Kelly hooked up in the heart but assumed a depressed expression and followed with a sigh and walked into the royal room.

Comrade Li Er sat behind the imperial case and watched Kelly and Yang’s father-in-law come in and waved his hand to let Kelly sit down before saying, "What’s going on? Be honest with me. Don’t let me find out. I know you didn’t tell the truth when I came. See how I can tidy up you!"
Where is Kelly who doesn’t want to talk about it? Just now, he didn’t talk about it. He muddied the water and made Comrade Li Er feel that he still cared too much about his face. When he tried his best to cover up for too much, he would feel that he was always thinking too much. Everything was caused by being too narrow-minded, so he would not be responsible.
Kelly deliberately cast a glance at Father-in-Law Yang and pretended that it was difficult to make Comrade Li Er feel even more angry.
Comrade Li Er slammed the royal case and said, "What are you looking at? Say it quickly! I don’t have time to dawdle with you when there are still many things! "
Kelly said with a sad face that he was summoned by his grandson’s queen today. He said that when he left the palace, he met too often and deliberately listened to it. He pretended to be awkward and looked at Yang’s father-in-law again.
Comrade Li Er is really angry now. He feels that something is particularly wrong with Kelly today. On weekdays, what Kelly says is not like a barrage like today. He will say things in a short time, but today he stops talking again and again, which makes Comrade Li Er very angry.
Comrade Li Er unknowingly tone heavily said, "what do you stop to do to say! Do you want me to let the guards pull you out for a class before you say anything? "
As soon as Kelly heard this, he knew that his performance was in place. He gritted his teeth and made a show of throwing caution to the wind. He said, "When the emperor came out from the Empress, he happened to touch Taitai and returned to the courtiers with a group of people. He quickly stepped aside to salute Taitai, so he ignored me and left. I saw Taitai followed by something like a wild duck in his hand. It is estimated that I just came back from hunting outside the palace and I saw Yang Gonggong. I told Yang Gonggong about this matter. I want Yang Gonggong to persuade his wife that it is not appropriate to run around now, or I will raise some more Japanese leg injuries to
Comrade Li Er did not express his position after listening to Kelly’s words, but turned to Yang Gonggong behind him and asked, "Is this what Wang Jia said?"
Yang’s father-in-law has been suppressed by Comrade Li Er’s expression at this time. Plus, he has never been used to lying to Comrade Li Er. Just now, he has already said false words to Comrade Li Er, and he is a little ashamed. Now, when Comrade Li Er asks about himself, he hurriedly kneels and says, "The emperor pardons what Wang said to me just now, and there is no lie. Please forgive me for my false words!"
Comrade Li Er saw that Yang Gonggong confirmed Kelly’s words, pointing to Kelly and Yang Gonggong’s great anger. "If a bunch of fools are too wrong to continue, they should let me know at once or let them mend their ways, but you cover it up for him. How can you let him know where they are wrong?" If you change in the future! You are slacking off! It’s hurting Tai! Do you know that I am very angry! "
Comrade Li Er reprimanded Kelly and his father-in-law Yang and said, "Go and call Taitai here for me. I will talk to Taitai today."
Father-in-law Yang has long been rightly said by Comrade Li Er just now. He bowed to Comrade Li Er and turned around and trotted to Taidong Palace.
As soon as Kelly saw that Comrade Li Er told Yang Gonggong to call Taitai, he knew that it would not be easy today, and he felt that it was not good for him to be scolded by Comrade Li Er, so he would take it out on himself at this time.
Kelly looked up at Comrade Li Er and said hesitantly, "If the emperor has nothing to do with me, will I have to go back to the emperor first and tell Taidian when Taidian will recognize me as a minister who speaks ill of him in front of the emperor, and then Taidian will hold a grudge against me?"
Kelly said this because he wanted to leave himself alone and not be too close to each other. Even if he wanted to hate himself too much, it would be better if he didn’t meet himself face to face. This father-in-law Yang will naturally tell him frankly afterwards. Today, if he wanted to hate himself too much, there would be no serious situation.
And secondly, if you don’t leave, if Comrade Li Er reprimands his wife in front of his face, it will definitely fail. By that time, even if Father-in-law Yang and Mrs. Yang talk about today’s situation too much, they will not reduce their hatred for themselves, but will doubly hate themselves for being reprimanded by Comrade Li Er in front of their faces.
There is also one of the most important reasons why Wang Ke wanted Comrade Li Er to tell himself that he didn’t want to sue him too much in this matter. In the end, he had to say it because of Comrade Li Er’s coercion. Now he wants to say it. If he wants to retaliate against himself too much, it is too wrong. He didn’t.
That is to say, if you want to attack yourself too much later, Comrade Li Er should make his own decisions. Don’t forget that he was scolded by Comrade Li Er for covering up today.
If Comrade Li Er doesn’t recognize the meaning of Kelly’s words, it’s just that he doesn’t understand Kelly’s truest thoughts. It’s that Kelly is thinking too much about his face, and some people feel that he just scolded Kelly and Yang’s father-in-law, which is a bit heavy, and he has the recognition meaning for Kelly’s thoughts.
Comrade Li Er sighed slightly and said, "I know that you are too good, but I really don’t live up to expectations. Let me be very worried about him. Get up and do your thing first. I hope you don’t leave too much room for today’s things!"
As soon as Kelly heard this, he knew that Comrade Li Er had promised to let himself leave hurriedly and said, "Please rest assured, the emperor, I am going to the palace by an imperial decree from the empress today. Don’t do anything. I don’t know anything, so I resigned from the emperor first."
Kelly finished handing Comrade Li Er’s arch and turned to walk out of the imperial house. Before he took a step, he saw that Father-in-law Yang had led Taitai to come in and look at Taitai. It is estimated that he had heard from Father-in-law Yang what Comrade Li Er was looking for him.
Kelly quickly saluted Taitai with a cold hum. When he walked past Kelly, he gritted his teeth and said to Kelly, "Good little you remember."
Maybe it’s too moving. Comrade Li Er saw it. Kelly heard Comrade Li Er say, "Go ahead, you’re done here."
Kelly hurriedly called it act quickly out of the imperial house.
As soon as I went out to Kelly, I heard Comrade Li Er laughing at too much scolding Kelly. Don’t jump out of your mouth and stay out of the courtyard where the imperial house is located. Wang Kecai couldn’t help laughing.
Today, he really breathed a sigh of relief and gave too much shade. He knew that this position was too low in Comrade Li Er’s heart, and Comrade Li Er’s impression of too much was much worse. What needs to be done now is how to make Li Ke give a little more color in front of Comrade Li Er and let Comrade Li Er look up at Li Ke.
In this way, it won’t be long before Li Ke will surpass too much and occupy an important position in Comrade Li Er’s mind. At that time, it will be much easier to realize his own ideas by pushing Li Ke again.
Chapter DiErLiu Flying dream
Since that day, Kelly was too laid out by Kelly. These days, he was always careful for fear that something was wrong with him. A group of people caught him walking in the palace, and he was especially careful not to have the slightest neglect. He was always on guard against taking revenge on himself.
This Hou Jun also came back, still the commander-in-chief of the left guard, Comrade Li Er, and praised him. Kelly had a good idea of Hou Jun’s praise, but for Comrade Li Er, he still let him bear the commander-in-chief of the left guard. Kelly understood that it should be impossible for the sent people to come back and make contributions and come back to take the original position. At the very least, it should be decent to send a military commander.
Moreover, Kelly knows the situation from history. This Hou Jun rebelled with Tai. There should be an independent army in his hand. Now, although it is said that the Zuo Wei Army is in his hand, it is also a palace guard. It cannot be called an independent army because Comrade Li Er has stronger control over this team than Hou Jun.
The most worrying thing for Kelly now is that when Hou Jun comes back, he will get mixed up with Tai. Together, two people have no way to resist it.
Early this morning, Kelly hurried to Comrade Li Er’s imperial house. Last night, Comrade Li Er sent someone to inform Kelly to go to the imperial house early in the morning. Comrade Li Er had something to tell him. Although Kelly didn’t know what it was, he also knew that it wouldn’t be urgent, but it must be something important, otherwise Comrade Li Er wouldn’t have told himself the night before.
Kelly came to the Imperial Palace to know that Comrade Li Er was dead. He said that there were some problems in the bank that he had to ask himself. Of course, Wang Ke knew about these problems, and of course he didn’t know. Kelly honestly told Comrade Li Er what he knew. He also talked with everyone here about what he didn’t know. After a long time, he said that he would leave Comrade Li Er and come out with several people here.
Along the way, Kelly and Chang Sunji kept talking about some issues that both of them were interested in while walking. They were happy and didn’t care where they were walking.
When he turned a corner, Grandson Bogey accidentally bumped into something. Grandson Bogey was able to flash backwards and slip, and he was about to fall. Wang Ke didn’t want to turn around and take a step to hold Grandson Bogey. When he turned around, Kelly felt as if he had hit someone. Kelly was bent on holding Grandson Bogey and didn’t look back.
Wang Ke turned his head to look at the person who was hit by himself when he saw that there was no serious problem. This look at Kelly is complaining again and again. You said that there are so many people in this palace, but you didn’t meet anyone else, but it happened that you bumped into Li Chenggan.
Kelly hurriedly put hold of his grandson’s hand and saluted Tai Li Chenggan, who was still sitting on the ground. "I really don’t know if I’m too late to avoid offending Tai Tai, please forgive me."
In shock, the grandson also saw it at this moment. He hurriedly ran over and helped Li Chenggan up. He repeatedly accused him and kept explaining to Li Chenggan.
Grandson bogey knew that Kelly was too busy to help himself because he saw that he was going to fall down. He didn’t notice that he was too busy to help Kelly put in a good word on this issue. In Grandson Bogey’s view, he is too uncle and will still give himself too much blame for Kelly’s collision.
After being helped up by his grandson, Tai bit his lip and stared at Kelly ruthlessly, as if he wanted to eat Kelly alive.
Kelly knows that this is too much for himself, but he hates it. Today, he was caught by himself accidentally, and he also made up his mind. If he is too casual, he will have to be punished. He can’t show a little reluctance, but he won’t take this opportunity to put himself to death. He will let himself find out the flaws and he will not easily submit.
Kelly stood there silently with his head down, waiting for too much anger to pour on himself. There was no movement for a long time. Kelly looked up slightly and looked at the place where Tai Li was standing. Kelly knew that this must be the grandson’s jealousy pleading with himself.
It took a long time for Wang Ke to hear Taitai say to Grandson Ji, "Well, I won’t hold him accountable this time if I don’t listen to my uncle and don’t have the common sense with this dog. If I don’t spare him so lightly again, I will kill him!"
Too much talk made Kelly’s famous fire "Teng" come out as soon as it happened. It was so incredibly that he called himself a dog and wanted to talk back when he saw that his grandson kept winking at himself. Wang Kecai slowly pressed his anger down.
Grandson Ji walked beside Kelly and whispered to Kelly, "My dear nephew, this matter was caused by the old husband, so don’t argue with him too much. I’ll make amends to you after I make a crime!"
Wang Kelai also wanted to say something, but his mouth moved, but he still swallowed his words back. He knew that Chang Sunji was also very difficult now. In this case, if he quarreled too much, he would not have his own good. Although he accidentally knocked down too much because he wanted to support Chang Sunji, there was no way to escape from it. Now Chang Sunji has been pleading for himself, but he still can’t stand up and be wronged first.
Kelly made a deep bow to Tai Li Chenggan and said, "I didn’t pay attention to it because of my grandson’s fall. I was really scared, so please forgive me."
Grandson avoid see Kelly towards too much to make up, hurriedly walked to the side of too bow to think about too good.