Persimmon clip vegetables chopsticks glance at a child who is making a bad idea and doesn’t talk.

Momo peach continue to blink eyes soft openings "where did you go this time? Is it fun over there? Did you eat delicious …"
The smile in persimmon’s eyes flashed across it, but it was motionless. "The coast there is bigger than the city, and there are big shells in the sea than our brigade, and there are a lot of fish and shrimp …"
Momo peach’s eyes became brighter, and her mouth kept making a wow sound until the persimmon was finished. Momo peach opened her eyes wide.
Momo peach not letter and close to a few minutes "really didn’t? Didn’t bring anything to Momo Peach? "
Persimmon eyes smile even more patted Momo peach head and said "none".
"Oh" Momo peach instantaneous how Baba.
Persimmon hook corners of the mouth patted her again and added, "There are many without one."
! ! !
"Sister, I love my sister the most."
Momo peach immediately turned into a puppy, and its legs were spoiled by persimmon arms, soft, waxy and delicate.
"Come on, I’ll give it to you after dinner." Persimmon patted her to stop it.
The two sisters’ slapstick makes Qu Xiaowan Wu Manzhu feel better.
Men are not very reliable, but daughters are.
Why do you think so much? Live your own life and bring up your daughter
If Song Xing has any small thoughts then or if two women look at Song Xing like this, their eyes will show yoshimitsu.
Then kick him.
Song Xing! ! !
He is too kool-aid.
After dinner, Momo Peach and Persimmon went back to their room and saw their gifts.
"whoa, whoa"
"Have a good look"
Momo peach jumped to the side of the bag and looked at the bag of gifts.
Yeah, it’s just a big bag with dozens of pounds
There are all kinds of colorful Momo peaches in it, and beautiful shells have never been seen before.
"Take a good look" Momo Tao took a shell bigger than her palm, and her face was full of excitement and sweet words, which spilled out like no money.
"Sister Woo, why are you so good?"
"Are you tired?"
"Are you short of money?"
"These things have to be picked up for a long time."
Persimmon in watching Momo peach excited appearance can’t help but shook his head but face smile.
"These shells are not common here in our country, but everywhere along the coast. When I didn’t have time to pick them up, I found those children and spent a dime on them."
For those children, she is a big loser, but for persimmon, they are still labor.
"Besides these, there are several big bags." Persimmon thought for a moment and asked with some hesitation. "Do you think anyone will buy this if it is sold?"
Momo peach suddenly looked at persimmon leng and looked at these big bags of shells again and again. His eyes immediately looked like small light bulbs.
"It will definitely be a small penny, a big five cents, a particularly beautiful one, and a dime." Soon the small profiteer Tao thought about the countermeasures
"It’s just now that everyone is rich during the Spring Festival, and everyone will come to watch the performance. When there are many people, I will see a lot of things that are sold without anyone taking care of them."
It’s really you.
Thinking about selling persimmons by the catty, looking at entering the business state for one second, Momo peaches are hard to doubt.
Did her mother eat something strange when she was pregnant with this Momo?
The two sisters are plotting business in the house, but it’s said to be a conspiracy. In fact, it’s based on Momo peach.
After discussing the number, they called Wu Manzhu and them together and began to separate these shells according to their size and type.
Although a little worried, imagine this small market where money is really active after selling shells.
Qu family members are in full swing.
Anyway, it’s the same to run if you can’t, which is equivalent to business
So persimmon worked overtime several nights to separate things out and came up with an idea. Momo Peach just came up with an idea and fell asleep alone in bed.
Momo Tao dreamed that she turned into a small shell and crawled in the blue sea until she met a big shark.
The shark looks exactly like persimmon and looks at her with an expression on her face. Suddenly, a tail is thrown over and the shark yells.
"Get up"
! ! !
A carp wags its tail.
Momo peach suddenly woke up with big eyes and looked at the persimmon in front of the bed. She sighed heavily and stretched out her hand and patted the persimmon face in vain.
"bad sister"
People are still complaining about persimmons? ? ?
"Get up quickly and I’ll take you there later."