The scene is busy, this is real-time ob perspective, whistling and shouting, and the scene is about to burn.

The overlord team is still finishing the work, but they don’t know that their performance has long been laughed over by the field.
Zhang Hao couldn’t help but feel some sympathy for this wild fight. I don’t know how long it will take him to be criticized for this wild fight after taking this little dragon, but the game is a game, and it is so sorry to be kind to the enemy and cruel to yourself.
"Dong" Xiaolong is gone.
Is the little dragon lost in front of the blind monk? The little dragon has disappeared. The hammer stone and the blind monk wait for a while looked at the eyes and Mo had already taken away the little dragon. Zhang Hao was naughty and tried to walk away. Of course, this is unrealistic.
The "Nima" blind monk is crazy. This is always around him. Seeing that the enemy army has killed the little dragon blind monk in the chat box, I feel a deep force.
Punish the little dragon, Mofa, continue to be invisible, and be beaten by blind monks and hammers. How can a delicate three-level problem, Mo, be able to withstand the destruction of two monsters, Shu Li, and return home in less than two seconds?
The killing ratio is 2: 2, and each team gets two heads. The tauren team wanders, and two teams kill the overlord team, while the blind monk. It is clear at a glance which is lighter or heavier.
"Are you kidding? I didn’t get the dragon?" Chu Tianhui didn’t see the road situation, but he saw that the dragon didn’t get all the blame. Of course, there are some problems in playing wild. If it is within the scope of punishment, it will definitely not be robbed.
Sun Tianle now feels what suffering means. This situation needs to be so cautious. There is one less person across the street. Who will always be on guard? Besides, Hammer Stone has put his eyes in the nearby intersection. Do you need to guard against it like an enemy?
Sun Tianle, a strange bully, met such an unconventional Zhang Hao, which made people unpredictable.
"I really wronged him?" Sun Tianle complained that he was not talking, and Chu Tianhui did not continue to pursue other players, which also explained that Mo had been squatting there and didn’t blame the wild.
Don’t get the Xiaolong. The audience cheered so that the situation didn’t feel the disadvantage of four strikes and five. The big screen ob perspective shows that there is almost no economic gap between the Niuren team and the overlord team. This is not a situation of four strikes and five, but it should show an economic gap.
In the eyes of outsiders, the tauren team is thriving, but the tauren team itself knows how difficult the situation is. From the explosion of Lu Yibo, it can be seen that the problem of lack of playing wild is really remarkable. However, the tauren team needs to be on guard at all times, so it is strange that it can play an advantage with such trepidation.
After Mo died in the battlefield and went out, Zhang Hao wanted to take a chance to see if the blue buff was there to help the vagabond get a blue buff, but it didn’t seem to succeed. Seeing the swinging blue buff was taken away by the blind monk.
"Lack of blue is too difficult to fight." The barrel is wearing a blue buff. Gao Chengfeng is all kinds of envy, jealousy and hatred. The wandering mage Blue is wasting blood with the barrel, but without blue, it is a lot of blood, but it has no battery life. If you don’t go home, you will always be in a blue state.
"Ha ha feng elder brother is short of blue. Talk to me. This mobile mana source is not a leucorrhea." Zhang Hao is also happy to hear Gao Chengfeng’s words.
"What the hell" Gao Chengfeng didn’t understand at the moment.
"You forgot what skills you brought."
"My grass brother, you are so interesting. Come and fill me with some blue."
Mo Qing technique can be regarded as a solution to the problem that the wandering mage lacks blue. It is not too cost-effective to restore mana 4 skills. The wandering mage comes by mana bonus. At this time, this 4 bonus is simply cost-effective
Can a 5-mana-4 and a 5-mana-4 be the same concept? The former can recover 2 mana by clarity, while the latter can recover 2 mana. The same skill gap is so big.
The wandering mage quietly filled a lot of mana and returned to the line with alacrity. Zhang Hao also quickly returned Mo to Luli Eye Stone to supplement the road vision, and then waited for Mo Qingzhu D to refresh. After all, crows are also very short of blue.
Chapter 6 The sharp turn of events
"Ha-ha, I’ll kill you if I get blue."
Just lack of blue wandering was overwhelmed by the barrel and dare not recruit soldiers. At the moment, it is also a bad breath to roll the keyboard towards the barrel.
Looking at a lot of blue Gao Chengfeng, Zhang Hao shook his head, too. Brother Feng won’t die if he doesn’t die.
One tower is broken, and the line of war has arrived near the second tower of the road. Wang Dongdong Lori went to the line of retreat to assist Zhou Qiang. She has bought an eye stone. After a tower in the field of vision in Wang Dongdong was blown up, it means that the resources in Yeye are opposite.
At this time, the wild areas are no longer safe, and without natural barriers, the wild areas need to be extra careful.
"Well, where’s the man?" Zhang Hao glanced at the small map line when he was on the road. There were two people, Jian Ji and the barrel, while the opposite ad mouse and the auxiliary hammer stone didn’t appear on the road and there was no sign of them. The blind monk was also in the state of ss disappearance
Zhang Hao suddenly became alert. At this time, he was either coming to gank or squatting somewhere. The little dragon was gone. He had already knocked out the opposite side and didn’t fight wild monsters. Is it impossible to squat in the spring at home?
"Brother Feng withdrew from ss."
"Yeah, I know." Gao Chengfeng was still brushing each other in A soldiers and barrels. When he heard that Zhang Haoxing was ready to mend his eyes, he retreated.
"Touch" hasn’t come yet. A, drop this bloody soldier’s barrel. His fat body has rushed towards the wandering head, and he has actually come to a distance contact.
It’s another time for the wandering mage to roll the keyboard qwe skill and always throw it out, hit the barrel hard, and then walk to the defense tower behind him while being imprisoned, and don’t forget to throw another D just Q skill before leaving.