Princess Zhao looked at her with a smile and said faintly, "Are you afraid?"

Qiu Mammy followed Princess Zhao for so many years. Princess Zhao did those things that she didn’t take part in. Even if she wanted to escape, she couldn’t escape the smell speech. She knelt on the ground and shook her head again and again, denying that "how dare the old slave, Princess! Old slave but follow the princess you grew up. "
Princess Zhao stretched out his hand to call her up and said lightly, "Don’t we don’t do things before?" You know, you’re scared that we’re either dead or alive with him, so what can you do later? Besides, we didn’t want their lives to be so serious, but we just kept them from having children. What’s the matter? "
"What those handles are even more impossible? People in the kitchen are not sensible and occasionally give her something different. Can this also blame us? With so many meals a day, who knows what she ate and who cares? You are so stupid. Did Xie Ting go from snacks to big ones? You saw him die? "
It’s true that Princess Zhao gave Xie Ting medicine. At most, it can make toxins accumulate in his body. At first, it won’t kill people, but after eating for a long time, the toxins to the body are of course getting bigger and bigger. When you eat something that reacts with the toxins, it’s really immortal and hard to save.
Princess Zhao never gave up the idea of killing Xie Ting, both then and now.
Sister Qiu shuddered and stumbled, knowing that Princess Zhao was determined and didn’t dare to say more.
Xie Ting went back to her room to change clothes and went out to see Gu Man wandering around the yard. "What are you doing?"
The environment of Ziwei Garden is very good, and the courtyard is large enough. It looks very gratifying to plant a plantain at the end, but there are no other plants except this plantain garden, but there are many outside.
How nice this place is surrounded by water on all sides. Of course, it can’t be so rough.
Gu Man shook his hand and smiled. "I don’t think it’s beautiful here. I plan to plant some flowers here."
"What kind of flowers are you holding?" Xie Ting came to the fun and thought that Gu Man had trees and flowers in the building at the beginning, and he couldn’t help but feel a little happy. "Your own flowers and plants are very lively and really beautiful."
"Tuberose" Gu Man casually waved and looked at Qiu Xi, who followed Xie Ting. "Qiu Xi, please inform someone to come to our hospital and do me a favor."
Qiu Xi is busy going to see Xie Ting Xie Ting, but he has strided to Gu Man. "Well, just say these things. Naturally, someone will do it. Let’s go there for dinner. There are still things to do today."
Then he looked back at Qiu Xi and said, "Do as Shi Fei says."
Gu Man clapped his hands and gave the seed to Pei Yin. She smiled and made an expression of eyes and really followed Xie Ting out.
The wind blew over the lake and Gu Man glanced at it. Two boats were floating on his head. He was very happy. "After every day, I rowed on the lake to see how comfortable it was."
"That’s the boatswain fishing for aquatic plants and waiting to plant lotus roots. If you want to go, you can go now." Xie Ting looked at her lightly and couldn’t help laughing. "I don’t know if you can row it."
Gu Man was too lazy to tease him and quickly put on a skirt and put out the door.
Xie Ting chased after her and looked at her with a smile. "Are you angry?"
"What’s so angry about this?" Gu Man glanced at him. "Although you look dull, you are not dull at all."
"Come on, you said there was something to say today. What is it?"
Speaking of business, Xie Ting didn’t. She made a scene with a smile. "You have to rely on your mother to complete this matter."
This is the first time that Xie Ting has used the word Niang to call her. She got such a fright that she got goose bumps all over the floor. After throwing off his hand, she felt that it was wrong to get married. She should be called Niang by him. Looking at Xie Ting, her eyes were surprised and she smiled wryly. "Then tell me about it and see what it is."
Soon after crossing the bridge, a large group of people were waiting for them. Xie Ting lowered her voice and asked her, "Do you want to eat with them every day?"
That group of people refers to Princess Zhao and Xie Yuan, of course. They really said that Gu Man did not eat when he saw them.
Chapter seventy Sacrifice to Heaven
Princess Zhao is so hypocritical that she has to pretend to be a loving mother with the word "scheming" written all over her body. It’s really debunking, and it’s neither forbearing nor not.
Xianning county owners are even more ridiculous. It’s really annoying to eat with them every day than Gu Xin, who is always insulting at home.
"But this is not justified." Gu Man wanted to think. "After all, now you are still living together, and the prince of Zhao is still not making a small kitchen."
If we say that we oppose it first, it will be the prince of Zhao. Where there is no separation, it is impossible to divide the kitchen.
Xie Ting also knows this, sighing and looking at Gu Man. "I know that you said these are facts, but I still have to try anyway. Although it’s hard to say, it’s not true, it won’t be built. Don’t you see that both your home and Hanlin’s next door have small kitchens?"
Besides, look at the attitude of the prince of Zhao towards Gu Man. It’s really * naked to please and win over. It’s just a small kitchen thing. If Gu Man comes out, the prince of Zhao will probably agree.
Sure enough, after saying a few words at the dining table that it was too long to come from Ziwei Garden, the king of Zhao offered to build a small kitchen in Ziwei Garden so that the young couple could come and eat late. If the weather was bad, even the night could be avoided.
Sure enough, Xie Ting really doesn’t look like the prince of Zhao’s own son. Gu Man has some words.
When I got back to my room, I asked Xie Ting, "Why do you want to set up a small kitchen so soon? Is there anything wrong with the food there?"
Xie ting smiling without a word is looking at mammy often.
Mammy Chang should come out and look at Gu Man and lower her head to answer her question, "Everything is good over there, but some things taste bad for Shi Fei."
Well, the Qiu family used to cook things that were not good for her health. Although they all looked like precious tonic ingredients, in fact, eating them is tantamount to poison for people who are not fit.
Gu Man thought of this and remembered that Princess Zhao was eager to stare at her food, but she was a little depressed. On the first day, she was so afraid that she couldn’t wait to harm people. Zheng was so impatient.
However, it is strange that today, although Princess Zhao looked furious, she finally agreed to set up a small kitchen.
Is it true that Princess Zhao has nothing to do with the prince of Zhao? Does the prince of Zhao decide that she is not qualified to object?
In fact, Princess Zhao didn’t even think of opposing it. She had expected that they would say something about building a small kitchen.
After all, I heard that when I was in Dingyuan Houfu, there was a small kitchen in the house, so that darling daughter was afraid of cold in winter and too hot in summer to walk so far to eat here
Anyway, the chef’s department in this house is changed by itself in the local area.
She is still worried that her son will get married more.
Remembering that Xie Yuangang had just come to inquire after her, she was pleased to see her son being caring and attentive, and then she got down to business. "Do you know that the emperor is choosing a concubine among your remaining grandchildren now?" Princess Zhao smiled and looked at him gently. "I don’t know what kind of child you will choose."
It doesn’t matter what kind of girl she is, just be beautiful. Xie Yuanxin thinks so. After all, it’s a feast for the eyes of a beautiful wife. You can even eat more bowls when you eat. Look at your brother, isn’t that daughter-in-law?
Think of Gu Man Xie Yuan naturally emerge from Gu Man’s amazing face, and some trance was called by Princess Zhao several times before coming back to God.
"It’s not for me to decide these things, but for my grandfather and grandmother," he thought, frowning and sitting back in his original position. "Since we can’t decide, what does it matter if we think about them?"