Xin Yao watched and had to admit that it was elegant for the princess to vomit something.

Although junxian is a unruly princess!
Junze frowns and looks at Jun’s envy. She will never tamper with this wine. She is always honest.
And Xin Yao Junze looked at her sly eyes and gave birth to some doubts.
"The Princess Palace is not necessarily too serious." Xin Yao smiled and she had found Junze suspicious of her.
And what he didn’t say was that he didn’t recognize that someone would give himself medicine and find it hard!
But this theory is another matter to put such a bad environment and such a wonderful body!
Who told the princess nothing to provoke?
Who put her at a disadvantage?
This so-called death and afterlife!
Who said she forgot?
The whole story-
Of course, her claws are fast enough!
And equipped enough!
That kind of flower and fruit is her favorite food. A little red fruit tastes sour and sweet, but it has some shortcomings …
It tastes sour when you throw it into the wine!
And before she came in, she ate one, lost one, sprayed Jun Xian in her wine, took the opportunity to swallow it and threw it into the cup, and no one saw it!
There are no microscopes and inspection institutions. In ancient times, it was really hard to find out!
Xin Yao ordered thirty-two praises in his heart!
Beating is so witty!
"Lin xin yao! You are scheming! You tampered with this wine, didn’t you? ! ! ! !” You envy a little face and become a pig liver color.
"I don’t think the princess is smart, but Xin Yao won’t make myself feel bad, and she is also charged with framing the princess, which really scares me."
Xin Yao can’t pretend to be a bit idiotic.
Ling Yan compared Xin Yao with two middle fingers.
What a shame!
Humble yourself to raise the princess, but in fact, you hit her face hard!
Xin Yao suddenly blinked at Junze and asked, "I don’t know if the emperor is available now, but I haven’t paid my respects today …"
She pretended to be pathetic as if she had been greatly wronged.
Her monologue is that people have been cut by Qihoo and want to be comforted and hugged by the emperor!
Let me know by the way!
Junze coughed and stopped him, wishing to send you a sigh of relief. "I’m afraid your brother is a little busy at the moment. Why don’t you go with the king later?"
"Three elder brother! Why don’t you help me! She’s making trouble! ! ! ! !” You admire the injustice of the Committee, and there is something of arrogance and femininity in the voice.
"Jun Yu!" Junze looked at Jun and admired her eyes with a kind of harshness, which Jun Chen had never done to her.
Jun Chen spoiled her almost without boundaries, but he, the third prince, still upheld justice.
"You envy this few days to stay in the palace and have a good rest." Junze light way
Xin Yao low sigh tut tut three report is a cow!
You envy a grind one’s teeth and stomp one’s foot on Junze and run out with a bunch of mammy maids behind you.
Xin Yao started to run Junze, and her eyes were like an ice ridge, so she stopped. "Lin Xiang followed the king to inquire after his brother."
"Yes, I did." Xin Yao complained.
It is common for people to salute Junze all the way through the spacious road …
Can Mao Xinyao think that these people have more eyes and she stops? !
My ears are alert. Xin Yao wakes up. GE’s new skills are so good that she can hear Ling Yanjun lying outside the palace gate for half a day. So good that she can hear the conversation between eunuchs and maids twenty meters away.