Chapter 157 Despair leads to madness [Chapter Words 194 Last updated 1318 17:44:56]

The dark body has the appearance of a horse, but it has the claws of a dog. The eyes are ferocious and sinister, and the dark eyes are as scarlet as blood jade
"This isn’t …" Wu Xiaojian felt terrible. How did Spirit fuse this terrible guy?
"What is it?" Li Qianru leaned in to see how Spirit card appeared in his hand and Wu Xiaojian’s attitude became so nervous.
"What’s the matter?" Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying haven’t seen it yet.
Wu Xiaojian quickly put this Spirit card into the star god card and didn’t show it to them, saying, "A waste card has been wasted."
Provoked them to feel strange. What do you think of this Spirit card and the abandoned card from the golden scenery just now? Not to mention Li Qianru clearly saw that there are 9 stars on this Spirit card! It’s the top number of stars!
Wu Xiaojian feels that he wants to destroy this new Spirit card now, but he can’t bear to leave a message. According to the story grandma used to tell him, it’s a chicken rib in some sense.
Didi Didi!
When Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying were going to continue to ask questions, the mobile phone suddenly rang and saved his life. He immediately took the mobile phone and looked away from their suspicion. The screen of the mobile phone showed that’ Li Fangqiang’ knew that Li Fangqiang had sent him a message.
Connected to this call and deliberately asked him, "Big Brother, where are you?" We have been waiting for you here for three days. "Tell the heart to see who Li Qianru is talking to.
"This group of king eggs almost died in their hands."
However, Li Fangqiang’s panting and gnashing of teeth sounded a bit awkward, but it was hard to make people happy. Instead of answering his question, he asked, "Are you still there?"
Wu Xiaojian had a premonition that there should be something wrong with Li Fangqiang, so he hurriedly covered his mobile phone and walked away from Li Qianru and them.
"What’s the matter?"
It’s a bit strange and worrying that they haven’t heard from them for three days
"backwards!" Li Fangqiang always said, "Thanks to my belief that they were almost blinded by them, thanks to the sensitive detection of the bell, let us escape quickly, otherwise we would really let these animals get it."
Wu Xiaojian knew that the worst had happened.
"So you are now …" Quickly asked them how things are now.
"You go quickly. Those animals should have gone to find you. They are completely crazy. There are enjoyment and women left in their minds. They are not going to consider getting out of here. They know that Li Qianru said that she must be grabbed."
"Come here? !”
Wu Xiaojian was shocked by the news and rushed to the edge of the roof platform to look in all directions. Suddenly, in the southeast of Shangri-La, he saw a row of motorcade lights coming from Jianshe Avenue, and the number was four or five. It should be those people that Li Fangqiang said.
Wu Xiaojian also a little nasty.
Li Fangqiang, together with them, this group of people are all at level 3. Although they are also at level 3 now, they are not dominant in numbers. He Spirit has not practiced. If they are blocked, the consequences will be unimaginable.
"Where are you?"
Knowing that they can’t stay here any longer, the primeval forest effect is the same for players like them. Without them, they can also get rid of the Mars card, just like they did with Xueyu.
"We have a room here in the Lei Yue Pond in Jiefang Park. We hide on the second floor, but there are many monsters here that they dare not come in."
"Jiefang Park carp pond?"
Wu Xiaojian has an impression of this place.
When he used to rest for inspiration, he often went there to feed the carp. I remember that there was indeed a two-story building like a small villa next to it, only a wooden bridge was erected in the carp pond to connect to the park. This primitive place is the favorite place for monsters to live in. I’m afraid the situation there is even more serious than what they encountered in the wild forest park.
"Ling elder sister? Is my sister okay? " I haven’t heard his stepsister Ma Lingyin’s premonition that she should be injured.
"The bell and I are all right, but the bell covers me badly. This group of king eggs are very happy to hear that they are coming to save you, but later I learned that they are three girls in you who are happy. These guys are completely crazy. They don’t think about how to go out and think about how to go crazy here to benefit them. They want me to see that they don’t save people and deliberately kill those people …" Before the words are finished, they cough up blood and suffer from dry cough.
Wu Xiaojian knows that now is not the time to care about personal grievances, and he needs Li Fangqiang’s help to control the evil pill bracelet. Sister Ling He said to him, "Don’t talk. Our horse will come to you, so just stay there."
In my heart, I also feel that what is this? They are waiting for Li Fangqiang and others to save them. Now they are going to save them, and their hiding place is exposed.
"Well, you pay attention to Ann." When Li Fangqiang said this sentence, he gave a little apology. Obviously, he remembered him and almost killed Wu Xiaojian without disobeying his father’s orders. He wanted to separate him from Li Qianru.
Wu Xiaojian is not a bear grudges person, and he knows that it is difficult for Li Fangqiang to let bygones be bygones.
I saw the other car coming to Shangri-La on the phone. Yes, I don’t know the situation yet. Look at this side. Li Qianru and they said, "We are ready to leave here. Someone is coming to arrest us."
"Catch us? What? " Mu Jiao Jiao doesn’t understand Chen Ying and it’s not white.
Li Qianru even looked in the eyes and asked if it was not her brother who spoke to him just now. Did something happen to her brother?
Wu Xiaojian nodded at her first, sure that her guess was right. She also took a look at Mu Jiao Jiao’s chest and a fleet of headlights shining in the direction and said, "Because you are women."
Brake when let mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying white hurriedly rushed to the edge of the roof to look in the direction Wu Xiaojian just now. He just looked very flustered and saw the mighty team.
"King egg!"
Mu Jiao Jiao directly broke the swearing because they are women, of course, for one reason.
Chen Ying is a little pale with fear, most afraid of this problem.
Li Qianru tried to calm herself down until she was flustered and didn’t ask "How do we get out?"
She has also seen the situation outside. If they go downstairs, they will just bump into this group of people and guarantee that there is no chance to leave here.
Mu Jiao Jiao and Chen Ying are also looking forward to seeing it, hoping that he can come up with a good way for them. Obviously, they can’t come if they want to escape from the ground.
Wu Xiaojian looked at the sky and remembered what they had been preparing for for three days and said, "Walk away from the sky."
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Chapter 158 Flying Escape [Chapter Words 19 Latest Update 1318 19:36:17]
"day? How to get there? " Mu Jiao Jiao is not white. Asking feels that this is too impossible
At present, they have biped dragons and winged snake roots, which are not up to human riding conditions and need level 3. If they are given another day, it is possible to make them now. At most, they can’t take one of them by themselves.
"Try that method." Wu Xiaojian knew that there was a dead horse as a living horse doctor to try a method he had never tried.
Let them get things ready first. He will deal with the problem of taking them away here.
They also know that the situation is urgent now, not that they have a choice when they ask him in detail, and believe that he immediately went upstairs to the presidential suite to bring the necessary food and clothes.
Wu Xiaojian is at the top of the building. Looking at the building at this time, I have seen that the motorcade is less than one kilometer away from them. The horses will come to their building on the first to third floors. I don’t know if they can stop them for a few minutes.
I feel that the most troublesome thing now is that the evil spirit Maruko is becoming more and more obvious. On average, it will sting in a few minutes, slowly torturing and eroding his body. The intention is to join forces with Li Fangqiang to solve this problem. Now …
One by one, the biped flying dragon, winged snake and two bat monsters were summoned to become his only flying army now.
"I tried" and knew that I didn’t give them a chance to hesitate now. If they didn’t succeed, they were waiting to be caught by these crazy people. He was mortal. Li Qianru and them … actually died, maybe it was still a kind of happiness.
Took out four cards of Star God in his hand, hesitated one by one, and entered these four flying stars to make a last-ditch effort.
"Hurry up!"