Xiao Yan?

"I’m asking you, is this your magic emperor?"
Nonyl and decyl kowtowed and couldn’t say a word.
The finger was rubbed by the fluffy head again, and two swan cubs fluttered their wings "goo goo!"
Kneeling on the ground, two people are even more scared and weak. Xiao Yan can’t ask anything from their mouths, so let them go out first.
The door of the temple was closed, and Xiao Yan picked up Goose with one hand and looked at him with bright eyes.
"Goo goo?"
Look at the reaction of Ren and Gui. Does this beautiful and lovely gosling really seem to be Molly?
Qi Jiantong is still in a coma. Xiao Yan took the gosling to the magic palace first and turned a circle.
They fell into the palace, which seemed to be a partial temple. The rest of the buildings were more magnificent, and you couldn’t see the dome when you looked up.
Murray once gave Xiao Yan a skeleton puppet. Seeing the puppet is like seeing the magic emperor owning (passing) the puppet, and the status of the puppet is high in the magic temple.
Everyone in the palace knows this. When they see Xiao Yan respectfully, they automatically retreat to the side of the road and bow their heads. When Xiao Yan walks by, they dare to follow at a distance.
Being treated like an emperor, Xiao Yan can barely accept other methods-every demon sees the black swan cub as if he had seen the devil!
When it’s light, it’s five-body, three-knocking and nine-worshipping; Or panic to fainting.
Xiao Yan looked at the swan cub with a complicated expression.
Goose crouched at his neckline and looked at him with dark little eyes. "Goo?"
Look at it horizontally and vertically, it’s all a little goose. What’s to be afraid of?
It must be that the magic people are too afraid of Murray, and even now Murray has become a goose, they are still afraid.
The inferno is afraid of scaring the inferno like this. How cruel is Murray? It seems that he was beaten to the door by the rebels. There is a reason why Xiao Yan reasonably suspects that the people in the magic temple will take the initiative to open the gate and greet him with the kettle pulp when they know that the rebels are calling.
The 19th underworld didn’t change day and night, and there was no timing tool. I don’t know how long it took, maybe one day, maybe ten days. Qi Jiantong finally woke up.
Xiao Yan was feeding the geese by his side when he woke up.
"Are you all right?" JiJianTong seize Xiao Yan sleeve.
"I’m fine, but there’s something wrong with Murray."
JiJianTong "where is Murray? !”
Xiao Yan hands holding a goose cub to JiJianTong eyes.
Goose cubs stretch their necks "goo goo!"
For three minutes, the two demons stared at each other and stared at each other. Qi Jiantong laughed. He grabbed the goose cub with one hand and some arrogant little things cooed in his palm.
"Look at Xiao Yan. Don’t you want Murray to take you out of the underworld? Let this goose cub guide you quickly. "
"Now is not the time to be sarcastic." Xiao Yan made a sudden snatch to recapture the Murray goose cubs, probably frightened and shivering in Xiao Yan’s palm.
"How do we leave?"
The magic army outside can attack at any time, and they will kill Xiao Yan and Murray’s colleagues quickly.
Xiao Yan told JiJian about the rebels, but one build what did not build teased the goose.
"We’ll kill you as soon as you are ready."
Xiao Yan was angry. "Can you be serious? This is a matter of life. I am not in the mood to joke with you. At this time, we may be two bodies!"
Qi Jiantong raised his eyes and revealed a little black pupil in his crystal red eyes. "I never joke."
Xiao Yan "You just woke up from a coma and thought about killing out? There are hundreds of magic troops outside! "
"Don’t worry, I won’t drag you with me even if I want to commit suicide."
"I think I’d better find a way to join the celestial world."
Qi Jiantong frowned. "Xiao Yan, you don’t believe me so much?"
Xiao Yan frantically ordered Lingshan token, expecting it to respond. After entering the underworld, Lingshan token lost contact with the outside world, and he could not summon other employees or even Lian Xianzun.
"When I was in a coma, magic eye and other demons found a weak defensive path."
"Is it dangerous?"
"Are you worried about me?"
Xiao Yan looked at him with a language expression.
Qi Jiantong sneered at "the underworld will not be as safe as your Xiao mansion"
Xiao Yan ignored him and continued to poke the token
His wrist was suddenly held by Qi Jiantong. "Come here."
Qi Jiantong took him to the corner of the hall, but he stepped back dozens of steps in the middle of the hall.
"If you want to kill me, I will release my magic, which means I will change back to my original shape." Qi Jiantong shouted.
"How big are you?" Xiao Yan took two steps forward. "I can’t hear you!"
Qi Jiantong "is about the size of a six-story residential building!"
"Oh," Xiao Yan went back again, very far away. No wonder the magic temple was built so big that it was not magic at all.
"It’s after I changed back to the abyss magic prototype …" JiJianTong looked at Xiao Yan from a distance and said with a sigh, "Nothing."
Xiao Yan shouted, "What will happen after you finish talking and return to your original shape!"
It took a long time to hear Qi Jiantong answer, "Don’t worry."
After breathing, the blood mist transpired and the ground was so hot that it seemed that the skin was burned through the soles of shoes by the temperature of baked red steel plates.
The heat wave spread out around the sword coaxially and wantonly, and the high temperature made the head and eyes dim, even the stone wall seemed to be melting
Xiao Yan repeatedly took two steps back and hit the wall with burning pain. He immediately pierced his spine and exhaled in pain. The gosling followed suit.
"Xiao Yan"
It was Qi Jian who was calling, but his voice became unfamiliar, like a terrible echo in deep hell.
Through the color in the blood, you can vaguely see that JiJianTong is twisting and expanding.
A heat wave came upon me, and Xiao Yan closed his eyes in a conditioned way, and a piece of flesh color was in his sight.