Hesitated for a moment, then took a beat to the body and released a "flame symbol" shield on him first.

Hongtong bian Guanghua immediately covered him with a hot feeling and then let him chill away from the red light.
After all this, Uncle Tu’s spirit bounced forward.
After more than a dozen steps, the red light became more and more pale. Uncle Tu no longer hesitated and took out a wooden box with a slight shake of his wrist, revealing a palm-sized flaming Yu Pei inside.
While the "flame symbol" is not broken, hang Yu Pei in the body and then pinch out a method tactic.
Seeing that Yu Pei’s red light bloomed to form a curtain like a ruby, he was shrouded in it, and suddenly all the chill was blocked out of the red light.
In this way, the stop-and-go passage was forced by him for nearly half an hour, and all kinds of fire shields were unknown to him, and finally he walked to the end of the passage
Uncle Tu’s eyes suddenly lit up and a blue crystal wall stood in the way.
He looked at the crystal wall this time and plunged into it without hesitation.
See like through a layer of water curtain in the dazzling blue light after a top-heavy, a few times higher than the channel cold suddenly aggressive crazy surge, and accompanied by a beast howling evil wind let his body this fire property shield crazy flash a few times, a pair of horses will crumble.
Immediately, Uncle Tu, who has not recovered from dizziness, was shocked and rushed out of the spirit force. At the same time, he took out a red armor and put it on his body, which stabilized the shield again.
And then looked around.
There is a vast expanse of white ice crystals at the entrance, and the ground is as high as a thousand feet. Icebergs are as pale as crystals, and plants are pale and clean. Everything is as white as snow, and the color is as cold as the wind whistling everywhere. Today, the ground seems to have been frozen.
Uncle Tu is wearing this fire property treasure coat in the shield, but he can still clearly feel that almost all the gas has solidified, and the whole hand and foot perception has been a little slow.
But at the moment, Uncle Tu is beaming with enthusiasm, staring at a snowy mountain palace without turning his eyes.
Yang Xiu looked at this incredible scene in front of him and instantly returned to absolute being. The defense of the deep blue cassock had already been opened, and the Tai Chi shield was also offered outside the body. At the same time, the bow and arrow were also aimed at the stone statue
In the face of unknown dangers and in this special place, he didn’t dare to hold back, so he shot the bow and arrow without delay without thinking about moving directly against the stiff stone statue.
"Bang" such a close-range bow and arrow directly hit the stone head with a loud noise and a harsh brilliance.
But when the tree disappeared, Yang Xiu’s head was shocked as soon as he "hummed".
See the stone that was shot by the bow and arrow. At the moment, it was hit by a huge impact and flew out several feet away. After hitting the wall over there directly, it stopped and hit the ground motionless.
The attic wall was all right, not even shaking, but to his horror, the stone statue was shot and his head was completely damaged, and he couldn’t even see any scratches from the bow and arrow.
You know this time, this bow and arrow was injected with the spiritual force equivalent to three monks in the late stage of Jiedan, and it was repaired in the middle stage of Jiedan. Moreover, it was injected twice with the spiritual force, which could shoot Mo Daolin’s heart-chilling, and this stone statue was actually damaged, which made him wonder why he was shocked and didn’t know what material this stone statue was made of, and he had such a strong defense ability. I think its magical power should not be low.
Although he saw the stone statue motionless on the ground, Yang Xiu didn’t dare to be careless because the other side didn’t have a wound, so he was afraid that the other side would wake up again, so he could hide.
Therefore, no matter whether the stone statue will wake up or not, it will immediately take out the spirit liquid and inject spiritual power into the bow and arrow.
This time, he had a hard time, and a total of 100 drops of 10,000-year-old spirit liquid felt that the bow and arrow were unbearable, so he stopped conveying and immediately shot out at the stone statue.
This time, the pressure from the arrows turned out to be that even Yang Xiu himself could not stand it. He guessed that even the monks in the later period of Yuan Ying had probably not survived the blow.
The arrow still hit the head of the stone directly, but it made him sweat. It was that the stone was shocked and flew out, and it was still a good loss. Suddenly, it made him feel a sense of force. It seemed that someone was deliberately joking with him.
But this time, when I saw the stone statue, I still didn’t move. He also felt a little nervous for a moment and walked over to the stone statue.
Thug, it’s the end of the first watch.)
Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Dancing Lin
Fairy wild Chapter two hundred and seventy-seven Dancing Lin
A foreign film in Shanfu stopped singing and danced in a group of more than 60 people. The two factions are fighting each other with all kinds of magic weapons.
There are thirty people on one side and thirty-four people on the other.
There are six monks and nuns lying on the ground, and their blood is spilled all over the floor, and they have no breath.
Let a person didn’t think that the two sides of the dispute turned out to be the original albizzia monks.
At present, there are three sects, namely, Acacia Sect, Ivory Tower and Qianfo Temple.
And the four Jin sects of Buxiang, Yuanjue Cave, Qianji Tomb and Shuangxiu are on the other side.
Although the three factions of Hehuan Sect are relatively short of manpower, the avatar and magic weapon are superior to each other.
It’s not now that they are holding each other down to attack and master the active position in the field struggle.
And the six brothers who died are the brothers of the other four sects, and they are still personally injured here.