"Niang! Little brother! Don’t die, I don’t want you to die … Eldest brother eldest brother … Mother died and little brother died … "
"You have to be obedient or I won’t take care of your affairs!"
"Well, I’ll listen to my big brother!"
"Arrow, you are now the main jade county in Dongxun. You will soon become a princess if you listen to your father. Would you like to listen to your father?"
"If I become a princess, can I be with my lover?"
"Of course, you were a princess then, and no one dared not listen to you."
"Well, I listen to dad …"
"Dad bright prince must be maple, he must be …"
"If you have a big wedding, dad will think of you to achieve your wish."
"Thank you, dad! Thank you, Dad! "
Princess Emerald smiled in her dream, and suddenly a "Don’t …" came out of her mouth. Then she cried sadly, but she didn’t wake up and was still immersed in the dream.
"What? Dad, why did you kill big brother? What? Mom is dead, and the eldest brother and the younger brother are dead. Dad, why do you want to do this … "
"No, no, no, it’s not dad’s fault. It’s Gu Liancheng’s fault … dad’s dead … dad’s dead …"
"Gu Liancheng I hate you! I hate you! "
Huangfuyi and Luo Yixuan heard the words suddenly shouted from the mouth of the Emerald Princess outside their cells. When their bodies suddenly shook, they heard Huangfuyi’s cold voice overflow from their lips and teeth. "Hit the prison door!"
One side of the jailer heard the word trembling and returned to the original position after locking, wiping his forehead with cold sweat from time to time.
Someone’s coming. I’m familiar with the sound. Is that him? Jade princess doesn’t know how long she has slept. She knows she can’t sleep any more. She has to wake up or the man will leave.
She didn’t know that she was talking in her sleep, but she forgot all about her dream just now, and her eyes were wide open and her hair was loose. She saw that it was always him, and he was really handsome and picturesque, walking out of the fairy.
Will he dislike her?
She looks terrible now. Will he dislike her? Bowing her head, she shrank to the corner.
"You … who are you … what are you coming to see me …" There is an easy mask. He doesn’t know her. He won’t know that this ugly woman is the one who bickered with him in the street. But in this case, wouldn’t she …
What does the Emerald Princess think? Huangfuyi doesn’t know, I’m afraid, and I don’t want to know. Seeing him approaching two steps, he looked down at the shrinking corner and was whipped. "Solve witchcraft or don’t blame me for being cruel to you!" His eyes are as cold as a sword stabbing the emerald princess, but the sound is so cold that he can’t help shivering.
"I … I don’t understand what you said?" Emerald infanta is Luo Suluo. At this moment, she looked up at Huangfuyi with swollen cheeks.
"You and I don’t know who you are? Or is it that after what happened that day, everyone was stupid and didn’t know your true identity? If that’s the case, you will be here again? " Huangfuyi said coldly, raising her hand and pulling her face mask. "I don’t want to talk nonsense with you and solve witchcraft quickly!"
Luo Suluo was puzzled first, and then his face was ugly. "What makes you want me to understand witchcraft?" Since he recognized her and knew who she was, why should he treat her so fiercely? "You know what? I hate you very, very much. I like you so much, but you don’t really look at me. You have Gu Liancheng’s practice in your heart … "Huangfuyi raised her hand and wanted to throw it at Luo Suluo, but she saw her face. When two slaps were printed, it was sluggish
"You fight … come on, you fight, fight hard, fight hard here!" Pointing at his face, Luo Suluo cried and laughed like a madman. "Don’t dare, don’t you dare to hit me?" Now that I’ve said this, I’ll just tell you that you’re not only afraid to hit me, but also have to be as white as possible? "
HuangFuYi handsome face like ice murderous look exposed a pair of dark eyes lock Luo Suluo face for a long time without saying a word.
"I’m leaving here now!" Los solo walked over from his side and walked past the door of the cell.
Huangfuyi didn’t turn around and just stood there for a long time. He dropped his hands.