I cried and lost a painful blow. All the scrolls I owned-the earliest thing for mother and father-have been burned.

The scroll was taken from the old temple in Alexandria that night when I took my mother and father out of Egypt. It described how an evil soul entered Akasha and Enkiel’s blood and how the blood clan produced an ancient story.
It’s all over. It’s all ashes. I, Greek and Roman poets and historians can’t write anything myself.
It’s unbelievable that this happened. I blame myself for not copying the Essays and putting them in the temple. After all, I can still find Cicero, Virgil, Xenophon and Homer in some foreign cities.
But what about Ai? I can’t make up for this loss anymore.
I wonder if my beautiful queen will care if her story is destroyed? Do you want me to keep the story in mind?
I walked into the ruins of my house and looked at the remnants of the black plaster wall. I could hit me at any moment. Black wood stepped over piles of burnt wood.
I finally left the place where I lived for so long and walked around and saw that Rome had been freed from its punishment. Not everything was burned. Rome was too big and there were too many stone buildings.
Christians are busy helping their compatriots, naked children, their dead parents crying, but what about such a poor sight for me? Even if Rome is not razed to the ground, there will be more invasions, and those who stay in the city and try to rebuild their homes will endure humiliation.
I went back to the temple and walked up the steps into the holy land, lying in the corner satisfied and tired and closing my eyes.
This became my first long sleep.
In my life as an immortal, I get up at night and spend the night. When I am assigned to hunt or enjoy, I can enjoy entertainment and happiness, but now I don’t care if the sun goes down, I am like you, like you in an ice cave.
I fell asleep. I knew I knew I had to be guarded. I heard too much suffering from Rome, so I decided to fall asleep.
Maybe I was inspired by the story of the jungle god. They can starve in the oak tree for a month at a time and still get up to receive sacrifices, but I’m not sure.
But I did pray to Akasha, and I prayed, "Give me sleep, give me silence, give me stability, and I heard silence in a strong voice, give me peace."
How long did I sleep? For many months, I felt very hungry and dreamed of blood, but I still stubbornly lay in the temple. I would wander around at night with my eyes closed and pretend to be deaf to the outside world. I couldn’t stand seeing my beloved city again. I wanted to go anywhere.
A strange moment came. In my dream, it seemed that Mal and Ivekas advised me to get up and give me their blood, which gave me strength.
"You are hungry and you are weak," Avicas said how sad he looks but how gentle he is. "Rome has been ravaged by Goths and Visigoths," he continued. "The senators have kept it. They cater to rude barbarians. Christians bring the poor to them and give them bread. Nothing can really destroy your city. alaric died as if cursed by what he did, and his army has been scattered for a long time." Am I comforted by all this? I don’t know, but I don’t want to wake up. I can’t open my eyes. I want to lie alone.
They can’t do anything more when the children are gone. Later, it seems that they have been here again. I may have seen them through the lights. They may have spoken to me, but I have finished nothing like a dream.
Of course, a few months passed, and then a few years later, I felt my limbs were light and my mind seemed to be strengthened.
A picture grabbed me. I saw myself lying in the arms of a woman. A beautiful brunette was Akasha. She comforted me and told me that nothing could hurt me when I went to sleep. Even if I was thirsty, I wouldn’t drink her blood. Unlike his blood clan, I can get up hungry again. I won’t become extremely weak.
As soon as we hang silk curtains, we lie in bed in a gorgeous room. I can see the outside through the exquisite silk curtains. I can see the lotus leaf golden column at the top. I can feel the soft cushion, but most importantly, I can feel the comfort. People hug me warmly and tell me to go to sleep.
After a long time, I got up and went out to look at the garden. That’s right. I painted the garden more perfectly. I turned around and wanted to see the dancing fairies. Only they were too fast for me. I left before I saw them, singing softly and I could hardly hear them.
I dream of colors. I want to paint pigments. Solid colors in front of me can make the garden more lively.
Yeah, sleeping
The holy darkness finally came to me, and I had no thoughts to wear through. I knew Akasha still held me because I could feel her arms around me, her lips and my cheeks, and that was all I knew.
Many years have passed.
Many years have passed.
My eyes opened expect the unexpected.
A strong vigilance caught me and let me know that my limbs were still alive. I didn’t move, but I looked up and stared at the darkness. Then I heard the rapid footsteps and the lights made me lose my mind for a moment.
A stereo starts with Avikas.
"Marius, come with us," he said.
I tried to get up from the stone floor, but I couldn’t. I couldn’t lift my arm.
So I told myself that I was thinking about it and what happened.
Lights Avikas I have a flickering bronze lamp in front of me. He looks like a soldier in gorgeous Gothic pants with a coat and a double coat.
Malta was wearing a gorgeous dress similar to his, and his blond hair was combed back and his face disappeared with malice.
"We’re leaving, Marius," Marr said, her eyes wide and generous. "Come with us. Don’t go to sleep like a dead man."
Ivekas knelt down and put the lamp behind me so that it wouldn’t sting my eyes again.
"Marius, we’re going to Constantinople. We have our own boat, but we have our own slaves rowing our own pilots. We have given a lot of money to our followers. There is no doubt about our late arrangements. You must come with us. There is no reason to stay."
"We must go," said Mal. "Do you know how long you’ve been lying here?"
"Half a century," I whispered. "During this period, Rome was deserted again."
Avikas shook his head. "There are many old friends." He said, "I don’t know how many times we tried to wake you up. The Roman Empire in Maresi really died."
"Come with us to Constantinople," said Mal. "It’s the richest city in the world."