After giving up hanging the infusion bag or bottle, the gang put away their weapons and ignored soy sauce. The gang walked forward with great strides and soon disappeared into the public eye.

I was surprised to help the people with soy sauce, but I didn’t know what happened after I finished. Why did my good friend suddenly leave? But it’s really enough to hurt their hearts by watching their little friends leave without paying attention to themselves, okay?
So in the distance, Zuo Tangtang was very funny. Looking at him just beaming, he suddenly became dejected and despondent, helping others to pounce on themselves for comfort.
[17 Chapter 17 Make a good transformation]
Just as the soy sauce gang was immersed in Zuo Tangtang’s rare tenderness, Mu Yunxian didn’t know when to appear around everyone and watched being coldly hit by Zuo Tangtang’s various interactions and hugs.
[Nearby] Mu Yun has had enough leisure, so don’t come from the hoof!
The soy sauce gang tried to pretend that they didn’t see it, but who knows that Muyun is around, and this aura is really something they can’t ignore.
Reluctantly, the hug is over, and the cliff around Zuo Tangtang is not that we are afraid of him. Although his force value is higher than ours, even Wang is not afraid. Will we care about this? Well, we just want to let the sister paper breathe.
[Nearby] Muyun’s nine-day leisure organization asked you to fight sect boss, and shouted at the guild channel. You are going crazy. Why didn’t you respond to the channel news?
Everyone, alas, Sao nian, you are so clever. You can actually guess that we can proudly show that our sister paper blocks the information of Wang. Isn’t it worth it?
MuYun idle like know what people think buckle word back.
[Nearby] Mu Yunxian sent me to find you, so don’t pretend you don’t know. Go back quickly!
You say that the same human fellow hates pinching so much, or that his sister paper is so soft. MengMeng really wants people to push it down or be pushed down at first sight, okay?
Unwilling to follow Muyun back to the gang meeting point, he also took the same reluctance to Zuo Tangtang before leaving.
Sure enough, as Zuo Tangtang guessed in his heart, I saw them exploding in nine days, okay? A lot of words were thrown at the soy sauce gang.
"You this group of soul light! You know, come back! Don’t come back if you have something to do! If you do this again, I will really kill you! "
Playing soy sauce to help people watch the year, month and day. Sure enough, this is cyclical! Master Jiaojiao blew up again, okay? Alas, sex children are so ignorant that they can’t understand the adult world at all, okay? Besides, we can’t be angry with him and coax him. Well, it’s enough to be a responsible and patient parent.
Therefore, it is full of responsibility to fight soy sauce and help the public to organize this sect boss grab battle.
The ending is very gratifying. The five factions of the Royal Guards actually grabbed four. After nine days, they were very happy to improvise and organize everyone to go to the farmer.
Everyone said that although they really don’t want to do this kind of gang-talking activity, they are really a little excited to try a life of farming and weaving with their own sister paper.
In this way, several fields in the eastern suburbs of Chengdu were densely filled with soy sauce to help the people farm. After nine days, tears came to his eyes, indicating that it was really gratifying for him.
But at this time, fudge didn’t know what was going on. It was estimated that the string in the head collapsed again and suddenly jumped into the straw pile in the farmland.
[Nearby] Soft and soft sugar pattern handsome man is me, and I am the most handsome man we help!
[Nearby] Soft soft sugar does not come to argue!
Not to mention the ugly face nine days after the brain screen, playing soy sauce to help the roots show that they don’t care about what he said, okay? Sometimes this child’s paper is stupid when it comes to two. Let’s put up with it. Don’t abandon it. If it hurts the child’s paper heart, it will be bad. Alas, in retrospect, we are really kind and make people cry, okay?
The fudge looked at him and ignored him. They didn’t know whether to find a feeling or a sniffle. They flew to Zuo Tangtang with a flying skill and sent a hug invitation at the same time.
[Nearby] Soft soft sugar hoof sister paper You see that these people are not as handsome as me. If you want to get married, marry me.
Ah, hey, it’s almost the same. Where do you see that you are the most handsome? Zuo Tangtang is still spitting here. Didn’t you notice that everyone next to him stormed out
This is just unbearable, okay! I cann’t believe that saying this in front of my sister paper is when we are dead!
Immediately, they immediately screamed and jumped at Zuo Tangtang, who was still hugging and looking silly.
[Nearby] Soft soft candy, damn it! What are you Qin Shou people doing? Cann’t you stay by and look on coldly like Xiao Qi’s idiot!
Xiaoqi is very nai, really nai. He really wants to stay quietly and watch this farce, but let’s not talk about fudge and call himself an idiot. Let’s just say that we want to look on coldly when he says so. Can we still do this in front of this group of pit goods?
I want to live a few more years! In this group of pit goods with strong revenge, it is no good to ignore them now.
Xiaoqi joined the crusade against fudge with a weapon.
The fudge stood up again and again, strong as a candy, indicating that he would rather die than surrender, but he was brutally knocked down by the soy sauce gang again and again.
Some gang members even took out hoes to dig the ground next to his body when he fell to the ground, trying to express the philosophy of "second-rate life".
Nine days later, I told Beique that I couldn’t watch it. It was an insult to their IQ.
Looking at nine days later, I will leave Muyun with Beique. At this time, I am also ready to let Zuo Tangtang, who is in the center of chaos, leave together
But at this moment, the mutation suddenly appeared.
A large group of people Zuo Tangtang didn’t know suddenly poured into the farmland. Without saying a word, he picked up a knife and cut it at the soy sauce gang.
After playing soy sauce, the gang was caught off guard. Many names have already turned red, and the gang has instantly turned white light into prison.
Fudge seems to know these people and bounce around after they come back to life again.
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar Don’t accidentally hurt that sister paper!
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar That sister paper is my friend!
The group of people were very obedient, bypassed Zuo Tangtang and continued to slaughter the people.
Because the soy sauce gang was attacked first, even if they resisted again, the starting point was different, and all of them were finally sent to prison (it is said that they will be sent to prison if they die after becoming famous)
When Zuo Tangtang watched in amazement that the group of people left after greeting fudge, Zuo Tangtang could no longer conceal his curiosity and asked about fudge.
It turns out that those people are good friends of fudge. When they passed by and watched fudge being bullied, they came to help.