were impacted by the huge force of squeezing all around, just like a sword. The white water waves rushed up and instantly pierced the sky. The three strong men couldn’t help shivering. They knew that if they didn’t just instinctively fly obliquely and fly high, but rushed out and stayed where they were or flew high in a straight line, they would just be blocked by the waves and water droplets.
Or be aroused water waves like a knife cutting, cut into pieces, this moment in the face of the unpredictable power of heaven and earth, the three of them are looking at in the air, silent and speechless, it’s really unexpected that either party will be such an ending, Song Changgeng thought about how to fight with them after they rushed up, but now it’s much easier, as long as it is enough to deal with two guys who are less than the fairy junior.
Mainly to guard against the hidden guy, Song Chang Gung has just swept away, and the devil with a blue face seems to specialize in degrees, so he can escape, but his strength should be around the primary level of the fairy, and Yao’s strength doesn’t know what secret method is used, so he actually mixes the power of the Tao and the devil, and his strength has reached the peak of the fairy. It seems that this guy has not been idle this time.
Song Chang-geng was about to run the capability to solve these two guys now. The distant green-faced devil and Yao Se also felt his murder, and they were barely on guard. But Song Chang-geng’s mind swept away, and his face changed, and then he turned and fled, flying fast. Yao Se and the green-faced devil were all one leng. They looked at Song Chang-geng’s escape direction and looked at each other again, but nothing was different now.
They looked at it and thought that Song Chang-geng had escaped, so they quickly chased him in the direction he flew. However, as soon as they flew, they saw that the mountains of water all around rushed out of the sky together, and the sea water was separated quickly, forming a whirlpool rapidly, and instantly expanding to form a black hole in Fiona Fang, just a black hole in Fiona Fang for a moment, which gave a horrible suction.
Yao Se now knows that Song Chang Gung escaped because of this phenomenon. What a sly guy. Yao Se and the green-faced devil are within the scope of the vortex suction, and it is difficult to fly away if they want to. The huge suction pulls them both, and both of them know that they can’t be absorbed, otherwise the consequences will be terrible. Now they will try their best to pull up their means.
It took a lot of effort to climb out of the absorption range of the vortex, and they were shocked in a cold sweat again. Just as they were breathing for a long time, they suddenly got a cold war all over, and all their strength was lifted up in an instant. Yao Se waved his hand backwards, and when the sword light was as bright as the sun, it split out in the air, and they went out at a hundred paces’ bang!’ The ground was crunchy, the air rippled, and the figure of Song Changgeng appeared.
I saw his armor as new, his cloud-like clothes on the outer cover as snow, his expression as safe, his eyes full of murder, his hands holding the four-leng’ Tongtian shattered sword’ resisted the red sword light, his mouth glanced slightly, his sword trembled, and the red light was forced away. As soon as he turned around, he disappeared. Yao Se took back the sword light a dozen paces away from his body, making the sword light fly around and turned to look.
Will see the distance of the green face devil is the same a dozen zhangs high, wearing armor giant fighting together, he didn’t react how the giant wearing armor, feel fly sword yishan, quickly rushed to the head.
At the same time, there was a surge of murder from overhead, and his head was suddenly blank. After the violent collision, Yao felt that his sword light was shaking, and it seemed that he was badly injured. Then Song Changgeng disappeared again, apparently hiding with a spell and sneak attack. Yao felt bitter in his mouth, and his anger rose, and his mouth was folded and he drank:
"Song Changgeng, you dirty dog, you lied to my school sister’s heart in a dirty way, but you still have to pretend to be tall. Now you show your true colors. It’s a pity that my school sister is not here, or you must look at your ugly face. If I hadn’t closed my door, how could I let you succeed? Poor master and brothers also put in a good word for you.
You are a scumbag, and you never dare to fight head-on. If you are really capable, stand up and let’s have a fair and square fight. My school sister Yao Se loved one has been in vain for thousands of years, but I have never cheated on my school sister. If you really like my school sister, then come out and we will fight a life-and-death battle. How about the winner going to accompany my school sister? "
With that, his eyes swept around like a hawk’s eye and wolf’s eye, secretly accumulating strength to prepare for a full blow. At this time, he saw a thousand paces away near the blue-faced devil and the bone-armor giant, and suddenly a golden sword light split out, just when the blue-faced devil was forced by the bone-armor giant, and he couldn’t dodge, he was chopped by the sword light and gave a piercing cry.
Yao was just about to rush over, when he saw a surge in the sea, and the vortex began to weaken gradually. Two Guanghua schools rushed out one after another, and then stayed not far above the sea. It seemed that he had no strength to fly. When Yao saw it, it turned out to be the devil with yellow face and the devil with painted face. The two guys were all damaged, and the yellow face was fine. He was strong and defensive, although one arm and half legs were gone.
Half of the body is still in a bloody mess, obviously it’s badly hurt, but it’s barely maintained. The guy with a painted face actually looks like he has two heads and four arms, but now his other head is gone, only a neck is there, and the other head is also angular and cracked, all four arms are gone, and his lower body is gone. Yellow and black blood are dripping, and his appearance is very miserable.
At the sight of two guys, Yao’s eyes turned, and he knew that although these two guys were badly hurt and their strength was seriously damaged, they could still fight World War I. They were strong in their heyday, but now they have the remaining strength of one-tenth and two-tenths, which is equal to their own, and they can just do cannon fodder, so they flew over to the two guys.
But he didn’t fly far when he saw a wave of air not far behind the two guys. He immediately shouted, "No!" " But it was already late, so I saw three golden swords flying out, and then the air was like a distorted aerosol, showing Song Changgeng’s figure from light to thick, only to see that his face was cold and his eyes were full of murder, as if there were no feelings, which made Yao Se feel cold at heart.

Chapter six hundred and sixty-seven Unpredictable mind
One of the three sword lights actually came for him. He quickly turned the flying sword around him and quickly greeted it to resist, but instead of a head-on collision, he wound it like a snake, killing each other little by little. At the same time, Yao Se held up another red sword light and let it out, shouting, "Princess Naga, aren’t you going to do it?"
Hearing Yao’s cry, Song Chang-geng’s heart filled with murder could not help but move. Now he uses the scriptures given by Amitabha to protect his spiritual consciousness, and he can barely resist the erosion of murder in his sword, but he can’t support much time, so he doesn’t want to talk much when he comes up, and he doesn’t care about any means. As long as he defeats the other side, he even lets out 36 bones and ghosts in his left chest.
This 36-day white-bone ghost and monster, because of the refining of the celestial sage, each had the strength in the middle of the fairy, and swallowed up a large number of Japanese gods, and their strength basically returned to its peak. Now they form a white-bone giant, and their overall strength can be compared with that of the early fairy, so they can barely fight against the green-faced devil, plus Song Changgeng is beside them, so they can hurt the green-faced devil.
But Song Changgeng never gave up his vigilance. He knew that there was another strong enemy hiding nearby, so when he heard Yao Se shouting’ Naga Princess’, he knew that it was the name of the guy hidden by the other party. He was not only on guard, but at this time, two swords rushed to the devil with a flower face and a yellow face, and the devil with a yellow face barely stopped him. Finally, he was worn by the sword light on his left shoulder, and his body was injured, but he also survived.
As soon as he saw something wrong, he turned around and rushed into the sea, but the guy with a flower face lost a lot of strength after all. He was rushed by the sword light and failed to stop it. He was directly smashed by the sword light and his body sank into the sea. Song Changgeng was on the alert and reached for a volley, as if there was an invisible hand in the air. He grabbed the body of the devil with a flower face, then dragged it back to his side and disappeared instantly.
Then, he appeared in the vicinity of the battle with the white-faced devil. He threw the body of the painted devil at the white-faced devil with a wave of his hand, and his own sword rushed up to take over the white-faced devil. The white-faced devil was refined by saints and could be upgraded and strengthened. He also had his own consciousness. Although he was only obedient to Song Chang-geng, his instinct for upgrading was also there.
He was anxious when he saw the body of the flower-faced devil. He felt uneasy. He knew that he could go further after absorbing the body. The whole body could enter the fairy intermediate level or even higher, and the individual could also evolve to the late fairy stage. But the order to fight was still there. He didn’t dare to disobey. As soon as he received the order from Song Chang-geng to devour, he quickly rushed over and broke down into three sixteen skulls in the middle, biting it fiercely and devouring it crazily.
And the yellow-faced devil was about to sink into the sea. Suddenly, a light smoke rose from the sea, and when the yellow-faced devil saw it, his eyes showed a panic. Before he could react, the light smoke had flashed and disappeared, but the yellow-faced devil’s eyes struggled for a moment, and they became vacant. The body also released a strong yellow-black brilliance, and the damaged body began to repair quickly.
As soon as Yao saw it, he understood it. He suddenly sprayed his mouth and gave it to Liang Zheng. When he was pestering the flying sword that caught the light of the sword, two red flying swords rose, and both of them twisted and twisted, so he ground the light of the sword and flew back to him, but it was also a lot dimmer. Yao Se ignored these, and his eyes rekindled his crazy look. With a drink, he saw dozens of red sword lights rushing out of his body.
A circle around him, and then combined with the two just now, formed a red sword wheel, which was suspended behind Yao. Yao patted his belt again, and a five-colored Qingyun held his body at his feet. After he read a few mantras from his mouth, a yellow glow appeared in his hand, and then turned into a foot-long tower-shaped magic weapon suspended in his hand. After he was ready, he turned to look at the yellow-faced devil.
He saw that his body has shrunk to the size of ten feet, and his hands and feet have been repaired back, and a yellow bone armor has been formed on his body, and the bone spurs on the armor are ferocious. Although his body has shrunk, his strength seems to have improved compared with its heyday.
The original strength of the Yellow-faced Devil was the junior fairy. Now, after being possessed and forcibly promoted, it has the advanced strength of the fairy. The faint coercion actually makes Yao feel tight, especially accidentally sweeping his eyes. The pupils of those eyes are like two vortices, which makes people feel deeply involved at a glance. Although the other party tries to converge, the little bit leaked is already so terrible.
Yao Se knows that the body of the yellow-faced devil has been occupied by the mysterious Naga monarch, and the soul of the yellow-faced devil is estimated to have been swallowed up. Moreover, this method is obviously overdrawn with all the strength of the yellow-faced devil, and it is estimated that it won’t take long. I can’t help but feel condescension in my heart, knowing that it is a Jin Xian, but I don’t play, and I like to hide or use other people’s bodies, which is abnormal.
Seeing that the other party has changed and adjusted completely, and he is ready himself, but he doesn’t rush over first, apparently trying to let the other party take the lead in the town. Although he has a deep affection for Gan Biwu, he seems to be crazy and crazy, but it is not. On the contrary, he is very cunning, and dangerous things won’t charge, but the devil seems to know his thoughts and has no intention of rushing over, just standing on the sea and looking up.