Mallorca defeated Virva in the final and won the King’s Cup.

After two years, they finally won the king’s cup, but this time they didn’t win the final.
But in the super bowl, the two sides met again
After winning a Super Cup against Real Madrid, Changsheng didn’t pay much attention to this event. He felt that it was either an advanced warm-up match, but it didn’t make any difference except that he couldn’t change eleven people in one game.
But he doesn’t value someone …
In the first round of the Super Bowl, I was always eager to train, and I sent the main team and the backup team to play because the training ground lost to Mallorca 13 away.
Changsheng doesn’t care about the result. He values the process.
In order to speed up Turalang’s integration with the team’s overall tactics, he specially started Turalang in this game and played for 90 minutes.
Midfielders have always been the most important area for winning. This is the hub of Valencia’s offensive and defensive transformation. Although there are not many midfielders who win, they have high requirements for them. Everyone should be able to be independent and combine to exert greater power.
In order to help Tularan integrate into the team, he always wins and sacrifices the Super Cup.
But still, he doesn’t value that sentence, but someone does.
After the winning team lost the first round in the Super Cup, the Madrid regional media sneered at the winning team, saying that Valencia’s prospects for the new season are worrying and they want to win the championship even if they can’t win a Mallorca.
There are also media reports that Turalang is a parallel import, and he is sure that France will integrate into the team and then he can go back to France in disgrace.
Changsheng is the kind of person who is indifferent to the media calling him a tyrant and dictator, but if the media speaks ill of his players, he will be furious.
Said he couldn’t win Mallorca or even win a league title. He said that everything would be proved when he said so.
But he can’t bear to say that Tularan will definitely go back to France in a bad way and integrate into the team.
Because he has a good psychological quality, he is not afraid of what others say about him, but Turalang may not be like this …
As a newcomer to Tulalang, he is very sensitive, homesick and uneasy.
These psychology will make him further integrate himself into the team.
Then the media will criticize him and put a lot of pressure on him, which will aggravate his nervousness.
If you leave it alone, Tularan will really get into the team as they say and finally go back to France in disgrace.
Every player is always winning, precious wealth is always winning for himself, and Grandet has the same desire to protect and possess as a dragon. Only he can judge his wealth, and only he can dominate others. It is very dangerous to try to dictate his wealth. It is a provocation to Chang Shengwei and self-esteem, and it has a far superior reaction to Chang Shengwei.
If we analyze his reaction from a psychological point of view, maybe he has the same experience and inferiority complex as his former diaosi.
Because he used to be an out-and-out loser and failed to be born again, he always wants to prove that he thinks of madness and paranoia. He is like a neurotic person who doesn’t provoke him at ordinary times and can’t see that there is something wrong with him. Once he touches his lamella, he will instantly become a mad dog and pounce on the other side. Don’t stop until he dies.
Every madman has some such psychological shadow, and it is this psychological shadow that will push them to constantly push themselves forward and want to succeed at all costs.
Because they hate failure more than anyone else, and nobody wants to fail.
I didn’t intend to change my mind so soon when I won the skill "Genius is practiced in this way" in Tulalang, so I immediately gave Tulalang the skill and smashed the training skills, especially the special training skills.
What’s the "special training for primary steals", "special training for primary balls", "special training for primary balls running", "special training for primary defensive positions" and "special training for primary man-marking" …
These skills to be able to improve the ability of the lower back are always winning, and they are very generous to Tulalang.
Anyway, Lin Mo didn’t limit the number of training skills that a player can make, so he didn’t have to think twice.
Therefore, Tulalang’s various attribute values have made great progress in the situation that he always wins without money. Although Tulalang can’t see his attributes without [Golden Pupil], he can feel his changes.
For example, he feels that he is more accurate now than before, especially when he is running about 15 meters, the ball is more accurate and hidden.
He didn’t know whether it was because he always beat his skills or because Valencia’s excellent training brought him promotion.
Unexpectedly, he felt progress just after he joined the club. He was amazed at the high training level of Valencia.
He realized this when he called a friend and praised Valencia’s training, saying that even if he came as a substitute and made such progress, he was not transferred in the wrong place
Turalang was pushed to the starting position in the second round of the Super Bowl after winning the game. He came off the bench for 45 minutes at half time and was criticized for his poor performance, which was like sleepwalking … and so on.
Because the media have such a low evaluation, the game always wins, which puts Tularan directly in the starting lineup.
Before the game, Chang Sheng asked Tulalang, "Do you usually read newspapers and audio-visual broadcasts?"
Turalang was not very proficient in Spanish and replied, "No … because I can’t read or understand."
The winning question is in French, and Tularan answers in Spanish, which is the requirement of winning.
He has such a rule for every foreign player who has transferred to the team-if he doesn’t learn the language, he won’t get a chance to play, so as to force the player to learn the language. Even Turalang has to hire a Spanish teacher and then he must answer in Spanish in the usual training match.
Changsheng doesn’t have this restriction. He can speak any language. Anyway, his "brother" left him a rich legacy and he can speak many foreign languages.
Chang Sheng felt a little relieved when he heard Tularan’s answer. The criticism of Spanish media has not reached Tularan’s ear yet.
Turalang’s psychology has not been affected.
Winning nodded "that’s good"
Turalang thought it strange for the head coach to ask this question. What did he say to himself before he played?
"What can I do for you, coach?" he asked
Chang Sheng shook his head. "No, no, I just asked casually. Go to the field, remember what you are doing in training and then play it out in the game. It’s as simple as that."
He patted a confused Tulalang and pushed him out of the locker room.
Chapter two hundred and thirty-nine Sign is a good sign.
Those journalist who were staring at Tularan in that media gallery were completely disappoint after 30 minutes of the game.