Although Chen is not a top-notch expert in the North Yard, he is also a master in the half-step innate realm, but after all, it is also a mid-ninth stage. This forest edge has an initial realm that actually blocked Brother Chen’s move.

In the eyes of these northern brothers, this is simply incredible.
"Brother Lin is good!"
The younger brother of the South Hospital was extremely excited to see that Lin Yuan had caught this recruit.
The brothers in the South Courtyard can’t care so much. When they saw this scene, they suddenly burst into applause like rolling thunder. One by one, they turned red with excitement and shouted desperately for the forest edge to come on.
You know, just then, almost no one in the whole South Courtyard was Chen’s opponent, and the whole South Academician was angry. At this time, Lin Yuan naturally appeared, and everyone was excited.
In fact, there are definitely not a few people who can defeat Chen in the whole South Yard, but the South Rim has always been very low-key and doesn’t like to take part in fighting, so those nine realms are almost half a step in nature, which also leads to the fact that the South Yard has always been in a weak position.
My brother couldn’t help but be a little excited to see this situation.
Suddenly, the younger brother facing the north courtyard couldn’t help but say, "Brother Nan, do you dare to gamble with our north courtyard?"
"Dare we gamble in the South Yard? I’ll come first. I’ll pay 120 yuan." The younger brother of the South Yard seems to have found confidence and been full of spirit one by one.
What do you think of the forest edge in the first world war has no chance of winning, but these people have to face the south yard, but the scene just now makes the brothers in the south yard see hope, and maybe there is hope.
That just said that the betting brother pulled out a Gherardini expression on his face and said lightly, "In that case, let’s bet."
"A light sentence immediately aroused the anger of the South Yard." What can’t we gamble! "
Although the younger brother of the South Courtyard has been under pressure for only one day, he can also see the strong smell among them. Plus, he has just been bullied, and his temper is so hot that he can’t consider winning or losing.
As the saying goes, even if the forest edge loses, they will never flinch in front of the North Courtyard.
"Good," said the younger brother of the North Courtyard with a smile. "Bet!"
No one is optimistic about the gap between the two sides of the forest edge. There is a ranking monument 54 and a ranking monument 56. Unless there is a miracle, the forest edge will definitely not win Chen.
My brother, some bets are an episode, and they don’t care.
"Small good actually caught me a recruit" Chen said with a smile face eyes look at Lin Yuan always ready.
Lin Yuan laughed, not retreating but advancing.
The forest edge has not been fought for a long time. Of course, it is said here that the master is the most powerful in his debut from the forest edge, that is, in the early stage of the ninth grade, there is a middle stage of the ninth grade where he can exercise his bones and muscles
Lin Yuan still has no sword.
His feet stepped out of the clouds, and his figure was stunned, and his hands fluttered, and his sword and shadow fluttered like a jade butterfly, but people rushed to Chen’s side like a fierce tiger.
Chen Jiuzhong’s mid-term master will naturally not be driven by Lin Yuan’s attack on Zhang Feng for a moment.
The two sides fought for dozens of strokes, and the forest edge still didn’t fall in the wind, and the whole person became more and more brave.
This time, Lin Yuan only controlled his own strength in the early stage of the ninth grade, which is also why Lin Yuan wanted to hone his Wushu, plus Lin Yuan’s martial arts double-cultivation of his body has been enough to match the ninth grade fighters, and naturally he did not fall in the wind.
Suddenly, the lip corner of the forest edge pulled out a sneer at the palm of your hand, and the palm potential suddenly soared.
Dozens of sharp palm winds send out a series of tearing gas from the hand of the forest edge in an instant, and draw a long virtual shadow from different angles towards Chen Laser in front.
The palm wind carried the turbulent true elements and crisscrossed the red mountains, blocking all the retreat of Chen, most of which were attacked by the palm wind department of Chen
This is a flaw found by Lin Yuan through meetings.
The palm of the forest edge suddenly became so violent and violent, and Chen did not dare to neglect it, immediately suggesting that the true qi in the abdomen rose to one hundred percent strength.
make love
I don’t know how many times the palm wind of the forest edge collided with my fist wind. It was as dense as the rain hitting the banana, and the defense department was shattered.
From a distance, Chen is covered by the palm wind of the forest edge and may collapse at any time.
Just when everyone was watching nervously, then Lin Yuan’s move directly stunned everyone.
Suddenly, the shape of the forest edge flashed, and he crossed the distance of nearly ten paces in an instant, splitting a palm to Chen’s back.
There is no extra movement in this palm, and even the hand is convergent, but it is more amazing and full of strength and confidence.
A simple split!
In the palm method, the ordinary palm stroke combined with the step of walking on the edge of the forest to form a very deterrent counterattack
So fast
Chen was suddenly surprised without considering his own consumption of real yuan, and hurriedly gathered real yuan.
He will definitely defeat Lin Yuan by virtue of his own realm advantage, but I didn’t expect that he hasn’t defeated it for such a long time.
Later, I didn’t expect Lin Yuan’s move to be so fast when I wanted to win the battle and defend against the wind.
But Chen never expected that Lin Yuandu would be so fast.
The palm of Lin Yuan’s palm is directly opposite to Chen Yuan’s palm, and Chen Zhenyuan’s root is instantaneous, so Lin Yuan’s opponent has not finished playing.
Lin Yuan’s palm directly pushed back Chen Yuan’s instant Lin Yuan flashed to his left palm like a ghost, and directly ranked in Chen’s back.