"It’s just right, right?" Lian Yan Jing said thoughtfully that when it comes to professionalism, he is keen and back.

How old was he then? It must be unclear, and then the queen mother also kept her mouth shut, so she didn’t have a chance to know that she was naturally unclear.
"What is just right?" The emperor instead of the queen mother asked
Dong Yuling nodded happily and took a look at Lian Yan Jiing. What an expert in this field!
She can find that it was the detective stories, TV plays and animation that her predecessors did not know how many they had watched, and she could learn a little more or less.
Lian Yan Jing this is purely based on experience.
"From General Zhuo’s mansion to the palace and then to the Empress Dowager, it will take an hour to send someone to the general mansion even after the Empress Dowager has simplified the procedures." Dong Yuling slowly explained.
"That is to say, it’s been an hour since Mrs. Zhuo gave birth during childbirth and the empress dowager sent someone to the general’s office to see Mrs. Zhuo’s body. How can I just see Mrs. Zhuo just die?"
Laughed Dong Fengling, "I don’t know if the Empress Dowager Empress had sent someone? But what happened then? Did you touch the lady’s body? If it is difficult to give birth, must it be a lot of bleeding or a corpse with two lives? "
The queen mother suddenly got up and quickly walked to the front of the temple to call in her confidant Mammy, who moved so quickly that three people jumped and rushed to help her.
At this time, the queen mother did not consider so much to return to her seat. "Her name is Jingui. She followed the girl of Aigu from childhood and later entered the palace to serve Aigu. She just sent her to the general office. If you have anything, just ask."
When it comes to the end, the queen mother’s voice trembled slightly. It was almost exciting to know the truth. After more than ten years of confusion, she finally waited until the truth came out.
Dong Yuling nodded his head and asked again just now, thinking that the queen mother really likes osmanthus!
It seems that the name of the people around me is osmanthus.
As soon as Mammy Jingui didn’t react, she listened to Dong Yuling’s simple summary, and realized, "That’s true. So the empress dowager empress was indeed a handmaiden who neglected the handmaiden’s body in the past. When the handmaiden rushed to the bed, she did a good job even though the temperature was not felt, but her hair was still wet and half a sheet was soaked. I think the handmaiden was still wet when she touched it."
"I heard that Mrs. Zhuo gave birth at noon in summer?" Lotus Yan Jing heart a move 1.
Dong Fengling was surprised and thought it was normal that there was too much blood to dry for an hour and get wet.
Sister Jingui will say something with subjective emotions, like it just came out. This kind of image is unreliable and can’t be proved.
If Sister Jingui could really judge that year, she wouldn’t have missed this flaw.
But if it’s the hottest time at noon in summer, it makes sense
Half a sheet is soaked in an hour, and it is estimated that it will be almost dry.
Blood is easier to coagulate than water.
Besides, wet hair doesn’t make any sense. If a person has been dead for more than an hour, it should be done even if it is not tidied up.
Besides, isn’t it against the will for a woman who is giving birth to a child to clean her face even if she dies in childbirth?
Even if the sweat on the face is easier to dry, it seems that there is no such big gap.
It’s a pity that she couldn’t see the body with her own eyes, otherwise she could see more things.
Dong Yuling’s regret is forgotten as soon as he regrets it. Anyway, the existing evidence proves that the surname Zhuo has a bad intention. He is just not so important for now. Chapter 57 Chapter 57 Chapter 570 What a slag!
The queen mother’s emotional control has been very good, but now she continues to be calm, listening to the micro-squinting as if she were with herself.
"It is always the case that either this man had expected the results before letting people enter the palace to report the news; Or I never thought that something had happened and arranged the scene directly, right! " The queen mother also understand freely asked
It is true that the evidence is not important, as long as everyone knows what is going on in their hearts.
At that time, she was skeptical, but she always wanted to know how this man did it.
Dong Lu Ling and Lian Yan Jing nodded. That’s what happened. If it is the former, it’s very good, so it was premeditated.
But if it is the latter, it will also come. No, the former is much more likely.
The queen mother’s palace struggle is also white for most of her life, and she has a dispute in her heart.
"Empress Dowager?" Sister Jingui was a little worried that the queen mother was the most aware of her obsession with her sister. Now she knows such an amazing truth, and she is worried that the main body can’t bear it.
The queen mother ha ha smiled. "It’s the greatest salvation if all these years have passed and Aijia has passed."
Then the queen mother herself looked back at the emperor easily. "The emperor’s son just had a problem. In those days, the surname Zhuo married another family because he wanted to grieve for his own family, which was even more unforgivable."
"He asked for it himself?" The emperor was surprised. Isn’t that even more tricky?
Dong Yuling was also surprised by this man … What a scum!
In that case, when he knew who would be his second wife, he would be resented by the queen mother. Didn’t he set Mrs. Zhuo on fire?
No matter what his righteous and great reasons are, you can’t deny this kind of love rat trip.