Bowen said seriously, "since we can give a plan, we have analyzed its feasibility. Don’t underestimate Mr. Shen too much, and don’t underestimate the resilience of a human being!" Desensitization therapy has cured many post-traumatic stress disorders and anxiety disorders! "

Fu Fengning narrowed his eyes slightly, and a flash of danger in his eyes meant that he sank, "I can’t stand it."
"Ah?" Bourne looked blankly at Fu Fengning for a while, but his train of thought didn’t follow him.
Fu Fengning’s whole body pressure is very low. "I can’t see him suffering. This plan is not in my consideration."
Bourne sighed, "Actually, this is our most recommended scheme. We evaluate the star rating not only for evaluating the effect, but also for evaluating the fitness of Shen ‘an."
Fu Fengning sink a way "don’t consider"
Then he began to open other plans, but Bourne saw that Fu Fengning turned pages too frequently. Obviously Fu Fengning was a little upset at this time.
A minute later, Fu Fengning stopped turning the page and his topic went back to "Bourne Shen An was with me for a long time". Your so-called "deepest fear" didn’t affect his life too much. You know how he lost his memory … I want him to be treated in the hope that he will be less flustered and more peaceful and happy. I’m not asking you to restore his memory. He is fine now. Most of the time, it affects him with anxiety, depression, self-contempt, etc. These are the symptoms that trap him day and night, not-that one has.
Bowen shook his head. "Mr. Fu, I don’t agree that we are talking about treating you … What you say here is" treating the symptoms but not curing them "!"
Fu Fengning explained, "Bourne, do you know what he experienced when he was a child? When he was in a crisis, he touched a blunt instrument and accidentally killed the attempted brute. The beast was covered in blood and watched him die in front of him … this was his nightmare … he almost died once! He was still a ten-year-old child at that time! He was in a coma for a month, lost his past memories like stress, and suffered from mental retardation for a long time … He came back to life after taking off his skin … He was so afraid … We will remind him again … It’s no matter how good it is to treat the symptoms. I have a request that Shen An is not allowed to remember that nightmare. "
"Mr. Fu, didn’t you let me remember two cases when you supplemented the information? First, the rainy night in Shanhai Cinema was the night when you saved Mr. Shen. You put him in the bath of your hotel room to wash his body. When he was unconscious, his mouth was frightened and he said that he had killed someone … Do you remember?
Another time, Mr. Shen and Tian Yue were harassed and protected in a VR shop in your commercial building. Didn’t you watch the video playback several times later? In the picture, Mr. Shen is also frightened and absent-minded, and he keeps mumbling. He says that he still killed people, right … These are all things that stabilized his illness when he got sick when someone protected the situation!
But do you know what would happen if you didn’t meet him on that rainy night, if you stopped at that VR shop when you were alone? "
"What will happen?"
"For the time being, let’s just say that he is mentally ill. He is either crazy or dead. When he comes into contact with similar fears, he will induce stress. On weekdays, the fears buried deep in his heart will be suddenly dug out and began to arrange and piece together! If we don’t get it, our spiritual world will collapse completely … But if we receive desensitization treatment under our guardianship, we will set different levels of fear sources according to different stages, which will remind him of it bit by bit and build the wall bit by bit! The process seems cruel and dangerous, but it is actually protected by professionals. After a long ordeal, he will get rid of stress and fear from the root. "
"That’s from before and after he was by my side. I won’t let him have a chance to get in touch with similar fears."
Bourne pulled a long face. "Mr. Fu … I am a doctor … we still suggest …" He looked at Fu Fengning and changed his mind. "Forget it, then we can settle for the second best. Since you don’t want him to recall the previous pain … then we can temporarily put this targeted treatment into mild time therapy and your alpha companion therapy while desensitization therapy can be aimed at Mr. Shen’s anxiety disorder and social fear. We have analyzed these two points that have the greatest impact on Mr. Shen’s group life. If it can be improved, his world will be peaceful and a lot happier.
On this day, Fu Fengning didn’t do any work and chatted with Bourne for a whole day.
Fu Fengning, the final selection and reform plan, has quietly begun to put into arrangement.
Shen An was called to the office by the old curator the day after he resumed work.
Shen An just got the old curator to give him a thousand red envelopes the day before, so today the old curator asked him to go to the office. He realized that it was still because he won the top ten titles in the country. He was still wondering if the old curator would praise him or reward him again.
Unexpectedly, as soon as I followed up the office, I saw the old curator staring at him with a dignified look for a while before finally calling "Shen An! I want to talk to you about something and listen to your opinion. "
You have something to say.
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Chapter 94 Chapter 94
The old curator rarely talks to Shen An in this tone, and Shen was a little nervous when he settled down. "What’s the matter …"
The old curator pulled a chair for Shen An to sit on and organized a language "How did it feel to return to work yesterday?"
Shen An didn’t quite understand what it was like for the old curator to ask, and he cocked his head. "It feels … good …"
The old curator chewed betel nut in his mouth, poof smiled and asked, "Have you found that there are more people borrowing from the museum?"
"Found …"
"Did you find that you borrowed a lot from your management area?"
"Found …"
"Did you find that there are many people chatting with you?"
"Found …"
"Do you know anything?"
"Know … because I see …"
The old curator smiled. "Hey hey, did you find that there was a notice at the entrance outside the gate? I added a detailed rule to the "library ban"-prohibiting library workers from shooting? "
Shen An Trail "saw"
The old curator smiled again. "This rule is for you. Do you have a net recently?"
Shen An shook his head.
His mobile phones are used to answer calls and send messages, and he seldom plays with them.
He doesn’t usually visit Weibo and like Weibo. He doesn’t understand how to play. Except for some tweets, he doesn’t take the initiative to understand the news. He doesn’t play games or chase plays.
Not too online either.
The old curator looked at Shen An like an alien. "Are you not curious about your own reports and topics?"
Shen An Trail "Curious …"
The old curator asked, "Then you won’t search?"
Shen An has some difficult feelings. "I …"
The reason is hard to say, because he didn’t have time to search these during the day these days and stayed with Fu Fengning at night.
He deeply remembers that his father told him not to play with his mobile phone in front of Fu Fengning, which was disrespectful to others.
During the day, he came to the library to work, and he didn’t have the habit of fishing.
The old curator said, "If you have nothing to do, just search and see! You’ve got a gossip and a post bar … By the way, do you have a Weibo? Weibo, you have it, right? You have enough conditions to be certified. Now, when you search for a lot of fake names, you don’t know which one is you. "
"Yes … Tian helped me register before reading."
"How can you register others? Can’t you do it yourself?"
"I … I seldom play"
"I’ll arrange someone to teach you to play through later … and you are the face of our library, you know?"
"I … I …" Shen An was flattered at the moment, as if in a dream "Face?"
Old curator serious tunnel "for you have to know that our library is not public, we are private library, to make money! I didn’t expect that you just participated in a selection, and you became a small online celebrity … This is a business opportunity. If we can rely on this to eat dividends, we have to seize that although I am a cultural worker, I am also a businessman. I thought it would be better to take advantage of the wind and push you out for business! "
Shen An felt that he understood but never understood.
He understood that the old curator wanted to make money by this heat, but he didn’t understand that he said business.
The old curator explained that "it is to build you! Our library has hard-core strength, and there are more history and culture in it! Once upon a time, eating was a century-old word of mouth. Even if we have the inside information, it has always been tepid. Do you know how many times the flow of people in our library is in the past? "
"How many times?"
"Fifty times!"
"No wonder I have to line up when I enter the door today …"
"Our library’s income doesn’t depend on renting and selling. These are the main sources of income for eating a little money. It’s our open class on the top floor, the historical theater on the first floor and the" cultural street "behind the library."
Shen An zheng big eyes "originally the cultural street is our library …"
"Nonsense cultural career where less got me? Even when the government/government of the square outside the door was established, I also paid for it. "
Shen Anxing was mobilized by the old curator. "So … So you said business … is to let me go to Wenhua Street to pull … soliciting customers?"