He has been waiting for her for a long time. There is no need to wait any longer. It is time to do something.

At this time, however, there was a light behind Song Que, with a familiar fragrance. As soon as he turned his head, he saw Zhu Yuyan slim and graceful, and his face was gentle and soft, and Yan Qingcheng was absolutely charming and graceful.
Song lack of cold face can’t hold on to his lips with a smile, this is Zhu Yuyan relieved.
Zhu Yuyan admitted that she fled at first because she didn’t know how to explain it, but just as she was about to find a place to live temporarily, she felt it was very unfair to Song Que, and she didn’t even give him a chance to choose.
In this unexpected child, Zhu Yuyan couldn’t hurt his mind at all. He was their child. She had expected to fantasize about his arrival. How could she bear it?
It is said that Zhu Yuyan is cold-hearted and hard-hearted, but there is no one’s heart. It is necessary to set up layers of camouflage in a place like Yin and Gui School from the beginning. It is not that she wants to be like this, but that she has no choice.
"Didn’t you go? Why are you back again? " Song Que’s questioning didn’t mean much. Instead, Zhu Yuyan heard a grievance because the eldest husband and wife told her that Song Que had been sitting in the courtyard since she left.
Zhu Yuyan held back her smile. If she coaxed people, it would be sweet and hard to resist. "I’m not leaving. What’s worse, where can I go if my husband is here?"
Song lacks a deep voice with an indescribable charm and temptation, but people can’t help but want to get close to "Madam, you should be glad that you are back, otherwise …"
Zhu Yuyan faintly gave birth to a bad feeling, "Otherwise?"
"Otherwise, the husband will kill the Yingui Sect and ask your master to hand over the people."
Regardless of Song’s lack of meaning, if he really did, he would completely break her back. Zhu Yuyan couldn’t help but burst into a few drops of cold sweat. Should she be glad that she turned back?
"Song … Song Lang husband, if you are serious about your wife, I won’t leave."
Zhu Yuyan looked at Song Que’s face inexplicably guilty and hurriedly changed her oral English to be sweet and soft. As in the past, she spoiled with him. I have to say that Song Que is very soft after eating this trick.
It was Song Que who raised his eyebrows slightly and gave Zhu Yuyan a meaningful look. I hope what she said is true. "So, I will immediately follow me back to Song Valve."
"Song-back valve?"
So this is going back? She was sure that as soon as they got to the Song Valve Jianghu, there was bound to be a romantic affair. The news of the Yin decyl Sect was counted. He personally found the Yin decyl Sect, even it made no difference. Zhu Yuyan smiled bitterly but had to promise the lack of Song.
Because each other’s identities have been exposed, there is naturally no need to hide. The Song Dynasty has called the Songfa people here, prepared the carriage and escorted the waiters all the way back to Lingnan.
Chapter 7 Chapter 7
Song Que, who has never been close to women, brought back a woman, dignified, generous, gentle, virtuous and beautiful. Before Song Que introduced her, no one knew that this woman was Zhu Yuyan, a famous magic witch in the Jianghu.
I don’t know how Song Que wanted to come, so he told his parents that he was married outside, but he didn’t come to tell his parents that now his wife is pregnant and he came back with someone, which is a double happiness.
Not to mention how happy Song Que’s parents were when they heard the news. Song Que was so close to women’s feelings that they couldn’t see their marriage mentality at all. They didn’t know when they would see him take a wife. Who ever thought that Song Que had brought a pregnant wife back this time? It was a pleasant surprise!
But for a second, when Song Que revealed Zhu Yuyan’s identity, everyone was dumbfounded at the place. They didn’t expect Song Que to get mixed up with the magic door witch girl before they were happy that Song Que had married such a beautiful woman as a daughter-in-law and was pregnant with a child. At this time, they were not happy at all.
The magic door has a bad review, and the Yin-decyl school is a big magic door school, which is naturally attracting much attention. It really makes people reluctant to get along with each other.
The Song family is naturally invited to be a big family, and the old master of the Song Dynasty is most concerned about these identity classes, so he is silent.
It’s not that Song Lao’s valve master doesn’t want to reprimand Song Que, but Song Que’s coming back this time is to pick up the main position of the valve in front of so many people. He can’t call himself ashamed. If this is the case, Song Val estimates that it is likely to change the valve master.
Song Lao-tai’s heart is more than seven. How satisfied she is at first? How worried Zhu Yuyan is now? Isn’t it the magic door witch who intends to seduce her son?
But the old lady’s idea just popped up and was choked off by herself.
Looking at such a dignified, beautiful, gentle and polite woman turned out to be a magic door witch. The old lady couldn’t believe her eyes, but Song Que couldn’t lie at an early age and certainly wouldn’t lie to her. But Zhu Yuyan doesn’t look like that kind of woman!
Mrs. Song’s eyes don’t live in her own house and her daughter-in-law wander back and forth, especially when she looks at Zhu Yuyan as if she wants to see through people.
Zhu Yuyan also probably had a guess about Song Que’s practice. He was waiting for his own family to personally recognize her and then tell them her identity, which would make it easier for them to accept it.
But in the face of the situation of the Song family at the moment, Zhu Yuyan is no exception. She is very calm and calm. You know, when Zhu Yuyan walked in the rivers and lakes, she despised the bad eyes and stared at her. Compared with these, it is simply not worth it.
But Zhu Yuyan can accept Song Que, but she doesn’t want her to receive strange eyes from his family, which is not good for her.
"Eldest brother, is this really a girl who wishes to be a prostitute?" Asking this is that Song Zhi, the brother of Song Que, heard that Song Que gave a dislike to his eyes. Song Zhi immediately got the message and smiled at Zhu Yuyan. "It was really absolute beauty."
Song deficiency immediately nodded toward Song Zhi satisfaction and Zhu Yuyan immediately froze. Do they really don’t mind her identity? This makes Zhu Yuyan a little unbelievable
Song Zhi dialect seems to be a good start, and then the Song family at the scene expressed their welcome and goodwill to Zhu Yuyan, which made Zhu Yuyan feel even more incredible, and it didn’t go well. What she thought was different.
Song Que gave her a relieved smile, indicating that she didn’t want to think much. Then she personally sent Zhu Yuyan to his hospital, told her to have a good rest, arranged for people to take good care of her and listened to her, and then returned to the hall alone.
At this time, the Song family were waiting there and never left. They were just waiting for Song Que to come back and give them an explanation.
"Do you really want her to be the future mistress of Song Valve? Can you think clearly about her identity? " Blazing with anger, the old valve master of Song Dynasty, never spoke out without anger, which hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what Song Dynasty considered before.
While others are waiting for Song Que’s answer, regardless of everything. It doesn’t look like Song Que has always been calm, sophisticated, calm and rational.
"I met Yu Yan and got to know each other, including getting married later. It’s just a mistake of fate. If I had known her identity, maybe I wouldn’t have made such a friend, but now I know her identity. So what?
If she is a Yin Gui Sect, she is not one of those evil people, but if she is not born, she can choose to make things worse. Now that she is pregnant, does it take the Song Valve Master to be an irresponsible person to abandon his wife and get everyone’s support?
I will properly handle the Yin-Gui Sect whose identity cannot be changed. Don’t worry, I will never do anything detrimental to Song Valve. "
Chapter 8 Chapter 8
Nowadays, it coincides with troubled times, when the emperor was fatuous and corrupt, and the people’s livelihood declined, and the aristocratic families expanded their forces one after another, all of which were intended to compete for hegemony. The Song Dynasty was no exception, and the Yin and Gui factions were naturally among them.
Many Wulin sects were able to establish themselves in the early New Dynasty when they joined the aristocratic men’s team, and it was easy for them to gain wealth and status by virtue of their contributions to the past.
Although the Yin-decyl Sect is vaguely at the head of the magic gate, its strength is not enough, but even so, they are not necessarily without competing for the heart.
However, it seems to Song Que that what the leaders of the Yin-decyl Sect think is just to strengthen the Yin-decyl Sect, to unify the magic door of all factions, and to choose a powerful family to compete with each other.