"I feel bad in my heart, too. I accidentally killed your first brother."

Dao Mo waved his hand. "Life and death are determined by life and death, but it’s listening to Xiu and saying that your finger will make Cheng ‘an stunned and even the Yuan God didn’t come to escape. Such magical powers are not inferior to those taught by Taiyi!"
"I didn’t expect that either."
Dao Mo smiled. "I’m more curious about Xiu He and several other people I saw that day. He said that there are still several people who are taller than him!"
Hai Kui heard him say that the name of the head of Taiyi Sect is Yin Xiuhe, which means that this person is even more awesome than Taiyi Sect. It is estimated that he is also a thousand-year-old demon. Why are you so handsome?
Haikui was a little jealous.
Dao Mo saw that Haikui’s expression was quite rich and smiled slightly. "I’ve always been fair and comfortable. People judge that my brother Song Chengan died at your hands this time. I’m sure I’ll get justice, but you can rest assured that it’s not today!"
Haikui didn’t want to see each other today, and he was relieved to fight. Besides, the other party didn’t know the depth, but Haikui really didn’t want to kill people today, despite the old yellow.
It depends on the mood to kill people.
Then they didn’t say anything about it. Drink beer, eat hot pot, barbecue and talk casually.
"I haven’t seen a mountain for many years. I don’t even know. I didn’t expect the world to change so much. When were those cars? I really saw riding a horse when I first saw the second mountain. There weren’t so many tall buildings and so many flashing lights!"
Dom is like talking casually about some changes in the world.
Haikui concluded that this guy hasn’t had a mountain for 300 years.
The two chatted for a while, and talked about it all over the world. Among them, Mo actually chatted with Haikui about poetry, but Haikui was not good at it, and he didn’t really learn to be a listener.
After a few beers, it’s almost time to talk. There are fewer and fewer guests at the booth. "I’m very happy that I hit it off with you today!"
Actually, up to now, Haikui doesn’t know what this guy is thinking. Just meet him and shoot the breeze for a while.
Haikui also squeezed a forced smile. "Yes, I am honored to meet you today!" "
"Well, if I have a chance, I’ll have a drink with you again!" Tao Mo smiled. "If there is an opportunity, I will definitely invite you to Taiyi Teaching to taste our nectar and jade fruit!"
"Are you? Is there anything like that? " Haikui is curious.
"Of course"
Haikui doesn’t care when he turns his head politely and shouts "member pays the bill"
The staff are already waiting. After all, it’s getting late. The guests are all gone and waiting to close up and go home.
"124 gives you a discount of 120"
Dom was embarrassed to smile. "I have no money!"
Haikui took money out of her pocket. "It’s okay, I have it."
Two people will be in the street, respectively, suddenly looked up and waves.
But Haikui felt unusual and looked up. There was a little red light in the dark, which made Haikui strange.
An old yellow voice suddenly sounded in Haikui’s ear. "He is the master of Taiyi!"
Haikui one leng in the heart is not white. Isn’t it Yin Xiuhe? It seems that I suddenly understand what is the celestial palm teaching?
Lao Huangyin went on to say, "The First Master of the Fairy World teaches Gan Kun!"
Haikui startled and fiercely confirmed his identity in his heart, staring at each other, and the celestial Taiyi teaching palm teaching actually came here, and a younger brother of the world taught me to move to the public!
Haikui has some dissatisfaction in his heart, and his brow is wrinkled. This is a fucking bully. You are weaker than Qing Di Xianjun by three points, let alone Lao Huang and others, not even a hair on your head!
Dao Mo turned to Hai Kui and said, "Hai Daoyou, I’m very happy to talk so much today, but now we have to break up. If fate befalls me, my promise will be fulfilled today!"
Tao’s fuels smiled and walked into the distance.
"Take care!" Haikui looked at his back and said
But I also feel that this sentence is redundant. What can I do for you if the other party is a celestial honour person?
Strange fate and so on.
Haikui asked, "He said that the sky was doomed."
Lingyanyin sounded in Haikui’s ear. "He completed Mahayana in the later period!"
"Don’t you?" Laochangyin
"It must be!" Holding a famous sound
I didn’t expect several of them to come.
"What’s the matter?" Haikui is at a loss.
"When this person flies to the celestial world, his celestial respect strength will definitely be higher!"
Haikui asked, "Isn’t this respect?"
Ling Yan’s figure appeared beside Hai Kui. "It’s not that he’s in two places, and he’s in two places to rebuild the fairy road to be repaired, so the strength of the integration of the two can be high!"
I see
[starting from the first time! ]
Chapter 525 soaring robbery
It’s hard for Hai Kuibai to reach their level and increase by one point!
However, they all have different ways to improve themselves as high as possible.
Haikui watched Doumer disappear from his back and said, "He’s gone to the ferry. Shall we go and have a look?"
Ji suddenly appeared in front of Haikui with a face of insidious smile. "Why don’t we kill Gankun’s old son? It’s fun to think about it!"
Haikui looked at Ji with a face of evil, and some people felt cold and shuddered.
Lao Huang, who usually doesn’t take the initiative to speak, is the first to refute.
Ji looked at Lao Huang with a gloomy face. "What?"
Old Huang Yiran is not afraid. "Before Qing Di, there was no one to teach Gankun to make bad friends. Now we are assisting Ye Gong. If you kill Gankun, you will know that Gankun will be furious. I think we will have no good results! After all, we are not enemies. Do we need to build an enemy? "
Ji snorted angrily but knew that Lao Huang was right.
Ling Yan said faintly, "If you think it’s fun to find someone who has a grudge against Gankun and kill Gankun, it’s good."
Ji’s eyes lit up. "Oh, yes!"
However, Mata’s eyes were dark again and his face was very bad. "Where can I go now to find Gankun’s enemy? He’s busy and soaring soon. He’ll pass the apocalypse and get killed by the celestial world!"
Haikui’s shame. Aren’t they all immortals? Why do they feel so dark? "What must kill Gan Kun’s doppelganger? According to what you said, Qing Di didn’t have a bad relationship with you before, so why don’t we help Gan Kun’s doppelganger this time and let him have a good impression on us? I think he will lend a helping hand when we are in trouble!"
"Yes, I agree with Ye Gong. Besides, I think this Gankun member has a good impression on Ye Gong. We might as well help him!" Old Huang beside Haikui to have them say
Ji face a board eye a stare will be dissatisfied.
Can hold the name but also say "I agree"
Lao Chang also said, "I agree with you."