Chapter 266 You are my woman

As Qin Shaojie thought, although he failed to catch the mysterious man, the spiritual world gained temporary stability. Qin Shaojie can sort things out during this time.
Jinghua university daoyuan office
"You … why are you here?" Yi Xiaohui looked at Qin Shaojie in front of her desk. She didn’t know how to face it. When she spoke, her head couldn’t help but drop a few minutes and tried not to make eye contact with Qin Shaojie. Now she doesn’t know how to face Qin Shaojie.
There is nothing wrong with saying that he is a student and a teacher himself, but have you ever seen a teacher fall in love with his students?
To tell the truth, in this day and age, men can marry men, even cats, dogs and even photos. It’s nothing to marry and have a teacher-student relationship, but Ai Xiaohui, who came out of that small village, can’t accept this kind of thing that violates ethics in her mind … Although it has been substantial.
"Why can’t I come?" Qin Shaojie said with a smile, "Do I need to report to anyone when I come to see my guide?"
"No, no, that’s not what I meant," said Xiao-hui Yi with his head down. Fortunately, there is no one else in the office at this time, otherwise she probably wouldn’t dare to speak.
"I mean, you’re not …"
"You mean I’m silly? Ha ha, "Qin Shaojie laughed." That’s true or false. It’s just to lure some people out. Now I’ve achieved my goal. Why should I play the fool? "
"Then what are you doing here?" Ai Xiaohui asked that this guy always asks for leave when he has few appearances at school, and he doesn’t know what method is not to be removed.
Did he come to see me? Yixiaohui thought.
"I want to talk about dropping out of school," Qin Shaojie said.
"Oh, drop out of school." Ai Xiaohui was depressed again when she heard Qin Shaojie say this. It turned out that he didn’t come to see me.
"What dropped out of school?"
"Well, I want to drop out of school," Qin Shaojie said.
"What?" Xiao-hui Yi looked up at Qin Shaojie. There was something indescribable in her eyes, which was tangled, angry, lost, sad and incomprehensible.
"Ah Xiaohui, what kind of eyes are you looking at?" Qin Shaojie was startled by her look. He didn’t mean to drop out of school. Why do you want to look at me like this?
"Xiaohui? Why do you call me that? I am your guide and your teacher. "Xiao-Hui Yi is a little excited, but Qin Shaojie made her soft with a word.
Who is Qin Shaojie? Although he has lived as an otaku for many years, he is not stupid. He can be said to be a bad person. From what he has done, we can see what Ai Xiaohui is thinking. How can he not love in vain but dare not love? He has too much struggle with each other’s identity.
"Because you are my woman," said Qin Shaojie, looking at Ai Xiaohui seriously. The focused expression and Tony Leung Chiu Wai’s blurred eyes and sexy voice immediately made Ai Xiaohui wet. It was that her eyes were wet
Because you are my woman, what a beautiful love story.
Women like to listen to this kind of words that are not nutritious but can make them happy and eat more bowls of rice, especially what their men say.
Although they know that some men’s words can be heard as a fart, that is, when they are exhausted, they can’t help but believe them.
Ai Xiaohui came to struggle with her and Qin Shaojie, but when she heard that Qin Shaojie was going to quit school, she chose to quit school because she didn’t want to face her. She was suddenly wronged and sad, but when she heard that Qin Shaojie said to her seriously, "You are my woman", all negative emotions immediately vanished.
I don’t know who said that the IQ of a woman in love is obviously not so high when Qin Shaojie admits that she is wronged and sad. Otherwise, how can there be so many opportunities to break in?
"Then why do you want to drop out of school?" Xiao-hui Yi looked at Qin Shaojie’s eyes with rosy cheeks. Tears of injustice turned into a pool of rippling spring water after Qin Shaojie’s words.
Women are really good at deceiving Qin Shaojie. Looking at Yi Xiaohui’s changing expression, she secretly thought, but our classmates Qin Shaojie are very responsible, not just talking.
"Well, there are two reasons," Qin Shaojie said. "First, I’m too busy and have too many things. You know, I always take time off when I come to school. Second, I don’t think it’s necessary to study anymore."
"I can understand the first point, but you said there was no need to learn anything?" Ai Xiaohui looked at Qin Shaojie puzzled. "How many people in Jinghua University can’t get in if they want to? Why don’t you study hard when you get into Jinghua University?"
"What do you think learning is, benzene woman?" Qin Shaojie asked with a smile.
"Hate you only benzene?" Xiao-hui Yi couldn’t help but be charming like a hundred flowers blooming suddenly, which made Qin Shaojie leng.
It turns out that she can be spoiled, too.
"What else can you learn? Find a good job after graduation."
"Yes, you also know that learning is to find a good job. Do you think I’m worried about returning to work now?"
Yes, he really can’t work. Don’t worry about it. Not to mention the hotel-style Internet cafe at school, the film and television company will support her for ten years every day. He can’t worry about it.
"Let’s get it straight." Qin Shaojie knew that she was thinking about this problem by not talking to Yi Xiaohui. In Yi Xiaohui’s exclamation, Qin Shaojie picked up Yi Xiaohui and put it on his leg, but he sat in the position where she originally belonged to Yi Xiaohui.
"Your husband, I have money. Even if you eat, drink and be merry at home every day, I will raise it. Why don’t you stop being a teacher and be a housewife?"
"I hate who wants you to raise me. I like being a teacher." Xiao-hui Yi blushed and sat in Qin Shaojie’s arms. Jiao Chen said that although she was shy, she didn’t get up.
This feeling is really wonderful, thought Ai Xiaohui, blushing.
"Fine, do whatever you want." Qin Shaojie laughed. "But you must remember that you are me."
"I … I know," said Yi Xiaohui mew.
"Now I’m going to put a stamp on you," Qin Shaojie said, and in Yi Xiaohui’s exclamation, she lifted Yi Xiaohui’s professional skirt.
"Don’t" exclaimed Yi Xiaohui.