If anyone is worried that winning the goal will make Lazio players feel great pressure, then they should look at the Lazio dressing room at this moment and they will know how wrong they are …

"Eldest brother finally say this out? I have been waiting for him for a long time! "
"Defending the triple crown! I almost fell asleep last night! Boss, this goal is too domineering! "
"It’s true that no one has ever walked the road to defend the triple crown. No team has ever done it, guys! We are creating new history every step from now on! "
Lazio players are discussing this in the dressing room of Vermelot training base before the new day’s training.
Everyone who talks about this matter is not nervous or worried at all. On the contrary, their faces are excited.
As if to say something very heart-warming.
After all, no one regards this as a difficult thing to accomplish.
For them, the season league title is already in their pocket, and the difficulty of winning the Italian Cup is not equal to that they try their best to deal with it, that is, the Champions League.
And their strength is strong in the Champions League, and they firmly believe that no team can stop them.
This is that source of their confidence.
Now that we have said that we should go with the boss to set up a monument for future generations, how can we flinch in the face of difficulties?
Chang Shenglai also asked Fontana to pay attention to the psychological condition of the players.
Because he has picked his words, he wants to see if the players will back down because of this goal, causing all kinds of tension and giving up negative emotions.
As a result, Fontana’s reward was that the players performed perfectly
"I’ve never seen a team with such high morale and high confidence," Fontana replied. "Everyone is full of fighting spirit [w w w] and they can’t wait for their opponents to confront each other and completely beat those teams that questioned them! This is a positive emotion, there is no negative emotion, and you should be able to rest assured of the mental health of the players during this period. "
"Speaking of it, it’s also because of your words that the players lost their goals after winning the sixth championship and found their goals again. Now, when the goals appear, they will go forward with all their might."
Fontana finally kowtowed to the winners.
Changsheng walked over and accepted it.
This is what he expected, but none of the players backed out or listened to make him happy.
This means that Lazio is as ambitious as he is, and they want to expand their position and territory.
Now that you have a goal, it’s easy to lead the team. The most fear is that you don’t pursue it.
This is the reason why the so-called "team is not easy to bring when people are scattered"
Since the players are okay with winning, they are even more okay with it.
Then the team went to defend the triple crown …
On January 29th, Lazio played Florence at home in the 22nd round of the League.
There is no suspense in this game. The home game against Lazio is very scary.
In the end, the Biancocelesti beat Florence 2 at home.
Continue their winning streak of the season.
This is their 21st consecutive victory and their 61st consecutive unbeaten game.
Getting closer and closer to the record set by Chang Sheng himself.
The 23rd round of the League is Lazio away game against AC Milan.
He led AC Milan in allegri in the season with outstanding performance. They quickly found their own rhythm after experiencing the pain at the beginning of the season.
At present, AC Milan II is ranked second with 46 points after the second round of league matches.
If it weren’t for Lazio, they would be number one in the league.
Lazio has won 21 games in the 22 nd League! 63 points ahead of AC Milan by 17 points.
Such a huge difference makes the so-called goal of winning the league title meaningless
Many teams that usually have the strength to compete for the league title are now aiming to compete for the qualification for the Champions League this season, which is more realistic.
Otherwise, it’s really funny to talk about the league championship when we are ten points behind or even twenty points behind.
Although the league ranking points are quite different, it can’t be said that AC Milan can’t do anything about Lazio. Lazio beat AC Milan 2-0 at home in the fourth round of the league, but at that time allegri just took over the team and it was still in pain.
Since then, AC Milan has performed all the way up and finally ranked second in the league.
The points are much less than Lazio’s, because Lazio is so stable that they can win no matter what opponents they face, while AC Milan’s performance is still in the normal range. Sometimes they lose and sometimes they draw.
It is normal for AC Milan to draw four games and lose four games in the 22nd League.
However, I didn’t lose a game or draw with Lazio. Lazio’s performance is too abnormal and has no reference value.
Moreover, the competition in a single game is not to look at the previous achievements of the two teams, but to look at the state and ability shown by the two teams in these two games
AC Milan is now at home, which doesn’t mean there is no hope of beating Lazio.
Of course, before the game, AC Milan was very low-key from the club to the media, especially the media. They never said anything like "This is an excellent opportunity for AC Milan to get revenge", "This is definitely an opportunity for AC Milan to get revenge" and "This is a hundred percent opportunity for AC Milan to get revenge".
Every time they said that before, AC Milan would die miserably in the end, but now they have all learned their lesson.
Don’t talk about it in a low profile, and don’t declare any hatred between AC Milan and Lazio.
If you don’t know these two clubs well, they will be very good …
Actually, what a fart!
If AC Milan really hates the club now, I’m afraid it’s not Inter Milan, the sworn enemy in the same city, but Lazio.
The main reason is that Lazio coach Chang Sheng and AC Milan have a lot of personal grievances, which have broken various records of AC Milan, and personal attacks on AC Milan coach Berlusconi … They have been complaining for three days and three nights.
AC Milan can’t wait to eat its meat.
If there is an opportunity, they don’t mind cutting Lazio to pieces. But where is this opportunity?
Chapter three hundred and fifty-two Modern Football Foundation
It’s different from the first time Lazio AC Milan met in half a season. AC Milan has changed a lot.
Ronaldinho was completely deposed. He was replaced from the main force in AC Milan.
Pato has long lost his position because of continuous injuries.
Brazil can really play in AC Milan, that is, thiago silva and Robinho, of whom Robinho is not the absolute main force.
After abandoning Ronaldinho, allegri built a team around Ibrahimovic
Team capital Sweden stupa
Ibrahimovic has his dream of freedom on the court.
He can do whatever he wants, but no one else is as special as him.
In midfield, his muscle array leader is "black and hard" except for Pirlo.