To a certain extent, Nan Yu was almost a perfect man. In his early years, he lamented that it was difficult to practice in the celestial world, and all the doors were fighting endlessly. Then he founded the Fairy League with some like-minded people. From the creation of the Fairy League to the unification of the celestial world, Nan Yu was a compassionate heart doing everything.

When Xianmeng is on the right track, he can finally get out and pursue his original ideal, that is, ask him on the road of practice. From the very beginning, he recognized that the ancient gods are not the only world, and there must be a higher place to go.
At this time, he gradually gave up the fairy alliance, and Nan Yunqing was an adult and could take care of himself. After that, he was worried.
In this period of pursuing personal ideals, he explored and inferred many secrets of the realm and the ancient gods. Because he was worried that he would one day die suddenly outside the realm, he would tell those gains to his future successor at that time every once in a while. First, his half brother Xuanyuan Huang was in Nan Yunqing, and second, he hoped to give Nan Yunqing an exact answer instead of letting Nan Yunqing take risks with these uncertain information one day.
In short, he devoted his first half of his life to Xianmeng and pursued it in the second half. Most people who cultivate immortality will have ideals and achieve outstanding results.
Then XuanYuan Huang, the successor of XianMeng, his half brother, killed him after he got the news that the world god could have a message. The main thing was that he was defenseless against XuanYuan Huang’s roots, which made XuanYuan Huang not worry about the defeat at all. Later, he determined that the phenomenon of soul separation was probably that the cultivator soared to a higher world, a fetter. XuanYuan Huang was afraid that if he went to Nanyue again, it would really become a world god, and Nanyue should not have any big gains for a short time, so he secretly killed Nanyue in a secret conversation between two people.
Nan Yu’s life can be described as vigorous, regardless of personal life and death, but he died in the end. At that time, Emperor Xuanyuan attacked and killed Nan Yu from the front, and his expression in Nan Yu just changed for a while. His special life, the ghost spirit, appeared directly in Nan Yu’s body and took away Nan Yu’s physical control.
His ending is simply absurd, even if he knew the result before leaving the soul burial demon race, there are still some ways to accept it.
They even accepted the transformation of Xuanyuan Emperor, because from the perspective of Nanyu, Xuanyuan Emperor was an outstanding and respectful junior immediately before his death. In Nanyu world, Xuanyuan Emperor was more like a perfect person than him, but it was this perfect person who ended him.
See here a few people feel chills in the heart, when South Jade was killed by Xuanyuan Emperor, the strong impact of J and jīng God was just like they were suddenly stabbed with a fatal knife by the closest person in their lives in a joke.
It was a long time before they came to their senses and really realized what kind of person Xuanyuan Emperor was.
Let Xuanyuan Huang experience so many people’s lives, but only from Nan Yu’s life can we really understand him and see his true colors!
Then the light and shadow dissipated and Xuanyuan Huang woke up, and he was still Nanyu himself, still wondering what happened.
Then he finally reacted. He was both Nan Yu and Xuanyuan Huang, and their life experiences appeared in one soul at the same time.
For Emperor Xuanyuan, it’s like he has gone through one cycle after another. Every cycle will make him hate himself to the bone at first, but at first he and later he are actually under the control of Kirin, which is a whole.
Xuanyuan emperor has collapsed for a long time. I don’t know how many times Xiahou Renhe Youqilin tailored this punishment, which is the most unique, cruel and cruel in the whole barren ancient gods.
But can this offset his sins? The dead are dead, even if he suffers again, those who are dead will not survive. There are still several people in this era who suffer from the loss of their loved ones because of him.
Not enough!
We should let him bear it until the end of the world!
However, although Xiahou Ren and you Kirin are quite willing to do this kind of torture, J and NG force can’t be limited. Now Xiahou Ren is fine, and J and NG God is quite full, but you Kirin is already tired.
Nan Yunqing looked at it calmly, but Xiao Wen, who had been holding her hand, knew that her body was shaking at the last moment. It was two different things to guess and see her father’s ending with her own eyes. Isn’t that why she was obsessed with it?
When she calmed down, she whispered, "Go over."
Xiao asked directly grabbed her arm and flew over the community to the middle platform.
You Kirin knew Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing, and when he saw them coming, he even said hello to them, but it was not clear words, but equivalent to an ordinary roar to signal that he knew they were coming.
Xiahou Ren knew that Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing had come to meet him at once.
Through Nan Yu’s life experience, everyone knows Nan Yunqing at the place. Some people have seen her. Most people have never seen her. They never expected that they would work so hard. They actually saw Nan Yunqing with their own eyes!
Compared with the appearance, the demon people value Nan Yunqing’s identity and deeds more. Before the final decisive battle, if the demon people know the names of two celestial people, then one is Xuanyuan Emperor and the other must be Nan Yunqing.
For them, Nan Yunqing is just talking about the talent, and she is the only exception among the celestial beings, that is, no one in the demon world hates her, but most people admire her.
So someone immediately exclaimed that the whole soul-leaving tomb was quickly messed up, which was discussed by Nan Yunqing.
Nan Yunqing must have come to kill Emperor Xuanyuan, right?
Then kill it!
The original people who have been reluctant to kill Xuanyuan Huang’s demon world turned out to have given up the idea of continuing to torture Xuanyuan Huang. After the approval, Nan Yunqing shot to kill Xuanyuan Huang’s soul.
In their eyes, this world has the biggest, longest and deepest enmity with Xuanyuan Emperor, and there is also Nan Yunqing!
It’s perfect for her to do it.
"Do you want to do it now?" Xiahou Ren gets to the point.
Nan Yunqing’s eyes have never been nodded from Xuanyuan Huang’s soul to smell speech, but there is still no slant head and then he walked towards Xuanyuan Huang.
Xiahou Renchang took a breath and killed it. Good, or you Kirin will go on strike …
Xuanyuan Huang’s soul was captured by you and Kirin, and stopped at the center of the high platform. Nan Yunqing took a few steps to Xuanyuan Huang and calmly looked at the little soul in the middle of the middle school, which seemed to be a slap in the face and could disperse the clouds.
When choosing Xuanyuan emperor to die together, she really never thought that she would kill Xuanyuan emperor herself one day, which she had been looking forward to for most of her life.
At this time, she should be grateful that the big guy left Xuanyuan Emperor for her until now.
But after seeing the soul of Xuanyuan Emperor, she forgot to think about it, and left all gratitude and thanks for later. Now she still has an idea.
In the middle school, Emperor Xuanyuan also saw Nan Yunqing. He was crazy once again, but he was cured by You Qilin. Without strong strength to support him, his fragile soul root would not have a strong will. After so many people’s lives, he has completely repented and realized what a bad thing he is.
If he is reborn again, he will definitely choose to be a good person. It is wrong to do good deeds for generations.
When he saw Nan Yunqing, his guilt became heavier. If he was given the chance, he would really do something to make up for his mistakes.
At this time, he didn’t want to die very much. He felt that his soul could do many things to atone for it, such as reincarnating into a new world like Nanyu, which could benefit many worlds for life.
The selfish Xuanyuan emperor who finished cold-blooded probably has less than one percent left, but there is no magic in his heart. Even if Xiao asked, there may not be no magic in his heart, but the magic is smaller and can be suppressed.