But if the room temperature drops, will the "lucky ones" be very uncomfortable? There is a record in the data that purebred humans seem to be particularly vulnerable …

She hesitated to shrink her claws and finally looked at her soft white Mao Mao "…"
She seems to have made some kind of decision. Her cheeks are red and she pushed open the heavy mechanical door. When she looks up, she should be in bed, but the human teenager is nowhere to be found.
Bai Muling’s pupil shrank, and the sharp claw tip instantly popped up a whole heavy iron gate, which caused extremely cold white smoke in the tearing crack of her sharp claw.
Without waiting for her to come to her senses.
In the dark, several red lights light up and the alarm goes on and on.
Independent of the master brake system, the alarm has been sounded!
And this warning will only sound in one situation.
The one with the basement is hatching when something starts to move-
The huge shock wave exploded from the ground, and Bai Muling’s huge claws blocked her face. In the Gangfeng, her eyes narrowed, and her whole heavy body slammed into four or five walls. For a moment, a pair of cold and hard white wings suddenly expanded behind the white cat man and took her to fly with the wind.
And other people who are out of control are also inexplicably blown up.
She flew high into the sky, and through the night, she saw the whole hatching base crack from it, with white smoke billowing.
And a huge robot about 60 meters high tore open the "eggshell" of the incubation base, and his blue eyes were extremely cold.
Bai Muling saw that its body was in a mess-it can’t be called a "body". It’s almost unreasonable, just like a pile of mechanical garbage.
But it happened that it was completely operational.
It is indifferent in smoke and explosive fireworks, but its hands are flat as if holding something precious.
Bai Muling chills in his heart, but he is inexplicably excited.
She knew he was awake.
For a moment, Bai Muling bowed her head and saw the human teenager sitting in the other hand.
Starlight fell on his soft hair, and his golden eyes shone like stars
Bai Muling saw that the young man smiled at her with red lips and white teeth.
He ordered the huge robot to "get me out of here"
He looked at Bai Muling.
"You won’t stop me, will you?"
Bai Muling stared at the teenager. She felt her heart thump thump. She realized that she had no way to refuse to give her the name "Lucky".
She can’t refuse to give her a unique meaning.
Liu Hanyi is very obedient.
The robot helped Su Jiao leave the incubation base smoothly.
The robot seems to want to kill those who stop losing control, but Su Jiao stops it.
Those out of control are dangerous.
But these days, although I don’t want to admit it, they are really good to him except that he is not allowed to go out.
Now that we have successfully left the incubation base, that’s how to help mankind tide over the difficulties … This can take a long-term view slowly.
"Although but …" Su Jiao sat on the shoulder of a huge robot and let him take himself into the dilapidated steel jungle. "I care a little …"
Is already a huge mechanical body LiuHan a "well? He always speaks slowly, just like an old computer with the most backward processor and graphics card.
Su Jiao hesitated to say, "That your brain …"
The huge brain soaked in the green liquid in the big fish tank …
"Did you leave it in the incubation center?"
Liu Hanyi ""
You have something to say.
Liu Hanyi is actually not a big problem (
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